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Adhd Worksheets For Kids

Friday, August 12th, 2011

adhd worksheets for kids

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Adhd Curriculum Modifications

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

adhd curriculum modifications

Define Special Education?

Please also cite sources and links.

.Classroom or private instruction involving techniques, exercises, and subject matter designed for students whose learning needs cannot be met by a standard school curriculum.
Special education can include a range of support services, depending on the special needs of the student. Support services may involve physical assistance and therapy, counseling and psychotherapy, modified learning environments and assistive learning devices, educational and psychological assessments, and behavioral modification techniques.

Special education is designed to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with an environment that allows them to be educated effectively. Disabilities that qualify for special education include physical disabilities, such as deafness or blindness; mental disabilities, such as Down’s syndrome and autism; medical conditions, such as oxygen dependence or traumatic brain injury; learning deficits, such as dyslexia; and behavioral disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorders

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Accommodations

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder accommodations

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Adhd Teaching Strategies

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

adhd teaching strategies

How to teach students with ADHD?

Any strategy that could help more students receive the treatment of ADHD are important and are less hyperactive. Thank you.

It depends on many factors like age of the students in question the level of general ability to think. / IP and that sort of thing. But generally in the beginning as students,. Flexibility and willingness of teachers to change the ideas and activities for the benefit quickly. If you can draw the basic willingness of the students in an effort to cooperate and work hard. To participate without too bad,. Or disappointed about the decision. Maturation and intentions of students in an attempt to develop its own intellectual property strategy for the treatment focus is gradually Improved capacity to cope with the situation of more general Tolerance, diversity and flexibility. Tolerance, diversity and flexibility. ADHD is difficult for everyone. Teachers, parents and children themselves. : Associated with Our current outlook is that "one size fits all" approaches in the classroom crowded with little variety and presentation process lock. Material is death, just for these children. … Why so many people off early in the morning and saw their opportunity for education as a prison sentence as they try to escape rather than adapt.

Behavior Management Strategies, Lesson Planning, ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Teachers

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder teachers

The meaning of mood disorders attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD learning deficit. (ADHD or AD / HD or ADD)?

When a child with ADHD, what is the emotional impact. Of ADHD. 1 2 3 children, parents teachers.

Well my brother has ADHD and he was like other children. Other emotionally. He may have a type. Of disappointment that people tend to make him sit still in school. But he was more than that. My parents at first he had tons of help, the school will help him focus on work, school and learn how. sudy and in practice they are breathing down his neck until he is home made as 12 While this is like "going to work in treadmill because you have weasles "When he gets. annoyingly Bouncy and chatty, but otherwise do not worry. I do not know about that teacher. Some people very nervous and very helpful too. -, And others such as "shut up and not sit still. Words to me until the end. "

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Adhd Zoning Out

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

adhd zoning out

This may be ADHD? Please help?

I think I can add something to your comment. I can not even focus on what I like,. I often catch myself zoning. ออกฉันมีหน่วยความจำที่เลวร้ายที่สุด! It happened many times I day I always get confused easily find out that I'm always the last to see me back often. Forget what I read I tend to procrastinate even though I think I'm not the type that ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,. Sometimes, though, I AM Hyper IM 13 years old Girl (named by Paul as my personal reasons). Khokhobcunduucn!

Since I do not have a licensed health care professional I can not make the correct diagnosis. To me it sounds like the input. Google Health are the symptoms of ADD. : • fails to give close attention to details or making careless mistakes in homework • Difficulty sustainable. • interested in playing or do not seem to listen when spoken to directly • Do not follow the instructions and through failure to complete homework,. So, or duties in orkplace hard w • • Events and activities to avoid or dislike tasks that require mental effort on. (Eg, home) • often lost. Toys, set, pencils, books or equipment necessary for activities • • easily distracted often forgetful in daily activities, however, tend to increase as. overdiagnosed problem see LPC (licensed professional advisor.) They normally choose to battle with mental disorders without medication for as long as I can. In addition, it is best to use this LPC in order to diagnose it, too.

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Adhd Lesson Plans

Friday, December 31st, 2010

adhd lesson plans

adhd lesson plans

I will do better in life?

I am. 15, I have: dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensitivity, scotopic, attention deficit disorder. (Not ADHD) aspergers, and violence. Depression Ive tried to commit suicide many times in the past, I was first. 13 and was in hospital for nearly a decade. 2 weaks I only have one trust me and my friends to avoid social situations as possible, all I can. I get really anxious and response times,. IM is not in any lesson. IM at my school in smaller units. Theres few that I had suicidal thoughts in daily life and because I 14 ive ever planned suicide. Associated with the idea in several ways that I can kill myself. Im currently in use Ritalin. The addition of me and I will put in me. Prozac I could not help offline. I can do better in life or I will stop killing themselves?

If you put your mind to it not sure why. Why you would want to kill yourself, at least you have the opportunity to become WOT you want, unlike some people in this world that the worst off. R r, and then you try to live so difficult.

Lesson Plans Assistance – Try This

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Adhd Bc

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

adhd bc

adhd bc

Modern medical practice is a war on the human body is based on the assumption that the human body is a machine.

For more than two hundred years, medical practice as follows Format wars: Find the enemy and destroy it; If the enemy does not destroy the entire area was not as antibiotics to kill bacteria, surgery to cut and radiation to bombard As part of the body.

It surprising that Hippocrates (460-377. BC), father of Western medicine,. Think that the human body as a natural entity. He said health In the balance and disease caused by an imbalance of the body. humors.

Not surprisingly, shares the same philosophy of Chinese medicine. Hippocrates Health in the balance and disease. Caused by an imbalance of Yin – Yang theory of Yin – Yang describes polarization of all phenomena in the universe. The goal of medicine is to restore balance.

So I find the law Balance of good health from both traditional Western and Eastern philosophy. Law of the balance of health. : To balance out out of balance with health health

We note balance. Are prevalent in health

– The temperature of our body is balance. 98.6 F. When a degree up or down, we are sick.
– Cancer that is caused by an imbalance of activation of the cell. And inhibition.
– Osteoporosis is caused by an imbalance of bone loss and bone.
– Diabetes is caused by an imbalance of sugar and sugar sub.

When and why did not abandon philosophy of Western medicine. Hippocrates balance or perhaps it is in the process of the industry with great success according to the manufacturer's mechanics

Polite to your body, try the herb before using destruction as a last.

Libo Li, MS. MPH. Cool herbs for hot flashes – The Best Menopause Solution!

Drugs! Why do I need to bite the end of my tongue when I start to crash?

Its like me trying to bite a small piece. BC and out, they will reach I know it sounds weird. But it all started when I started. Adderall for my ADHD. I do it when I started to come off of drugs,. After about 8hrs from my last medication I prescribed. Adderall by a doctor, I do not do it wrong. When I say crashing, I mean, when the results Adderall wore off and I started to feel "down".

Do not know why, but this is really common. Many people develop ulcers in the mouth. You must keep the box of gum on hand so you can stop the mouth of the tear you apart. You also should not be a 'crashing' so you need to get your The doctor to change medication or dosage adjustments so you do not feel this way.

Laguna Firing Range 1 (BC196 – UP Diliman)

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Schools

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder schools

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder schools

The Disturbing Facts About Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder or ADHD as it is now more commonly referred to is full of disturbing facts and mysteries. Here is the first one. The diagnosis of ADHD consists of various questionnaires which assess the child’s behavior and whether it is holding back his normal development. Nothing wrong with that, as the parents and teachers have to answer the questions. The problem is that the most likely cause of ADHD is a chemical imbalance in the brain and /or abnormal brain development. The most obvious thing to do would be a brain scan but this is done in very few cases. Dr. Amen, an ADHD expert has said that it will take about twenty years before the brain scan is actually standard practice. Until then, we are going to be swimming around in a sea of uncertainties.

Look at the second disturbing fact about attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Dr. Jon Jureidini is Head of Psychiatry at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital and he is alarmed about the increase in the number of psychotic episodes (almost doubled in 3 years) in children who are on these ADHD drugs. These drugs are psychostimulants and they are household names by now. Ritalin, Adderall, Strattera all spring to mind. Hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, depression, psychosis and mania are now being reported (admittedly in very small numbers) in ADHD children on this medication. There have even been a few cases of five year old children attempting suicide! It seems like a horror movie looking at the future but it is happening now and it is for real, unfortunately. Dr. Jureidini is doubtful about the benefits of these drugs and is alarmed at the fact that there has been so little research done on the side effects.

The third disturbing fact to haunt us parents is that attention deficit hyperactive disorder is being overdiagnosed. Not only is the actual method of diagnosis highly questionable but the number of diagnoses has taken an exponential leap and the numbers of children with ADHD is now about 5% of the child population. Very often, child behavior problems are caused by a multiple of other conditions and these are often confused with ADHD. Let me give you a few examples. It could be a food allergy, emotional problems at school or indeed in the home, thyroid deficiency, mineral or vitamin deficiency, yeast infections, hearing problems or an eyesight problem. There have even been cases of teachers insisting that children are put on psychostimulant drugs long before there has been a proper diagnosis by a child specialist or psychiatrist.

Isn’t it time to stand back from all this and get a proper diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactive disorder if it is suspected. Then, consider all the treatment options and there are many. Look at the drugs and assess whether you want your child on a powerful mind altering drug which could also affect his heart. Then take a look at ADHD homeopathic remedies where you will be surprised to learn that there are no side effects and no health risks at all. Because of powerful lobbies, these facts are not well known. Learn more about these unsung remedies by clicking on the link below.

About the Author

Discover what is the best attention deficit hyperactive disorder information available. Experts now tell us that child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.

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Adhd Poems

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

adhd poems

adhd poems

Artists telling the truth about Attention Deficit Disorder

Their videos communicate to lots of people as the number of “views” on Youtube sky rocket. 

Artists have often been the trend setters for any current-day issue.  Now, they are standing up for the children who can not express for themselves, the pains of being labeled and medicated. 

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida (CCHR Florida), a non-profit organization that investigates and exposes psychiatric violations of human rights and co-founded in 1969 by Professor Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, and the Church of Scientology, has launched a music/performance video contest to help generate more and more art that speaks to the public and gets them fully informed about the harmful side effects of psychotropic medication.

Millions of children worldwide are placed on mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Their parents are never given the full information on the FDA warnings and side effects.  This leads to tragic consequences.  Parents are not told that there are no medical tests to prove that one single mental health disorder exists.  They are not told that there are medical tests that can be done to detect underlying physical causes, such as nutritional deficiencies, allergies, thyroid problems and more.

