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Adhd Diet Therapy

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

adhd diet therapy

Adhd Meds and diet?

My son was diagnosed ADHD and ODD 2 years ago when he was 5. I am so sick of all these meds and side effects. I have been doing some research about a change in diet could help.
Has anyone done this before? How did it work out for you? I really want him off these meds. In addition he does get therapy to. I’m just so scared for my son’s safety. I have heard too many horror stories. And also his dr keeps prescribing these meds that have caused deaths (which I refuse to give him). Please I need some advice or even maybe some good links and references. Thank you in advance.


ADHD Therapy | ADHD Cure

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Adhd Laziness

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

adhd laziness

How accurate are IQ tests for people with ADHD?

My very first IQ test, I scored a 130. I was about 8 years old so I don’t vividly remember all of the details. All I can remember was zoning out on the shapes and math problems. For lack of a better term, it felt like there was a “translation barrier” in my head that wasn’t allowing my mind to process these things fully. My score was so high because my verbal IQ was in the top 2% of the population. I also used my fingers for the math part because I had never attempted mental math because of all of my “laziness”, if that makes sense. After training myself to do mental math, my second test came out as a 151. A 21 point difference all because of one tweak made me question if the test was biased towards people with “inattentive ADHD”.

All IQ tests are different. If you want consistent results, do one of the widely recognised ones, like cattel-b or culture fair.

ADHD makes absolutely no difference to IQ. If you didn’t actually do the test properly (if you were able to use your fingers it wasn’t a very good test anyway) then yes, you’re going to score higher.

Blame the Remote Control!

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Adhd Addiction

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

adhd addiction

How to help a compulsive liar?

I have recently figured out the root problem of my relationship problems: My boyfriend is a compulsive liar. He has all the symptoms, from ADHD, to addictions, to problems facing reality. I know that this is not an easy fix. How could I talk to him about it, and eventually work on it to get over it? I do not wish to simply break it off immediately. I want to try to work it out, and then end it if things do not change.
Edit: I want to fix him because he’s hurting out relationship, not for some other crazy reason.

Rule 1: You can’t change people.

Rule 2: You can’t change people.

Seriously, you can’t rid people of their personality disorders, all you can do is be there for them when they need it. You can suggest therapy to help him get better but he won’t ever change, not for you. He has to want to change himself.

99.99999% of the time, people don’t want to change themselves, especially not for others.

ADHD concerta 36mg: Dependacey and addiction ? 7

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Adhd Treatment

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

adhd treatment

Can anyone shed some light on Adult ADHD? Which treatment is preferred – drugs or therapy?

What is your personal experience with ADHD?

It’s always difficult coming up with one-size-fits-all answers for ADHD questions. Because ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all condition.

First off, it is a syndrome. As with other medical syndromes (such as diabetes), symptoms are variable. In other words, ADHD can present differently among individuals who have it. Some have the hyperactive subtype, for example, and some the inattentive — very different symptoms. (Yet all subtypes respond to the stimulant medication.)

Second, symptoms can range in severity from mild to severe. For people who are on the mild end of the spectrum, awareness and compensatory strategies can sometimes help a great deal. Changes in diet (protein in the morning, a “Zone”-type diet, etc.), morning exercise, sufficient sleep, “externalizing” structure in the form of physical planning systems, organizational strategies, etc…..these can all help.

But when symptoms are moderate to severe, I agree with the previous responder (“thready,” I think it is, but the screen won’t let me check without losing my response!): Medication will be the foundation for any other strategies to take root. Adults who are late to the diagnosis often benefit from ADHD-focused therapy that helps them let go of counterproductive coping skills and develop more constructive ones.

It’s important to educate yourself first before pursuing an evaluation for ADHD or treatment. There is much misinformation on the Internet — and even in some clinicians’ offices. So, be a smart mental-health consumer.

You can learn more at the National Resource Center for ADHD:

I hope that helps,
Gina Pera, author
Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.?

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Adhd Bipolar Anxiety

Monday, August 29th, 2011

adhd bipolar anxiety

Attention deficit disorder VS bipolar?

