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Adhd Is Bullshit

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

adhd is bullshit

adhd is bullshit

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Adhd Checklist For Teachers

Monday, September 12th, 2011

adhd checklist for teachers

adhd checklist for teachers

Checklist for teachers concerning Daughters Adhd?

My 10 yr old is currently on Concerta 37mg (4 yrs now) ,however her grades are slipping, anger issues. It seems the effectivness is decreasing.Can anyone help?

Talk to your doctor.

Medicating Kids – FRONTLINE, Chapter 4a: Alex’s Story

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Adhd Electronics

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

adhd electronics

adhd electronics

i can never follow through with what i start?

i have adhd-pi. please someone for the love of god give me hope. i have changed my job profession literally so many times. comp programmer -> game developer -> web developer -> robotic engineer -> electronics engineer -> army infantry -> army it -> air force eod -> air force it -> nothing???

Write down a game plan of how you want to complete things. Write down from beginning to end of how you want things to be. Seeing it down on paper should help you visualize the future and help you complete things.

WARNING: ADHD Medications ADDICTION; ADDERALL, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta. Please Don’t Do it!

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Adhd Is Not Real

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

adhd is not real

Do you think ADD / ADHD is real or not? Care to explain?

I'm just curious what people think; I'm on the fence about it.

Very true! Just as it is pervasive developmental disorders. / Autism.

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Adhd Public Schools

Monday, July 4th, 2011

adhd public schools

adhd public schools

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Adhd Educational Impact

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

adhd educational impact

adhd educational impact

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Adhd Future

Friday, May 20th, 2011

adhd future

adhd future

ADHD symptoms did not worsen after. adderall?

My doctor put me on. Adderall and I feel better and focus. But I worry about the future. I do not see myself ever doing the wrong drugs,. Only to the amount of medicine. I do not want to take adderall forever though If I stop using it after a couple of years. (When I'm done with college) will Symptoms of ADHD I've been bad? Am I better not use it and treat the symptoms of ADHD my medium, rather than letting it be serious in the future or not.

About 50% of people who have ADHD as children, they will still have symptoms during their adult life. So people may be using drugs for years. Adderall does not make concentration worse in any way. If you stop using it after You're done with school, you may find that you still have symptoms and may continue to use drugs. Risk in long-term use of stimulants is that there is a small chance of developing depression. Later in life, it is unusual, and often depression is severe and may be fairly treated. No one wants to use the drug as a life time. But it can be worthwhile for some people. So, if you stop using it and you have a problem then I think it's worth the risk. After all, you want good quality of life, so if you want it, then remove it.


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Adhd Alternatives To Medicine

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

adhd alternatives to medicine

Are there any alternative treatments to ADHD?

Diet, Auyervadic, Homeopathic medicines etc. I don’t enjoy the thought of being dependent on Adderell XR for the rest of my life

My spouse has ADHD and he is in his late 40’s. He saw a therapist and the therapist recommended to his family doctor that he take Adderall or Ritalin. He had a bad reaction to it and refuses to take medicine of any kind now other than antibiotics or blood pressure medications.

Below are some things we do now (I try to help him my husband out as much as I can. I often think I have ADD minus the H– myself!):

First, as corny as it sounds; learn to meditate, pray, or talk to a higher power.
This may be God, several gods; whomever, whatever—do this daily.

Second, when everything seems to be rushing in your head make a conscious effort to breathe deeply.

Your need to regroup may be at the most inopportune time!These two things can be done without anyone really knowing what is going on. If you must, excuse yourself and go to your car, or go to the bathroom to breathe or meditate for a few moments.


Watch your diet. Avoid candy, carbonated beverages, and carbohydrates (potatoes, breads, pasta). Drink alot of water. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke thinking that either one helps you—They Don’t. Been there, done that.

Walk, walk, walk!!! If you do not have a place to walk, invest in a treadmill. Do your walking in the morning and/or afternoon. Hopefully you can walk outdoors as there is something about the fresh air and getting out of the house that is another plus in making you feel better. Avoid late evening exercise as this might interfere with your sleep.

Don’t listen to rap, heavy metal, or hard rock music. For real; although this might sound absurd–hear me out. For years my husband and I listened to heavy metal or hard rock; as we got older we noticed it made us uptight and tensed up. We still listen to it occasionally; but have opted for lighter rock and/or country. (Country music these days is light rock, anyway).

These are some suggestions from an old lady in her forties. I hope this info will be of some help to you.

Future Doc: ADD / ADHD Alternatives with Dr. James Biddle, Part 1

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Adhd History

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

adhd history




when you begin the enlistment process you sign a permission slip allowing the militray full unfettered access to all of your medical and legal histories. failure to sign that paper means you do not enlist.

ADHD/ADD meds are not an automatic DQ any longer. as long as you have been off them 12 months under doctor’s supervision and functioned normally it is not an issue.

same with most cases of depression. Long term mental issues and in patient treatment are still a PDQ.

disclose and probably get a waiver and the Clearance. do NOT disclose, and even if it was waiverable, you will NOT get the clearance as LYING on a federal document is bad Ju Ju and you will be facing fraudulent enlistment Discharge.

38-666 Decoding History Mass Media Manipulation – ADHD 2008

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Adhd Opinions

Monday, March 28th, 2011

adhd opinions

For ADHD. Strattera any comments on or not.

My ex wife just started our son in Strattera my son with me and there was no summer. behaivors described by her if others Strattera any safe? Children with ADHD will have the opportunity to work on time. 3 months if he really is ADHD? I dont like the idea of ​​it. But I am happy to make her look. If he thought it would help him. focous At the same time I want to get education and make sure we arent doing any harm if he has ADHD what doesn't the ADHD meds make him if he quits the how. He aged 11 years, normal weight and height. Assistance in this regard which will be G. appreicated.

ADHD doesn't come and go. She may be just enough when he does not teach discipline. He is with her anyways, but I had my son. Strattera, I took him out of it though. The first time we started him on. Concerta, which makes his tics and sensitivity. I would say that we do not change. Adderral which he has messed him up from the doctors suggest. Strattera for me, it didn't make a difference enough to ever want to do this. Enjoy this now for a child. The middle of my Children can use hypertext. sooo, but I can deal with it. Im ONT to drugs because he was just completely changed his personality so Zombie love and hate it, I felt guilty. My son is a STrattera by the way, did not have ADHD. Aspergers disease but with the same short attention span of some patients. But it is still not worth it and I would never do it again.

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Adhd Equipment

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

adhd equipment

adhd equipment

What gym is a good alternative that will work out to? See details?

I'm old. 15 years and I have a problem I have Marfan Syndrome. ADHD and I want my voice up. Arm a little bit so I do not look like me. anorexic, I will not close to a gym,. And I do not like them anyways, and since I can not stay still,. It gives me a high risk of injury around Heavy machinery. What can I do to just tone up my arms. I need something that does not interfere with my life or change, because I have to focus on my house. as my arm I 5 `10" tall, 110 pounds I have a 6 `1" armspan and I did not do steroids. Removal of illegal and not like anything most expensive one. I already know people. Are rude about creating a physical. แต่ใช้สมองของคุณและไม่ตัดสินคนของฉันอยู่กับขนาดของลูกหนูของพวกเขาสักครั้ง!

Well have been one of your parents. You buy some dumbells (person preferabbly that allows you to adjust the weight.) Start with 5 or 10 pounders, and how your work. Do 15-20 reps alternating arms around each other every two to three days for ผanผri because you are not trying to create I would probably stop when you can lift. £ 20 takes patience. Do not expect to be firmer overnight. I had skinny arms when I was young, too. It takes only a comittment:).

Integrated Listening Systems: School Demo

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Adhd At School

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

adhd at school

Special room of the school to do what the ADHD. 7th grade for those who do not live in medicaion?

Thank you! Teachers seem to have no patience.

Teachers are taught to respond with more patience if a person is officially diagnosed with ADHD. However, there are limits to this resistance. If the child constantly interrupt the flow of instruction for Damage to the rest of the class may have children placed in special needs.

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Adhd Green Tea

Friday, February 25th, 2011

adhd green tea

adhd green tea

I will try to help?

I bought some drugs. ginsing and some green tea weight loss suppliments. (With 160mg caffine in them) and wanted to kick my I addearall XR drug has been popular. (Dr refused to give me my set. pm til diagnosed correctly with add / ADHD .. Do you think these things will help with concentration and energy level of what I have. Or do I need to stay away from them? I spent day 2 of each (I can not handle too much caffeen). With how my Celexa. It would be okay? Or should I try to get How can my adderall. I will exercise และฉันจะไม่กินเยอะมาก! ii Ieongcongedeseiaman! I asked if I should stop. adderall XR? Or continue or not. Because it helps with my energy, and things or is it more natural. supplimnets is addeall not mess your liver in the long term.

Ginsing can be very stimulating, and the like. caffine try St Johns wort

EGCG Green Tea Benefits

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Adhd Culture

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

adhd culture

Idea of culture, our dinner for tonight or not. Special semi ..?

In my family we have "cultural nights". Culture is when we get together and try new dishes and learning. A few words about their own culture. An effort to make sure the children my husband and I,. Are learning something while eating something other than an employee or some frozen crap in a box. I'm really not looking for a formula of it. Where can I find recipes myself, I do not know. Also, my husband and I lost salmon lactose intolerant. What do I eat dairy, I do not care. And I try to avoid anything with yellow # 6, # 40 and red because it is associated with the increase, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Thank you) for your: Gals assist them.

Curry! Thailand and India have both species have Both are delicious. Thailand is likely to be. In addition, the Mediterranean and the Middle East spicier. The food is awesome. But can be a bit more difficult than cooking. Kafta gyros are so good to be shawarma for something simple you can. ganoush hummus or Baba only.

adhd pop culture

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Adhd Support Groups Online

Monday, February 14th, 2011

adhd support groups online

adhd support groups online

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Adhd Sample Test

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

adhd sample test

Preview T – test match, but not sure how to interpret results?