To find out all the details of the contest go to (scroll half-way down the page)

The winner receives 8 full hours of studio session time at one of the Top studios.

Call 727-442-8820 to get your entry form or email:

To hear Chill-Eb’s song go to:

and to listen to Dominque’s Performance Poem, go to:

About the Author

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Adhd Articles Teachers

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

adhd articles teachers

adhd articles teachers

Control ADHD Without Meds – What are the possible scenarios?

How many times do read about parents who are called to school and told to bring their children in meds ADHD, just because they do not fit in the rest of the children or not. Of course some parents will need to get the correct diagnosis. ADHD expert advice children pediatrician Other parents. Will steer clear of meds ADHD due to side effects and want to know is how to control. ADHD meds.

The first situation some parents accept. Place because of the meds ADHD believe that treatment The ADHD medication is just not possible. But these meds are not teaching children how to learn time management skills or personal. Will focus on more than one multiple. These parents often do not know nature Cures for ADHD, such as people who will not only homeopathic. However, controlling symptoms such as Hyperactivity. And impulsive, but can be effective in that no side effects.

Most ADHD experts now say that the arrangement of a unified treatment effective for ADHD medication sleep separately from regular exercise, health promotion and sports nature. Food, support schools and parents skills to how many beauty that is best. Researchers in Canada Articles published soon. Recently about how ADHD children suffer from sleep and actual average about half an hour less sleep. other childern.

ADHD meds do not control or better with treatment. homeopathic course will improve the quality of sleep, insomnia is one of the most common side effects of meds ADHD.

If parents under pressure form of education to put them on drugs. ADHD is the only person I am, that your child is the real drug. But it does not specify which drug was most school problems. ADHD is not on its surface that ADHD does not control. meds and parents must ensure that sufficient preparation or special facilities to help them Children with learning standards stratgeies ADHD meds will be the risk of drug addiction that may occur, mostly officers and teachers seem to know or sumply ignore them blindly as Indicate that physicians in the treatment of ADHD. Without the use of drugs is not working. Wise mother knows that along with maintaining an effective education in such places that the risk of contact. Often we are talking about mind power. – Change this drug mainly ampehetamines many homeopathic cures natural advantages. ADHD is a risk this is not. Because the case is not on record. If it is fairly well known rice in school parking lot!

I know that some children are difficult to recognize when they Enter anti depressants or amphetamine in these cases, after they put healing. homeopathic ADHD have changed gradually but significantly in the long term in their behavior. Hyperactivity, outbursts and disruptive behavior is a dim memory. ADHD meds without control is actually a thousand parents can testify. You can find more information below.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

How do i format in apa?

I tried to do several times. But my teacher to help them back to me to. pls help / news/local/articles/2006/05/07/learning_center_touts_exercise_for_adhd. /.

Azrin, NH, Ehle, CT, & Beaumont, AL (2006) to exercise. reinforcer for peace and adjust the behavior of ADHD children. 30 (5) 564-570 Abstract Call October 9, 2007. From Of course, this will be hanging indent on "Behavior Modification" Italic. . Hopefully this will help with another

‘ADHD is a myth’

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Adhd Teacher

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

adhd teacher

I have asked my teachers to fill out the form analysis ADHD, I'd do this.

Uncomfortable, we do not? BTW for my form is not for him.

, I think you should wait until the rest leaves the classroom and talk to the teacher privately. Tell him / her what you want and ask teachers to complete form. . In my school at the time. Form students must fill out a form does not ask teachers. Form from the counseling or social workers directly involved in students not You might also consider Let all the people who will help you get a form to complete.

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Adhd San Diego

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

adhd san diego

Adult ADHD Information in San Diego?

I know I have ADHD which I have never been to a doctor for. I’ve had it since I was young it is very hard for me to keep my job to remember things and to be organized it is very difficult. I currently do not have health insurance. I an looking for a doctor in San Diego California that I can get help with I want to treat this. Thanks!

The best psychiatrists for treating ADHD in kids or adults are Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. should list some in your area. You could also look for a pediatric neurologist who also treats adults and specializes in behavior. As for health insurance, pay out of pocket, this is your health we’re talking about. Register to vote. Vote for the candidate with the best healthcare plan.

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Adhd Reading Comprehension Strategies

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

adhd reading comprehension strategies

Educational techniques for ADHD – Bracketing distracting thoughts

One meaning of the term “bracketing” is “to place within.” This concept of “placing within” is a helpful strategy that students and adults can use to identify and appropriately deal with distracting thoughts.

In stage one, students decide whether their current thoughts are appropriate for the task at hand. If they are not, students can bracket them in stage two.

It is very helpful to teach students (and adults) to classify thoughts into three groups:

Now: appropriate to follow up on now, i.e. thoughts that promote full engagement in the lesson or other current task. During reading, for example, a “now” thought would be about the content of the reading (reading comprehension) or about ways to stay focused on reading.

A “now” thought about comprehension of a history text assignment could be, “There are three branches of the state government, and the governor is the head of the executive branch of the government.” A “now” thought about the process of reading could be something such as, “I didn’t understand what I just read…I need to read that again.”

Later: appropriate to pursue, but not now, for example, an interesting related idea, a clarifying question or an important task to perform. A “later” thought might be, “I wonder what laws our governor is in favor of? I could look that up on the internet.” Another example is, “I forgot to talk to my English teacher. I have to do that after school.”

Never: not an appropriate thought, for example, a discouraging or negative thought such as “I can’t get this,” or “This is stupid.” “Never” thoughts are power destroyers; they erode confidence and commitment and should be dealt with and eliminated every time they surface!


Help your child make a list of examples of thoughts in each group. Discuss these thoughts and why they are “now” “later” or “never” thoughts. Be sure your child can give good examples on their own of thoughts in each group.

Help your child use their imagination to draw a “container” into which they can place their “later” thoughts in order to relieve distraction. Your child may wish to choose a container that could hold keepsakes such as a chest or jewelry box. Ask your child to draw and decorate the “later” container in a special manner, worthy of important thoughts!

Encourage your child to visualize a trash can into which they place their “never” thoughts. Have your child draw the container. Since “never” thoughts are power bandits, they must be tossed away every time they occur. If left alone, they can poison other thoughts!

When attention begins to drift from the task at hand, decide if the thought is a “later” or a “never” thought and place in the appropriate container. If the thought is a “later” thought, make a note to follow up at a future time. As children become older, they can write a quick note to themselves if the later thought is very important.

The most important part of this process is that your child is taking conscious control over their thoughts, gaining a powerful mechanism to direct their attention in productive rather than destructive ways.

About the Author

Dr. Kari Miller is a board certified educational therapist and director of Miller Educational Excellence, a Los Angeles based educational therapy facility whose mission is to bring about unlimited possibilities for underachieving students by guiding them to discover their true brilliance and use it to change their lives.  Their programs remediate learning roadblocks for students suffering from ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia and other conditions that impact learning.

To contact Dr. Miller
Phone: 310-280-9813

Ideas for interactive whiteboard in English class?

Does anyone know of any free internet based software which can be uses with an interactive whiteboard in the classroom? I’m looking for literacy activities in particular, mainly for ages 12-15. Any other tips for using the board to engage kids in lessons would also be appreciated.
Thanks RK. I teach English which, in my neck of the woods, means I cover all aspects of literacy (reading, writing, talking, listening). My students do not have any specific special needs which is why I did not state this. My interactive whiteboard itself is standard size – would this affect the activity or the size of the display only?

When you say English class, do you mean English language learners? Do you want activities based on grammar? Literature? Writing strategies?

When you say literacy activities, do you mean for students who are behind the curve? Have learning disabilities? ADHD? Other?

How large is your class? How large is your interactive whiteboard?

You have not given enough information, but I suspect that one activity that would be useful for any of the above would be so-called “speed reading” that works on eliminating internal dialogue, focusing on chunks instead of individual words, and memory and comprehension building techniques.

Take a look at Speed Reading-X. It is adaptable to all ages and has controllable speed, etc. You can download it for free.

It could affect the activity. If you are going to have them actually reading blocks of text, the display would have to be large and the class small. But you could probably still use a program that teaches speed reading and comprehension principles. They would have to practice it on individual computers or in books, possibly using little laser pointers, though that might be a distractor.

As a literacy specialist who used to work with so-called remedial students, I always found that students who are behind do not need to be slowed down even more by “remedial” instruction. They need to be speeded up to reach the level of comprehension and to catch up.

(Learning Reading Skills) in 5 min (ADHD)(Dyslexia)

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Adhd Learning Styles

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

adhd learning styles

adhd learning styles

Effective Educational Services for Students with Special Learning Needs

15 million school age children in the US have learning problems that public and private schools can’t solve. There are 72,000 special education students in LAUSD, alone. Every day these students sit unhappily in class, losing hope of ever realizing their dreams. Students are living in pain and shame. They are not learning to be successful students.

Their parents are frustrated in their attempts to find suitable education for their child. They’ve tried working through the public schools. They have hired tutors. Parents are calling for real solutions.

In order to thrive, these students need special educational methods that address their unique profile of strengths and needs. But even more importantly, these children require a new mindset of success.

Educational therapy offers help and hope to children and adults with learning challenges such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and learning disabilities. Educational therapy is an appropriate and highly successful approach to helping students of all ages achieve their maximum potential.

Educational therapists use state of the art educational programs and methods that have been proven to teach students with learning problems the skills they require to be successful. Educational therapy shows students how to overcome their learning problems and lead successful lives.

All throughout the school years, foundations for future success are laid down. Not only are students learning essential skills such as reading, they are also learning to value education. But most importantly, they are learning to believe that they are successful students!

When students experience repeated frustration and failure, they develop self-doubt along with dislike or distrust of educational experiences. These negative views influence how much students can learn, at every level from elementary school through college!

Special needs students experience three major problems with learning:

Teachers and tutors use the same methods for every child. Children are unique and each learns in his or her own way. Teachers and tutors usually do not understand how to modify their approach to address different learning styles.

Teachers and tutors only teach subject matter. Students who experience repeated academic failure lack the underlying foundational skills to be successful students. They often don’t know the best study methods, how to manage their time, or what the real secrets are to academic success.

Teachers and tutors do not address the root cause of continued academic failure—learned helplessness. When students experience failure after failure, they develop a mindset that they are “stupid” and “can’t learn.” They give up on ever being a good student! But, when students believe they can succeed, they begin to try. When they believe they can learn, they begin to study. When they believe they can have impressive futures, they make powerful choices. Students have the right to believe in their innate intelligence and skill!