Im age 15 years old and was diagnosed with a type of inatentive ADHD about a year ago. I'm in a low dose of concerta to help me focus in school. This will allow some But not a whole lot. About six months ago, my therapist put me on. Paxil for anxiety and depression. My mother is worried about certain behaviors. Her manic and took notice of me. I see a psychiatrist to ask about a history of bipolar in the family. My grandfather and my father had it badly, it was never diagnosed. But it is very possible that he did it. She said the people there. Trends and a history of bipolar families. … Anti-depressants can cause symptems bipolar action. I shut her up Takin anti depressants. Of which is supposed to help. But ive done some research on bipolar. Disease and symptems feeling for me. Most of them are actually very similar to what was used. dagnose that I have ADHD. Can anyone tell me how I can get to know the difference. … I might be bipolar and not vice versa, ADHD or visa? Help!

It is possible for individuals with both disorders. It is also possible for the symptoms. B / pd / O seems to be a lot more. Such as ADHD than bipolar. Often times the VA psych. Are diagnosed with less severe disease. (ADHD) is the first in order to see if I can get over the initial course of treatment for There are two extremes, very often people with bipolar disorder who are adverse to. psychostimulants (eg, Concerta), as well as patients. Most SSRI's / DS (such as Prozac. And Paxil) are not recognized by the people as well. b / PD / O, but the "normal" DS / (such as Wellbutrin) may be accepted as well. Research is showing that. B / pd / O does not work in the family's pain. The two terminals are more severe than that in ADHD children. To make matters worse, there is a malfunction in a so-called "Cyclothymia" sort of "two poles. – Lite "with fewer and less severe symptoms. In the two extremes. One of the features of that. b / pd / O with ADHD who do not have to ride a bike is depressed. Depression is not a feature of ADHD. The best suggestion – let your mind you diagnose Maryland. Do not worry too much about your type of abnormality. The use of drugs that are prescribed for you and your symptoms will begin to stabilize.

ADHD, Bipolar, ODD in the Lifestream

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Adhd Self Test

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

adhd self test

Where can I find that I use my own test and find out if I have ADHD or not?

Experimentation. I am referring to the test. enternet! Test, or enemies online. ADHD! And i tryed everything and I do not have caffine. hyper! ° The obvious solution to this one. Any! I have what I want and more than U. 2 giveit me.

When do you wish you had. Change and do something else and then again and again. Like listening to music, watching movies, reading is something you do not hold your interest and attention. ADHD do not suffer in any event. Talk it out. So many times I see people who are suffering from being too emotional.

ADHD children. Causes of ADHD/ADD.

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Adhd Depression Medication

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

adhd depression medication

adhd depression medication

What to do when you have children with ADHD, and you do not want your children to use drugs?

My child is ADHD and can not bring myself to put children on medication. b'cus from the fact that they do not have the appetite to eat out like that. zoned zoombie and a feeling of depression. Please help if you have any advice on this situation. Thanks!

If your children as you have described children who will be more than medications. Most children with ADHD a child does not act like you have described,. Until they are cheaper than drugs. Secondly, I know. Many of the children are now adults and adolescents and their parents wish they would have put them on. meds so they can focus on sleep, think and act like other children. Around them my advice. Is that you allow your child is likely to have normal children, there is a possibility. I've known people who have taken their children out. Then, when the meds meds durning the summer between high school and that seems to work pretty well for them. Also, I heard that if you carefully monitor what they eat with the drugs work quite well.

Untreated Depression Medication Info

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Adhd Dsm V

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

adhd dsm v

I’m thinking of entering Religion & Spirituality as a submission to DSM V?

Atheism to be diagnosed as apathy.

Christianity to be placed under Pyromania, seriously, what’s with all the fire? Eternal fiery torment, burning for Jesus…

Wicca to be placed under Social Anxiety Disorder. “My tradition is more traditional than yours,” and “Is this the RIGHT tradition?”

Buddhism is placed under Attachment Disorders.

Islam under Multiple Personality Disorder. “We are peaceful.” and “No we aren’t, infidels must die.”

Asatru/Druidry will be listed as ADHD type III. “Which god are we sacrificing to today?”

Fundies of all kinds will be listed under Narcissitic Personality Disorder and carry the comorbid diagnosis of Sociopathology.

Mental/Behavioral disorders aren’t funny, just the ridiculous manner in which psychologists try to define them.
Ah Fireball, that’s why we love you, you’re so…dependable.