I have explored before, and post questions. 10 of 10 people the same as the average difference. -1.3, 9 degrees of freedom = standard error of mean. d = 0.86, T – statistics for pairs =. -1.51, The critical value for alpha is 0.05. 2.262. Now I'm not sure that I know. Accept or reject the null hypothesis. Not sure if the null hypothesis should be. My research or drug improves the performance of school children's ADHD. Pre – Survey (pre-meds) and after the survey. (While the meds). I have all of these and do not know how to do since their คิดว่าผมควรจะให้ความสนใจมากขึ้นในที่ระดับสถิติ! Please help.

It is very difficult to answer what should be the null hypothesis. If you do not know why you're comparing the test or not. I assume you're comparing. Before and after the test results. Your assumption is most likely that the results are the same for both tests. It also sounds like you are. preforming the same experiment with what may be a two-sided Test statistics, you will reject any That is above or below. 2.262 -2.262, and this will give you an alpha 0.05 (0.025 each tail). In general, it seems that you will find significant value to both sides. (2.262), but think you are doing the same tests. If you are looking to see what a difference a significant period of time that you will use the two-sided test. If you want to see how the two Test scores improved from that one. – On (it must be a lot easier to explain if you know how to think the math). If you go above or below the critical value, then you deny it. Void, no matter what will not change your results in this case, your values since -1.51 General statistics outside of the alpha means that you refused because you are statistically invalid. Important reason to say that the information in the first test is different from data in the second test. You're making sure that there are significant differences in the data to say that drug. Have made changes. A result, you will not see the changes since You will not reject the null hypothesis. This means that depending on the results of the drug unchanged. Test results in patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. And yes, you should have given more attention in statistics class. This stuff, it was not that difficult. But you seem to be gone so If you plan on doing more. Type of thing I want to suggest that the statistics course again, or at least the books and look at it statistically. In addition, make sure this is a test that is accurate and that you did it right. From what you have. Let me say that your statistics will result in accurate and that you are using a valid test. Sounds like you have. (Compare the two results to what it offers). However, make sure that

New Test May Help Diagnose ADHD – CBS Health Watch

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Adhd Is It Real

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

adhd is it real

Do you believe in mental illness,. ect Bi – Polar, ADHD is real.

I'm not bashing, DRs mental illness or anything. It just does not have a "real" test like x – ray for a broken leg, I know. But I have seen that treatment with deep brain to severe depression on the TV special, and it was incredible. What do you think? How is a mental diagnosis, rather than the public is just looking for drugs that will make them happy or what.

It's Sad to see someone who is outspokenly to put it,. Ignorance of the reality of mental illness Depression has been committed to actually appear at different levels. and neurotransmitters like serotonin norepinephrine. And certainly not just. But trying to be "happy. Pill "and the" actual test. "If you have experienced depression, you know that the drugs will not make you feel normal," high "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might be. overdiagnosed in some parts, but that hardly means it is not true and no one trained in medicine suspected bipolar disorder is a real one. Deep brain stimulation works should be shown to you. This is actually not a dream, and whether you will or not, you bash people with the disease actually approved the idea as "just looking for drugs that will make them happy.." If what mental illness might be. underdiagnosed and undertreated, and part of the reason for the people who still do not want them to believe that the disease is "real.". The truth is that one in ten people will experience a severe mental condition in their lives. This means that very likely you or someone close to you will be affected, and I certainly hope. People around you or they will receive support and care rather doubt they are real or alleged ill that they are looking for drug addiction. Depression killed: another method. Much more "real" you need it to. Is how

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Adhd Video Games

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

adhd video games

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and video games are a problem.

My almost 9 year old has ADHD, followed by the odd (Disorders of provoking the opposite). And PTSD (stress disorders post. tramatic) he spent XR Adderall 25mg once a day. All he needs to do is play on. PS2 or PC, or code gameboy, which will allow him out of trouble and he did not fight well with other children. Other (he is the oldest from 4) I worry that the game will hurt him because he does not want to spend more time with family I will not allow shooting or fighting game, so I knew that he was not. Behaviors that are not from them. His education will not suffer, he is actually pretty good at reading and he loves math. I worry about his behavior does not say much for his future. I have tried limited his time. In the game, but he was not playing when he is fighting with other children, or destruction. What is your advice.

While video games can certainly occupy. Your ADHD child that they can. overstimulating. My husband has ADHD and At 30, he still has a passion for video games because they give the brain to stimulate their focus. Thus, while He has lost focus on what most (I like to listen to:)) he can hyperfocus in video games because it has changed so quickly. He can take his game to play the video and in that time. It may not be the best thing for him will help him focus. As long as your children do well with his school work, it is OK to allow him to use video games to stop his work to organize his brain. He began to try to have more interest with the other kids by having them play video games with him in his first Then, try to find a board game or some other activity. That your child can do together. Participation in sports physical can help ADHD children. – Craves movement to team sports can really help. Baseball, football, basketball and more. Which requires a lot of movement and action. Can really help to organize children with ADHD.

Smart Brain Technologies (NASA Destination Tomorrow) – Video Game Neurofeedback ADD ADHD

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Adhd Is Not A Disease

Friday, November 5th, 2010

adhd is not a disease

ADD / ADHD is not really true disease, right?

I mean, c'mon gandfather is my director of studies for the area in years. Children Act 1970 and didn't. The way they do today. I agree with him, just like the children just need some motivation or spankin, and it will not get their act hyper. I think that claims of medical drugs to children. More … you?

I will not answer your question directly because I have not read any medical studies. That occur on the subject. DSM, but I have read and from what I've read in DSM whether ADD / ADHD exists. Is indistinguishable from the effects of bad parenting or just a brat.

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Adhd Effects On School

Monday, October 18th, 2010

adhd effects on school

What are the effects of Ritalin on ADHD children do not?

Hey, I need to report the impact of the school. Non-ADHD/ADD Ritalin on children and I have trouble finding. Information, anyone can help please? I'm not asking you to write my report But if anyone can throw out the site or the facts, please. I will continue to look for information that I can not say too lazy. Or what thanks.

What is the real speed and some children are being sold now, it is a drug addict. – Alert you to discover as much information as possible in the newspaper and Mags like Time Magazine and Newsweek Google name to search the inventory of them and Google New York Times or Washington Post Many community colleges have a search engine for newspaper – Just go in and ask. librarian.You 'to keyword search for "abuse. Ritalin "or something like Google itself may give you too much. It will try to or Instead if you want to find a home

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Adhd Research Paper Topics

Friday, October 1st, 2010

adhd research paper topics

Good research topic?

I have to write a paper page. 16 For more information, interdisciplinary courses, and I draw a blank paper for the whole topic. My education major. (Elementary School). And I want to write articles on topics that will give me the opportunity to explore that area. I think about things like autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or play or something like that. …

Autism and ADHD are both that good. But if you want to hit one off the path, in which both autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be both. addressed Fragile X Syndrome may be an option. X may be fragile. Causing anything from learning disabilities, mild to severe deterioration of thinking. Is known to cause genetic autism. It not only affects those with mutations. But a full-service provider may also receive From the point of interest / POF and FXTAS. In the world of research has much progress in recent years with drugs in the animal model to some symptoms. Drugs currently in human clinical trials. If you want to learn more, visit the website below.

Narrative and Authenticity 11-16-09

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Adhd What Do We Know

Friday, September 24th, 2010

adhd what do we know

adhd what do we know

Lithuanian friend of mine asked me about. 8 years ago now, "Why do you Americans make up names for all types of conditions?". I had to protect us. Indicate that we are at the forefront of medical research. – So it has all the answers and newest medical conditions labeled.

Boy was I wrong.

Boy, he must be right.

ADHD. I was in the territory of the two leading labels by Pharmaceutical company and a psychologist. More money in the bank. They know that parents want their children the best in class and a smile from the faces of their teachers.

Now what they hear is "Jack,. I believe that your child may have ADHD. You should have them checked out. Thank you great tips, people will tell you 'Mo' -. Know all the conditions the disease. – It makes them feel better for some reason.

EM do not care 'Your children are fine opportunities.

If not, well, you see a problem with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and not intended. All other 'symptoms' that are combined for some

What children drink, most assume that 10 years ago?


Now or not.


How much sugar in the average soda? 11 tablespoons them more if they did. But it is not liquid anymore. Seriously by a special process. Beverage companies are able to load up. No sugar drinks separately.

Brown do? I will reveal What are the signs of ADHD? That's what Brown does not. Make a list and look at the thought of you. Children on sugar, they do look like a birthday party?

What are the causes of ADHD?

Food colors, preservatives, additives,. Processed foods, cafeteria lunches. [The problem] in school vending machines. [Hmm – there may be other important issues.]

All of this will have in common is what

A wholesome nutritious food?

It is interesting to me and sad that what some call alternative treatments for ADHD are not treated at all actually. They are just. Prevention strategies. Natural medicines for ADHD are very effective and good doctors to use natural medicines for ADHD in their hospital.

I bet that if children do not drink so damn Soda lot more flashing ads on TV, fast-moving arcade game running for hours on end instead of gas powered scooters,. And eat regular nutritious. – Real food – that ADHD label would. Will disappear from our world.

Why sign appear. Dinero a pharmaceutical company are far from stupid. They know that those who want a simple solution to everything. – Drive through remedy.

Drive through the treatment. – Methamphetamine cute – yes, methamphetamine – Ritalin, which is sold on the streets now for big money.

I urge you not to take this simple easy solution. – As it is far from the solution. Men's Health Clinic to our teaching and natural sleep. We asked a detailed history and found that he was on. 4 drugs vary – all treat each other's. He is on Ritalin for Adult ADHD and then on sleeping pills because Ritalin does not allow him to sleep.

So after editing. His eating habits and talk to his doctor, he never took drugs. Now he's awake and sleep well again. Hmmmm so that is what they call natural and alternative medicine. For the treatment of ADHD. That is the treatment of choice, whether it is really effective treatment. – And – we can go so far as to say a cure for. ADHD?

