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Natural Adhd Drugs

Monday, September 19th, 2011

natural adhd drugs

natural adhd drugs

What does Islam teach about receiving medical care?

The reason I’m asking is that I’m on some powerful psychiatric drugs and would like to know the viewpoint from a muslim about taking these types of drugs? Does it matter? Or does it not matter?

As muslims we believe God gave wisdom and knowledge to those individuals who choose to become Doctors. We beleive modern medicine and traditional medicine can compliment each other..
We have no problems with any medicine that is used to serve the purpose it was intended to.. Any abuse of that drug is wrong.. no matter what faith you belong (or dont belong) to.
if a psychiatric drug is needed to prevent some symptom or behavior, then by all means use it..
We have depressants, stimulants, etc here used in this field..
I am a muslim and my son has ADHD.. he was on ritalin for a while, but recently I have decided to try a more natural approach with behavioral theropy and diet change.. (which has worked better than just the ritalin) but im still open to medicines if this approach fails in the future.. Especially since there is no cure for ADHD.. he will have it the rest of his life and have to deal with it as an adult too..

Do ADHD medication work long-term?

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Adhd Supplements

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

adhd supplements

adhd supplements

Has anyone tried GABA supplements in the treatment of ADHD and how it works.

Thready you have the right meds to work. Encourage and stimulate not Straterra. Poor motor tics, he was suffering with him. We have a new doctor for his efforts. GABA in the week.

Known as GABA. Acid, gamma aminobutyric, a dietary supplement used by bodybuilders as well as others. To a variety of reasons.Essentially. Anabolic sleep for your body to repair and build muscle. This is why it is best before bedtime. GABA also has side effects that lead to a feeling of tingling in the face and arms and legs. Relax muscles.GABA banned recently. This is only available from the UK to those in the United States. The number of parents have tried other natural remedies. As an alternative to stimulate the mind and Ginkgo biloba, Panax ginseng and melatonin. Should be considered as a first step before the use of psychiatric drugs. When combined with strong dietary control, counseling as needed, and a healthy lifestyle,. Natural remedies have been. Shown to be effective in relieving the symptoms of ADHD. If you need more information from here.

Natural At-Home Remedies : Herbal Supplements for Treating ADHD

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Adhd Nutrition

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

adhd nutrition

adhd nutrition

If I test into college algebra this summer, how long it will take me to finish up the math. CS?

OK … here's my dillema, I have been out of school. For a while and while I was in math in high school never really sunk in, I guess. – Or I did not learn as much as I need the value of the employer. I can test in college algebra as well. And I'm learning pretty quickly. It is possible for me inside. For the second year of a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, computer science, if I take courses every semester? The main problem I had in years past high school, my ADHD. / Depression and I have pretty much under control on their own and the nutritionist. I want to work again and do it right this time. – I want to do web application dev. Thanks.

I do not see why not. Basically what you want. Two courses of calculus and Second course of discrete mathematics. These four courses on 14 hours a semester. You will need algebra, geometry and calculus. pre – the mathematics courses required. 9 hours up to 21 hours is not easy and if you go during the summer months to achieve. 2 years.

ADHD and Nutrition for 081408 ***HD VERSION AVAILABLE NOW***

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Adhd Diet For Children

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

adhd diet for children

adhd diet for children

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Adhd Diet And Nutrition

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

adhd diet and nutrition

my son is 10yrs and has been diagnosis with ADHD?

I need to send my son to a school that is specialized in helping kids with ADHD. He needs to be in a class room of 6 kids only. he’s smart, but he’s not focused enough to finish his work. Does anyone know of a school that is cheap or free that i can send my son too. where in philadelphia, pa

P.S. Thank you inadvance. : )

I have great news for you! You may not have to go through the stress, cost and hassle of changing your son’s school.
In fact your child may even be able to excel in his class above and beyond the other students who have no apparent problems.
George Washington University School of Medicine found that hyperactive children who ate a meal high in protein did equally well, and sometimes better, in school than non-hyperactive kids.
If you were to consider putting a large spoonful of uncooked flax seed into his food every day, either all at once or portioned out, you would see dramatic changes in his behavior. Help him to understand the benefits, put it into his peanut butter sandwiches, mix it into oatmeal, be creative. It could change his life if you change his diet.
A study at Oxford University evaluated the effects of fatty acid supplementation (flax seed as an example) in average intelligence children with significant reading and writing disabilities. The ADHD symptoms in children receiving essential fatty acids significantly improved over the children in the control group receiving a placebo.
Please view this article for great recipes and alternatives to ADHD and ADD medicines. These drugs are addictive amphetamines and do so much more harm than good and they can mess up your child for the rest of his life.
Even back in 1981 Researchers discovered the link between Attention Deficit Disorder ADHD with lower essential fatty acid.
Then further studies in 1983 Studies examining essential fatty acid blood levels in children with behavioral problems confirmed that there was a significant connection between Attention Deficit Disorder and poor nutrition.
Please, take a moment to view the article, try some of the recipes, if after a week or two you do not see any difference, what have you lost? If you do see an improvement you will be opening doors for your son that would otherwise have been shut. Please consider ADHD alternatives. Thank you.

Diet & Nutrition : How to Best Absorb Zinc Supplements

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Adhd Diet

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

adhd diet

adhd diet

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Adhd Diet Foods

Monday, March 28th, 2011

adhd diet foods

Food and ADHD are not gluten free works.

I want to put my 15 year old son on gluten free food and wondering if in fact it works. I want to try this for my son and he needs as well. I do not know how to get started and where to find gluten free food. Instead of being on medication the rest of his life.

Hey Emily, I live in the same situation with my son and I fight. meds of any treatment in this article really helped him. Proven methods of treatment. ADHD.

FOOD? People eat – gfcf diet –

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Natural Adhd Supplements

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

natural adhd supplements

Increase and what is the difference between ADHD?

Increase and what is the difference between ADHD? And a natural food supplement that you can use without having to take off. Ritalin?

ADD (attention disorder deficit). As the old name ADHD (attention deficit disorder lost interest.) So basically put distance no longer exists in the medical and science, although many people still It isn't used by the doctor again. In 1980, this condition is called the precautionary measures of abnormal deficits. (ADD) and has two types. They included the ADHD and ADD. Without the short attention span. Those who had been put on with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, suffered from problems of attention and learning, as well as a short to Works and behavior, and self-control. While those who are without the. ADHD is a problem of interest and learning. In 1990, the term was changed to lack of school attention deficit disorder ADHD. And again there are different types. Type innatentive predominatly ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who were without sauce). And attention deficit hyperactive type predominatly the impulse. / And type together. (Both of which used to be put on ADHD). Some people still use old words put to describe people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. predominatly innatentive type because they think it is confusing some people who are not hyperactive with a condition called ADHD. So if you have not heard of this term is just the right time to by some A natural food supplement that you can use for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But they are not as effective. Ritalin, and they are not as safe as. Ritalin prescribed drugs must meet very strict security in order to be sold to the public. Natural treatment does not have to go through these security requirements. And can be more dangerous than prescription meds. Also, Ritalin has more of that drug childhood other. While most other studies. treatements term nature is not a long time. Ritalin has been used since the 1950. Safety and it is well known and well documented. Natural treatments do not work as well if at all.

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Adhd Diet Treatments

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

adhd diet treatments

Why Europe's cures anxiety and depression are prohibited under standard medical USA?