I don’t think apathy is correct for atheists . IMHO that equates atheism with nihilism which really are two very different -isms. 4 1/2 stars out of 5 for the lol you so graciously provided.

DSM-5: Critical Review – Part 1

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Adhd Wsj

Monday, August 15th, 2011

adhd wsj

Wall Street Journal Brief – The Bold Report

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Adhd Mta

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

adhd mta

I (seriously) fear for my mental health. Is this the sign of a slippery slope?

I have had a history of mild paranoia which I thought I beat. (Due to my past abuse) I don’t know if my ADHD or IBS are related but it’s additional information. Anyway, on the bus a man sitting in the front sit tells the bus driver to not let the people running for the bus on. He complies. This man keeps giving him instruction. And my mind thinks, this man is taking the passengers hostage. And I could not believe that I really got nervous as if it was true. I stopped myself in the middle and said this is ridiculous. I paid close attention and came to a more obvious conclusion. He was an MTA driver training a new worker. But for a good, 5 minutes, I honestly believed he was giving directions that were to be off the bus route and would be kidnapping us. Even as I type, it seems absurd.

I’m scared for a decline in my mental stability. Does it seem likely I could be heading that way?

You must have some preconceived notions about the world that makes you paranoid. I think some paranoia is OK as long as you balance it with reason and stay calm. I like to say paranoia is just a heightened state of awareness 😉

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Adhd Cbt

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

adhd cbt

How hards CBT motorbike or not?

My name is Damian littlefair old. 19 years and I'm thinking about doing a motor bike. CBT I have Asperger syndrome and ADHD are. You tell me exactly how hard. CBT is a favorite.

hi Damian …. piece of cake,. ive only ever heard of a person who failed it. … I just pulled out of the general public. Bike.its balance at all in the parking lot at the end off and then they take you on the road for a couple of kilometers. … And enjoy the pass.

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children/Ado

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Adhd Effects

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

adhd effects

adhd effects

ADHD drugs? When we begin to see long-term effects?

To parents with children on ADHD medication. You realize that you are giving your child by law. Variation of speed, right? Yes, it might help them to do,. It does not take the fact that it is a drug that is closely associated with the drug. methamphetamine street, so many children are prescribed these drugs today. We'll start to see long-term effects of these "medicine" when What are the long-term effects would be. In fact, it is worth it. To find out?

I have a high level of Ritalin daily for the past. 13 years I have had numerous tests and blood tests and scans on a regular basis and have no ill effects. About my health. These drugs have been used to treat behavioral problems since. 1937 has been in use since the Ritalin. 1957.

Effects of Stress and Trauma- ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, ODD (2)

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Adhd Or Autism

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

adhd or autism

Why in the world is that all children have autism or ADHD child?

Now the answer to all the children to the schools. hyper alittle and right away they are, or ADHD. Children learn at the same speed and in an instant of autism. I dont understand what happens to the child as a child?

First of all, you will receive. The diagnosis of 'autism' a doctor must diagnose the children's diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders in the fourth generation. (Or DSM – IV) was recently diagnosed. Tools published by the American Psychiatric Association. In order to make the decision that they must meet as well. 6 criteria from the three different domains, which are. 1) social interaction, 2) communication. And 3) restricted, repetitive and stereotypic behavior patterns. The impact of autism. 1 in 150 people is a serious disease and should be taken seriously. Early intervention is critical. Children will be able to grow up and become independent.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Review

Friday, July 15th, 2011

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder review

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder review

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Adhd And Social Skills

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

adhd and social skills

adhd and social skills

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Adhd Test

Monday, June 27th, 2011

adhd test

adhd test

How to Test for ADHD in adults.

I tested it when I was. 6, I was put on Adderal (sp?) Grade. 4 im 18 now and about to go to college. I want to get put back on medication for ADHD. DR is not really a test for ADHD in adults or not?

You will have the details of your symptoms and your desire. Have been diagnosed and Rx's. You can get extra help with their age. So, with 22 colleges in the U.S., if available. IEP and the school staff to assist you. You will be modified. Your test. These rights under the concept.

Adult ADHD Test – WKMG-TV Orlando

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Adhd Focusing Strategies

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

adhd focusing strategies

I need a way to allow students to focus on strategic planning, motivation increases. / Adhd … an, signals, etc. or not?