I will admit that it is a natural medicine. – But not the treatment of choice. Treatment options for ADHD in my eyes is. Ritalin.

Eating foods that are very large. Nutrition is huge. Exercise the right to be there as well. With the three 'treatment of choice for ADHD' drugs natural 'law' parents are happier children and parents will have children happier.

Parents do not have. Feel pressure from friends at school. Your child will be identified quickly in the current variety of reasons. – Laziness is perhaps a teacher? Restrict or administrative action or activity a child can not. They do get much rest? Cancel gym? Schools more money to make a soda sold there?

I am a parent too, so I know how difficult it can be. Please do not fall into their trap of Ritalin. If you found this article and you'll wish the treatment of choice for ADHD and I applaud you for that. Natural medicine is not magic.

Sometimes extra is needed; In particular, food and lifestyle changes has been changed. Naturally. ADHD supplement for children and adults are Bio – Focus by Biogenesis Pediatricians and physicians. naturopathic around the country will be successful in using this ADHD supplement.

General Bio – Focus by Biogenesis is a medical food powder containing the appropriate nutrients to support mental and inattention This ADHD supplement comes with a detailed specification sheet of food-specific intervention talk. And changes in lifestyle benefits designed to reduce symptoms of ADHD. You can see Bio – Focus page of food and medical powder free download spec sheet. It is a file Adobe.

I thank you for reading this. – It really pains me that Ritalin is often prescribed when treatment alternatives for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might work for Natural medicine is not magic -. Let it work and give it a shot.

Please consult with your doctor this article. Print them out Bio – Focus by Biogenesis spec sheet. They will be impressed.

Good luck

In health


And I must put this disclaimer here. : Benjamin Lynch of HealthE products do not require medical information or products. The information presented. Only to educate and inform people in the treatment of choice for possible ADHD. One must talk with their doctors before any medical decisions. Other.

(C) Lynch Benjamin 2005 Product HealthE.

Benjamin Lynch has a BS degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington. Currently, he is obtaining his doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. Visit Ben’s natural health product store, HealthE Goods where one can use our free health information service [] where one may ask specific health questions. We provide physician-grade non-prescription natural health products. Wholesale spa products are available to all that qualify. Do visit our Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Blog. We are here to help serve the public with proper health information and effective products. Products described in the article are available at HealthE Goods.

How much do you know about Vyvanse?

My son is now an attention deficit and we will try out Vyvanse ….. I've been doing research on drugs and it's basically just like everyone Others (from what I've read). But he told the doctor to avoid caffeine while on this medication. … I understand that he said too much caffeine. But he said that in order to avoid eating chocolate. I'm not sure I like this, and I can not find anything on any site that says the same. Any help or not.

I do not like Vyvanse, mush your doctor will be bounced out of them to subscribe. People to the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, while in Vyvanse induce psychotic attack similar to, or fear, some people say that the journey is almost acids. Adjacent to the Adderall.

Proof Flouride Kills Your Brain

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Adhd Social Skills

Friday, September 17th, 2010

adhd social skills

adhd social skills

The importance of emotional problems. ADHD? In the UK, NCH, the children's charity importance of the introduction of warnings about the lack of emotional quality of life of children. Generally, not only means. ADHD, they also have an interesting piece of research to determine the quality of life of people in the mood ratings. Fortunately it also considered. Important than the family income. (59%), physical (56%) and IQ (58%) children who are good-natured display of self-care. Have good control over their own. Emotional and social skills well. If the child has ADHD, he or she may well have some problems in these areas also. ADHD behavioral problems.

Some strange enough. ADHD drugs when used by some children can actually increase ADHD and emotional problems if the increase aggressive feelings against depression and mood swings and many drug Should be changed. Is a kind of reaction to prevent child ADHD from having good social skills would affect relationships with parents, brothers and friends this Will also lead to behavioral problems. ADHD is why more parents should consider. ADHD Edit homeopathic no side effects like this and children will not be. is hampered by ADHD and emotional problems.

In continuing education at Duke University found that a group of children about ADHD 579. 30% have ADHD, while 21% have symptoms and oppositional. 10% are suffering from anxiety. Conclusion of the study group are especially relevant in that they suggest that the best treatment is one which includes both drug and behavior types. interventions. We have seen. psychostimulants. So love the medical community and Many drug companies are subject to risks and question marks hanging over them. This is why more parents. ADHD is about to change to modify Because homeopathic, safe and no side effects and will help children resolve emotional or ADHD without having to worry about growth is stunted. Insomnia or depression.

Program behavior and child rearing skills program that is amazing. These conclusions are supported by Gergory Fabiano and William Pelham actually won. White House awards for his work in this area. Find out more by clicking the link below this article.

Discover a better way of dealing with ADHD emotional problems. Experts now tell us that child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.

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Adhd Cultural

Monday, September 6th, 2010

adhd cultural

adhd cultural

What is the ethnic, cultural psychiatry and founder of the Holocaust is to follow through on drugs or not.

1) Psychiatric founded the camp Aushwitz fear. whee Nazi SS doctor not eperiemtns severe pain in humans. Jewish post-war America has to employ some of these pschiatric of involvement in genocide . 2) This is used to destroy a nation's drug especially for Bipolar DIsored, Schizo ADHD and the fact that they know less than 10% of the brain clearly identifies you. dont Medicine age children because we are always trying some of the president muttered, "elevated." Not everyone in the GRE million ranches. Cattle and elegance to every time he considererd through a "child is not."

Freud, Jew from Vienna, Austria, and the biggest names in psychiatry from the dead. 1939 in England after fleeing. The threat of Gestapo, you need to consider the first word because it is clearly false. You need to rethink the second paragraph. Overmedicalization. Genocide and not to the extent that I do not like the current U.S. president, especially his social policies are not supported your statements. We have answers Yahoo where you ranting. Receive a free blog and rant your heart. This is the place to ask questions. This means that you have not been answering your own. Rants create low

Cultural ADHD

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Adhd In The Classroom Video

Monday, September 6th, 2010

adhd in the classroom video

You may be surprised to learn this exercise It is one of the most inexpensive and efficient access to natural treatment. ADHD.

Level surface. The two seem completely unrelated. Exercise is an activity that helps the body fit in while ADHD is a disease caused by deficiency in dopamine and Nationwide ฟ Prince, neurotransmitters. Responsible for controlling the movement momentum and interest. But you do not know that exercise can trigger brain chemicals that reduce emissions of symptoms. ADHD? When we operate. Aerobic activities such as walking on physiological changes occur in the brain increase the production of ฟ เน Prince and increase dopamine levels. neurotransmitters. These set System that allows interested children to ignore irrelevant stimuli and increased attention on operations. Exercise also produces endorphins. – Hormone like substances that reduce pain and cause. Feelings of euphoria. The study found that the symptoms of ADHD. aggravated by stress, but high. endorphin fight this because it protected from the effects of mental stress hormones.

In addition to promoting the production and release neurotransmitter endorphins, exercise to stretch your muscles. postural muscles, a group of postural muscles that maintain our stance and support of Spine Since our muscles always postural interaction with gravity is a good source of stimulation to the brain. It also means that diseases that affect the work or any other development. Postural muscles such conditions muscles can affect the working of the brain. When this happens one hemispheres. Other than brain is soft. Other – the right – and the child's brain development is affected. For this reason, sedentary life can lead to attacks. ADHD children spend eight hours a day on average and the school. Free time playing video games or watching television. The same goes for adults. – After eight hours at work, they are often too tired to do anything. But back home to rest.

If your child. Especially ADHD ADHD hyperactive type of exercise every day to do his or her world of good. Your child does not have to be in Varsity sports teams the school benefit from regular exercise; In fact, 30-minute aerobic activity every day will see improvements in the week. Research in ADHD and display of exercise that children tend to benefit more from the unstructured. – Such as cycling, walking, skating board has. – More structured activities such as sports teams. Consider parking and a child, he or she worked loose or trying to find more opportunities. Walking instead of car

ADHD children can benefit from well structured activities. The primary benefit of your child to join organized sports in the structure Discipline and to cultivate one in his or her life. Studies show that gymnastics, swimming. Martial arts and other sports. That focus on coordination and movement that are best for children. ADHD because they are taught how to control their attention span. It does not need to work together in groups with children. ADHD society can effectively and naturally.

Remember, take only a few lifestyle changes to ignore. Hyperactivity and impulsivity to ask doctors to provide better holistic care about other natural treatment. That will help your child overcome ADHD.

Dr. Yannick Pauli is an expert on natural approaches to ADHD and the author of the popular self-help home-program The Unritalin Solution. He is Director of the Centre Neurofit in Lausanne, Switzerland and has a passion taking care of children with ADHD. Click on the link for more great information about adhd natural treatments.

Why is letting a baby watch television bad? Why is it not?

I want to know what people think about the matter and what their reasoning is. I am interested to hear.

I’ll provide a list of links and articles to support this in a moment. I am a kindergarten teacher and before that taught pre-k- both in very poor areas of the cities I teach/taught in.

1. Children need to be using their minds. So often I see children come to school who rely on T.V. or constant entertainment from another source- and not their own. They are not watching educational programs at all mind you- few have even heard of Sesame Street. They are watching things which are not appropriate for them.
2. Music develops the mind. I play classical music while my students work… in centers, in small group, and in independant work. They come to love it. It relaxes them. One boy said to me, “It makes me think…”. I play music nonstop at home- or nearly so. Everything from Metallica, The Dead, to classical.
3. Adhd links to T.V. viewing.
4. Children need to be using their minds. They need to be creating, drawing, coloring, etc. They need to PLAY!

Playing builds minds. Playing instills a sense of accomplishment- I have to tell you- when school begins, I see some of the saddest looking things from the Block Center. At this time of the year, I see amazing creations and I take pictures! They are getting the idea as the year progresses. In the beginning of the year, they have no idea how to build- by this time of the year- WOW! I see it every year.