And show how much scientific definition of what cause. The beginning of the disorders of anxiety are more severe form of anxiety disorders. Meditation and Learning disease OCD. What medical guidelines philosphies of Europe and is present as a medium. States that "food Hippy twin" known as gluten free. Is the best treatment that will help in food digestion, the heart of the fasted techniques or brain. This process is known in medicine as due to absorption. Mal the auto immune process of gluten intolerance. In addition, my first question is what about the hippie food to say that the grass a protein found in the food we eat pray. Wish to be known as. herbivore? This sounds a republican to me. Far from a hippie

As depression and anxiety or worry about moving around, I do not agree with all Our command is not Europe or other treatment. Other "all our woes and problems are common products. 3 things, but after that time and maybe a good faith, and faith. These diseases can have very low First off, bettered our food today. SUCK; In America it is considered "sad" -. American Standard – Food is not enough essential fatty acids, such as for Proper nutrition of the brain. Secondly, we tend to prefer generally for things like anxiety and predescesors our model, we have caused some problems. But the third is also a fact that people Today the situation is put under intense heat and tremendous heart and allowing us to focus anger in a format that is not correct and many Just a sample of traumatized OT causes people to develop walking. (Disorders, anxiety, general). Depression and / or … For me personally, I "raver" Back in 1994-1997 I'll have to stop in '97 and it has changed dramatically in my life. First, unbeknown to me are predisposed to anxiety. B / C my grandmother has an idea to run. rampid troubling at night, and it makes much suffering and may have OCD, bless her heart. At age 84 she was on Xanax ("very small. Size, thankfully), but in my case, I took the two drugs. hightening – the "ecstacy 'or MDMA (Methyl – methamphetamine – dioxyl) and MDS or the like. Many times I have not. Idea what I took drugs, and more. Any reason to third environment, which I did not just clubs. But I go crazy until dawn or later. – 9 -10 am, in many cases, and sometimes years. 48 + hours, I was very sick one night in my Christmas every night. / Day of panic attacks and severe power and do not know what happened. I think I "flip switch" and see ". Back a picture of myself and thought I would most certainly have to be hospitalized as those who intend to. PCP and what to leave,. burnign lucky break and I get back. I am at least 85% to approximately PURE 4-5 years of hell, it was a nightmare and sometimes I'm surprised that I managed. But, however, suffered from walking for several years and now recently. And this close Xanax benzos I used to work. / Running a small business in neutriceuticals,. And I have spoken with doctors around the world. reknowned to know me my food, and believe me, I do not want to. I believe that hell is up with my food. – I know it is a chemical imbalance and I was prepared to hear about it. But s Omega-3/6/9 and many other products to benefit nature "Treatment" (and I use the word "maintain" very light). And when I start a different course of some sleep and some nutrients, such as including 5 – HTP, Assistant seratonin unique products that help very much like. SSRIs and such, and therapiesw and more. That will help with the open minds of patients and certification. So I'm not saying there are 100% for treatment of depression, walking or any Other mental illnesses. But more and more Americans, at least we still ignore the benefits of proper food and nutrition and essential vitamins and The importance of the quality in terms of 'bio-active content "or bioabsorption – the body's ability to get nutrients and metabolize it. But like to think we know. A treatment or wait for assistance. We have been doing "pretty" or "fast food" that for many years and what we yield a lot of poop,. Fat and obesity. morbidly "animals" of the people, and more. Do not know the truth, it sad,. Standard American diet. Hamburger and hotdogs, all with some fries and a lot of cholesterol, as well as soda. Good ole full support of 48 ounces or close. Natural sugar is not pure sweetner syrup, but "corn". Batch processing is cheap. … Why? Because it can more profitably as a result, even scary. We have virtually all surface stupid not to include themselves in the range. 30 years of crap to think in the future. …. It is all about. Benjamins; People do not listen to rap? Just kidding; I could not care less about any punishment. Any answers …. but why cures or has been accepted as described by one here, and I new it was more just. : The bottom line JUS – silver bottom line profit. Profitable part of the "underground" networks like product in the market. Mona – Vie and FreeLife TaiSlim the promotion of health in eliminating pain and depression. By using flash frozen acai and other fruit. That found in the wild as well as close 50% of our drugs (Amazon Forest) by using fatty acids. esterfied and / or (in the case of. TaiSlim) ingradient useful twice. metabolized, it enacts the seratonin in the brain and can promote happiness or feeling good that seratonin is directly responsible for, among other things. These are products that I've used and successful as the end of the competition. 3 years, and violence and evil "migraine cervical spine" or "migraine" group, so I know that these products.

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Adhd Diets

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

adhd diets

adhd diets

Good food for the Add – ADHD?

My G / F. Daughter Add – ADHD and medication use for. it.But I was wondering if theres a good food to help her with the pills work. For most part.But I am confident that the good food out there. also.That id fallowed hange will see even better thanks in advance

Take a look around this Easy to use site, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It may hold the answer you're looking for. – Vitamin ADHD, ADHD, etc. Food

ADHD Child Diet Review 3/3

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Adhd Omega

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

adhd omega

ADHD and Omega 3 who find them lacking?

I have ADHD and just started Omega. 3 of the assistance in treatment. Anyone see any benefit to it or not. BTW THX food I have litterally no Omega. 3 of the first to put them through in the form tablets.

Omega 3 is one of the great things about the symptoms. Check the links and videos with your doctor. Block Watch a few minutes with Dr. Mary Ann blogs to find the answers you are looking for. Http:// Dr. Mary Ann Block, "because of my medical training,. My goal as physicians is to identify and treat conditions that cause the patient rather than just covering up Symptoms of a drug I have seen and treated thousands of people from across the United States that has been previously identified as ADHD and treated with the drug methamphetamine. By carefully. History and giving these children a complete physical examination as well as doing laboratory tests and allergy tests,. I have found that children continued these did not have ADHD. But instead of having allergies, food problems of malnutrition,. Thyroid problems and learning difficulties that caused their symptoms. All medical problems and these studies have helped to maintain. Children succeed in school and life without alcohol ."———————————–. -. —————————————— I would recommend that you read. to this Booklet for parents. 2 minutes long, this video will explain the differences in the diagnosis of medical fact. Supported by science and psychiatric diagnosis such as ADHD has been supported by personal opinions. Psychiatry – NO. – NO scientific Cures (4:54 min), psychiatrists can help you. antidepressants? Have any cures in psychiatry today. The number of people receiving treatment? What what is your chance. Check it for yourself. – Heard from the psychiatrist interview. ———————————–. ———————————- You can Google or yahoo "fraud ADHD" – you are such a great link. articles, essays and other information. Related to the corruption of attention deficit disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. (ADHD) – Compiled by Dr. Fred Fred A. Baughman Baughman Jr., MD to accept adult and child neurology in private practice. 35 years —————– This is a little Taste of drugs such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Ritalin, you can find facts about Ritalin in the booklet available in this line. It is the fifth book from the left. # / publicati … Quote: "when Ritalin is used as the prescription drugs they may have serious side effects include insomnia, anxiety,. Loss of appetite (disorders of eating). Pulse changes and heart problems weight loss. Manufacturers say that the drug dependence. In June 2005 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a set of Health advisories warning that drugs like Ritalin, and it may cause image Phantom, suicidal behavior, mental health and aggressive behavior and violence ."——————————–. -. ——————————————– Psychiatrist answered questions about the guide. diagnosis and their side effects. video / # / a – Truth -. – Are

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Adhd Fruits And Vegetables

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

adhd fruits and vegetables

Feeding children with autism. / ADHD?

We have kids with autism,. More like a short attention span. He was diagnosed as autistic violence. Age 3, but he was a stand out (somewhat). Questions silently on the meaning of fine and reads all He is 8 years old. His main problem is to focus on, and he could hardly sit still for a long time. We work with them on a daily basis these Characteristics discomforting. My question is his food, only food he liked to know. (Mainly through the color), mostly food, flour and greasy foods,. IE bread, cheese n Mac, corn dogs. Hot dogs, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets,. A spaghetti, PB and jelly, and breakfast items about ironic. He used to eat banana, not so much anymore, and sometimes he would eat an apple. And strawberries. But in addition to vegetables, potatoes,. Fish, red meat, fruits, those few that I talk about it. We will teach them how to grow a little way and reduce the flour. And grease?