I work with small groups. Many of our students for the academic study of strategy. Students in grade 7 I have trouble keeping students on task. They are aware of the expectations. I have trouble focusing and staying on the job. What strategies have worked. For you or not. ผmhalagtmaaar!

You will need to find out what motivates such as them.For for children are motivated by a small prize. Such as ball games. After school time on another computer. I have made some sort of chart for each child as a matrix to help you. 4, 5 matrix.This would mean that they will need to fill in the matrix one. With stickers or stamps before they can do what you need. Giving out stickers to children who live in and tell them verbally, "This is a sticker for good behavior of" you. Will explain the procedure to the students before you start. plan.This incentive to let them know that good behavior will be praised. rewarded.Constantly. Students to do the right thing and make it. Make sure you keep them motivated when they were students. 20 of them continuously. stickers.When had good results with 20 stickers that you can increase the number of stickers.Also. You might also be available. Start with one. 10 stickers.

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Adhd Personality Traits

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

adhd personality traits

adhd personality traits

I just feel bad about myself or do I have mental disorders?

I do not know that for some autistic reason I want to have a short attention span and Depression and Aspergers Syndrome, I feel bad about yourself, or is it the sort of personality disorders some I seem to be trying to be like everyone else. Or is it one of the things that teenagers are not. I too seem to have been the nature of personality and select Bits and pieces from people's personalities. You can get it or not. No, no, no, I did not have ADHD and what I'm saying the reason that I want to have a disorder or some such. : /.

Well, I think it is better to see a doctor or specialist for you to make sure that And if you are actually wrong, safe Where the time of better treatment or cure the problem.

BPD 31: How To Handle a Borderline Person 2: Most Annoying Problem of Borderline Personality

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Adhd Shyness

Monday, May 30th, 2011

adhd shyness

I'll be more friendly and less shy with people?

I worked at the store, harness and my boss said. kinda IM shy ​​with our clients best I can. Easier? IM afraid to stop and chat with me feel. akward and my location .. How can I do or say to make things. easlier up the source of shyness. IM is not really shy, in fact, when tilted. IM me off you more comfortable. I do not feel like my place to ask questions or start conversations. I feel like there is something better. Do, then chat with me just is not working,. ive been with boyfriend for 2 years and I still cannot barley talk to his parents. I think it has to do with people when I was younger. I thought it was annoying because my short attention span and im afraid that my age (17) people will still think about me.

บอกเจ้านายของคุณมาให้คุณได้คุณ! ". Tell him that Cunueboupoyuernr! Then … just be yourself. ….. It will take a few days at your new place of the work,. KING isn't all of them, so to speak .. ^. Khobcunporaehgr! I would hate to think that Everyone is like a two XS my class to have all the time and nobody can get in edgewize! I never even said in my own house. …. Epoeyongepencun! :).

7 reasons I’ll never become famous on YouTube

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Adhd And Me

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

adhd and me

adhd and me

How much will it be diagnosed more. / ADHD, depression, bipolar, and more. Other?

I did not have insurance so I need to know about the range of prices for To do this I need to know what's wrong with my right I have all increased. / Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder of the bipolar too. แต่ฉันจำเป็นต้องตรวจสอบให้แน่ใจว่าให้ความช่วยเหลือและคำแนะนำที่ทุกคนจะดี! Thank you …. I live in the area. LA, I do not know about that over and over with. But it is.

ADHD is common in children and adults to continue in most of the cases. Children with ADHD are With a higher risk of other diseases. Such as depression etc..

Samsaya – ADHD (Love Me Not)

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Adhd Self Assessment

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

adhd self assessment

ADHD self-assesment?

I took a self-assessment of ADHD, it says I have a higher chance of having ADHD. I want to get the diagnosis and treatment of this They suggest 'print and apply your results to your doctor. What physicians think of this or not. What do you think will help or harm my case for drugs such as Adderal or Ritalin?

You only have to have those drugs if you are young and out of control for hypertext. ADHD is the second issue I want to put together, they are kept apart. Add as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It causes people to lose their focus and think something else. That about a lot. The only way to control the work to maintain your interest. I have found that deep breathing. It helps to have people put too are Good spellers are not afraid to be put to remember what they put for the rest of the documents and books are often out in the table to remind them of them. And they will be more overlap. ADHD is just that if you are mature enough at what you have to do is decide to control yourself and control yourself and your short attention span will be faster. This will be lost.