Educational therapists generally begin their professional careers in special education, child development or counseling. The Association of Educational Therapists is the national professional organization that sets the training standards for educational therapists. There are three levels of membership in the Association of Educational Therapists: Associate Professional (introductory level), Professional (experienced), Board Certified (seasoned).

According to the Association of Educational Therapists: “Regardless of previous background, all Professional members of the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) have met rigorous professional requirements in the academic areas of elementary and/or secondary education, child development, educational assessment, learning theory, learning disabilities, and principles of educational therapy. All members have a B.A. degree and are required to hold a Masters Degree or equivalent in post-BA course work. They have completed at least 1500 supervised direct service hours, and are required to complete 40 clock hours of Continuing Education every two years.

To become a Board Certified Educational Therapist (BCET)®, a member must meet the following additional requirements: Masters Degree (required); one year membership in AET at the Professional level; 1000 hours of professional practice; formal written Case Study evaluated and passed by the AET Certification Board; a written examination that demonstrates professional expertise in educational therapy.”

To locate an educational therapist near you or obtain more information about educational therapy, visit the Association of Educational Therapists website.

About the Author

Dr. Kari Miller is a board certified educational therapist and director of Miller Educational Excellence, a Los Angeles based educational therapy facility whose mission is to bring about unlimited possibilities for underachieving students by guiding them to discover their true brilliance and use it to change their lives.  Their programs remediate learning roadblocks for students suffering from ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, dyslexia and other conditions that impact learning.

To contact Dr. Miller
Phone: 310-280-9813

Student teacher with disabilities!?

I am a Senior Elementary Education major with just student teaching left, but my advisor and another professor told me that I am not able/passable as a student teacher because of my Learning disabilities, & ADHD. They suggest changing majors now! All I want to do is just graduate I know I can do it with modifications and some extra help. I would like to know what type of modifications they are allowed to give me for my student teaching? Also, is a person allowed to student teach in a non-standard style of school, like a Montessori school? Also can you student teach in a resource class? I live in IL. Advise me what to do please!

You need to speak with an attorney. They are VERY incorrect about the matter. Also, visit your state’s Rehabilitation Services Office and speak with them about your plight. And, at the college or university that you attend, look for the Student’s with Disabilities Service Center — they should be able to explain it to your advisor and anyone else. They will not be permitted to accept federal funding if they refuse to allow you to pursue your interests to the best of your ability. Your advisor is living in the ‘dark ages’.

As a matter of fact, my English professor at college level admitted to having ADHD.

Copy this and take it with you…show it to anyone doubting your right to an education irregardless of disability.

Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Communications Styles | Walsh

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Adhd Worksheets

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

adhd worksheets

Format Dot – for the book Visual and Reversals of.


Letters and numbers. reversals is a major obstacle many students. . Reversals of the reading, writing and mathematics difficult. more. I have devised a simple tool. But precious – Dot pattern – with the amazing changes in these letters and reversals number one success in the principles that motivate me to create. TeachAllKids website to share ideas with others, this


Since this technique successful. For dozens of students I have empirical evidence. at least very strong percentage of students returning letters and numbers that form should be used. Dot on a regular basis are also other benefits. Techniques, previously used as a tool for thinking skills, this . For students who turn the other way, but I started. They have proven that. Very limited by comparison. However, after the guide. Dot format, I noticed that students begin to stop the return of letters and numbers.

Problem referral

When students can not separate lines and curves that make up the text will need tools to help them. Ready to learn how to view these and other lines. arcs. Look for the text. : 'B', 'd', 'p', 'q'. Most people see the difference between the lines and curves. Make these letters know that if the first line and the extension and a curved or circular right then. b 'R or the circle if the line before then. it 's a'd' and if a line stretching lines written below. p'a ', etcetera. is very easy for most of us . But some children appear to 'b', 'd',. 'P', 'q' is the same character, or is simply the best. Two different characters.

I want to compare characters like 'b', 'd', 'p', 'q'to. Chair chair chair whether the chair in front 'of us or turn' back 'of the chair is to us. – Chair, regardless of their position to Chairs, but we expect children to know that if a chair is facing the direction it is. b''and if it is facing the same direction. But it is prone p 'for some children their brains does not mean isolation and curved lines plus a different "direction turn" made for each individual in the same way most of us will . To help students learn to see the text of letters and numbers is a set of lines and curves at different contrast text and numbers they can use the kit. Dot patterns and training. I have developed techniques. . I can not stress enough the importance and benefits of these formats. Dot the image reversals for students.


Students repeat Dot format by copying one of the anchors to set free near the same To start the format and may contain only a little. Two or three lines. For children, you should really struggling over the line with each Different colors to mark more clearly. . In more severe cases children may need to complete and will help to determine where in the order To start Show children that start with the point of view counts will help them get better understanding and knowledge of the adjustment area. The design Dot. Wed This indicates that one of the most serious cases, they certainly should be a special focus in this area.

By copying the unique design. Dot students learn to see the shapes of letters and numbers and to solve the problem of literacy to their . When students become more expert. Dot patterns that make them less and less letters and number. reversals. In addition, reversals occur less likely to be resolved quickly by the students themselves. Fortunately, not only the results. But special interests have long – Reality is learning to see things differently. (What we want to call it "normal").

But I use this technique for years I have always surprised that this good . The difference children make life 'leaves me a lot. Enthusiastic about the Dot format not just. But the literacy skills of thinking is a good exercise. . I used to have all student ability levels from kindergarten level. Through working with adults. Interest of the students actually like to do them. . I can not stress enough the importance of these planned Dot format to help students succeed

So what can run this simple educational tools provide easy? And try to help your students, we can really 'teach all. Kids' despite the struggles? The answer is a resounding. Yes!

Together we can teach all children.

Derman Linda.

About the Author

I am a teacher by profession and I have been working with children and adults with learning difficulties for many years. Recently, I started a website called Teach All Kids because I truly believe it is possible, with the right techniques, to teach all kids even those with learning disabilities.

My son is in 1 grade concern because I did not do in class … ?

He is a very busy child may ADHD, although I have read that they tested him. Levels 2 and write quite well if they want. But he has a hard time sitting still and following through with directions. His class is structured to provide teachers for advice. All worksheets must be made and children sitting at desks and work independently until completion. 5-6 color schemes, most writing / cut and paste. The teacher should not teach about each disc. It was too much to ask olds 6 and For seven years in duration. Will not benefit children with teachers sharing real Knowledge about them and you then use the same check sheet to confirm that they understood what was taught? I need advice because I know that this is important in my Child's school career. Should I talk to teachers or not. What should I look for a different class school /? HELP ME PLEASE!

This is the awesome teaching! No first grader machine should be sitting at long I will not sit long! Also, your son should be too busy. I worry more if he did not. ADHD is overdiagnosed I would consider looking at a different teacher or school for your child.

Multiplying by Threes, Times Table Fun Animated Video

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Adhd Handout For Parents

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

adhd handout for parents

How can I deal with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) without medication?

I’ve lived with ADD my whole life and I’ve never used medication. I’m very smart with a 3.7 gpa, but that came at a cost of averaging 3-5 hours of sleep a night for the past 4 years. This is due to my ADD. Unfortunately neither one of my parents “believed” in ADD and most certainly didn’t want me on medication, which I agree with for the most part. I often struggle focusing on assignments though and often getting distracted till it is very late and the pressure is at it’s maximum. I was recently told that I have a minor form of ADD by my therapist who is qualified in diagnosing such things, and I haven’t been able to get a handle on it.

I am going off to college next year and I don’t want to take medication, so I was wondering if there are any ways of treating ADD without medication? I already exercise quite alot and participate in sports, but it only helps so much.


There are things you can do that are fairly simple that work really well.
1. Definitely talk to your teachers and professors when you get to college so they know and can help.
2. This sounds really juvenile but it works. Get 3 folder/class. 1 is for handouts; 1 is for homework; 1 is for important papers/papers that need to go back to your professors. It’s best if they are different colors.
3. For me, listening to music helps me focus on work. My teachers see me with one headphone in but they know I am paying attention so they don’t say anything. I also let them know it helps me. They were pretty understanding.
4. If you can’t listen to music, try doodling on your paper. That also helps me. My hands are busy and my mind focuses on what the teacher is saying.
5. If you know there is going to be an important lecture or review for a test, ask you teacher if you can record that class. That way if you can’t focus one day, you can go back and listen when you are more focused.

By the way, I am a freshman in high school and I have ADHD. I am on medication, but I would be lost without it. I have days when I don’t take my medication and all of the above help me (when I don’t have my medication and even when I do). I really hope these can help you too.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Teaching

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder teaching

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder teaching

Your teen is not a disease BIPOLAR? From Barrington and Rolling Meadows, IL.

Concerns about your child's adolescent petulance or your daughter or not. Questions about disease bipolar?

Teen disease. bipolar roller coaster is consistently high, then very depressed mood. You may find that the tone switch, or strange That looks like your child may seem to feel both extremes at once.

Is very troubling and life will start editing disorders in adults. But occurs in Adolescents and even children sometimes. It will affect everyone and will be monitoring closely because of the potential to destroy lives and well-being of the victim.

It can run in families. If you or your spouse is a biological parent of a child and do you have bipolar disorders has more chance he or she has or will develop it. Some patients also showed that family history of drug or alcohol can properly motivate the child to develop.

There bipolar disease may begin with either. manic or depressive symptoms.

Symptom and manic.

Erratic and marked changes in emotional reasons are unclear. – Unusually happy or silly or frustrated is very angry enemies. Or aggressive

Does not sound very realistic in itself. – For example, adolescents who feel all the power can be normal or exaggerated super.

The expression of energy not Limited ability to appear with little or no sleep does not feel tired at

Hyper – said when talking with your child too quickly. Too early and unexplainably. Subject to change with strong resistance to being interrupted.

Distractible, so your child will interfere with his ability to concentrate or have Discussion; Interests of its ongoing move from what next

Your child can repeatedly participate in high risk behaviors such as alcohol or drug penalties. Driving recklessly or promiscuous sexual behavior.

Depression may include the following.

Excessive irritability hostility. depression, unrelenting sadness. frequent crying jags.
Or thoughts of death or suicide.

Can not get pleasure from any activity please on.

Youth may appeal the disease often physical stress such as headaches or backaches,.

Manifestation of the low energy level, fatigue, reduced concentration and restlessness. And bored.

Sleep – Over, under or over sleeping under the skin.