What about trying to make food that he does not eat food that looks like he is? Or do it in small steps. ? I read a book called "Elephant. In the playground, it's about raising children with special needs and one that parents talk about how most of you only eat junk food, and she tried to let him eat. Peanut butter sandwiches, so he will get at least some protein. Chocolate, he likes to make her and her husband began by giving him a taste of chocolate bar a few one of them is peanuts. Reese 's cup of butter that go well so then they tried a piece of chocolate dipped in peanut butter, smooth He liked that too, so they moved to Ritz peanut butter crackers. (He likes to know that regular Ritz crackers). Work too. The last step before the full sandwich is toast with peanut butter, cut into circles to look like a peanut butter crackers. Ritz (same size and everything). And so in the end they made a sandwich of peanut butter. So start small. May attempt to include soil texture is a spaghetti of perhaps the peanut butter and bananas instead of jelly. (As you told him. Used to eating a banana.) What about drinks? He would like to spin? You can mix a few kinds of fruit and juice to blender.

Pesticides May Double ADHD Risk, According to Study

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Adhd Homeopathic Medicine

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

adhd homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicine for ADHD?

I would like to find a homeopathic, alternative medicine for my ADHD. (I take Adderall) what would you recommend?

First of all find yourself a doctor. naturopathic to help you with the right supplements. But I do know is that the first thing you can do yourself to start eating more raw food you can. Vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. …. … To avoid all dairy, all processed foods and those with color added. / Color, flavor /, added chemicals, refined sugar,. White flour, I have read of people To see changes almost. 100% of patients with ADHD, they just change the food. Change your diet according to the above and I know you will see some changes to improve, then you can wean Shuts your meds, you should see naturopath, but in case you do not need some special promotion or herbs or something. Good Luck! :).

Brightspark – Homeopathic Relief for ADHD Symptoms

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Natural Vitamin For Adhd

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

natural vitamin for adhd

Anyone who has received medical treatment they used. o Children with ADHD performance. w / the use of prescription drugs is dangerous. r?

Who can benefit by using natural herbs and vitamins. I've been reading a lot about different things, just want a different viewpoint from I do not like the idea of age. 6 years as a drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children. …. If ever really.

Yes! It is called "Ritalin. Is not the answer "by David Stein,. Finally, a professional doctorate that refused to jump on the cash cow of medical harm.

Dr Lason, vitamin B3 deficiency cause anxiety, depression, fatigue

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Adhd Diet

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

adhd diet

ADHD boys were 17 food?

I am a 17 year old male with ADHD that food is my nature to do the best out of my mind I still have treatment for ADHD can do anything. If I can rid myself of this curse also. hyperfocus How can I run so that they can use to focus my advantage in working in hyper and my school I'm not trying to lose weight really, I think. I thin I want to run well again and I am willing to change my food to do so.

Make sure your diet high in omega fatty acids. 3 ไขมันปลาเป็นเพื่อนของคุณ!

Children’s Psychology : How to Control ADHD With Diet

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Adhd Diet Tips

Monday, November 8th, 2010

adhd diet tips

What are some easy ways to lose weight?

So I wanted to lose weight. But I can not see – and I think I know why. I always seem to eat and it's almost Like I can not go hours without eating anything. But not because I eat too much because I have a short attention span and metabolism quickly. And since my body seems to be able to quickly digestion. That's why I always have to eat. Now I want to lose weight, it becomes a very annoying problem. I've tried diets and they do not seem to work, and I exercise regularly, and yet I still There is a problem of losing the excess pounds. Tips or advice? Thank you. :-).

True, if you have a fast metabolism, you will not need to lose weight. People who can eat a large pizza all by himself special and did not get on there. fast metabolisms eat more fruits and vegetables. But that does not work too much fruit, even though it has a natural brown. Such as bananas are high in sugar. For baby carrots, cookie,. Celery, and almonds handful suppress hunger. Plus good to know that your good fats and bad fats you. To grab the bottle of oil, so you'll know exactly what you want in the nutrition facts. Foods with saturated fat and trans fat will help you to weight gain. Try to stay away from them as much as possible. When canola cooking oil, vegetable oil instead of olive oil because it is low in fat bad. – Usually 5% saturated fat, they Monounsaturated. And polyunsaturated fats. But it is good for you. Energy, support brain function and helps burn fat. Butter … yum … so that's good. … Of butter, but also provides a death sentence. The next time you get to see the store for a tub of Fleischmann's, the closest thing that tastes like butter. Butter here is a website to let you know that product. Long worded like this: I'm not talking about almonds? Is good for you because it has good fat and are high in the nut low saturated fat plus they suppress hunger. Change is fat free milk. Do not buy a soy soy. Bad for your health. Hope this helps.

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Adhd Herbal Supplements

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

adhd herbal supplements

adhd herbal supplements

Anyone who has used cs Clarocet for ADHD is a success or not. Or used to try to supplement with success?

Clarocet as herbal supplements to treat ADHD. Mental disorders and other problems. And I want to know if anyone ever used it with success before I had to order some for children. My teenaged.

I've been almost Concerta. 2 years ago and it has been amazingly successful. However, CNS stimulation and long-term effects are not something.

Complementary/Alternative Medicine: Traditional Chinese

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Adhd Kids Diet

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

adhd kids diet

adhd kids diet

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Vitamin Supplements For Adhd

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

vitamin supplements for adhd

ADHD? What vitamin should I be taken?

You also know that any good reference content. That is wrong. I want to stay away from drugs. If at all possible. But I will not go the organic food or something like that. Please do not comment on how to change my life. I want to know that vitamin Accessories (Please note! Shower, etc.). The guide

I was looking for the same answer. The best information I have found through research is "effect. – Based Comparison Ritalin Versus Food PEDIATRIC. AD / HD "(see link).'ll Find supplements that are equally as effective. Ritalin! This article also shows the total added. Now, they are designed for children may be a little different for adults. But I think that is gonna same basis. . They use multi-vitamin multi-mineral. phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and phospholipids, and probiotics, amino acids. . I think the important part. tyrosine (which is the L – and is held in the body. and dopamine in ฟ เน Prince – low or no performance of the last two are thought to make. AD / HD) and other vitamins that help hope tyrosine synthesis in the body. That helps!

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Adhd Treatment Diet

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

adhd treatment diet

adhd treatment diet

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Adhd Diets For Children

Friday, August 13th, 2010

adhd diets for children

I wonder if anyone successful in the treatment of children is not medicine ADHD. ?

Someone successful treatment childs of ADHD without drugs, but with the change. childs food or how to treat the problem in other cases. Things you do. How to find the treatment of my son. Drugs as last resort.

My ex has my son for years before the drug was found. He very sleepy and numb all the time. Far from the lovers sing "life" that he used to. Yes, he bounced off the wall slightly. But mostly he did not need medication. I think he will withdraw it kept on telling me that for meddy (what he called his medication). My son has been with me for a few days when I see him coming back to life is I took him to the doctor and she was able to get records. confimed his father he apply a remedy Therefore, doctors said no. We come with more plans that include sugar. Very limited time to exercise, quiet and lots of structure. My advice is to find a doctor who does not fast in the treatment until your son. May harm themselves. . I'll give him counsler once a week. It's been over a year and he will no drug is completely working. 8 year old boy with a love of life after In his eyes.

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Natural Adhd Diet

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

natural adhd diet

natural adhd diet

Food ADHD – this is another Urban Legend?