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Adhd Future

Friday, May 20th, 2011

adhd future

adhd future

ADHD symptoms did not worsen after. adderall?

My doctor put me on. Adderall and I feel better and focus. But I worry about the future. I do not see myself ever doing the wrong drugs,. Only to the amount of medicine. I do not want to take adderall forever though If I stop using it after a couple of years. (When I'm done with college) will Symptoms of ADHD I've been bad? Am I better not use it and treat the symptoms of ADHD my medium, rather than letting it be serious in the future or not.

About 50% of people who have ADHD as children, they will still have symptoms during their adult life. So people may be using drugs for years. Adderall does not make concentration worse in any way. If you stop using it after You're done with school, you may find that you still have symptoms and may continue to use drugs. Risk in long-term use of stimulants is that there is a small chance of developing depression. Later in life, it is unusual, and often depression is severe and may be fairly treated. No one wants to use the drug as a life time. But it can be worthwhile for some people. So, if you stop using it and you have a problem then I think it's worth the risk. After all, you want good quality of life, so if you want it, then remove it.


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Adhd Drugs List

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

adhd drugs list

adhd drugs list

Vyvanse vs Adderall: side effects?

I am researching for a paper sub-critical, I'm writing for the last layer of paper on general health. Add – Vyvanse vs Adderall …. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, and more. Pretty reliable sources,. Vyvanse "new" Adderall. A strong and more effective. adderall, but I want to know a list of things about the side effects. For those who have not given the drug. (Making it easy to determine as no other. / Illegal drugs to interfere,. Good health in general) and have not been added to concentrate and not bipolar … I think the most common side effects are common. But will have the opportunity to add up how And / or other side effects. That people can tolerate? Thank you.

Good Question: When I read through your question, I feel difficult in this form will not be able to ask you a few questions. (S) I want to say a few things. But I would like to know. Additional facts. I would like to send you email small Few things at least a few. ensights and what should be considered. ด้วยการอนุญาตของคุณแน่นอน! 21 years Medical Doctor MD FACC.

BBC’s Horizon Is alcohol worse than ecstasy?-Methylphenidate

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Adhd History

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

adhd history




when you begin the enlistment process you sign a permission slip allowing the militray full unfettered access to all of your medical and legal histories. failure to sign that paper means you do not enlist.

ADHD/ADD meds are not an automatic DQ any longer. as long as you have been off them 12 months under doctor’s supervision and functioned normally it is not an issue.

same with most cases of depression. Long term mental issues and in patient treatment are still a PDQ.

disclose and probably get a waiver and the Clearance. do NOT disclose, and even if it was waiverable, you will NOT get the clearance as LYING on a federal document is bad Ju Ju and you will be facing fraudulent enlistment Discharge.

38-666 Decoding History Mass Media Manipulation – ADHD 2008

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Adhd High Iq

Monday, May 9th, 2011

adhd high iq

I think I have Adult ADHD and would like to tested?

I have done my research as well as several online evaluations for Adult ADHD. Every “test” I have taken suggests a proffessional evaluates me. I have a fairly high IQ and consider myself a pretty smart guy. The problem is that I have never been able to concentrate, and it seem that there are 100 thoughts bouncing around in my head at all times. I gave up reading b/c my mind wanders so much that I read the paragraphs 3 or 4 times before I can move on. It affected my college and High school years and defiantly my career. I have read up on ADHD and have discovered that almost every “symptom” discussed is a symptom that I have. However, I cannot seem to find where to start. I live in Ocala FL and would like some help with this. Thanks

I studied a lot about ADD/ADHD (same thing) in college and by what your saying I do believe you have it. But of course make sure you see a trained specialist and not diagnosis yourself. Most people with ADD are very smart people, they just don’t know how to apply there knowledge when they need too. Nothing wrong with that because your probably really creative and have a lot of great ideas, A great trait to have. ADD has nothing to do with how smart you are so don’t let that bother you.

You’ll just get medication to help you focus which most ADD people see the first day they take it (I did!). It will really help you in life trust me.

Most people describe it by putting on glasses on for the first time and that is true.

Good luck!