These are some reasons. I’ll probably come back with more.
Our youngest is 16 months old and does not watch tv. Our son is 11 and during the week is allowed 1 hour of either video games or T.V. not both. On the weekends- it’s 2 hours.

Study: Screen time bad for baby
Posted by Stefanie Olsen
Parents feeding their babies a steady media diet of DVDs such as Baby Einstein might want to reconsider. A new study from researchers at the University of Washington reports an unfavorable link between heavy media intake by babies less than two years old and slow language development.

In fact, the study reports that every hour infants and toddlers spend watching DVDs or TV shows such as Barney translates into a weaker score on standardized vocabulary tests than children who don’t watch media. Every hour of screen time turns into six to eight words lost on the test, according to a study by Frederick Zimmerman, Dimitri Christakis and Andrew Meltzoff, published this week in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Why is this concerning, given that institutions like the American Academy of Pediatrics have previously recommended no screen time for children less than two years? The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a nonprofit, said it’s worrisome because several children’s DVD makers still say on their packaging that their videos can be helpful to babies’ brain development.

“The number one reason parents allow babies to watch television and DVDs is the mistaken belief that the programming is educational and, or good for brain development,” Susan Linn of the CCFC said in a statement.

“This important study is the clearest indication yet of potential harm caused by the false and deceptive marketing of television programming and DVDs that target babies,” she added.

Topics:Digital Kids

I actually see this in my classroom too. We do testing on the children’s vocabulary skills: some of my kids at age 5 test out at the level of an 18 month old in language- they don’t have the language for simple tools. An iron is a “hot” not an iron. They have no idea what a cement truck or a dump truck is called. There is a strong link between reading and acquiring reading and the lack of vocabulary development. There is a big push for that in schools.,,44ph,00.html
Reading to Your Child

Babies love to listen to the human voice — reading, singing and expressive talking are ideal activities. Take your cue from the baby as to how much stimulation to provide.

1. Start out by singing lullabies and folk songs to your baby. When your baby is about six months old, choose books with brightly-colored, simple pictures and lots of rhythm in the text.

2. Select books are made of cardboard or cloth with flaps to lift and holes to peek through.

3. Hold your baby in your lap so she can see the colorful pages of the book. Include books that show pictures and names of familiar objects.

4. As you read with your baby, point out objects in the pictures. Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is a classic touch-and-feel book for babies.

5. Vary the tone of your voice with different characters in the stories, sing nursery rhymes and make funny faces. Do whatever special effects you can to stimulate your baby’s interest.

6. As you read to your baby, your child is forming an association between books and what is most loved — your voice and closeness. Allowing your baby to handle books will help deepen their attachment.

7. When reading to your baby, keep the sessions brief, but read each day and often.

Page Two: 11 More Fun Ways to Play with Your Baby

Playing with Your Baby

1. Take time to be with your baby. Take walks, playing in the park and simply explore the great outdoors. Talk to your baby naming trees, flowers, bugs, butterflies, dogs, cats, etc. when you see them.

2. As you play with your infant/baby, name the toy you are playing with and tell him/her about it’s characteristics such as, the toy’s color, shape and size.

3. Have soft toys (with no sharp edges or small parts/pieces) for your baby. Try to get toys that wash easily.

4. Stack items, such as blocks, plastic kitchen bowls, plastic bottles, shoe boxes, margarine containers or Tupperware.

5. Teach your baby how to sort, starting with colored wooden blocks.

6. Help your baby learn to put puzzles together, making sure they are age-appropriate and safe.

7. Increase your baby’s eye/hand coordination by rolling a ball.

8. Encourage your child to work along with you as you complete household chores. Play together by putting toys, clothes and plastic containers in drawers or cupboards.

9. Play soft music that has a steady beat.

10.Sing your favorite lullabies and other songs to your baby.

11. Give verbal praise. This is very important to your baby.

Gosh, I could go on and on and on.

Our home is 2500 sq. feet. We have ONE t.v. THAT’S IT. We will only have 1 t.v. It’s not that important.

Our 11 year old is autistic. I would say the link between tv viewing and watching tv is negative. Why??? If you look at CAT scans of children with autism- and I have- their brains are different than your average child. T.V. viewing on an autistic child is horrible- one reason why such strong rules are and have been in place in our home- the LAST thing a child with autism needs is a way to focus in- not out.,2933,222481,00.html

This article supports the autism theory though…I have to say no- all of the parents in our son’s therapy groups found that their children exhibited signs of autism before their 1st birthday and well before t.v. viewing.

ADHD in the Classroom

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Adhd Bullshit

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

adhd bullshit

how can i get my therapist to stop…?

i dont feel comfortable around her and i dont want to talk to her about the issues that i have. she’s really supposed to help me with my ADHD but she always brings up personal shit that i don’t want her to talk to me about. my parents told her that i have like issues or whatever and yes, i do, but they aren’t what i’m there for and i certainly wouldn’t talk to her about it because she just isn’t the theapist that i would even talk to. i told my parents to get her to stop and they started giving me all of this bullshit that i need it but i just dont feel comfortable talking to her about anything personal. what do i do to get her to stopppppppppppppppppp?

It’s obvious that you don’t have a good or trusting relationship with your therapist, which is important for achieving any sort of goals.
I am sure that with ADHD you do have some ‘issues’ with respect to behavior, impulse control and attention.
If you are uncomfortable, you actually need to tell her that, point blank. Seriously. Just say “I don’t feel comfortable with you, and I don’t want to discuss these issues with you.” A good therapist would then refer you to someone else who you would be more comfortable with. Sometimes talking about your problems with another person who is not your parents or teachers, etc. helps to give you some perspective on them you’d miss because you’re too close to them. Your parents should not be discussing anything you discuss with your therapist, because that would be a violation of privacy laws and patient confidentiality laws. This would not apply if you intended to hurt yourself or other people. Remind her that you don’t want your therapy sessions discussed with your parents.
Good luck.

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Adhd History Wiki

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

adhd history wiki

Is there a nutrient supplement recommended for users of Adderal?

Being a stimulant, I was wondering what depletion it might cause.

Coz you are in alternative medicine section, just a piece of thought for you.

Why are actually taking adderall in the first place when you do have some excellent natural alternatives available.

Adderall has a high abuse potential. Because Adderall has a powerful effect of increasing blood pressure, it carries the same risk of sudden death, stroke, and heart attack in patients with pre-existing heart conditions, as does methylphenidate and other stimulants used to treat ADHD, as well as the same risk of seizures in patients with a history of seizures.[1][27] Studies of long-term use of Adderall and methylphenidate in children have shown a temporary decrease in growth rate that does not affect final adult height.[28] Stimulant medications also decrease appetite in some people, leading to weight loss, and this effect is more common with Adderall than methylphenidate[28] or atomoxetine. Changes in vision have been reported with both Adderall and methylphenidate.[1][27] “In extreme cases, the drug can cause paranoia, zombie-like psychosis, hallucinations and heart attacks.”[29]

There are also alternative solutions for ADD and ADHD available. Making simple changes in diet, sleep, exercise, and routine can help. Even trying more involved approaches like incorporating relaxation therapies such as guided imagery, meditation techniques, or yoga can be beneficial.

There are also many herbal and homeopathic remedies which can help maintain harmony, health, and systemic balance in the brain and nervous system, without side effects or sedation. These products are known for their supportive function in maintaining brain, nervous system and circulatory health, and well-being, while reducing or eliminating adult ADHD symptoms. This is based on assumption that you take it for ADHD.

Some herbs and biochemic tissue salts that have been found equally effective but without side effects are Ginkgo Biloba, Scuttellaria laterifolia (Skullcap), Gotu cola, Kalium phosphate, Passion Flower, Rooibos etc.

You may get detailed info on these here

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Adhd Online

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

adhd online

adhd online

Adhd Medication

ADHD medication is used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD, which is a developmental disorder characterized by neurological problems. This problem affects children to a large extent. This disorder is characterized by problems like inability to concentrate, not being able to focus, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and in some cases mood disorder. While the exact cause of ADHD is not known, it is believed that a certain combination of genes which might affect dopamine production in human brain could lead to this disorder. Perhaps the biggest problem with this disorder is that often it is not found out in the early stage. People who have children with this disorder often tend to confuse it with general laziness and they find out only after some time. There is lots of ADHD medication available in the market today to treat this disorder.

Usually, ADHD medication is not just about giving tablets to the affected patients. It goes far beyond that and includes a program which addresses the issues of behavioral problems and other issues in children with this disorder. Another important thing to be noted is that in case of ADHD, each child should be treated separately and should be considered a different case. An individual, customized development program should be designed for each child and it should focus on giving the child all the necessary help and attention in order to make it come out of the rut of the disorder. In fact, ADHD medication and these kinds of programs should go hand in hand in order to get the best results out of the affected people. Even when some children don’t respond properly to the treatment, the program and medication should be changed accordingly so that they fit the pattern of the child.

In general, ADHD medication involves a lot of stimulants. In fact, the use of such stimulants has resulted in positive change among children. These stimulants even have an impact on substance abuse and are known to reduce the effects of substance abuse among people. There are several effective types of ADHD medication like Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta, which are considered the best. In fact, ADHD medication is considered one of the most subscribed and the most used medications in the market. There are two types of ADHD medication available. One is the short term one which has a short period of effect like around four hours and the other is the long term one which has a long period of effect. Generally, ADHD medication reduce about 40% of the symptoms and are considered very effective especially with children, as they help improve their focus, concentration, and attention. However, there are a few things you must know before going in for ADHD medication.

People can sometimes get addicted to ADHD medication, and this is one area in which every parent has to be careful. When not taken in the right dosage, these medications could cause addiction in children, so it is very important to consult your physician before going in for these medications. As ADHD medication is generally stimulant in nature, chances of people getting hooked are more, especially when one abuses it. So, consult your physician every time before you think of taking such medication. However, when taken in the right dosage, these medications are very effective in controlling the symptoms of the disorder and keep the children in good spirits.