Food ADHD? Distracted mother thought it was good just another fashion. hyped up by media and medical community. Maybe some diet and cookbook authors to make money for food. ADHD! Well here a few facts, the record here

Over here in Europe Member of the European Parliament, we are not free. By law they have certain color food. colorings () is a color Southampton should be banned from children '. Food just because they "might affect the activities and interests of children. These people are the label. E is the E102 and E110 as they are known by the more interesting. Names such as Sunset Yellow and Carmoisine in the UK most of Food companies (including McDonalds!) Represents the color of these healthy alternatives. British Parliament did not pass laws about food. ADHD is!

There are many snack foods are still young and artificial objects. (MSG, etc.), and colorings, even Europe. And recommendations of the British volunteers at this time. Eventually, they hope not to enforce the end. 2009.

I know of parents who actually removed all This food processing and baking bread in her organic food as much as she could. Do you have breakfast cereal they provide fast, high Children's rights, but later reduced the glucose level. Eggs are a good bet breakfast The first thing you have left is red. (Red # 40) and then you have all the other changes. Other ADHD children gradually she improved little. Distracted and kicking and screaming on the carpet is of the past. Hyperactivity and the attention she lessened her up. ADHD is her food and so easy.

Is very small. And only one case. But combined with the fact that the European Parliament from the results of this diet would be the way to go. Nutritional balance. Food is what you're looking for food. ADHD and you do not have to worry about anything else. Stay away from processed food is high, while the key to setting fruit. Include vegetables and white meat. This treatment. ADHD does not affect the natural appetite of the child is the right to help children. ADHD one of the side effects of
target = "_new" psychostimulants> like Strattera, Ritalin and Risperdal is that parents lose appetite and weight loss can be frightening for All this can be avoided. By going to treat ADHD naturally and following a few rules. dieting easy.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

It is white bread made the problem of interest in my son.

My son is 6 years will be tested. ADHD children, but he did not bounce off the walls, but. Energetic, he has a concentration span approximately 15 seconds and is struggling at school because He has too much junk food, well not many fruits and vegetables. They love, kissy and hugged him and we are very interested. We will try to natural expansion of his interests before we receive any medication. If we use other meds I think you can help out the white bread? What other foods should be removed with white?

Have you ever heard of his diagnosis? I just that this year my 6 was the official diagnosis. 6 months ear with hearing loss in A difference between what is raised each ear, he is just lost interest. / Confused easily, but he said that the audiologist. ADHD / ADD children who experience a loss of hearing . That said, yes, you need to get him out most processed foods and sugar. This includes white bread, most cereals. yogurts taste, start with snacks and all HFCS, hydrogenated oils / hydrogenated partially replace flour, sugar, chemical-rich dairy, meat processing normally issued. Food, etc. For his nature be homemade / most. MIL My feed and now a half-brother of my husband. (9 years), he very good (more relaxed. calmer, etc) at their house. And that his mother that he ate fast food almost. (All day do not ask me why. But she does not feed the opposite of what you do not. ex – she even nutritionist will agree with my sister). . In addition, he looked that good sleep Lack of sleep the children lack concentration hyper / good What can interfere with sleeping around. (Stop breathing while etc are) and would affect the overall health of Fortunately both of you.

The Ideal Blood Pressure Diet

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Adhd Organic Treatment

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

adhd organic treatment

adhd organic treatment

Four steps to deal with adult ADHD.

ADHD is not easy to deal with disabled children that you will. Adolescents or adults. But while all age groups of adults with special challenges. May have set the most difficult obstacles to overcome. In articles dealing with. Adult ADHD, we lay out four games planning process that will take you to the many challenges this road. This condition may have And by the way, if you are dealing with adults. ADHD do not think you alone. Recent estimates by a percentage. Fifth of adults who are looking for a way to deal with interest. Deficit Hyperactivity disease.

Square Adult ADHD.

* Resist urge to talk. : Adult ADHD tend to talk too, so the job. This type of thinking is your enemy and you should try to make your goal is only possible. You should lay out what you want to successfully schedule the appropriate time to achieve it. Instead of saying you like to paint the house, you should say that this goal is the color of your front Doors truth be told that if you do not set goals you can not reach them. In addition to destroying targets small easy steps.

* Be true: people with attention deficit disorder often have a very creative environment fertile for no real time However, when contact with Real problem is not realistic to build something real. Reality is about putting one foot in another page. Other than trying to make giant leap that will eventually end in The goal of the disaster with both is impossible or almost impossible is the only way not to target all the others. Sooner or later you will be forced to tell myself that a good idea to write Into error and that resume We all need to think big. But to think that ADHD adults usually have to think small first

* Tracking: Avoid the jobs that are not measurable, especially if your goal is in the table. For example, if your goal is to lose £ 15 for the summer swimwear. Weight yourself every day and Tracking progress in weight calendar with notes on what seems to be what did not work. It may be useful in monitoring our thoughts and emotions of your note is the means. To avoid the emotional motivation to eat and drink liquor.

* Your goal must be important to you. : One of the main symptoms of ADHD are not interested. If you set goals that are not related to you the opportunity to finish them on a regular basis is next none, you will not get a job that paid better or organized your office due. Say that a good idea. For those who have ADHD goals they must start from within to be meaningful. . Do not allow others to target you until you're ready, willing or able. Attainable

What? Exposed to adult ADHD is not easy and many performance and felt they need a little help to overcome these challenges. One area that has been gaining popularity in recent years at the. Edit homeopathic for ADHD. to maintain these Safer and more efficient, especially when combined with other options. Other than drugs.

About the Author

Rob Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years experience in the field.
Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at purchase

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Best Supplements For Adhd

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

best supplements for adhd

Is medication the best answer for my son who has mild ADD -diet changes and supplements not working? He is 10.

I always suspected my son had some aspect of ADD/ADHD – After much frustration with the schools/teachers, he was diagnosed with mild ADD – Attentive Feature. Teachers and schools have done nothing to address the problem and have subtly pushed for medication. I have tried dietary changes – no sugar, no preservatives or food additives, as well as giving supplements and while his attention and ability to concentrate/ focus may have improved minimally, he continues to struggle at school. He is too smart to qualify for help – he scores within the average range on his tests, and yet can’t function within the classroom. His teachers don’t help only telling me what he can’t do. I have conferenced with them on strategies to help him overcome his weaknesses and capitalizing on his strengths, but nothing is working. I am not the kind of parent who doles out medications freely, but I’m at a loss as to what to do. My naturopath would be flabergasted that I’m even considering meds.

The school is not being upfront with you. It is not unusual for kids with certain issues (like ADHD or Asperger’s) to have average to high intelligence. That does not mean they are ineligible for extra help. The first thing they did with my son was provide a one-on-one teaching assistant (called a “para” or paraprofessional) to help him out throughout the day – keep him on track, help him transition between assignments/events, control his emotions, etc. For him it was not enough and by 5th grade he was put in a “behavioral class” (special ed). He’s a very bright child, but he does not function well within a classroom setting and as of right now, nothing has worked.

He is 12 and has more dx’s than just ADHD. He is on medication and it makes a world of difference (they used to be able to tell if he had missed meds the moment he walked through the classroom doors in the morning), but seems to help less the older he gets. It does not sedate him or anything like that. A lot of people think that is how the meds work in kids with ADHD, but what the medical field reports is that it actually “wakes up” an area of the brain involved in focus that is not very active in ADD. Meanwhile other parts of the brain are active/overactive. I am not completely comfortable having him on meds, but speaking from the point of view of somebody that should have been medicated as a child and was not, I can not allow him to struggle the way I did when there is something out there that can help. I agree with you that natural methods are preferable.