It is important to remember that any symptoms. These may occur if you Adolescents with other problems such as alcohol or drug offense behavior. Lack of interest – other cancers Hyperactivity. Bipolar diagnosis should be made in time. Careful observation.

Evaluated carefully by clinical psychologists or psychiatrists to distinguish the most important problem and start treatment. The good news is that adolescents with disease bipolar can be treated effectively if treatment is being monitored regularly and continuously throughout life.

This treatment should include a serious program. Teaching patients and families about the disease itself, and emotional stability, psychotherapy, counseling and drug treatment as part of the plan. Emotional stability, drug use To reduce the number and severity of now. to prevent manic and depressive symptoms occur.

Psychotherapy can help teenagers understand themselves or Self-adapt to life stresses that continued to cause serious problems building self-esteem and improve relationships.

About the Author

Dr Shery is in Cary, IL, near Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Marengo and Lake-in-the-Hills. He’s an expert psychologist. Call 1 847 516 0899 and make an appt orlearn more about counseling at:

Do you think that schools have more leisure time will solve many problems?

Michael Phelps has attention deficit I wonder if instead Labeling these people sick, we should see that we are trying to force everyone in the same square peg I substitute teaching at the school most students behave better to be young. Private schools are like three recesses men (usually people who have behavioral problems). As with other men. But they were more in class I would say that we have the stuffed male Peg fit into a better woman. Guys better than the movement of large muscles and women better than a small muscle movements. Learning is not suitable for young men. ……. And they rebel to it – just take a little elementary school. . Not too mention obesity increases in emotional problems and children problems other children. That exercise is known. Help

I agree with what you say. If you think it makes sense. These children, young people, especially full of energy! To give them room. On the same thing. 30 minutes playing time? Inadequate. Think about it … as adults we want to stop. 15 minutes every four hours we work. And a cigarette … they break more often. A good way to solve problems in schools are to stay at home. (Bathroom break room shirt, etc.) and do not have 30 minutes … long enough for them it will be settled.

Cut at the door – a clip from the documentary film: A Mind Like Mine

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Adhd Reading Fluency

Friday, December 26th, 2008

adhd reading fluency

adhd reading fluency

High functioning autism| language processing| reading across the curriculum

1. Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes: ( general )
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, internationally renowned for educational programs and research, has pioneered instructional models to develop the sensory-cognitive processes that underlie reading, spelling, comprehension, critical thinking, and math. Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers provide one-on-one instruction using our groundbreaking instructional methods; Lindamood-Bell® Professional Development offers workshops for educators, and also provides a comprehensive school/district-wide model to develop language and literacy skills.

2. Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes: ( Learning Centers )
Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers provide individualized instruction for children and adults, ranging from severely learning disabled to academically gifted. In our centers we often see children and adults previously diagnosed with various disorders or learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADD, ADHD, CAPD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, etc. Lindamood-Bell’s instruction is always based on a thorough and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation which measures oral vocabulary, oral language, comprehension, visual memory, oral directions, phonemic awareness, word attack, work recognition, reading comprehension, spelling, and math. After intensive instruction at a Lindamood-Bell® Learning Center, a student can make reading gains of two to four year in as little as six to eight weeks.

3. Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes ( For schools )
Lindamood-Bell offers professional development that begins with our Lindamood-Bell® Workshops and can extend into comprehensive partnerships. The programs authored by the founders and directors of Lindamood-Bell are research-based programs that address the five components of scientifically-based reading instruction: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Genuine Lindamood-Bell® Professional Development Workshops for educators will introduce the steps of the following programs:

Visualizing and Verbalizing®
Seeing Stars®
Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing®
On Cloud Nine® Math

Sensory-Cognitive Assessments

Lindamood-Bell® School Partnerships prepare, mentor and support teachers in their efforts to teach reading, spelling and comprehension. We partner with schools to implement a comprehensive Professional Learning Community based on extensive professional development and mentoring in a collaborative environment. Lindamood-Bell’s successful partnerships are not merely a “program” that is implemented. We provide a comprehensive model of:

1) sustained professional development in intensively research-based instructional methodologies for language and literacy development.
2) diagnosis and differentiated instruction processes to specifically meet student needs in language and literacy processing.
3) data management, analysis and reporting for accountability.
4) customized learning environments including a professional learning community for leaders and teaching professionals and classroom and small group instruction opportunities for children. Numerous mandates under the ARRA school stimulus fundings and NCLB law can be met or exceeded with a Lindamood-Bell® school partnership.

More Information:

About the Author

Why can’t everyone think with numbers? Why do some children learn math readily, handle money and time concepts with ease, retain information from year to year, and think with numbers effortlessly? What cognitive processes do some have that others do not?

What can I do with my child that he does not like to read ?

He has ADHD his fluency is not good and the worst of all is that he does not want to read. He will be in 4th grade.Any recommendations?
He likes science,but most science books have too much pictures and they’re not like for fluency. Is there a website ,so he can do like a test after he have finished a book?

Have you tried comics or graphic novels? I was talking with my local librarian a little while ago and she had mentioned that her kid’s graphic novel group was made up of quite a few [formerly!] troubled readers. She said that kids who didn’t like reading traditional books often found interest in comics because they could be interpreted at so many levels. If a child didn’t feel comfortable with the vocabulary in the book, he could look at the pictures to follow the story. If he could understand the text but just wasn’t interested in sitting down to read, the action, intense colors, and otherworldly characters found in most children’s comics might give him incentive to finally enjoy reading.

Most kids’ comics are simple, but entertaining and sometimes even *gasp* educational! Just make sure the comic books your son picks up are intended for younger readers. A lot of comics for older teens and young adults can be smutty or downright gory. I know comics aren’t always considered the pinnacle of English literature, but the idea is that they are a different approach to reading that might inspire your son to pick up more traditional works further down the line.

Good luck!

Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, add, adhd,special education

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Adhd Tips For Teachers

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

adhd tips for teachers

adhd tips for teachers

Teacher of autistic children -. Helpful tips for teachers and educators.

Autism teacher Children

Children with autism can continue to serve daily and can be included in regular classrooms, while school It is predicated on the commitment of teachers in learning how to teach autistic children and their patience. Autistic children learn and understand different from other children. They have the ability to differ. You can learn a lot, but even being. Limited due to disability of children with autism can really surprise you when it comes to how much knowledge they can store.

Teachers and education to learn about the disease. Teachers or students can learn a lesson that helps autistic children. Autistic children are picture thinkers. They understand the image and movement. Better word is part of the lesson plan. Do not talk back to teachers of autistic children and should be used as a guide picture as possible. If young children are learning about animals that have a flash card in animals that is important. Children can link nouns have a picture and understand the story better. Teacher of autistic children.

While the teaching of autistic children, you may learn they are enamored with one object. This was the plane to the car. For mice when teaching autistic children to try their love of object teaching This will make them all understand very well. Use this as a way to stimulate the work of school

It is difficult to take pictures with other ideas. Such as verbs and adjectives. Simulate the action will go far in autistic children understand the meaning. Children with autism may be difficult From the instructions lengthy Advice when they get older is written for students and testing the children can follow easily.

Motor skills many times dangerous to people with autism has a difficult time of writing is. To help deal with this problem trying to get people who have autism in the computer. They can print more easily. Than pencil and the phone can communicate better and be more efficient. Near the keyboard to the computer screen to read what they write. People with autism sometimes forget What they were doing or to forget a certain order. If possible, try to get autistic child to use art as a form of expression with Because people with autism think in pictures will Drawing time is easier than writing words.

One thing that teachers should be aware not to force children with autism to do what they do not want to do. Teachers must be concise, but gentle. If teachers do not stand to deal with autistic children this can actually hinder learning experience. People with autism can live in full Many start school. Teacher of autistic children.

About the Author

Teachers Autistic Children is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

TryAutism, Aspergers, ASD Program and change child’s life forever!”

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Worksheets

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder worksheets

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Students

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder students

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder students

Attention deficit disorder – it does not affect the Education of children and education?

Teaching Children Attention Deficit Disorders. (ADD) can be a difficult job. Many schools. Have identified problems and addressed an important issue because the development of awareness of the issue. But some schools still lagging behind. But these schools is not to help people diagnosed with add.

How to enter the classroom with a note to each well before the diagnosis is complete. Could be observed (for example) in children following classmates won his titles in her sit in the corner and play with her hair on her mind focused elsewhere. Teachers are often the first to recognize that students have trouble learning activities focused. But identifying the problem is just the first step and the most difficult. Not intended to change attitudes or hyperactive.

The treatment starts when everyone acknowledges that the decision will make. It's important to decide. Medical intervention is required since the course of treatment. Quite a number of schools. inhumanly emphasize the suffering of children who are entering medicine. Although some schools will use more logic and follow the wishes of the parents of the child.

That your child can often handle the situation. Determined by the type of school he or she attend and how aggressive they In an ideal environment for your child should attend to understand the effectiveness of collaboration with Parents taking stock of your particular situation and respect your decision. Regrettably, some schools lack of openness Communities are small and vulnerable financial. (Vs. other communities), the habits of conservation and far too often can not. (Or willing) to accommodate children with special needs.

Children are often hard put to order. Generally, they are busy and difficult to control. For this reason, many schools refused to accommodate the children misbehave. However, you must ensure that Your child is not treated as second class citizens.

Some schools are very committed to the immediate children with disorders in the classroom, even editing. If the child's intelligence level is not appropriate form of action. In many cases this process to not interfere with normal school schedules and other children. But as parents. You should not accept the negative category of children is unfair.

So that parents also need to know your child, you always have for him. Or her decision if taken by Class teacher or any school Eseiheeu well-being of children. That you should talk to them and come up with plans to make the best. Results for child
About the Author

Garry Macdonald & Kieran Smyth have established a website providing little known information about attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). To learn the insider secrets about ADD or ADHD, go to .

???????? ADHD.

Methylphenidate. School is a drug prescribed for children with deficiency diseases. Hyperactivity – ADHD share a common interest and boredom experienced irritation when teaching students to be incompetent Therefore, Ritalin became increasingly popular alternative to good education.

Yes, I also think that more activity … hay rabbits.

ADHD and Adderall in the life of a Grad Student

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Spanish

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder spanish

Attack of the zombies mobile phone

"Zombies. People they creep me out." Dennis Hopper in the land of the dead.

Excerpt Book:.

By Thomas William.

All of them.

And they will win.

Walk down almost any city street and you if you dare. Visible around the alarm by shaking one that you do not know the status of each other or their environment past They shuffle with a shambling walk of automatons. Hearing was blocked by Blaring headphones or speak much. Bend over mobile phones. iPods, Palm Pilots multimedia player. messagers text and other sleep equipment. These walking dead blank stare their Leave it far from the reality around , They do not know what they're going.