For more info about Buy prescriptions online or even about Online drug store and especially about Internet pharmacy please follow these links.

About the Author

For more info about Buy prescriptions online or even about Online drug store and especially about Internet pharmacy please follow these links.

How do i get my mom to test me for ADHD?

im the kind of person you would expect to have ADHD. i dont wont it but i have taken online tests that come out positive and i really want to be able to focus and it has even interfered with my sleep. my mom thinks i have it but she doesnt want me on medicine but i do weird things around people and i just want to calm myself. i know this sounds weird but like believe it or not caffeine is the only way to calm myself.

People often get their knickers in a twist about the medication just because it can be used to get high in the wrong hands. I wish people could get a bit of a reality check when it comes to these things as it’s just hindering people like yourself from doing your best at life.

Some good arguements for medication are:
-People medicated for ADHD are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol than those who aren’t
-The brains of people with ADHD are in fact under stimulated normaly, and the medication is calculated to bring the activity back to normal.
-The medicine works well to counteract the symptoms, so you would do better socially, in relationships, in school, in work, and feel normal.
-Without medication, people with ADHD become stressed, frustrated and bored easily, and often have sleeping problems which are all detrimental long term for the mind and body.
-Most people don’t have very noticable side effects, and the doctors are very careful about prescribing the medication.

EVE Online PVP – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Destruction #1 (ADHD) 1080p HD

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Adhd Math Facts

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

adhd math facts

adhd math facts

Autism: The Range Of Function

Autism is a syndrome that comes from exhibiting certain combinations or patterns of behavior. Low functioning autism is the term used to describe autistic individuals that are not able to function or deal with every day life. Normal to high functioning autism is used to describe people that exhibit autistic behaviors that are in fact able to deal with real world activities and normal day to day life. Many people diagnosed with autism end up living in less then ideal conditions. Autism is a developmental disorder, that affects many areas of human function such as language, and the ability to communicate. It affects self-help skills, coordination, and the ability of an individual to learn.

Common Behaviors

There are several common traits that will aid in the diagnosis of autism. These traits include, the tendency to stay in isolation or be away from others. Autistic individuals will have a hard time making friends and will seem very awkward in social situations. An autistic person will very rarely look some else in the eye. They will be very naive and easily swayed or manipulated. They are often quite gullible. When an autistic person speaks they will often so so using very formal language. They may speak in a monotone and their use of body language may be very poor. (such as nodding “no” while saying “yes”. Autistic people will generally prefer common routines, they may be very literal in their use of language and may remember and recite a lot of detail without having a lot of understanding. They may also exhibit hyper- or hypo- sensitivity of the senses, have odd tastes in food and clothing as well as very fine or very grossly exaggerated motor coordination.

The more of the above traits an individual exhibits the more severe the case of autism is said to be. In some cases the above symptoms may become helpfully in certain disciplines like science, math, and engineering. These disciplines require a lot of memorization and many autistic’s are quite proficient in these subjects as a result.

Autism and ADHD?

There has been some discussion on about a genetic as well as behavioral link between ADHD and autism. Some experts believe that ADHD should be put considered as a form of autistic spectrum disorder. It is quite common to have children diagnosed with both ADHD and autism together. In children, the two disorders seem very much alike. As the individuals age, the disorders grow and become more apparent. Children with ADHD will often develop normal social skills and be able to communicate with their peers and with others. Autistic children however will continue to show symptoms even as they age. there is still much to learn about the autism spectrum. Even with current advances in technology and medical science, a cure for this condition remains a mystery. The more we study the sooner we will understand the disorder and be able to help those who are diagnosed with this condition.

About the Author

Kerry Ng is a successful Webmaster and publisher of The Autism Info Blog. Click here for more helpful information on Autism:

Is ADHD carried from parents to their children?

Hi, my name’s Nicole and I’m 12 years old. Just a few days ago, I found out my 9 year old brother has ADHD. At that point, I started crying. Not because he has the disorder, but the fact that doctors decided to label him what I sort of do not believe he doesn’t have. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with my brother. Sure, he’s had anger issues with the past, but I know an autistic person or a person with a disorder when I see one.

(there’s an Asian boy in my math class that has autism but he’s my friend and he’s just like any other person, me and him play Slide Baby a lot)

Anyway, I wanted to know if possible my parents could’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, and it could have passed onto me also. Or is it just an genetic disorder? Please give me all the information you know about ADHD, and also the genetic information!! Thankyou!!

(I’m really into sciene and genes)


Yea its possible!

Logan Learning Math Homeschool Boy vs. Public School Autistic ADHD Reject

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Adhd High School

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

adhd high school

adhd high school

ADD/ADHD – Developing Confidence In School

Do you know why you have ADD/ADHD? Because you are extremely intelligent! No, I am not being sarcastic. In fact, I could not be more sincere. Most people with ADD/ADHD (herein called ADHD) have such a strong interest in a great variety of things, they have a hard time maintaining focus on one thing at a time. Of course, there are additional reasons too, but I am here to tell you that every person I know with ADHD (friends, relatives, and students) have an extraordinary number of talents and are all extremely bright. So, why do so many students with ADHD struggle in school?

The traditional school environment is not very exciting for most students, but especially students with ADHD. What they (and some of their teachers) fail to realize is that school is not boring because the information is too complex. On the contrary…school is boring because there is often not enough activity to keep their active minds engaged.

One common characteristic of people with ADHD is that they learn best by doing; they prefer to get their hands on something and figure out how it works rather than read about how it works. They typically represent the epitome of “hands on, minds on” learners. However, in most school situations, there is way too much idle time sitting at desks.

Many parents of students with ADHD say that their children do best when they can be involved in class by helping the teacher or having some type of leadership role. They thrive on projects and the opportunity to investigate the answer to a problem.

Is ADHD Really a Disorder?

I have always hated the term “Attention Deficit Disorder!” My observations, from knowing and working with many friends, relatives, and students who have ADHD are that they just have to make some additional accommodations to function in our modern society.

For example, I am left-handed and the whole world is backwards for me. I can never use scissors without looking like I have a physical disability. I always get ink smears on

my hand when I write because my hand glides right over the freshly written words. When I have to sign my name on a credit card machine, the stylus is always on the wrong side of the machine and my signature looks like that of a kindergartner. The desks in college were all backwards for me so I had to learn how to write on my lap and looked like I was hunchback.

Does this mean I have a disorder? Of course not! It just means that I need to make some accommodations and accept the fact that people will make fun of me when I use scissors or try to pay for my groceries. Technically, ADHD is a disorder because it is a medical condition caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and can be treated medically, but the word “disorder” makes it sound as if there is something wrong with people who have ADHD. On the contrary. For most people, it is simply a process of making some adjustments.

What Are Those Adjustments?

There are an infinite number of strategies and tricks that may be helpful for people who have ADHD and most will be a matter of what works best for each individual. However, there are three factors that are key to making any strategy successful:

Develop healthy routines. People with ADHD have a hard time creating structure within their own minds, so they must rely on structure from outside sources and develop habitual routines to help them keep track of their responsibilities and belongings. For example, one man I know with ADHD explained, “I was always leaving things behind in restaurants and stores; my wallet, keys, jacket, briefcase, diaper bag, etc. So I started getting in the habit of looking back every time I left a table, seat, or check-out counter to make sure I didn’t leave anything. It works well. I haven’t left anything behind in years!”

Good routines to develop for school include using a planner, taking a few minutes at the end of every day to clean garbage out of your book bag and put papers in your folders, and gather everything you need for school the night before so you don’t forget anything in the chaos of the morning.

Find a mentor. When you are trying to develop routines and change habits to be successful in school, it is always helpful to have someone who can be your “sounding board,” who can help motivate you, and keep you focused. A good mentor should be a responsible and trusted adult or older student whom you trust; perhaps a neighbor, aunt/uncle, tutor, personal coach, community volunteer, peer counselor or student from a local high school or college. Try to avoid having your parent fill this role because you are likely to quickly perceive your parents as “nagging” you rather than encouraging you. A mentor may sometimes “nag,” but is often easier to take it from someone other than a parent.

Your mentor will help you identify some goals and check in with you every other day or two-three times per week to see what you are doing to reach those goals and offer you encouragement. They should be available to listen to you vent when you are frustrated and may have some suggestions to help you. Of course, your mentor will also be on hand to help you celebrate each of your accomplishments along the way, even the small ones.

Take it one step at a time. Try to figure out the one area that is causing you the greatest problem and work on this first. You may want to talk to your parents, teachers, and even your mentor to determine where to start. For example, if your teachers tell you that the main reason that your grades are falling is because you are not turning in your assignments, then you know that this is what you should try to improve first. Get help from your teachers, guidance counselors, parents, your mentor, and the free Homework Rx® Toolkit at our website to help you determine strategies that will help you with this one problem. Give it one or two months and then identify the next problem.

Do not give up! Everyone has moments when they fall backwards as they try to reach their goals; everyone from straight-A students to the CEO of a major company. This is a natural part of life. The key for anyone to be successful, however, is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep moving. You’ll see positive results very soon!

© 2006 Susan Kruger, All rights reserved.

About the Author

Find more resources for homework help, including a free Homework Rx Toolkit, at Susan Kruger, M.Ed. is a certified teacher and learning specialist. She combined her personal struggles as a student with her professional expertise to create a powerful, student-friendly system. She has taught her SOAR Study Skills workshops to hundreds of students with great success!

Do people with ADHD have really high IQ’s?

My friend whose 12 said he has a 140+ IQ and he also has adhd. Is the true that people with ADHD have high IQ’s? Even though they get like C’s in school.

ive been told i have adhd by a doctor and my IQ is only 4 points below that of a genius =0

and my older brother has a ever more sever case of adhd and is great with numbers.

Understanding ADHD in Teens

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Adhd Report

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

adhd report

adhd report

Finding Natural Alternatives Adhd Children Can Use.