I am meeting with a special ed advocate in the next week or so to find out what options we have. They are supposed to place children in the least restrictive environment. He is in the most restrictive and the public school still is clueless how to handle him (to be perfectly honest, so are we). You may find it helpful to talk to an advocate.

My experience has been within NY state, and the way the school thing works varies by state. I would definitely suggest looking into the specifics for your state. I am fairly certain he should be eligible for extra help no matter where you are located. Sometimes the schools are very helpful – for the first 5 years or so they were. I didn’t have to fight them for anything. Things are changing now and I am starting to understand the struggle many people have in obtaining appropriate services for their individual child.

There are things that can be done in the classroom to help. The structure of school does not allow much flexibility in how children are taught, but not everybody learns the same way. Sometimes they need to make modifications.

Is he classified as disabled through the school? I think that would be the first step to getting him the services that can help him.

You might be interested in books by Thom Hartmann (I think it’s spelled that way). He has a very different, very positive view on ADHD. Another book is Healing ADD by Daniel Amen.

Here are some links that may be helpful. Good luck 🙂 (this is NY state specific) (the very end has suggestions for school)

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Add Vitamins

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

add vitamins

Are foods with vitamins added extraneously nutritionally beneficial?

I’ve read studies regarding taking vitamins versus eating foods naturally high in vitamins, but what about foods where vitamins are added, such as Calcium, etc.?

That is called “fortification.” Do you actually believe the manufacturers care about your health? They add the cheapest thing they can to processed foods, primarily, to sell it as a marketing gimmick, nothing more. The “B” vitamins they add, for instance, is a petroleum distillate, derivative of COAL TAR. That’s not a vitamin, but a chemical activator. That junk damages your DNA of each of your cells.

Why would anyone want to fortify anything? Because they take out the good vitamins to preserve it so bugs and other living things won’t eat it. So, let’s see, they take out the nutrition and add the chemicals. Does that make sense? It is NOT for your benefit, but theirs and then they try to sell you on how good it is for you. Please!

The calcium they add is typically calcium carbonate. That is a rock and causes the body to develop cataracts, bone spurs, etc. NOT a good choice for any food.

good luck to you

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The Add Adhd Diet

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

the add adhd diet

the add adhd diet

The ADHD Diet

There has been increasing research with respect to the ADHD diet and other aspects of nutrition that may be involved in the successful treatment of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The nutritional management of ADHD is one aspect that has been relatively neglected to date, but food additives, refined sugars, food sensitivities or allergies, and fatty acid deficiencies have all been linked to ADHD.

There is increasing evidence that many children with behavioral problems are sensitive to one or more food components that can negatively impact their behavior.

We know that food has a tremendous impact on mood states. Consider the infamous “sugar crash” or how sluggish one feels soon after consuming a large, greasy meal.

Conversely, think about the alertness and energy one feels after eating healthy food.

As a result, diet modification is playing an increasingly important role in the management of ADHD and should be considered as part of the treatment protocol.

While there is no “cure” for ADHD, diet is being increasingly included in ADHD treatments along with the time-tested treatments of ADHD meds, the Total Focus Program for children and the Conquer ADD Program for adults.

The Elimination ADHD Diet

Elimination diets involve removing foods or ingredients that are suspected of contributing to ADHD symptoms.

A study conducted at the University of Eindhoven, Netherlands, for example, investigated the effect of an elimination diet on children ages 3-7 years old with a diagnosis of ADHD. The elimination diet in this case was based on the Few Foods Diet (rice, turkey, pear and lettuce).

According the results, 62% of the children showed an improvement in behavior according to the Conner’s Behavior list and ADHD Rating Scale. Their conclusion is that in young children with ADHD an elimination diet can lead to a statistically significant decrease in symptoms.

What To Eliminate

Eliminate dairy products. This is the most important restriction. Almond milk, rice milk, and soy milk are great alternatives to cow milk. (Remember: cow’s milk is for baby cows, not people.) Drink more water instead.

Eliminate yellow foods such as corn and squash. Bananas are ok.

Eliminate junk foods. If it comes in a cellophane wrapper, don’t eat it.

Eliminate fruit juice because it has high sugar content. Reduce sugar intake by as much as 90%. No chocolate, Nutrasweet, etc.

Eliminate processed meats. If the meat has chemicals listed that you can’t pronounce, don’t buy it.

Eliminate fried foods by as much as 90%.

Eliminate all food coloring, particularly red and yellow.

Remember, make the changes gradually one at a time. That way you can test whether the change helped or not.

As always, work with your doctor when attempting any ADHD diet.

ADHD Diet Supplements

A supplementation ADHD diet involves adding vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients to make up for deficiencies in one’s diet that may contribute to ADHD symptoms.

At the Pomeranian Medical Academy in Poland, the effects of magnesium supplements on hyperactivity in children diagnosed with ADHD was examined in order to test a hypothesis that a magnesium deficiency may be involved in the etiology in ADHD.

The study comprised 50 hyperactive children diagnosed with ADHD, aged 7-12 years, with a magnesium deficiency proven via blood samples.

The children were given 200 mg/day for six months. At the end of treatment, hyperactivity was assessed using the Conner’ss Rating Scale for Parents and Teachers, the Wender’s Scale of Behavior, and the Quotient of Development to Freedom from Distractibility.

The children given 6 months of magnesium supplementation exhibited a significant decrease of hyperactivity compared to the control group which had not been treated with magnesium.

ADHD Diet Examples

In general, a rule of thumb is that whatever is good for the brain is likely to be good for ADHD. World renowned brain researcher and ADHD expert Dr. Daniel Amen recommends these ADHD diet suggestions:

-Eat a high-protein diet that includes beans, cheese, eggs, meat, nuts, or protein supplements. They are thought to improve concentration and possibly increase the time ADHD medications work.

-Reduce simple carbohydrates such as candy, corn syrup, honey, sugar, products made from white flour, white rice, and potatoes without the skins.

-Eat more complex carbohydrates such as veggies, fruits (including oranges, tangerines, pears, grapefruit, apples, and kiwi). Eating complex carbs at night may aid sleep.

-Eat more Omega acids which are found in tuna, salmon, other cold-water white fish, walnuts, Brazil nuts, and olive and canola oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are also available in supplement form such flax seed oil and primrose oil.

About the Author

Dr. Emily Kensington specializes in couples therapy and the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), depression, anxiety, trauma, and addictions. Her website is

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Natural Add Vitamins

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

natural add vitamins

natural add vitamins

Vitamin C, the Master Nutrient, Part I: Benefits

Vitamin C, The Master Nutrient

A report in Lancet, March 2001, stated those with highest levels of vitamin C in their blood had one half risk of death all causes, including heart disease. Dr. Kay Tee Khaw found there was a decreased risk of cancer for those with high levels of C in their blood. German physician Matthias Rath theorizes cholesterol is used by body as a temporary repair substance for walls of arteries when there is not enough of C complex available permanently repair arterial damage. In addition, there is abundant research show vitamin C is vital for many fundamental processes in body. For example, it is a well known immune system builder as well as an aid in maintaining healthy skin, eyes and gums and in forming collagen. It is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it can help protect your body free radicals created in abundance in modern world by stress, pollution and toxins.