ADHD and Intelligence

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Adhd Options

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

adhd options

adhd options

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Adhd Smoking

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

adhd smoking

adhd smoking

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Adhd Teenagers

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

adhd teenagers

It really irks me in the state that I live in that people who get disability are teenagers?

or in their early 20’s and people who really need it have a hard time getting disability does this seem fair? half of them can work but choose not to they either have ADHD Bipolar, or some metal illness but it’s like most of the teenagers or 20 yr old’s does this seem fair?

bill before you talk anymore about this stuff i suggest you try and learn some things about disability

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Adhd Boys And Girls

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

adhd boys and girls

What do you do when you wanna die?

I’m 16 years old.
My mom passed away in November.
My dad is an asshole and never wants to see me.
My ex told this girl i used to be friends with that i was talking shit about her and now she wants to beat my ass.
I’m being forced to cheer for an all star i dont wanna cheer for and a girls/boys varsity basketball teams.
I have ADHD, ODD, GAD, and moderate depression.
ODD is Oppositional Defiance Disorder
GAD is Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
All the anxiety is going to give me an uscler, the doctor told me this 6 months ago.
Helpful advice please.
I just want some advice.
Things to do.
And btw; I read all the time and that doesnt help.

I’m so sorry. Nobody should have to go through what you have. Do you have anyone you can talk to, another adult or a friend? Anyone you can confide in? I know it’s hard to find someone who will understand what you are going through. But even if you just talk to someone, you might feel better. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, here are some suggestions that might help:
1. Focus on anything positive in your life (which is really hard to do, when life seems so hard).
2. Exercise to burn off stress and frustrations.
3. Do th.ings to try and get your mind off the bad stuff in your life (watch a movie, play a game, listen to music)
4. Write your feelings down, it’s a good way to vent.
5. Get a pet or even a plant that you can take care of. Just having something or someone that relies on YOU can be very therapeutic.
I wish you the very best.

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Adhd Celexa

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

adhd celexa

A mental health issue a couple of questions?

I have bi-polar for many years I was manic and now I am in a depressive cycle. I have reason to believe that I may also have ADHD, can you tell me more about this disorder and the treatments for this and what are the direct symptoms of ADHD?

I recently have been put on celexa and it is a wonderful medication, it is for depression, I recently started synthriod for an underactive thyriod also.

I am also on a small dosage of Melarill and on 1200 mgs of Lithuim, do you know if Lithuim causes weight gain?

My dr says he wants to increase the celexa and eventually take me off the Lithuim and I think that would be great.

What is your take on this?

Follow your Doctor’s advice…the medications you’re on can cause weight gain, like many psychotropics. You have to watch your diet and exercise…also, Lithium is a salt and tends to retain water. Watch for swelling, etc.!!! kjl

ADD and the TOVA, an Objective Assessment of ADHD

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Adhd Romance

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

adhd romance

SURVEY: 7 Questions long?

what is your favorite band?
what is your favorite song?
what color is your hair?
what color are eyes?
what color is your favorite?
what color describes you?

The GOLDEN question!!!
Do you like/love My Chemical Romance???

now was that hard?
my little ADHD Y/A P&S addicts lolz

Natural Science

Macaracoon Romance Video

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Adhd Traits

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

adhd traits

Is it ADHD aswell as Autism?

I have a 4.5 year old son who is diagnosed with classic autism. Along with all the classic traits (repetitive behaviour, obsessions, difficulty socialising) he is also extremely hyperactive. It’s like he literally cannot stay still even for one second. I know that he stims due to his autism, but I’m talking about when he’s not stimming. He is climbing off the walls. Running, jumping, chucking things about, rocking on chairs, fidgeting constantly. The only things that calm him down are cars and trains, but this is because he is obsessed with their ‘going’ motion so just watches them and stims (flickers his fingers and goes all tense). I try to limit his time with things that make him stim, is this wrong or right? As his behaviour otherwise seems typical of a child with ADHD. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

Yes it could be most definitely. It is very rarely that you get ADHD alone. My son had ADHD when he was a child, but he also has a language disability as well as learning disabilities.

Sometimes though these disorders can mirror each other, they often have similarities.

I’ve just googled some information and came across this book that would be really good for you.

Hope that helps, as I know it’s a nightmare having a child like this.

Famous ADD/ADHDers

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Adhd Effects On Relationships

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

adhd effects on relationships

adhd effects on relationships

What is the impact on the body if the wine bottle and drink. Dothiepin?