Most doctors, when they encounter a case of ADHD, turn to stimulant or anti-depressant drugs to counteract most of the disorders symptoms. However, in taking these drugs the effects are short lived and the medication needs to be constant. There is also the possibility of various side effects to contend with too. Because of this, it is only natural that parents try to find alternatives. Most parents are attracted by natural alternatives ADHD children can take as opposed to prescribed drugs mainly because they are considered to have less side effects. Here are some natural alternatives for ADHD that have shown promise:

1) Caffeine – Caffeine is a stimulant, just like the prescription drugs are. This means that caffeine perks up a person who is feeling a bit drowsy. It is ironic that stimulants seem to have a reverse effect on people with ADHD. People who have used caffeine as a natural alternative to ADHD report being able to calm down and think clearly and yet have no trouble with hyperactivity.

Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soda and some chewing gums. However, with everything moderation is key. Children should be okay to have 2.5mg of caffeine for every kilo they weigh a day. Just like stimulant drugs, this treatment is not for everyone and be aware of the sugars and other ingredients in soda that can have detrimental effects on health.

2) DMAE – This is a compound that occurs naturally in the body and in some fish. Making use of DMAE as a natural alternative or complement to ADHD prescription medicines has been shown to be effective. Studies carried out in the 1970’s looking at the effects of DMAE on people with ADHD showed results that where comparable to taking Ritalin. You will find DMAE supplements available, however there is a risk of some side effects, notably headaches, insomnia, depression, irritability and restlessness. So it pays to be careful with dosages.

3) Essential Fatty Acids – These are also found in fish and some plants. Essential fatty acids have been linked with improved mental capability and even cardiac health. Essential fatty acids can be obtained by eating deep-sea fish regularly. However, you should be careful because deep-sea fish can also have high levels of mercury in their meat. An option you can consider is cod liver oil and other fish oil supplements, although be sure the source of the fish is stated and that its mercury free. Fish oils have long been marketed as a great supplement for improving focus before people thought of using it as a natural alternative to ADHD medication.

4) B vitamins – Research shows that treatment with the B-group vitamins, especially Vitamin B6 & B12, helps a child with ADHD remain focused. There are a lot of food sources of this vitamin. However, you should keep in mind that you may not get enough of these vitamins from food alone and so taking a B-complex supplement can help.

For more tips and advice on choosing natural alternative ADHD treatments sign up for the free newsletter below

The natural alternative ADHD sufferers can make can make a difference to ADHD behaviors. However, it may take some experimentation to find the ones that are most suitable. Discussing these options with your doctor is essential before starting on any new regime and never stop taking prescription medication without first seeking medical approval.

About the Author

Sign up for Sue Perkins’ free ADHD newsletter – Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you discover more about
natural alternatives adhd

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Adhd Dogs

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

adhd dogs

adhd dogs

Plan For Treating ADHD Naturally Without Prescription Drugs

Looking for a plan for treating ADHD? In this article, you’ll learn about a natural 3 step program for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that can reduce impulsivity, agitation and outbursts while increasing focus and the ability to stay on task.

Before we talk about the treatment plan, let’s take a quick look at prescription drugs. While these medicines do work for certain kids, it”s important for parents to know that they can make other kids much worse. This is due to the fact that all ADHD drugs have side effects and some kids just tolerate them better than others. The side effects depend on the drug and can range from issues like difficulty falling asleep to loss of appetite and much more serious problems like psychosis and even death.

Treatment Plan ADHD

Whether you give your child prescription medications or natural remedies (which we will look at a little later), every child can benefit from eating a healthy diet. This is because the sugar, caffeine, chemicals and dyes in processed foods and sodas can worsen the symptoms of ADHD, while good healthy food can actually heal the brain and give it the nutrients it needs to function better.

If your child has been eating a lot of junk food, the first step of the plan for treating ADHD is to improve your child’s diet. Rather than make drastic changes, make small substitutions over time, so your child will have less resistance to eating healthy food. I recommend that you try to match texture and flavor when making substitutions. For instance, substituting salted celery sticks for potato chips makes sense because both are crunchy and salty, only difference is that celery is actually good for your child.

The next step is to add daily exercise to your child’s routine. Exercise is particularly important for kids who are hyperactive because it relieves stress and rejuvenates the mind and body. It doesn’t matter whether the daily activity is structured or unstructured but it should be fun. A bike ride, skateboarding, team sports or even just getting outside in the fresh air and walking the dog is a good daily activity.

The final part of the plan is for parents who do not want to give their children drugs. Although you may not realize it, natural remedies are considered to be more effective than drugs because they do not have side effects or concerns about interactions with over the counter or other prescription medications.

These remedies are made from all natural herbs including Verta Alb, Hyocyamus and Arsen Iod which have been clinically proven to calm the nervous system and increase focus. Look for a remedy that has FDA-approved for safety and includes the ingredients listed above as part of worry free plan for treating ADHD.

So there you have it: a simple, 3-step program for helping your child curb inappropriate impulses, get along with others, be calm and focused and stay on task at home and at school.

About the Author

Laura Ramirez researches natural treatments for ADHD. Browse her findings by going to

She is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which shows parents how to raise children to bring out their natural strengths and talents.

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What Is Adhd Like

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

what is adhd like

what is adhd like

Uncover The Cause Of Adhd

Parents usually blame themselves when their child has ADHD but currently scientists believe that structural changes in the brain may be the cause.


The ADHD causes may be affected by, but are not caused by;
• Television
• video games
• sugar or other foods
• food allergies
• bad parenting
• bad schools or teaching
• disruptive home life


Researchers have identified factors that may play a role:


• Biological issues could be the cause.   Scientists have been studying the brain and there is a link between the ability to pay continuous attention and the activity level in the brain.  New tools and techniques for studying the brain have been developed so scientists have been able to test more theories about ADHD causes.
• The areas in the brain that control attention used less glucose or sugar, meaning less activity.  So there is a suspicion that a lower level of activity in some parts of the brain may cause inattention in people with ADHD.
• During pregnancy drug use, toxins and hereditary problems may be a factor.  The damaging effects of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs can damage the unborn child and of course the developing and fragile brain.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) a condition that can lead to low birth weight, brain impairment, and certain physical defects show much of the same symptoms such as hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity.
• Drugs and alcohol affects the normal development of brain receptors. Brain receptors help us to transmit incoming signals from our skin, eyes, and ears. Current research suggests that drug abuse may harm these receptors. Some scientists believe that such damage may lead to ADHD.
• Environmental toxins may contribute or worsen brain development or brain processes, which may be a cause of ADHD.  Lead is one such possible toxin. Exposure to lead, which is found mainly in paint and pipes in older buildings has been linked to disruptive, violent behavior and to a short attention span. Exposure to PCBs in infancy may also increase a child’s risk of developing ADHD.
• Other research shows that attention disorders are likely to run in families, so genetic factors seem possible. Children who have ADHD likely have at least one close relative who has ADHD. It has been found that one-third of all fathers who had ADHD when they were younger have children who have ADHD. Identical twins share the trait for ADHD making the case of genetic factors even more possible. 


Having a child with ADHD can be difficult, but there is hope and many resources are available that can help. There is advice and information on ADHD causes available from social workers, schools, doctors and support groups.  If you are concerned about toxins, and prescription drugs there are many Naturopaths and alternative medicines available.

About the Author

Give your child the chance they deserve to succeed! If you want more information concerning ADHD causes learn more at my site. You can receive a free E Book entitled Help for ADHD in Children

What is the best advice you can give to parents of an ADHD/ODD 11 year old son?

I’ve read a lot of Professional information and now I would like some input from someone who actually knows what it’s like living with a child with ADHD/ODD. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

As a former 11yo boy with ADD a.k.a ADHD the ODD is a new term that is proving to be totally involved with ADHD. I took Ritalin and it freaked me out and gave me constant erections for up to a day at a time. In the end after taking it for years I decided it was good for the other people but not for me. A new drugs out that has side effects I am not willing to pay for or risk. All three of the popular drugs are designed to make the other people happy and not the ADHD person. You are who you are and thats that…
Its good to have everything in his life organized for him, when he is on his own if he has all his ducks in a row and his place is clean things work good at home. But once there is disorganization any time in his life messy room/can’t find his pack pack/toys/car keys/coat. he will slip into a state of totally loosing interest and more on to the next idea.
Keeping him out of large groups is key to his social development. 1 to maybe 2 friends at a time and try to get female playmates involved if you can but keep a close eye on him, ADHD kids and adults trip out and shut down in large groups and can’t wait to get away to be alone. This is to help him find the best way he can to interact with people. ADHD children and men say totally inappropriate things in public and to friends if he has any, so its best to limit the damage and alienate his chances for friends.
Really I saved the most important for last to get you to take this seriously. Sex rules the ADHD persons life. I put a few webpages at the bottom to prove I’m right here and not a sicko talking about a underage kids. ADHD children start masturbation very very early I can’t even remember the first time I climaxed. ADHD children and adults masturbate way more often than the average person at any age. Most ADHD children find that masturbating a bunch of times before bed helps them fall asleep. And again to start the day, I’m not sure how this works totally but I can tell you if I didn’t do this I could not fall asleep or function at all during the day, and had to masturbate many times thru the day EVERY day.. Over all ADHD people of any age have a VERY overpowering sex drive and also is almost impossible if ever to have intimate feelings with a lover during sex.
It almost a certainly the boy is like this. Setting an alarm a hour before he really should get up is key. WAKING him up and telling him to get ready for school very early is key. Let him wake himself up his ADHD way is best. You just can’t stop this and if you embarrass or interrupt your just making things worse. If you find porn or anything with beautiful people in his room ignore it. You take it away he will just waste time finding more and hiding it better.
A ADHD child rarely pops out of the house at 18 and is ready for the world. This ADHD will haunt him for the rest of his life. Two key problems are employment and relating with the chosen sex to have a LTR. Its common for the parent not to understand the ADHD child mind and the parent goes along and pushes the child in a direction they think is best for a future career. The ADHD parent has to watch closely with everything they are doing in play and hobbies. I wanted to change my moms flat tire when I was very young and take off her station wagons steering wheel to fix the turn signals when I was about his age. NO way was that going to happen, but the signs were all there I could do it with ease. But my parents pushed me on HARD and with much time and money put into me for special doctors schools, tutors god you name it they did it till they could go on no longer and let me go my own way but before the exhaustion I had enough help to function well enough in the world. Also I could not walk away from the commadore64 or Apple IIe for a week here and there at a time.
. In the end I turned out to be an internet/ computer millionaire from the 90’s and owner of 3 auto repair shops 2 detail shops and retired at 26yo. My dad helped me keep the books guided me with decisions and helped out when my ADHD took me away for awhile. and mom told everyone how proud she was of her son. I gave my Mom and Dad a huge sum of money with a huge party to thank them for sticking with me for so long. My parents gave the money to research into the ADHD mind.
The ADHD child typically has a very high IQ but looks like a dummy to the rest of the “normal” people. My IQ hovered around 190 after being tested 3 times and once on the other side of the country in a at the time famous ADHD testing and research place. EVERY grade I got was low when I was real young as time went on with all the help I graduated from High school with a 3.8 average. My dad was shocked. He is a physicists and being a number cruncher is was really really shocked.
Just remember the sex drive of a ADHD person will run his life. I still l have problems with getting a good relationship going and masturbate a zillon times a day.