Cell phone zombies are proliferating everywhere. Spread by spreading the most severe. The world – the lust to own and continue the wireless jack. – Jolts endorphin addict sent via mobile phones to the brain threatened withdrawal agonizing as they emanations can not see the end of frontal attacks of short memory. circuiting, knowledge, and understand.

Succumbing. Market strategy as marshaled by the same ad. Agencies to drive hordes of children to tobacco. mobile zombies as young as four years. – Old man will change the relationship between normal and cold calculus of the text, while cutting noise. Sound area and interrupted the conversation with friends and spouses to jabber with spirits that do not display even though they spread destruction of the microwave used their range. Bags resistant mobile phone

Unlike the ghouls meat munching – Show in Hollywood horror flicks of death and "rehabilitation" through sending viruses. Solanum through the horror of the body fluids are often exchanged "zombies. voodoo "was created by potions and spells cast by priests. hougnan Haiti.

"Powder Zombie" is Max Brooks notes. The importance of his zombie survival. Guide "is very powerful neurotoxin, no different from eating the brain chemicals. – Add common foods, beverages and other drugs. Other – and (as we have seen elsewhere. In this book) fluoride Fun,. Patel Associates, and Mercury. Separately and together, these noxious compounds activate. synergistically by pulsating electric release mimics the functionality and replace normal cells to destroy nerve cells and replace the brain. zombies.

Organized are entranced as their lives are. leached with eerily similar devices. Size and shape of dolls. to cast voodoo curse, zombies phone is extremely dangerous because it does not like. zombies Solanum – inducted actually can not tell the feelings or say cell Phone zombies can appear almost normal when not. jacked to zombie actually, when you were "like explosion in smart home" Brooks. Describe and begin to bite your face. Mobile voodoo – zombies "will take a while to try to figure out, or what you

Yim be, unfelt apology for their intrusion. – Even "growling if pain or irritation" is. Brooks describes – zombies very mobile, understanding words; Some people understand sentences, [and] the ability to speak. – Only of course – and very little for discussion extended.

DO you die different.
While not known to eat human flesh as "zombies" do not actually intend preoccupation with self. Reprehensible interference in fixing the meaning and complete disregard for the ecological deterioration of the rapid economic environment and threatens the Constitution of the sixth. infestations worst zomboid in the United States all around the world.

Of course, the carnage caused by war, not intended his threat to countries that do not. zombies American river project between psychotic Ya Casino is their consumption. Bone and cartilage hopes and dreams by the boxcar load. More than one million people – mostly children. – Killed in Iraq since the 2003 zombie as Geographical Indication. hopped up on anti – malarial drug Dexedrine, fear, stress and fatigue. spells potential of patriotism and revenge "for an offense is not there. America 's army zombie blindly following a dangerous example. They invade countries is alarming as described by Brooks in the best-selling account of his zombie war which World War [Z].

Mobile phone crime.
Continue to get pure And drivers can be a serious risk from zombies crazy talk on their mobile phones while operating a moving heavy vehicle.

In the city are not mobile. disarmed – brandishing the murder on the driver is a gory scene from "Night. Any Living Dead "stunned by another $ 4 billion annually in claims for drivers using cell phones. North American Insurance found that juggling phones while driving will not increase 600% availability in an accident other drivers. Adjusted to make up any radio, taming pets only coffee Feeding called smoking reduction. Talking to passengers or try different sexual gymnastics are more preoccupied.

Mobile phones are much more dangerous. lmerely driving noise tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy found that drivers using mobile phones is changing. zombies, impairing memory and reaction time by severe noise. And in their brains. Hands-free mobile phones cause more problems because they tend to emit 10 times – brainwave interference than mobile units.

Phoning from within the vehicle. Truck Line or bad for everyone in the car. – Especially children – because of steel around amplifies catch hold UK House of Commons Science and Technology Council report "mobile phone in a vehicle can accelerate radiation levels up. 10 times due to reflection

For all drivers dialing Swiss researchers. Found "changed the working of the brain from Pulsed high frequency electromagnetic field to light over time. University of Toronto report investigators. That should be made. Break up your car is still over half an hour after the call.

Equivalent to the risk of shock while driving dead drunk. EGAT Dr. Chris Runball, Chairman of the emergency. BC Medical Association medical services.

"Talking on the cellphone, you drive after retirement even if you only like teenagers," the report. University of Utah after that when a young driver is. 18 of his talking on the cellphone, they drive like elderly people moving slowly and reaction and increase the risk of Accident only hands-free phone use in the study.

"If you put the wheel driver 20 years after mobile phones in the same reaction to him. driver 70 years "David Strayer, Psychology Faculty University. of Utah and the main author of the study that "Is like aging instant. (Excluding education has shown the old drivers have more experience. more cautious – and safe – than adolescent male hormones. – Addled.) [AP Feb 05/02; Human Factors] Winter/05.

Cell phone users also reduced as alcohol. Reported quarterly journal Human Factors and Social Sciences at the driver talking on the cellphone is actually lower than drunk drivers with blood alcohol levels over 0.08, but not on whether mobile phones or hands-free

EM engineer Alasdair Philips of the United Kingdom Powerwatch look in 40 years mobile phone use over four hours. Days and found them out as "not suitable for the future" because dementia from Philips says, "I would rate more than four hours per day using a mobile phone that could be threatening. The drinking bottles per day – only. But the brain damage of the renal function over and we have no brains grow.

Safety TIP: Protect yourself from operating motor vehicles zombies! If you drive and where people use mobile phones in the car close to pulling off the road and seek refuge as soon as it is safe. Or after the driver can prepare and increase the length of your File not open "self-defense" has no legal protection for the driver shot. wielding mobile phone

Phoning Baby
If we doomed baby zombies. The world's most extensive government report supported mobile phone radiation specialist physician Stan Barnett described the cell phone radiation in soft tissue. After release in June 1994 by the Australian Government is not willing to. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) described. Testing laboratory until after December. 1974 show that neurons in the skulls of young infants are very sensitive to heat developed during the process of cell section

"A mother's pelvic structure promotes deep penetration radiation. And RF radiation can be absorbed in developing embryo or fetus, "Dr. Barnett warned. Uterus of saline water is much The radio frequency and microwave – And human EMF – the water. 65% by weight [CSIRO มิถุนายน 1994; / Emf]].

That the mobile phone Chef radiation of infant brain damage or brain cells to divide rapidly through microwave radiation, nerve deficit could not be retrieved, "said Dr. Barnett was perhaps not publicly, he neglected to Horror to add this baby brain damage from mobile phones can easily lead to zombification. But he added that even baby may continue to develop and Her brain appeared normal working may be reduced to life [EMFacts Mar advisor 26/03].

PhD the Robert Kane corroborative. Research shows that all infants, see Slowing the growth of mobile phone exposure "-. Women exhibiting the highest risk children the ability to learn, reduce . When we remember that most mobile zombies in speech clichés, jingles and corporate statements, we can lose terribly to the already extensive process.

Linking the technology. Bioelectromagnetics. Have shown that exposure. RF from mobile phones and cell building Telephone relay "is all the documents related to the repeated increase autistic. – Today, reported by some researchers, at least. As more than 1 per 100 neonates.

God have mercy on us all. If one of hundreds of autistic children is not true. But hard to differ zombies – we may find themselves. Caught up in another model.

In all. Toasted.
No one saw it. " Difficult and easy at first strange turning point in the rum. zombification. The man came in 2006 when the witch doctor. hougnan microwave foundry started targeting birth. And brain damaged by mercury in vaccines and injection force many of these babies. New people have arrived home and took a bath in smog electricity distribution by the end of sight wireless routers and mobile phones within sentries "" near the cribs.

The next step in zombification. From the end Hugging Children Phone "Move to the speed dial in the hands and eyes of greed. Four year olds coming out of them is pregnant. No doubt the answer to congratulate their breastfeeding.

Some of us try to resist MO1 developed by Imaginarium toy and giant companies. telcom Telefonica in Spain, notify the parent group in Europe, not the government demand on mobile phones severe in children. Jóvenes green rows, group support environment for young Spanish. denounced the mobile industry for "acting like the design of tobacco products to children very addictive.

In Paris, the curvy crimson and blue from "MO1". Mobile phones for children. Beat defenders with six years of the contract "comfortable" -. Or may not know it – French Minister of Health has issued warnings to the public "a lot". The children use mobile phones. "I believe in the principle of precaution" Monsieur. Bachelot muttered, "If there is a risk and children with developing nervous systems are affected. I was warning parents about using mobile phones because it idle for children who have them.

Also associated with zombification of youth. Frank Barnes, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Colorado study shows that children with special risk from mobile phone told press, "This is clearly a population. Up with a lot of light, larger than others, because children on the phone all the time.

Target child
Response to relentless advertising. spells and giveaways age of mobile phone users continues to decline rapidly as of IQ and concentration, in 2007 the average age of first use "is. 10 within two years, International Data Corp forecasts. 9 – and – the floor under the market more. $ 1600000000 in mobile revenues. – 9,000,000 zombies and more children in the United States alone.

Despite the despair that stands guard behind. last holdouts to zombification. Children in the European Union is dissolved. Report Dorjeen Carvajal "on the phone to get more precocious in Europe The Eurobarometer survey of almost 1,000 children. 29 countries, most of the phone after that. 9 age

Mobile industry, is down to saturation. Markets to tap customers can plump hand. cradling dolls and phones, "comments. Carvajal. Are used in mobile phones. tweens and teens all the driving member growth. International Data Corp projects that by 2010, 31000000 Children will be zombies by phone, microwave oven, small soft risk of brain tissue.

Target youth market zombification. Abusing children, especially because treatment, such as telephone, microwave. doudou or stuffed animal companion, mobile phone trade association France AFOM was after survey Behavior of children too young to identify danger proffered by the adult to trust.

In all the cell phone toting parents spend more money in the last game. Ring tones and wallpapers. – And more chatter adolescents than adults in their mobile phones more profitable. Mobile phone companies. Not to mention the risk of losing their own development. Aging, cataracts, learning disability and disease activity. hyper brain tumors [Intl Herald Tribune Mar 08/07].

Call damaged brain cells continue through childhood. 1996 for detailed study "Absorption. Power in human head and neck for mobile phones. 835 and 1900 MHz "run by a fabulously. Dr. Om Gandhi found electromagnet Radiation from mobile phones. coupling "to work more alarmed than the child's brain power through thick carapaces of adult cumulative damage.