Additional Functions of Vitamin C in BodyIn addition above to the functions, C complex does a lot of other things in body. In fact, some have called it a nutrient “extraordinaire.” Vitamin C can aid in tissue growth and repair, and is hence helpful in healing after surgery. It also as acts as a natural antihistamine and can protect against development of allergies. Studies have shown C can help reduce asthma symptoms as well. The C vitamin aids in manufacture of hormones adrenaline and cortisone and also in neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Neurotransmitters critical for proper brain function and mood. Vitamin C has been found aid in proper adrenal and thyroid function. It also helps regulate cholesterol levels and reduce incidence of gallstones. The C complex vitamin also increases absorption of iron, and can combine with toxins in body like heavy metals and turn them into harmless substances so they can be eliminated body. Huge amounts of C found in adrenal, pituitary and thymus glands, as well as in retina in your eyes. Many other organs, like brain, lungs, liver, spleen, thyroid and pancreas also contain much higher amounts of C than your blood does.Vitamin C is needed make carnitine, which is used help transfer energy cells. This may explain why some feel an increase of energy when adding vitamin C-rich foods their diet. Recent studies have shown have adequate C, will oxidize 30% more fat during moderate exercise than those with low C. This implies C vitamin may be useful for weight loss. In fact, recent research has shown level of vitamin C in body is inversely related body mass. This means more overweight are, lower your levels of C. People of normal weight tend have higher levels of C vitamin. In addition, it appears vitamin C dilutes fat, which makes it easier flush out of your system. Try adding some vitamin C-rich fruits or vegetables each meal, like citrus fruits, red peppers, parsley or broccoli. This may well increase your metabolism and hence increase your ability get rid of fat. If this isn’t enough, might want consider adding a whole food C complex supplement your diet.Another way C may help with weight loss is by helping boost your mood and feeling of well being. You don’t need a study know dieting often causes be in a poor mood, and in turn often causes go off your diet. So C vitamin, especially in form of natural camu camu berries can help maintain an up mood while dieting. In fact, camu camu berries appear provide nutritional support brain needs optimize its own mood-balancing chemicals.

So make sure and add vitamin C your diet having a hard time losing weight, especially an older adult.Vitamin C is truly an extraordinary nutrient!About Author: Karen Sargent is owner of several health-related websites and has written numerous articles about healthy living, whole food supplements, natural weight loss and more.

Find out more by visiting and

About the Author

What is the optimal RAW meat for my dogs?

I currently feed my dogs half Nature’s Logic and half raw. ONLY half raw because raw is a bit pricey. The kibble I use has no synthesized vitamins/minerals added. It is all an all natural food. BUT I would like to go to a butcher and buy the family size package of meat to freeze and give to them with the kibble. I use Nature’s Variety frozen raw but am not above trying Primal or someone else’s. I just use the pre-made because it is sooo much easier than grinding/mixing myself.
O BTW they LOVE frozen turkey necks!!!

Optimal raw meat. I read somewhere that beef (buffalo, red meat) has the highest quality of digestible protein. Eggs are the perfect protein, but necks are great! My dog loves duck necks. We visit ethnic groceries for good deals.

I make vegicubes, keep a tub of flora in the fridge, or disguise her plants in chopped meat with eggs, powdered eggshells, liver, and fresh mackerel.

We keep a log of the proportions in our mixes, but we aren’t rigid. We feed a variety of whatever is in season, and on sale, balancing her nutritional requirements. We strive to supply her with meaty bones. We don’t grind. We try to keep her food simple. She usually gets a some sort of meat, bone in, some days her percentage of liver. Throughout the day, we treat with tablespoons of supplementary food.

We bring her chopped mixes with us when we leave town for a few days. It’s cheaper to assemble her food than to purchase from supply houses, unless we buy in bulk and pack a second freezer.

Health Food Vitamin Supplements All Natural & Herbal

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Adhd Sam-e

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

adhd sam-e

adhd sam-e

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Adhd Dietary

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

adhd dietary

adhd dietary

ADHD in Children – Prescription Medications v. Natural Remedies

While there is, of course, a place for prescription medication in certain cases of ADHD, you must give careful consideration regarding possible side effects.  The use of any stimulant medications in  children under age 6 is not recommended.  So please ensure you discuss with your doctor the risks and benefits of giving these medications to your child.

It is strongly advised that all parents thoroughly research any suggested prescription drugs before commencing the treatment on their child.  Making sure that the following criteria are fully investigated: common uses, cautions, possible side effects, overdose, additional information, and major drug interactions.

In America, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are still investigating the side effects of particular prescription ADHD drugs, and it is therefore advisable that parents do their own
research into these medications so that they are fully aware of the potential risks.

As research into the long-term effects of drugs prescribed for ADD is still in its early stages. Much more research is still required. Discuss with your doctor the risks and benefits of using their suggested medications on your child.

Physicians still have a very difficult time prescribing medications which they feel will produce beneficial results, so treatment is individualized and usually performed on a trial and error basis. This is very much a ‘hit and miss’ technique.  As such it requires close observation and cooperation between Physician, parents/carers and the child.  This unfortunately, is not an ideal situation. In certain circumstances, with this trial and error system, a child may be taking a cocktail of drugs to treat the side effects of the initial medication, thus creating a domino effect.

Medications don’t cure ADHD, they only control the symptoms on the day they are actually taken.  Although the medications may help the child pay better attention and complete their school work, they do not increase knowledge or improve their academic skills, like some parents have been led to believe.  However, this may just as easily be achieved through behavioural therapy and other
techniques – such as creative teaching methods. It is imperative that you make sure that YOU are educated on all aspects of ADD/ADHD before making a decision on your child’s medication.

The best chances of minimizing any side effects, is to use a natural remedy that is totally free of side effects completely.  Whilst many doctors believe, or admit, these do exist.

Alternative treatments that are available and are currently being used for ADHD are:

Herbal Remedies – Many parents have tried natural remedies as an alternative to psycho-stimulants and other prescription drugs.
Small trials have found that some agents, such as oral flower essence, Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, and Melatonin may have benefited ADHD sufferers.

There are also some Homeopathic remedies which actively target some of the more disruptive symptoms of ADHD and allow the child to concentrate easier. Natural remedies should be considered as a first step ahead of any psychiatric medication. When Natural Remedies are combined with a healthy lifestyle, relevant counselling, and strong dietary control, they have been shown to be effective in helping to alleviate the symptoms of

Dietary Approaches – A number of specialized diets have been created for people suffering with ADHD. Encouragingly various studies have reported improved behaviour with diets that restrict possible allergens.

Parents should discuss the elimination of certain foods with their health care professional or Homeopath or Nutritional expert before restricting the diet of any child.

Meditation Aids –  A technique that uses sound may prove to be an effective tool for increasing children’s attention. It also helps the child control their own brain wave activity.  These sounds may also be specially mixed to improve attention, motor control and certain academic skills.  When used with relaxation it also teaches the child to feel more relaxed, and less fidgety, and more focused.

You can download a free Health Report from which contains information on the suggested Natural Remedy for ADHD in Children. 

Meditation aids can be found at 

About the Author

You can download a Free Health Report which explains ADHD and also contains information on the recommended Natural Remedy for ADHD in Children.

Further information on Meditation can be found here

how to motivate a 16 yr. old boy within the public school sytem?

has been evaluated as adhd of the attentive sort….did well in grammar school and from 6th grade on has gone down hill…I think he is more aspergers syndrom on the mild spectrum. I don’t medicate but have made dietary changes. He has failed all classes in 10th grade, but his computer (98-100). He won’t cooperate with counseling. Talking things away doesn’t matter how long it’s taken away. We have been consistent and can’t inspire him. He won’t do the homework, school just thinks he’s lazy and insubordinate. I’m at a loss. I’ve put three older children through (girls) and they did well. I’m sad that I am failing him. I’m not putting him through any more eval’s so my opinion on the asperger’s is not part of documentation. Any constructive advice would be welcome.
He’s a good kid, but has bucked the system from day one. His social skills are weak and he lacks empathy for others. I don’t mind the repeating of grade just want him to do the work.