I feel that the mood swings. I also feel that my boyfriend may have ADHD or are Manic depression has affected our relationship from time to time that he wanted the freedom he has at another time. Other then he wants me around all the time. I do not get it and I feel used. But I want to make sure I was not terrible, if there is a problem. He has been depressants – anti this year. This is a problem with other substances. Such as alcohol and white wine, Lager?

artomelcines dothiepin may respond in some red wine. (Most of the wines from the region west of calamines).

New Comprehensive ADHD Program for Children and Adults Opens in Long Island, New York

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Adhd Buddhism

Monday, March 7th, 2011

adhd buddhism

Drug addiction What is Buddhism in the "mind edit"?

I spent depressents – anti for anxiety, depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I can not imagine why Buddhism is. As "the" narcotic changes mind But I guess it's all about "mind training" and they are a type of hair dunno, cheat?

As long as it is acceptable medical. Other than that things have not been approved.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Nutritional

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder nutritional

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder nutritional

Can someone explain to what is tension deficit disorder and attention deficit disorder?

My son 7 yrs old has problems in the school and family doctor suspects that he may have something like this and I am waiting for the pediatrician’s appoinment. Does anyone has these problems and explain what are these and how to cope up with these?

Hi G

Here are some ideas to heal the issue.

Causes of ADHD/ADD-like Behavior
A variety of factors can cause the hyperactivity symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD. They include undetected learning disabilities, food and environmental allergies, gastrointestinal disorders such as leaky gut syndrome, systemic yeast overgrowth, known as Candidiasis, heavy metal toxicity, poor diet, nutritional imbalances, and emotional upsets such as those caused by family problems. In some cases, the problem can also be due to undetected vision problems, such as the need for eyeglasses for reading. The overuse of antibiotics, as well as vaccines and immunization, can also cause symptoms of hyperactivity and/or ASDHD/ADD. Antibiotics can trigger allergic reactions and cause the gastrointestinal tract to become depleted of healthy bacteria, leading to candidiasis, while vaccines can severely compromise a child’s still- developing immune system, and cause other serious health problems, including neurological damage.

Quick Action Plan for ADHD/ADD-like Symptoms

1. Avoid the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, such as Ritalin and Adderal.

2. Recognize that the majority of ADHD/ADD diagnoses are inaccurate, and can be based on little or no scientific evidence.

3. If you, your child or teen suffer from ADHD/ADD-like symptoms, be sure to explore all possible factors that may be causing hyperactivity. Essential to consider is poor diet, nutritional imbalances, undiagnosed learning disabilities and/or vision problems, lack of emotional support, heavy metal toxicity, and food and environmental allergies, all of which should be screened for.

4. Avoid all sugars, wheat products, refined carbohydrates, sodas, processed foods, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, alcohol, and hydrogenated and trans-fatty oils.

5. Avoid foods high in salicylates such as apples, almonds, oranges, peppers, and tomatoes.

6. Emphasize organic fresh fruits and vegetables, organic whole grains such as amaranth and quinoa, organic free-range meats, poultry, and wild-caught fish, and drink plenty of pure, filtered water.

7. Nutritional supplements include vitamin B-complex, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, folic acid, essential fatty acids (EFAs), omega-3 oils, digestive enzymes, and probiotic supplements such as acidophilus and bifidus bacterium, tinctured zeolite and chlorella.

8. Chamomile, linden flower, milk thistle, and red clover may be useful herbs.

9. If heavy metal toxicity is a factor, consider working with a physician trained in the use of chelation therapy.

10. Many excellent books on healing ADHD are available; recommend “Children with Starving Brains” by Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D., and “A Path to Success” by Lawrence Weathers, Ph.D.

Best of health to you

ADHD and Nutrition

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Adhd Ocd Treatment

Friday, March 4th, 2011

adhd ocd treatment

adhd ocd treatment

I need a therapist?

I have Asperger 's, ADHD, Bipolar I, OCD, and learning disabilities, and I feel that everything on hand, slightly more than the therapist. Will be suitable for me. But I have been pressured to get therapy, unfair, and I just want to know what type of treatment will work best with my disorder.