"I do not know the time that the industry has targeted children as the next growth. Boy, they really me, "said Dr. Thee said that after he found that the outer ear and some skulls of children to tissue more energy from mobile phone to brain sensitive short-circuit. "Why industry does not like" Gandhi. Description – "They do not want to. Pay part of the market. . Items IEEE [of microwave theory and techniques. Oct/96].

"We love to add more runs in the teens" Adam. Guy exudes, a senior analyst at Strategy Group. "Breaking benefits are distributed.

Consolidation is therefore penetrate the brain to Guy 's another study – published this In the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry – found that heavy cell phone use may cause brain cancer and other diseases. In children as adults, by interfering with the repair of DNA

Speaking directly zombification. Mobile and death. Dr. Theodore Litovitz, biophysicist and professor of Physics at Catholic University, explained. : "Because stress proteins are involved. The progress of a number of diseases of mobile heavy daily can cause many degenerative disorders such as cancer. . "[Reuters April 23/08; Dec03/01].

Zombie case history
In Claysburg, Pennsylvania, Greg Pozgar against the purchase of mobile phones and then for her daughter. 12 years, Morgan "My Big concerned. Is that children are responsible enough to get it, "he said.

No one told him to worry about. emanations of

After receiving her first phone to Christmas Gift of the young Morgan to champion the message that age. 13 years in the $ 25,000 competition organized by the National Electronics Manufacturers. LG is a company that in 2007 a European mobile fashion, "select" by offering "phone Chocolate "featuring touchscreen interface instead of the Advanced Button plain ] [.

Competitiveness of the Motorola V220. Tri – Band promise a network connection "between zombies – under construction in the country is saturated in electrosmog numb the brain "V220" offers chic style. Brain Damage Man Crashes Car exciting. no – fear of pregnancy or cancer. classic – in the pink

After hesitating to health concerns. Disney has also increased in children. Mobile sweepstakes. Mattel Barbie 8 mobile market women. 14 "Nine Trey Chapman love the design of cold. Flashing lights and big buttons – one for mother and for Father laughs USA Today. How good Miss. Chapman is the daughter her reduced ability to learn and asthma. Other maladies that may not have to debilitating. [USA Today. Mar] 14/05.

Verizon has responded to the parents "is the popular" LG. VX8300 "Chaperone" makes mobile home "in home security Now parents can be disruptive of Children with the text while they follow through. GPS satellites to locate a cell phone in the spread continued. From family members or children to set out all electronics. "Kids Zone" parents who participate in the automated message prompts the movements of their children. – So you can all relax. [; Intl Herald Tribune Mar 08/07].

Surveillance that this house crease in sexually transmitted diseases today. afflicting one in four teenage American girls or they close One-third of pregnancy before age 20 remains to be seen [in April Reuters 23/08].

Good news and bad news is that smoking will be replaced by mobile phones. Not so popular drugs and teen smoking dropped off rapidly in the year. 1996 – the same year using a mobile phone. skyrocketed between 15 – 17 – olds year, and no wonder because the mobile phone market by The same ad agency that uses the image itself. – On to attract teens to smoking. – A sense of individual and social life. Desire to rebel, to bond with your friends.
British [November Journal of Medicine. 4 / 00].

Drug complete, Morgan now send and receive up to. 7,000 messages per month

Avoid defense only.
After the Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute in Marbella resistant lines were only two minutes to change the nature of electrical brain activity of children up to hours after the Spanish doctor. There are fears that interfere with the brain in children can lead to the zombies as impaired learning and behavioral problems as psychiatric.

Brain scans allowed Michael. Dr. Klieeisen team to see what happened to the brains of mobile phone users. "We never expected to see this continuing activity in the brain," he told the European press in the news blacked out in the U.S. "We are concerned that the balance is delicate. – Such as infectious and immune diseases. – Can be changed without interfering with the chemical equilibrium. In brain

Consistent with the study findings show. 87% of 11 – 16 – olds in their own mobile phones with 40% of them to talk for 15 minutes or more every day. 70% said they worry they will not change their voice, even should the government

Advisor to the British government on mobile phone Dr. Gerald Hyland, see the "extremely Disturb the parents who believe they will increase the safety of children and social status by sending them back to school with your mobile phone can Health and impairing their ability. Learn warned Dr. Hyland. "Found that the brains of children affected is a long time, even for short-term . Brainwave patterns of abnormal and they will stay like that for long. Period, which may affect mood and ability to learn in their classrooms if they are on the phone during breaks for example.

These same brain wave changes "may result. Things like lack of concentration loss of memory and can learn aggressive behavior.

He may explain zombies!

"There really is not a safe amount. Using a mobile phone, "said Dr. Highland to endure We do not know how the damage will be done by opening the site. . If I had my parents are very cautious about allowing children to use Mobile even in a very short time. My advice to avoid mobiles. [Mirror December 26/01].

In addition OCEAN.
Do not like nobody knows how dangerous cell Phones may be because previous experience is not satisfied with the Vampire European governments are intensely studying the impact of mobile phones, the other normal Scientists at their Find everything from fear and pain of dealing with brain tumors and genetic damage, even from mobile phone radiation. [Mar independent 8.30].

Led by Sir William Stewart, the famous British biochemistry and chairman of the Association. British for the advancement of medical science expert report Stewart asked about mobile phones and health "was released. In April 2000 a scientific conference in Glasgow, Sir William encourage mobile phone manufacturers to stop offering their products is important, "Back to school items for children to easily penetrate. skulls and living longer, making them especially vulnerable to. Radio – Frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation mobile phone Sir William said he would not press for his children. Mobile] journal [The Australian College of September. Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. / 01.

In Sweden, a mobile marketing to children. 5 years, Olle Johansson, associate professor of neural science. Karolinska Institute in Stockholm announced: "Parents should take children away from technology. [Calls out of our cells by William] Thomas.

In an interview in the Berlin Morgenpost, Wolfram Koenig head. Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz – federal authority for radiation protection in Germany. – Encourage companies not to target children in advertising campaigns.

Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, director general of the World Health Organization told the Norwegian newspaper that important. Children should be discouraged from using mobile phones. Former Prime Minister of Norway and popularizer sustainability "is a licensed medical graduate public health Short lines do not help the Brundtland highlighted. ] Microwave News [Mar-Apr/02; Mar Norway Dagbladet 02/09.

France, Germany and the European environment Agency to recommend "less" cell phone use and hands-free phone But Irish medical environment. The Association says the children should be stopped from using mobile phones.
The Irish side of the zombie – Like – from mobile phone radiation include fatigue, clumsiness much confusion and dizziness tingling. ] [Mar independent 8.30; Irish News in February. 05/09.

Back across the Atlantic Ocean. One-third of adolescents who use mobile phones, "the research in the United States today without Dr. Thee laments "all the research has been stopped since Industry

Dr. Gandhi says this violates both. 1969 National Environmental Policy Act and the duties of the Central Committee of communication control signals. RF on behalf of the industry. His latest paper weight. – The impact of new thermal relaxation. IEEE RF exposure safety standards. Head Cellular Phones 835 and 1900 MHz – Compare relax RF standards required by the Advisory Board of Americans called the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers this standard by the European Union.

Gandhi helped regulations. He explained that the U.S. "Today the Board. (The standard of) one co chair from Motorola and others from the boat. Establishment of industrial and military standards, they loosen. I compare the three standards to new standards from the line. Too loose. [Uncensored (NZ) 9 พฤศจิกายน /. 06].

SOON hard to land Monday?
If Tobacco company dared employ the same sophisticated software, neural techniques to sell cigarettes with toddlers as they do with marketing. Same company – the handset manufacturers will face Lynch mob. The device, but recently denounced violence. Recently the leading cancer researchers, such as cigarette smoking is harmful. Children in many mobile phone manufacturers will switch to the public. zombies dead brain

And maybe just plain dead included.

Just – published research by the award. Cancer experts PhD Vini Khurana predicted that mobile phones will kill more than smoking or asbestos. Smoking is still selected, some five million people worldwide every year, while asbestos. In the UK still remains the most accident claims.

After careful review over 100 clinical studies showing that the "hands free" mobile phones and regular 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer that can very Khurana. – Who received 14 awards, while publishing more than three dozen scientific papers to come through. 16 years – concluded that the fatal brain tumor from using mobile phones as the "end of life decision" for the victims now find themselves in situations that do not. Limited and dangerous. ".

Professor Kjell Mild, the Orbero University, Sweden, the government and the research advisor, said children should not be allowed to use mobile phones because thinner skulls and development. Stroke risk, making them especially He and Professor Lawrie Challis who led the research. MTHR, to improve emissions standards for mobile phones and other sources. Of radiation to which they described as "appropriate" and "unsafe". [October Telegraph London 07/09].

Professor Khurana become Big Kahuna in the war. zombification. Phone after His most famous place after indictment Most damning of mobile phones on. He emphatically warned. : "If industry and government for immediate action and decision. The incidence of serious brain tumor and associated mortality rate is found to increase throughout the world in a decade from now. – By the time it may be too late for more than a medical intervention.
Independent [] Mar 30/08.

The process of elimination.
Then it may be too late.

1286 recent survey of mobile users found that one in four can not think of life without. Their mobile phones. The remaining question is the unasked if they can think of no damage to life with

Four in 10 young people, especially the mobile phone call. Killing time is the travel itself or wait for someone, they always will be ignored. "We have everything on my phone" Mark. Madsen, college student 24 years complete From Chattanooga, Tennessee "I use mostly for phone But I still play and play MP3. I pretty much work all the time.

Like all addicts, more than one-third of mobile subscribers said they occasionally "stunned" by the user. Of the increasing number of home will accelerate. zombification. Of citizens by Is complete with wireless landline is not for everyone. Public pay phones are being used to remove the hard to avoid owning mobile brain stunting.

This is good news for political leaders the desire for public policy on genocide. Torture and concentration camp Also useful for people suffering from food illnesses. News on new shows Zealand, Dr. George Carlo called marketing strategies aimed at children "abnormal" after a specified up to. 50,000 new cancer of the brain and eyes of mobile phone The diagnosis every year. (Mobile users wearing metal frame glasses fit the eye and touch their heads). [Technology News IsraCast July 05/29].

Depending on the present Epidemiological study of the mobile phone to half million cancer per year within two years.

Wrong answer.
"We never had this type. Close social risks, "Dr. Carlo says. After the title of $ 28,000,000 from mobile phones. 1993 to 2001 found him – "the RF genetic damage" to welcome him. Support cell phone industry.