I think a lot of the problem may derive from the way you treat him. I don’t mean this in a bad way,it is just that you take him to a bunch of counseling and everything. This may make him feel stupid. Upon feeling stupid, he may decide that he is stupid and therefore does not try anymore. Support him in everything he does. Also, dont compare him to his sisters. When you compare children their self esteem may drop

Nutrition For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD – Educational Video

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Adhd Diet Plans

Monday, March 8th, 2010

adhd diet plans

adhd diet plans

Weight Loss Diet Plans For Real And Steady Results

Regulating Dietary Supplements combined with Lose Weight Fast Diets plus topics on Lose Weight Fast Naturally

A lot of us still lack the discipline to follow a fitness plan on our own. For those need a professional to hold their hands while going on a strict diet plan a natural weight loss clinic is definitely the answer to their problems.

Loosing weight does not get any easier than this. Are you tired of all the weight loss options that just don’t work?

Click here now to see what worked for me >> Natural weight loss that is proven to work >>

Examining the ADHD drug: Straterra. In memory of 14 year old Matthew Smith; 11 year old Stephanie Hall; and 10 year old Shaina Dunkle and other children who have died from the use of psychotropic drugs for ‘ADHD’.

If you are someone who has been struggling to lose weight for a long time then probably you are wondering if anyone else has been able to get rid of their fat bellies and flabby arms. Such anxiousness is only natural and doubts are bound to arise in the mind of someone who has tried almost every available weight loss method out there and is still unsuccessful at achieving his target.

Losing weight can be a tough battle. Losing weight quickly can be even tougher. Here are some quick tips for weight loss that will hopefully help you with your efforts to lose the unwanted pounds.

Read my Acai Berry weight loss story. Having already spent hundreds of dollars on weight reduction programs I had almost quit trying to lose weight using any highly advertised program. I started starving myself but then it hampered my concentration at work place. That was when one of my friends who is an avid TV watcher told me about a wonder fruit called Acai berry.

There are a lot of weight loss drinks on the market and one of the latest to hit the market is Full Life One from Nexagen USA. But this isn’t just a diet drink. It is a totally new concept in dietary supplement drinks that delivers weight management energy boost and total nutritional support all in one. The all-natural formulation takes weight loss drinks to a whole new level thanks to a fresh new twist for the base of the drink.

When we are on a diet we may feel like we are doing all we can and still not getting the results we want. We may feel like we are eating a balanced diet cutting down on calories exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep. Still we may find ourselves frustrated and looking for other answers. Well here are some ways to help boost your metabolism so you can burn more calories and lose that weight you want. This way you can not only look healthier throughout our life but be happier too.

About the Author

Can someoe please help me with the ADHD diet?

Hello. I am a mother of 3 young boys. One of my children recently saw a doctor who said he is sensitive to life:), could have ADHD..It was a crazy visit. Anyhow I have been google searching for weeks on the ADHD diet. I figured what could it hurt to try it. Also something called FEINGOLD? In order to recieve any of the FEINGOLD diet info I must pay 70.00..anyhow, the Adhd diet basically says no cow milk, sweet, fried foods, anything with sweetner of artifical coloring yellow, blue, ect. I am afraid that I am messing up. If I read the diet correctly it seems to me as a low carb diet. Lots of protein, but can I still give him fruits and chesse(cosidering it’s dairy). I just need a correct menu on what to feed him for the first 2 weeks! Anyone with any exact meal plan..Agh it would help so much! Thanks for any answers!

My son is ADHD. I think overall it’s important for your child to have a well balanced diet. At his age, calcium is still very important.

I’ve also seen diet programs that put ADHD children on high fat diets.

Ourselves, we elected to, with the help of our sons doctor and psycologist to proceed with medication. That may not work for your son as well as it as for our own son. There are risks along with the benefits and you have to make the choices that are best for you and your family.

Enjoy this challenge! Seriously, enjoy the challent and rewards of working with a spectacular individual!

ADHD Friendly Foods for Children

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Adhd Fish Oil Supplements

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

adhd fish oil supplements

adhd fish oil supplements

The Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements for Your Brain: Improve Learning, Memory and Mood

This is an odd thing to ask but have you considered the benefits of fish oil supplements to improve your memory, ward off depression and stimulate your learning abilities?

Many people don’t know this but your brain is comprised of 60% fats. Strange but true! And of this fat, approximately half is DHA omega 3.

You are probably aware that omega 3 fatty acids, of which DHA and EPA are the main ones, are key nutrients essential for overall health. Purified fish oil, contained in only the very best supplements, is one of the best sources of these nutrients.

What you may not know is that these nutrients can play a key role in preventing and alleviating a range of brain disorders.

For example, researchers have linked a lack of DHA to depression. It appears that fatty acids are essential for the healthy formation of the brain’s nerve cell membranes and membrane fluidity. Because nerve cell function depends on proper membrane functioning and membrane fluidity, changes in membrane fluidity have a negative effect on behavior, mood and mental function.

Several studies have shown that omega 3s can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease due to their protective function. Memory loss can also be averted by an increase in DHA and EPA consumption.

Babies can benefit too if their mothers take DHA supplements throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The essential fatty acid can stimulate learning abilities and may help to increase the baby’s IQ.

Some parents have reported good results from fish oil for children suffering from ADHD. The role of fatty acids in forming and repairing brain cells may improve brain function and reduce ADHD-related symptoms.

Finally, a recent study has found that teenagers who consume more omega 3s may experience lower rates of hostility.

This is just a quick overview of the benefits of fish oil supplements for the brain. Of course, there are many more areas of health that can be improved by ingesting more omega 3 fatty acids, including heart health, skin disorders and arthritis.

To find out more about the benefits of fish oil supplements, including information about the best ones to buy, visit my website today.

About the Author

Therese Samson promotes natural approaches to health and well-being for the whole family and shares information about the benefits of fish oil supplements and the quality products she uses herself on her website.

Find out about the many ways omega 3 fish oil can improve heart, brain and skin health at Therese’s website,

Would anyone be able to tell me if I’m taking too many pills or too much Omega-3?

I recently started taking flaxseed oil supplements. I have been taking it in the form of 1200 mg capsules twice a day. I just finished my first bottle and it had 100 capsules so if you do the math I’ve been taking them for the past 50 days. I went back to the drugstore, and bought some more, but this time I bought 1200 mg fish oil capsules as well. Is it ok to take flaxseed and fish oil at the same time say maybe 2 of each a day?

The reason I take 2 instead of 3 is because I already take other medications. I take Seorquel and Trileptal at night to sleep and Adderall in the mornings for ADHD. I have read that fish oil is extremely effective for concentration, mental stability and your metabolism amongst other things. Can anyone tell me how much is too much. I just want to make sure I’m not overdoing it. Thanks you all! I appreciate your help.

u r supposed to take one tbsp flax oil per 100 pounds of body weight. not exceeding 2 and a half tablespoons.

The Benefits of Fish Oil: Available at!

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Adhd Fish Oil Dosage

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

adhd fish oil dosage

adhd fish oil dosage

Brain Function::Will Omega-3 Fish Oil Help?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy brain function and development.  Molecularly distilled fish oil, particularly if it is rich in DHA, is the safest and best choice for supplementation.  For strict vegans, the best alternative is marine algae.  Flax seed supplements do not contain DHA.

DHA-Highly Important

For many years, flax seed has been recommended as a vegan alternative to fish oil, but research has now proven that flax seed supplements do not increase levels of DHA in the bloodstream.  It is DHA that is most important to healthy brain function, because it is the most abundant fatty acid found in it.  In addition, it makes up 50% of the membranes surrounding the neurons.

Neurons are sometimes referred to as nerve cells or simply brain cells.  They are responsible for processing and transmitting information.  They are the core components of the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves.  When neurons become damaged or destroyed, they usually cannot be replaced.  It has been estimated that there are 100 billion neurons in the brain, alone.