You want the therapist to therapist behavior is not. You want to learn how to live in this world do not have to talk about depression. Special ed aide at school to do that if you want one. For "the talk. About my life, "a professional therapist, is likely to be a bad idea. Someone outside the school can not do the same aide. But I do not know what they're called. Also, they usually just. But aides to special classes for mentally retarded people, so if you are in a regular class with mentally retarded people. (With my first girlfriend more then anything. 'S Asperger and add some class with them for some reason). Students may "look at you funny," even in the special Ed (Special Ed is not retarded, I mean). So I'm not sure really. Most probably it was just. Trying to find a friend or partner to tell you when you're doing something wrong and not worry about that when you're doing something that is common for most people to think stupidly. Wrong (such as "sitting on the floor in a public place" or "do not do the stupid people stupid store clerk refused to ring up the grocery store of your silence. Other ") Of course, that also means you Must hear and believe that a friend when they tell you that you're doing something wrong. … So far I have to onlymetone Aspie. Add non-critical and often miscalculate Bipolar is a "mood" so no one will do you any good. Except if you want them, especially not the therapist. OCD is fine if you do not want to stop doing something. OCD, which if so, the therapist can try to use the technique. But the most toxic pills you have just replaced.

How to Live With OCD : OCD Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Adhd Outcomes

Monday, February 28th, 2011

adhd outcomes

What are the long-term side effects of medication for ADHD?

I am an adult male I tend to learn in school. But if I focused more I'm sure I Can do much better. This really disturbed me. agitates me because I noticed it and can not stop it, lol. Any other tips for dealing with this or not. It is safe or not positive results. Outweigh the negative?

There has almost no side effects of long-term. Somrhisegnha meds! Yay! Hahaha only concern is the children who will demonstrate the ability to grow their But it has been found that these children have grown up to be the correct height. Only other problems that ADHD drugs can be dangerous for people with heart problems. But if you do not have the heart. Problems or allergies to. meds, the sum will outwiegh เชิงลบชอบอะไรที่คุณสามารถจินตนาการ! That is, if the meds work for you, and you obviously have not experienced. Side effects of any bad The great thing about ADHD meds as you can try them and if they dont work or you have side effects too much, you can stop,. And side effects. Will not continue. Good Luck!

ADHD Medication Rules-1 Paying Attention to The Meds

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Adhd Culture

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

adhd culture

Idea of culture, our dinner for tonight or not. Special semi ..?

In my family we have "cultural nights". Culture is when we get together and try new dishes and learning. A few words about their own culture. An effort to make sure the children my husband and I,. Are learning something while eating something other than an employee or some frozen crap in a box. I'm really not looking for a formula of it. Where can I find recipes myself, I do not know. Also, my husband and I lost salmon lactose intolerant. What do I eat dairy, I do not care. And I try to avoid anything with yellow # 6, # 40 and red because it is associated with the increase, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Thank you) for your: Gals assist them.

Curry! Thailand and India have both species have Both are delicious. Thailand is likely to be. In addition, the Mediterranean and the Middle East spicier. The food is awesome. But can be a bit more difficult than cooking. Kafta gyros are so good to be shawarma for something simple you can. ganoush hummus or Baba only.

adhd pop culture

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Adhd Mindfulness

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

adhd mindfulness

I need some tips on ADHD. Anyone willing to help?

Is there anyone who can give me tips on ADHD?
I’m 15. I know it’s a bit “late in life”, some may say, but a doctor that I went to said I have ADHD. Does anyone know of any non-medicinal ways that help me focus?

‘The mindfulness prescription for Adult ADHD’ is useful.

Fully Present: The Book- ADHD AND MINDFULNESS

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Adhd Without Medicine

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

adhd without medicine

ADHD drugs while I can breastfeeding?

I will get back to school soon. And this I suspect that if there is any ADHD drug that I can use to help me out. I am breastfeeding and I do not want anything serious because it might upset my child. Anybody has any suggestions I will try not to use drugs while I was in school before I got pregnant. And I ended up completely failed most of my classes. After I had put Adderall, and it really helps out a lot.

Due to changes in hormones after you. In fact, your child may have symptoms of ADHD, you are. milder as do a lot of women have a short attention span. med that I know that you can use without risk. But have you ever try to use essential oils do not? If lavender oil. Great for helping you stay calm and relaxed. They have a lot of different oils for different things that you can burn spray Etc / You can look into essential oils to wire.

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment Options : Support Groups & ADHD

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