Oh and I was adopted at birth. Probably my BIO mother drank and did drugs while I was cooking.

What does ADHD look like?

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Adhd High School Students

Friday, November 6th, 2009

adhd high school students

adhd high school students

Tips For High School Teachers With Adhd Students: Organizing Your Students

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About the Author

Is it dangerous to take Adderall if you don’t have ADHD?

It’s become incredibly popular for college & high school students to get them from a dealer even without a diagnosis for ADHD, and I’m wondering what the side effects are if you don’t actually have any sort of disorder and are just taking it to focus better on your work. Does it make you lose or gain weight or anything? Also, what are the consequences for the dealer? I mean, the pills are going for up to $25 each during exam time. That’s obviously illegal, but is classified along with a drug like marijuana?

Please don’t report this question as being about illegal drugs. I’m NOT planning on taking Adderall myself or selling it. I’m just curious.

Yes it is dangerous to abuse it. It isn’t “like” being on speed — it is being on speed! Adderall as virtually every drug used to treat ADHD is an amphetamine. Adderall is also use to treat narcolepsy. The most common side effect besides keeping you wired is loss of appetite which can lead to weight loss. Back in the old days all the so-called prescription diet pills were amphetamines. The drug needs to be taken in proper dosage and be closely monitored. As a stimulant it leads to increased blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. If taken in too high a dosage it can lead to stroke or heart failure.

It is classified worse than marijuana. As far as I know no one ever died from an overdose of marijuana. In Missouri simple possession of amphetamine without a prescription can get you charged with a Class C felony. If you are charged with trafficking or distributing, depending on the amount and circumstance, you could face a Class A felony. In Missouri all schools and parks are designated drug free zones so if you are selling there you will be charged with a Class A felony.

My son’s Cogmed Results: High School High Honors, No More ADHD

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Adhd Impact On Learning

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

adhd impact on learning

adhd impact on learning

Treating Adhd Without Medication -Latest News And Research

When you read about a new ADHD drug which is about to hit the market and which the company describes as ‘an important addition to our ADHD portfolio’, don’t get too excited! Yes, it is another stimulant but the company assures us that this particular compound will make it less abusable! So, nothing has changed. That is why more and more parents will not take these risks and are looking for ways of treating ADHD without medication.

While controlling ADHD without meds may be an arduous task, there are ways in which symptoms can be alleviated making life bearable again for harassed parents. ADHD drugs are so full of unknowns that thousands of parents have discovered ADHD homeopathic treatments which are effective and safe and there is no risk of addiction. Controlling ADHD without meds by using exercise, diet, cognitive and behaviour therapy plus parenting skills can help your child so much that he will be much less dependable on ADHD medication itself.

Look at the latest experiment as regards exercise for kids which was carried out by the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This program was called ABC for Fitness. The schools that took part in this program found that there was a reduction by up to a third of children having to take ADHD medication. That compared very favourably with the other schools who had not taken part in the program. Their reduction amounted to only 7%.

Organising sports activities is now seen as another way of treating ADHD without medication or at least drastically reducing its impact. Green time activities and contact with nature have all been shown to be effective in reducing some of the ADHD symptoms such as restlessness, hyperactivity and fidgeting. The University of Illinois did a study which established that green time really did help children to be more attentive in class afterwards. Setting up a playground or adapting another space to make sure that trees, grassy areas and gardens are included is essential. Sports activities can be as varied as the child’s interests and skills. Some sports like soccer require a team effort , some require very tight focus. Track sports and swimming may be suitable for more hyperactive kids. Just think how much more healthy these are in comparison to spending time indoors on the consoles with a violent video game such as God of War where sex and violence seem to increase their aggressiveness, anger and hyperactivity. They have no way of letting off steam in a healthy safe environment.

Other research in the UK at the Durham County Schools has shown that use of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids in the form of supplements really did have a beneficial effect on kids’ behaviour and definite improvements in attention and concentration were noted in the kids who took part in the experiment.

These are just a few ways parents are learning how to cope with treating ADHD without medication or at least using a homeopathic treatment which will calm the child and soothe his nerves and the parents can become normal and happy again. If you think this is wishful thinking, just visit the site below to learn a few surprising facts about controlling ADHD without meds.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

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Adhd Effects On Learning

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

adhd effects on learning

adhd effects on learning

10 Fascinating Adhd Statistics

In this article about interesting ADHD statistics we have gathered a number of facts that you should find interesting. But before we get started on ADHD statistics let’s take a minute or two to delve into exactly what ADHD represents.

ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and is simply the newer, more modern, name for ADD. Most brain research suggests that this condition is an imbalance in the two or more brain chemical messengers, with the two most often mentioned being dopamine and norepinephrine. The primary symptoms this imbalance produces are inattention/distractibility, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity or restlessness which began before the age of 7, but over half of the time will continue into adulthood.

Interesting ADHD statistics

*20 percent of ADHD children have learning disabilities and about 80 percent have academic problems.

*Using a conservative frequency rate of 5 percent the annual societal cost of illness for ADHD is considered to be between $13,000 and 18,000 per individual.

*Across ten countries, it has been estimated that this condition was associated with 143.8 billion in lost revenue every day. Most of this loss was linked directly to ADHD and not co-occurring conditions such as depression or bi-polar disorder.

*Those with ADHD were more likely to have attendance problems at work or at school than their peers.

* Diagnosed cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increased almost 4 percent every year from 2000 to 2010 making it the number one mental health concern in children.

*Boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed as girls. This is down dramatically from the 10 to 1 ratio in 1997.

*In America, the state with highest number of cases reported was Alabama with the highest number of prescriptions being written in Arkansas.

*Slightly less than 5.5 million children ranging in age from 5 to 17 were diagnosed with ADHD in 2009.

* Currently 60 percent of all children with ADHD are receiving medication for treating the disorder, with Ritalin continuing to be the most widely prescribed.

*The most highly medicated age demographic for ADHD children are those from 9 to 12 years of age.

ADHD statistics are fun to read but if you are an adult or child struggling with ADHD finding an effective treatment is an important first step in overcoming this challenging condition. The most common form of treatment are prescription stimulants such as Ritalin, Adderall and Vyvanse. While effective, all stimulant medications come with a number of serious label warnings. The risk of side effects, or perhaps lack of success with stimulants, has prompted many to investigate other options. A couple examples of this are behavior modification therapy and/or natural remedies. Natural remedies for ADHD are a side effect free way to address such problematic symptoms as inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, erratic behavior and hyperactivity and can be used both as a standalone treatment or as a compliment to other nonprescription alternatives. 

About the Author

Rob Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years experience in the field.
Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at purchase

How do I motivate a 7 YR old to read?

My 7 YR old is in the first grade but my Kindergardener reads better than him. I beleive he is ADHD but am still undecided about putting him on meds. Any advice on motivating him to read and do better in school? I know he is smart becdause his math scores are way above average but reading is just not something that intrests him. He has been tested for learning disabilities and everything thing under the sun and he is very capible but no one can seem to reach him. Also you should know me and his dad are going thru a divorce and this has effected him greatly.

you can try bringing him to the bookstore and letting him choose books that interest him. then, you can read them to him asking him to read you certain passages. You can also implement “reading hour” in your house–where everyone (including you) reads for a specific amount of time–be it 15 minutes, half hour, hour or more. do it one night a week and if it works, up it to 2 or 3 nights a week.

as for the ADHD and the divorce, you should take your son to a child therapist. they will be able to help him work through his divorce issues and help you decide if medicating him is the right choice.

Alternative Bipolar Treatment

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Adhd Effect

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

adhd effect

adhd effect

Adhd Natural Versus Adhd Psychostimulants – Making An Informed Choice

ADHD natural? Far too much trouble! Much better to let your ADHD child get used to amphetamines from an early age. After all, he/she might need them in college to get through exams. Never mind all the side effects – your child’s teacher will thank you for it . ADHD psychostimulant medication (Ritalin, Vyvanse and Strattera) seems to be winning the battle against ADHD natural medicine. However, ADHD natural has one great advantage over the ADHD meds and that is that there are no side effects and there is no risk at all of addiction!

I know teachers who insist on children being given Ritalin. But studies show that Ritalin can lead to stunted growth and weight loss. I know of several children who pleaded with their parents to be taken off the ADHD meds after two years because they felt ‘funny’. No surprise there as the side effects (sleep problems, loss of appetite, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts are just a few in the horrendously long list). But the withdrawal symptoms when they were taken off these drugs was no joke!