Jerry Phillips worked with Ross Adey support similar research, starting in the year. Adey 1991 Motorola after the conclusion as Carlo "Motorola. The assertions that never mentioned the damage. Adey DNA and radio frequency radiation in the same breath, tell. Phillips. [WSW July 11/02;] Dec03/01

Than two decades. Alan Frey EMF research also wondering if the headaches experienced by radio and radar operators. – And now widely reported by mobile phone users around the world. – The effect of microwaves – the leakage of toxic substances through the blood brain barrier. "Headaches can be a clear indication of what happens biological" Frey. Warning back in mid-decade. 1980.

The change of blood brain barrier from the end. 1980s, neurologist Leif Salford of Lund University in Sweden. An expert in this research. "With improved detection methods and One new tracers for the study, he found the latest changes in rat brain chemistry after only two minutes, open the address holding level; Rat blood brain barrier 'is not the protein to enter. Brain and is known that certain proteins normally in the blood can damage nerves in the brain, "write Aussie rsearcher phone and reports Stewart. Fist.

Professor Darius Leszcynski walk the first two years of the program, see the effects of mobile phone radiation in human cells than the mice of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear. Safety Authority, he found that by sending mobile open blood brain barrier for toxic brain damage that may occur in the blood. [WSW July 11/02].

"We think we will live for nothing more. Important, "said Professor Salford says." It seems that molecules such as proteins and toxins can be sent out of the blood while on the phone to change and enter the brain. We must consider, such as MS and degenerative diseases associated with proteins found in brain

Therefore, he added, Parkinson's disease. [Electronics Magazine Australia Feb/00].

Mental deterioration and impairment of memory and swing movement of Parkinson's symptoms zombie telltale

"There is no evidence that mobile phone May be dangerous "and confirm the infection. zombies FCC on "Kidszone. Site. Blithely. Ignored hundreds of clinical studies scary. Federal Communications Commission to ensure "Cell Phone FAQs" before the instructions. .

"Some places you should not use your mobile phone in hospitals and aircraft. . When you make or receive calls. Waves are transmitted through the air. Many hospitals have electronic check. heartbeats and other patients when the surgery or when the recovery. From illness. When trying to wave them through the device sometimes stops working.

FCC, no matter what happens when musical instruments and more sensitive. The human brain called the experience "waves. Sent through the air … "] [.

Contact LOST.
Max Brooks, chronicler of the first best-selling Zombie World War, told us that "nzúmbe" is. Kimbundu West African word for spirit of the dead. "So what makes this human life, zombie or not? Brooks asked, "A simple: brain damage. . "[World War Z].

Is something that the brain damage is severe chronic radiation mobile phone Leif Salford is concerned that the wireless transmission. Technology is "people drowned in a sea of microwaves. Speaking directly to the zombification. Threaten the human population. Salford says that brain neurons are not normally Elder to 60 of them will do so when the people. 30 of them due to the mobile phone [ Nov26/03].

Children and adolescents. Hooked on the mobile page of lifelong learning disabilities. Hyperactivity. High risk of car accidents, the more acute and chronic asthma, hearing loss, hearing loss, vision,,. Disorders of sleep and cancer. – A classic symptom of zombification. Including loss of social skills can not think clearly and reason to lose contact with their environment.

Faced with the hard – to – detect zombies in their own top scientists surprised to see that all British soldiers sent to mobile phones interfere with the brain responsible for memory and learning "Too much" may cause forgetfulness and confusion, as well as immediate loss of ability to focus and coordinate calculation. Tribune India [September 04/17].

Leading. Lloyd of London refused to distribute risk and cost efficiency of the members developed cancer. Reputable insurance company in the world are demanding more afraid due. zombified mobile phone users begin development of atrophy [Observer Mar11/99].

Cell phones cause cancer to stop the zombie plague mobile phone Threat, but the cost to society will be far more deaths related to tobacco Than 2 billion people – Not less than 500 million children – the mobile phone today. After the death of mobile phone users are able to threaten the traditions of the country to deal with the doctors and hospitals overflowing, and bankruptcy. hospices that will train – and everything else. Other – working in the time between interruptions. dizzying social caused by sudden loss of key executives at the city manager government. Field is busy tradespeople. NGOs and activities for brain damage is acute sensitivity to electrical and chemical sensitivity. debilitating cancer?

RF / MW signal during the conversation to severe In wireless classrooms across North America and the world. overdeveloped. Work in the frequency range 2.4 GHz. This should be done because the power density of the cells stay 2-3 times higher than current mobile phones. If the children survived the attack plans are already underway to increase the classroom with radiation "tune" the technology. emitting more than 5 frequency ranges, even death. GHz. [] emf.

When opened into zombies and culled by most mobile phones these children may be difficult to change because university researchers. Of Szeged in Hungary found that people hold their phone in standby at any time in their day clothes on sperm production is less than one-third who do not. The remaining sperm numbers were high water. erratically – help reduce the chance of fertilization. [June BBC 27/04].

People enter and make infertile by their mobile phones. Women with beachgoing fashion mobile phone in the background bikini and cell phones will be chosen error Especially if women are culled by the manufacturer. – Bra support to carry mobile phones and cancer, divided in convenient easy.

It is very ironic when normal people die in the state meeting with charm and ease. The handsets are very dangerous. self – perpetuating a plague of zombies and walk our brain.

Vini Khurana urges everyone to stop using cell phones immediately. [Mar independent 8.30].

LOW POWER of increase
Cell phone manufacturers tend to point to the low power of these devices. Founded by Dr. French, but other doctors. Found that the negative health effects of mobile phones worse with low volume. This, it reflects the fact that biological systems perform in a manner that is not linear, "said Dr. Peter French wrote. To contribute to the education of 835mHz to the cell structure and function. "High frequency" as used in current digital mobile phone "is near. Timing and frequency of human DNA is human skull case of harmonic frequencies.


"Mobile phones are. arguably our most radiation machine. Than ever invented microwave ovens, and people put by their heads. – Arguably the most sensitive parts of the body, biology, English and expert reviews mobile phone Coghill Roger "the human brain can absorb up to. 40% of mobile phone RF energy and times. 60% of microwave energy.

Wide power harmonies subtle, brain and the human body based on electrical impulses to conduct complex life processes. – Including the ability to read. Remember and respond to these Boxer repeated blows as the head. Dancing rapid mobile signal permanent brain damage.

Phone cell research, Dr. Peter. France says unequivocally that the brain cells and "other. Any permanent damage. The mobile phone frequencies. . The loss of this cell is a French record. maximized at low volume and "inherited unchanged from generation to generation.

"First In history, we sent high-powered phones per capita "OK. Dr. Ross Adey. When you talk on your phone, your voice is sent from a radio frequency antenna. Radiation between 800 MHz and 1990 MHz … in the microwave right in the middle of the territory. [WSW July 11/02].

What's whipped back. – And – 800 times per second, or 1,990 million commitment to the cause breakage. DNA double – strand of human cells.

Ensure that adequate education of Dr. French of the normal human cells. Brain tumors and cancer cells both have been permanently damaged by mobile phone frequencies.

Dr. Henry Lai, research EMF 20 years and co-workers. Dr. NP Singh confirmed this conclusion. The share of search DNA double – strand in vivo exposure only two hours. Pulsed microwave mobile phone Divided Double – strand does not repair itself and can lead to mutations. Adelaide Hospital study confirmed these were after. cell lymphomas – B doubled in mice within 18 months of opening hours for one day are faced with heavy mobile user. B – cell lymphomas are involved in 85% of all cancers.

Before the study, they immediately closed by the authorities zombie. Dr. Lai's trial that the University of Washington in rats. Pool, they learn to swim to platform. After half the group has exposure to mobile phone radiation, they become zombies and forget how platform. After being removed. Unexposed rats swam around in puzzlement as a group. cellular – exposed showing zero memory of it ever being there. [].

WATT do that.
Despite irrefutable medical Evidence also shows that sparking host of maladies. Other cumulative brain damage from mobile phones can lead to severe impairment enough to walk into the dead cells that cause. Telephone, security code, only the radiation can burn the skin. "Health Canada generally can not claim if you can not hurt you" experts Canada EMF said McGinnis Walter "It's like that smoking is not dangerous until they burn you.

Standards in the mobile phone in the UK National Radiation. Radiation Protection Board Company. Instructions are shown in the specific absorption rate measured radiation mean more than one gram of tissue. Year 1999 NRPB has recommended limited one year after the 10 milliwatts Europe proposes two milliwatts are five times more restrictive. But on March 9, 2000 China Consumer Association issued a warning to worry about mobile phone radiation. After tests showed that some of the spread of mobile phones. 1,550 milliwatts per square inch.

Mobile production confirmed that "many studies" show small microwave oven. Secure. But when pressed by Washington Post back up claims of mobile industry could not claim the study shows no effect from mobile phones in human nervous tissue. Dr. George Carlo organ or confirm "Industry has come out and said many studies prove that wireless phones are safe and the fact that the study does not. To be directly related.

In over 15,000 scientific reports on mobile phones at least dangerous. 66 epidemiological studies showing that electromagnetic radiation increase Brain tumors in human populations. Century ["convenient mobile phone or 21 disaster? By Dr. Nick Begich and James] Roderick.

Mobile Phone Shield "trick".
You can shoot yourself in the head is "safe"? Mobile shields "" not block or change the frequency microwaves are dangerous. If their phone can not communicate.

The only way to provide complete protection to become a zombie with your mobile phone is to avoid using them except in an emergency when other communications. Other sounds are not available – at most. Experts recommend one or two minutes per month

But mobile phone manufacturers and sales representatives. zombies working tirelessly to contact people by cell signaling transfer conditions in the phone. Town Center, schools and shopping malls. Remote natural settings, especially attractive building festooned with microwave signals Beware! Faced with growing public opposition to some outstanding and last The victory saw the mobile buildings. advocates rote – reciting their advancing again contaminated by the illegal release. – Hide the mobile relay tree eaves Church steeples and the private landowner will receive annual fees to mobile phone transmission sites unassailable in their property can irradiating all neighborhoods.

Incredible shrinking cell phones to make small enough to fit in a cigarette case, by placing their antennas on the phone. But that will sharply reduce the causes of the base station. RF and microwave energy to increase the issue size to the phone disabled. [New York Times Mar 03/10].

SAFETY TIP: If cell phone users pick good sign. You find the offending tower and removed. Move or

Before you become a zombie.

About the Author


I am an award-winning Canadian author, reporter, photographer and filmmaker. A former Vancouver Sun “photog” – his feature writing and accompanying photographs subsequently appeared in more than 50 publications in eight countries, including translations into French, Dutch and Japanese.

My 30-minute video documentary Eco War won the 1991 US Environmental Film Festival award for “Best Documentary Short”. Excerpts from this “front-lines” chronicle of a three-man environmental emergency response team in Kuwait aired in an eight-part CBC Gulf War mini-series, and have been shown on CNN and NBC television, as well as Noam Chomsky’s feature film, “The Corporation”.

During and immediately after the Gulf War, I served five months in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as a member of a three-man environmental emergency response team.

Winner of four Canadian feature-writing awards, I am the author of Days Of Deception: Ground Zero and Beyond; All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion, Scorched Earth, Bringing The War Home, Alt Health, Stand Down, Dialing Our Cells: Cell Phone Health Hazards and the recently updated Chemtrails Confirmed.

A former pilot, ocean sailing master and frequent radio talk-show guest, I currently live and work in the Gulf Islands off Canada’s west coast.

Visit my investigative reporting website:

Visit my photography website:

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Adhd Modifications In The Classroom

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

adhd modifications in the classroom

IEP and modifications in classroom not being honored, please help.?

My daughter has ADHD and an auditory processing disorder. Her IEP states that she will get modifications and can if she does not meet state standards that she can retake the test. My daughter has done poorly on several math tests and I asked the teacher when she can retake them. The teacher told me that she can not because they have spent two weeks on the concept. I am a teacher but it seems that my daughter’s teacher is reading the IEP the way she wants and is calling the shots. Please advise.

You have several options. Some of them are more effective than others for the time and effort you put in.

1) Contact the principal, read the part of the IEP that the teacher is not upholding. Ask the principal for the forms and/or procedure to file an official state complaint. Even if you never take advantage of that procedure, it sends a message that you are not a parent to be messed with.

2) At the linked site below, look for the words “Get help in your state”. With releases signed by you, an advocate from your local disability rights organization can read your daughter’s files, ask the school questions, attend IEP meetings, or even testify in a due process hearing if it comes to that.

3) If you and the Local Educational Authority disagree on the IEP or its implementation, you can request mediation.

4) You can file an official state complaint.

5) If your rights under IDEA and state law have been violated, you have the right to go to Due Process. But as an attorney I know says, “You don’t win Due Process. You lose, or you lose big, and nobody stands to lose more than the child.” It’s a bit like a divorce: it involves lawyers, you have to compile too much documentation, you can permanently damage the relationships among people that must work together for the future of the child, and you may end up with a decision that makes nobody happy except the lawyers who are getting paid.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Nos

Friday, July 27th, 2007

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder nos

What category (group) is Reactive attachment disorder in? Thanks!!?

(as in:mood disorder or personality disorder, eating disorder, etc etc)

The above reference is to the DSM-IV, the previous version, here is the reference to the DSN-IV-TR the current version. There is little difference between the two so many clinicians still refer to the DSM-IV.

Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence

Mental Retardation (Coded on Axis II)
Learning Disorders: Mathematics Disorder | Reading Disorder | Disorder of Written Expression | Learning Disorder NOS (315.9)
Motor Skills Disorders: Developmental Coordination Disorder
Communication Disorders: Expressive Language Disorder | Phonological Disorder | Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder | Stuttering | Communication Disorder NOS (307.9)
Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Asperger’s Disorder | Autistic Disorder | Childhood Disintegrative Disorder | Rett’s Disorder | Pervasive Developmental Disorder (Including Atypical Autism) NOS (299.80)
Attention-Deficit and Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder | Conduct Disorder | Oppositional Defiant Disorder | Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS (312.9)
Feeding and Eating Disorders of Infancy or Early Childhood: Feeding Disorder of Infancy or Early Childhood | Pica | Rumination Disorder
Tic Disorders: Chronic Motor or Vocal Tic Disorder | Tourette’s Disorder | Tic Disorder NOS (307.20)
Elimination Disorders: Encopresis | Enuresis
Other Disorders of Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence: Selective Mutism | Separation Anxiety Disorder | Reactive Attachment Disorder of Infancy or Early Childhood | Stereotypic Movement Disorder | Disorder of Infancy, Childhood, or Adolescence NOS (313.9)

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Adhd Classroom Strategies

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

adhd classroom strategies

A Dummies Guide to ADHD

This is what ADHD is…
Your child’s behaviours are unpredictable and no one in the family can agree as everyone is under stress from it and there are many arguments
Your child cannot go out and live a normal life ‘ even a visit to the shops is a nightmare with everyone looking in condemnation and criticism.
No one at school really understands and all you keep getting is an endless stream of phone calls to come and collect your child which means there is no break from the ADHD behaviour routine for you.
Your child is unhappy and not achieving.
Other children in the family are suffering.
Your partner is not working with you , only criticising or perhaps your relationship has broken down altogether as a result of your child’s behaviour

At least 5% of children today have these symptoms so severely and so often that they are diagnosed as having a ‘condition’. This is stressful for parents and families, who have to structure busy and demanding lives around coping with these symptoms which generally include inattentiveness, impulsive behaviour and being constantly on the go. Often the only respite, is when their child goes to school and teachers are increasingly unable to provide the level of support and resources needed to help these young people cope with their condition and to “achieve” in an educational context. This structure is lacking in resources and strategies, often in unsuitable buildings with noisy classrooms and high numbers of children crammed in together. On average, in each of these classrooms there are 2 children presenting with a diagnosis of this condition and another 4 or 5 are exhibiting similar symptoms or copy cat behaviours.

The reason for the rise in ADHD is not understood. Some schools of thought attribute it to diet, others poor parenting skills (which doesn’t parent morale much good for those with children with ADHD – thank you very much!) Others blame it on a genetic disorder – (OK parents…. another reason to beat youself up). The reality of the situation is that just as each child is unique and individual, so too is the ADHD condition. The condition is caused by lots of things overwhelming the body’s systems, which presents the symptoms of ADHD.

We have all been in a situation where you are out shopping and a child ‘Kicks off’ – literally! It is easy to be judgmental and make discrete comments about lack of parenting skills these days, to whoever is standing closest but the reality is that a lot of families are unable to live a “normal” life, where even a simple trip to the supermarket can turn into a “Nightmare on High Street”. Very often the strain of these behavioural issues break up relationships and Moms are left to cope alone with situations that escalate out of control, where they are isolated and alienated and with very little support or understanding for their situation forthcoming from friends or families when the going gets tough.

Traditionally when the situation gets unbearable and once a diagnosis is made, medication is prescribed and the side effects of this are well known. There is evidence that these drugs can have harmful side effects and very often don’t work and in some cases symptoms have been known to get worse.

This publicity has raised concerns for every parent going down the route of ADHD assessment and caused an ongoing interest in the value of alternative and complementary therapies in assisting with ADHD. The first question has to be do these approaches work? Very often it is an area lacking in substantial research but when delivered properly and evaluated in a suitable context it can deliver some staggering results. I have personally seen big improvements in children with ADHD in my job as a teacher.

An example of this is the young man who attended a pupil referral unit because of his inability of cope with life in mainstream school, which affected his behaviour. After following a programme which is a natural alternative to ADHD and achieving remarkable success both behaviourally and academically, it is causing professionals to revisit their thinking about what is ADHD and how to treat the symptoms of ADHD

About the Author

Check out our website for more about the

causes of adhd

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Adhd Group Activities

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

adhd group activities

adhd group activities

Adhd After School

Most forward-thinking teachers and instructors understand how to meet the special needs of children with ADHD. Unfortunately, many parents don’t.

ADHD is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children with ADHD struggle with attention problems, as well as hyperactivity. Teachers are trained to help ADHD kids deal with their personal obstacles and meet their learning potential. However, parents can often find it difficult to keep children safely occupied after school hours.

If your child has ADHD, the first step to choosing the right after school activity is to understand how he or she is affected by the condition. If your child is interested in sports, you need to know if he or she is put off by fierce competitiveness, or is overly competitive. Is it easy for your child to get along with teammates? Does your child vocalize emotions, or is communication a problem?

Physical exercise is beneficial to all children, and perhaps more so for children with ADHD. Exercise can use up the extra energy and help stimulate the brain. Team activities offer kids to learn valuable social skills and discipline. If your child shies away from team sports, you may want to look at activities like swimming, dancing, cycling or gymnastics. Martial arts are a great alternative, as they teach self-defense techniques along with discipline, patience and self-control.

Some kids tend to gravitate towards fine arts rather than athletics. There are wonderful after school opportunities for artistic kids with ADHD. Acting or improv classes provide a great form of creative expression and exercise. Drama classes can also provide the child with ample opportunity to develop social skills. Music, art or dance can help a child with ADHD keep busy and entertained, while providing a valuable sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

Scouting is another good after-school option. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other community-oriented clubs teach children social skills and personal values. Like all children, kids with ADHD love to take part in special interest projects, and help with community efforts like park clean-up projects.

Whatever after school program you choose, be sure to monitor your child’s progress periodically. Ask your child’s coach, instructor or counselor for help in assessing your child’s development. If you feel that he or she is not benefiting from the program, you may need to consider changing the activity.

Any after school program that increases your child’s self-esteem is good, but certain activities may be detrimental to the development of a child suffering from ADHD. Excessive television use should be avoided, as well as certain computer and video games. These activities involve no interaction and can leave your child feeling more all the more isolated. Kids with ADHD can sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between good and the bad messages, so they may be inclined to exhibit inappropriate actions or act out contrary messages. On the other hand, group activities that require a child to sit and wait patiently for his or her turn might not be a success.

Children with ADHD are normal kids facing above average challenges. It is important to allow them to take part with their peers in regular after school programs. Take the time to review options with your child, and choose after school activities that are fulfilling, challenging and above all, rewarding.

About the Author

Patricia Williams is an author for several well-known web sites, on
family tips
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Are there any active online support resources for adults living with ADD/ADHD?

I am looking for an interactive support system online for adults with ADD/ADHD, either discussion group or message boards. I have done some looking around at yahoogroups, google groups, and at a few random online discussion boards, but there is little to no activity on them. Anyone know of any *good* interactive support sites? Thanks!

NAMI (the national alliance for mental illness) has a great website with a number of on-line communities for people with a variety of mind illnesses. There is a community for people Living With ADD/ADHD. And, it’s free!

Go to and access communities.

Good luck to you…

Debunking the Myths of ADD/ADHD

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