The only way to approach ADHD is to take a multi-pronged approach and forget the medications with psychostimulants as they do not cure the disorder and neither do they help the child to cope.

First, find a support group in your area where you can share experiences with parents or carers and get help.

Secondly, you have to spend as much time as you possibly can in parenting and that means organising activities, green time, reading time, homework time and supervising media exposure and also limiting it. How many parents try to teach their children to read? Combining reading and cooking is one way. Reading recipes together is a great way of helping a child to be creative and learn by doing.

Another great way of getting to grips with the ADHD problem is to seek out ADHD forums on the Web. There are some just dedicated to the ADHD natural approach but many others out there seem to be doing a hard sell of ADHD psychostimulants. However, it is an easy job to find the ones which will support you best and which will give you a better idea of how to choose ADHD natural medicine without risking your child’s health, future and career. Why put your child on the fast track to the teenage drugs scene?

ADHD natural medicine will help your child to focus better and to manage tasks as well with a little help from yourself. There will be less impulsivity and you will feel calmer yourself as accidents in the home and in the street will be much less likely. Choosing an ADHD natural remedy which is manufactured to the highest standards is a must. You will want to make an informed choice whether ADHD natural medicine is the right solution for your child. The link below will help you do just that.

However, ADHD natural has one great advantage over the ADHD meds and that is that there are no side effects and there is no risk at all of addiction!

I know teachers who insist on children being given Ritalin. But studies show that Ritalin can lead to stunted growth and weight loss. I know of several children who pleaded with their parents to be taken off the ADHD meds after two years because they felt ‘funny’. No surprise there as the side effects (sleep problems, loss of appetite, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts are just a few in the horrendously long list). But the withdrawal symptoms when they were taken off these drugs was no joke!

The only way to approach ADHD is to take a multi-pronged approach and forget the medications with psychostimulants as they do not cure the disorder and neither do they help the child to cope.

First, find a support group in your area where you can share experiences with parents or carers and get help.

Secondly, you have to spend as much time as you possibly can in parenting and that means organising activities, green time, reading time, homework time and supervising media exposure and also limiting it. How many parents try to teach their children to read? Combining reading and cooking is one way. Reading recipes together is a great way of helping a child to be creative and learn by doing.

Another great way of getting to grips with the ADHD problem is to seek out ADHD forums on the Web. There are some just dedicated to the ADHD natural approach but many others out there seem to be doing a hard sell of ADHD psychostimulants. However, it is an easy job to find the ones which will support you best and which will give you a better idea of how to choose ADHD natural medicine without risking your child’s health, future and career. Why put your child on the fast track to the teenage drugs scene?

ADHD natural medicine will help your child to focus better and to manage tasks as well with a little help from yourself. There will be less impulsivity and you will feel calmer yourself as accidents in the home and in the street will be much less likely. Choosing an ADHD natural remedy which is manufactured to the highest standards is a must. You will want to make an informed choice whether ADHD natural medicine is the right solution for your child. The link below will help you do just that.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

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Adhd Google Health

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

adhd google health

adhd google health

Twelve Employee Newsletter Tips, Ideas, And Articles For Corporate Wellness And Health

Finding articles and content can be a bear, so have a formula to help you finesse’ this chore. Getting employee newsletter ideas and employee newsletter topics requires knowing what types or problems and issues affect your employees.

Keep the list of 12 newsletter topics below. Periodically, think “what is affecting the workforce right now.” Drop post-it notes in a box as ideas come to you. You can further divide each of the following issues into other problems. Try to make about 6-7 sub-categories under each main topic. Here are the key subject areas that I have discovered most things fall under in the ten years of writing employee newsletters. This list is “Dave Letterman Style”. Again, there are 12 topics in this list. Print or copy for your use. Then google:

editable employee newsletter articles

to find royalty free sources for more employee newsletter articles

12. Workplace communication: conflict, personality issues, dealing with difficult people, attitude problems, issues, and “ulterior motives”, etc.

11. Worker productivity tips: time management, organization, setting priorities, procrastination, etc.

10. Family, home, and community issues: Consumer issues, teenager issues, family stress, marital and couples harmony, resolving conflicts, work-life balance, ADHD issues, etc.

9. Personal fitness and emotional wellness: Exercise tips, getting more energy, depression, emotional wellness, nutrition.

8. Personal effectiveness and goal achievement: planning your career, getting more done, planning for retirement, New Year resolutions, managing money.

7. Team building: Tips on better meetings, reducing conflict, improving communication, about cohesiveness, being a team player, etc.

6. Improving relationships with your supervisor: communication, knowing what your supervisor wants, completing assignments all the way, making an impression, how to “read between the lines”

5. Hot productivity and health topics: health issues in the news, ideas, and more

4. Stress management: ongoing tips, avoiding burnout, self-assessment, work-life balance, work-family balance, self-talk management.

3. Using the Employee Assistance Program (EAP): EAP education, confidentiality, what EAPs do, when to use your EAP. EAPs are powerful management tools that have extraordinary capability for reducing monstrous behavioral risks in the typical organization–but only if they are properly implemented.

2. Workplace safety tips and injury prevention: Avoiding short-cuts, injury prevention, thinking safety, building a culture of safety, more ways to think about safety

1. Customer service issues: attitudes, difficult customers, peak performance, staying positive, keeping customers happy, reducing your own stress.

It’s important to ensure that you employee newsletter makes mention of your company’s EAP or Employee Assistance Program. Your EAP is a huge risk management tool, not an employee benefit per se. An employee newsletter can be a huge channel of referrals for it.

Needless to say, this reduces risk. Always promote your EAP’s confidentiality throughout the year. This is the source of help approved by your company. Don’t refer employees to helping services or professional treatment resources somewhere else because liablity exists for doing so outside of this channel.

If you have been assigned the grueling task of producing an employee newsletter monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, you will eventually come to hate your job without having some tricks up your sleeve and the topics above that I have provide for you.

Another alternative of course is to google “newsletter articles employee newsletter” and there are a couple sources that will let you use royalty free articles.

About the Author

Download more free articles here. Daniel Feerst, is an workplace/industrial social worker and employee assistance professional for the newsletter used by the U.S. Congress and thousands of other businesses, including the U.S. Small Business Administration for its employees.

I have a couple question regarding insurance.?

First off I was in my mother plan but her job terminated her. they have already cancel her health benefits. I have adhd and need this prescription. My mother is diabetic and her medication is crazy expensivearound 1500 a month(NO JOKE). Her health physician told her she is more then eligible for medicare. I have already put my application for bcbs but I do not know how long it will take just to check my application. I also have a pre-existing ADHD and depression problems do you think that this will cause them to reject my application? I tried google and searching for similar question on here but none answer my question. I also am concern of my mother and want her medicare to go through, do you think she is eligible because she suffer from major diabetes.

The ADHD is a waiver with BCBS in my state. This means they will accept the application but will not cover any treatment or any conditions resulting from the ADHD. Depression is also a possible waiver. They will need to get your doctor records prior to issuing the policy, which can take several weeks. Depending on your records both conditions together may result in a decline. This is why you needed to contact a local agent that works with BCBS as well as all of the other major companies in your area. The agent can do this work prior to the application and can follow up with the application as it goes through the underwriting process. There is no extra charge using an agent.

For your mom, unless she is over age 65 she will only get Medicare if she contacts social security and gets approved for disability. If she get approval she’ll then need to wait 24 month before being eligible for Medicare. The diabetes and medication costs will be a decline with all major medical plans. If she is over 65 she cannot be declined for Medicare.

If your previous group plan had over 20 employees your mom may be eligible for COBRA benefits, which is a continuation of the plan you both were on but you’ll pay 102% of the total premium. However, the government has a subsidy of 65% of the cost if she was laid off after September 1, 2008. She needs to contact the plan administrator for more information.

The Dangers of Fluoride & Water Fluoridation

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Adhd Criticism

Monday, June 1st, 2009

adhd criticism

….My boyfriend is a dork?

I am 15 and he is 14. He has ADHD, so hes super hyper. He runs around bare-foot and he climbs trees. Hes hilarious, and just as perverted as I am. I seriously love him. I have known him for a long time (our parents play poker together) but my friend think that hes a dork. it makes me feel bad, because I really like him. My dad is great friends with my boyfriends family, but he doesnt like me dating my bf (which would be his friends son). What do you think? My dad disapproves and my friends think hes a nerd. I would never dump him, but how do I deal with the criticism?

Accept it. Try to show them that he’s a great guy.

answer mine?

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Adhd Stats 2009

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

adhd stats 2009

What is the book that discusses the over-use of medication regarding ADHD?

I think it was about ADHD or Tourettes or maybe just ADD…but it discusses how most individuals diagnosed aren’t really suffering from the condition and how the label has really just been over-used as a way of pushing medication. Thanks!

There may be books about that subject but I know about one.

Watch few minutes video with Dr. Mary Ann Block to find answers you are looking for.

No More ADHD

Dr. Mary Ann Block
“Because of my medical training, my goal as a physician is to look for and treat the underlying conditions causing the patient’s problem, rather than just covering up those symptoms with drugs. I have seen and treated thousands of children from all over the United States, who had previously been labeled ADHD and treated with amphetamine drugs. By taking a thorough history and giving these children a complete physical exam as well as doing lab tests and allergy testing, I have consistently found that these children do not have ADHD, but instead have allergies, dietary problems, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid problems and learning difficulties that are causing their symptoms. All of these medical and educational problems can be treated, allowing the child to be successful in school and life, without being drugged.”

This 2 minutes long video explains the difference between diagnosis in real medicine backed up by science and psychiatry diagnosis like ADHD backed up by personal opinions.

Some sad stats about the subject

Being kid/teenager is not a disease

Psychiatry – NO SCIENCE-NO CURES (4:54min)
Can psychiatrists help you with antidepressants? Are there any cures in psychiatry today? How many people have been cured? What are your chances?
Check it for yourself – hear it from interviewed psychiatrists.

Adult ADHD – Persistence and Remission (3 of 6)

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