Diseases that negatively effect brain function are known as “neurologic diseases”, because it is the neurons that are “sick”.  In an Alzheimer’s patient many of the neurons die.  They become choked with plaques and cannot function.  Researchers hope that supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.  


Fish oil supplements are beneficial for people suffering from depression.  It has been noted that DHA levels are very low in people that are depressed.  In cases of severe depression, DHA is practically depleted. 


Numerous research studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial in people with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The drugs that are frequently prescribed for ADHD, depression and similar problems are accompanied by numerous unwanted side effects.  They are addictive substances and people often develop a tolerance to them, requiring that they take larger and larger dosages.  Fish oil is a safer alternative that is not accompanied by unwanted side effects.

Other supplements that support brain function include SAM-e and Bacopa.  The antioxidant curcumin (found in turmeric) is currently being studied for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Any of these nutrients may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.  In fact, any nutrient deficit will cause memory problems, moodiness, irritability and fatigue. For supplement recommendation see my website listed below.

In order to compare quality and insure that you get the greatest benefit, you should carefully read the label.  Total omega-3 fatty acids should be listed, along with the amount of fish oil that is in the capsule.  The DHA content should be listed, as well as the EPA content.  You will notice that most brands contain lots of EPA, but very little DHA.  That’s because fish like herring and sardines contain mostly EPA. 

EPA is one of the important omega-3 fatty acids, but new research indicates that DHA provides most of the benefits.  It may even reduce your risk of cancer.  Healthy brain function is only one of the many benefits that accompany supplementation. For more in-depth information on the benefits of fish oil and other supplements, please visit my website listed below.  Larry L. Taylor


About the Author

Please visit for Larry’s recommended source of Omega-3 Fish Oil and Nutritional Supplements that are guaranteed to be safe and effective. A FREE Health Newsletter is available.

what is the safe amount of fish oil to give a child?

My son is 8 yrs old and has ADHD. He takes 18mg of Strattera every day and I would like to add Fish Oil to that. Anyone know what a safe dosage is? Of course, I will follow up with my doctor as well.

Fish oil is just a fat, put in pill form. It is a fat proven to have many health benefits but I’m not sure if treating ADHD is one of them. As being just a fat, a gram or two a day won’t do any harm (that’s 1 or two 1,000 mg pills).

My bigger question is why do you feel that supplements will be a benefit to his treatment? Have you tried other remedies such as counseling?

MOXXOR Jeremy Harris, Tim Healey 07 Greenlip Mussel Oil Omega 3 Antioxidant EPA DHA

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Add Vitamin Supplements

Monday, January 25th, 2010

add vitamin supplements

What’s a good vitamin supplement for my fish?

I feed my fish frozen brine shrimp all the time. I’d like to add vitamins to it so it’s more nutritious, but I don’t know which one to get? I don’t like buying fish food (flakes, pellets, etc) because of all the preservatives and additives. I feel like they’ll build up in the fish’s body (since it’s a main part of their diet) and give them cancer!


[affmage source=”clickbank” results=”10″add vitamin supplements[/affmage]

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Adhd Dha

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

adhd dha

ADHD Supplement DHA/Omega 3’s, 6’s question?

Do any of you give your kids who have ADHD certain supplements?

I’ve been reading that kids with ADHD tend to lack in Omega 3’s and 6’s and DHA and they should receive this supplement daily.

Anyone know anything about this?

My 14 year old daughter has ADHD,I give her omega tablets everyday.I like to think they work and the give away that makes me keep giving them to her, is that before she was diagnosed with having ADHD (last year very late diagnosis as she has the predominately male symptoms and her behaviour was ignored for most of her school life) I gave her and her siblings a regular dose of omegas as a health benefit.I then withdrew the tablets after a few months….after 3 weeks the only one of my children to notice a difference was my daughter,she said they made her calmer and more able to concentrate,so maybe there is something to be said for them helping children with ADHD.

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Natural Supplements For Adhd

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

natural supplements for adhd

natural supplements for adhd

Searching Out Natural Cures for Adhd

Whether you are concerned for a child who has been recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or you are slowly realizing that you may be an adult who suffers from the same, you will find that there is a lot of information out there on natural cures for ADHD. Not terribly long ago, Ritalin and other drugs in that family were prescribed almost unilaterally across the board for this condition, but given the fact that the long term results of the drugs are not known, more and more people are looking for natural treatments for ADHD.

When you are thinking about finding natural cures for ADHD, you’ll find that one of the first factors that you are going to need to address is diet. Recent research has shown that people with ADHD respond very well to changes in their diet, and the younger the person suffering from the disorder, the better they do. Essentially, though there are many specific diets that are meant to treat ADHD specifically, you will find that you can do quite well simply eating more whole grains, fresh greens, fruits and lean meats. There is a fair amount of research that states that preservatives in foods and too much complex carbohydrates are not necessarily good for people who suffer from ADHD.

One important factor of looking into diet when searching for natural treatments for ADHD would be essential fatty acids. For some people, this is the main factor that they need to address when they are looking to cure ADHD naturally. You will find that you can eat foods that contain these acids or you can find good supplements that will provide you with the same.

Among the natural cures for ADHD, you’ll discover that one that is mentioned repeatedly is the elimination of excessive sugars from the diet. The truth is that sugars, specifically ones that have been over processed, can make ADHD worse. The problem with too much refined sugar in the diet is that it will give the sufferer a burst of energy that abruptly tapers off. The highs that the sugars provide contrast strongly with the lows that happen afterwards, and this can put a great deal of stress on the body.

If you are curious about finding natural treatments for ADHD, you’ll discover that there are also certain deficiencies that can go with this disorder and which can make it worse. One such deficiency is magnesium, and along with ADHD, you’ll find that symptoms include restlessness, anxiety, irritability, and depression. These are all symptoms that you are likely to see in people who suffer from ADHD as well, and treating a magnesium deficiency through supplements and diet is an important thing to consider.

Finding natural cures for ADHD that will work for you or your child can be a little time consuming, but the truth is that many people find it rewarding. Take some time and really consider what your options are going to be; chances are, you can relieve the symptoms of ADHD or even get rid of them entirely through a little bit of experimentation and observation.

About the Author

Diana is a Natural Health Consultant and is taking classes to earn a certificate in herbalism. Her website, Natural Health and Herbal Remedies, offers the knowledge, insights and experiences she has gained from her journey into the world of natural health and her quest to share it with others. Learn more about Natural Cures For ADHD at her website.

Does anyone know?

what is a good natural supplement for childrens ADHD? Something I can buy at the health food store that really works for calming.

Please consult http//

It contains a list of naturalsupplements for childrens’ ADHD. These are generally reported to be working well. You can choose.

Psychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen prefers natural treatments

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Food

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder food

Do you think a Gluten free (flour free) diet is healthier for kids?

It is now being reported that 1 in every 80 children worldwide has a diagnosis of Celiac disease and is allergic to wheat flour or any other type of flour found in breads, cereals, cakes, pasta, and in cookies, etc… Autistic children are now being placed on this diet as well, and are drastically recovering from their autism along with oxygen therapy. Do you think that celiac disease and Hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder is the cause of flour or gluten filled foods? Thanks for your answers. If you are a parent, would you consider putting your children on a gluten free diet knowing the worldwide statistics of how many children suffer from epilepsy, chrones disease of the large intestine associated with gluten, and other serious disorders? Why or why not? Thanks for your answers.

I’m unable to say categorically that a gluten free diet is good for everyone, including kids, as it appears there are people who do not have any problems with it (though of course it may just be that we aren’t aware of them). It is very expensive, though, and extremely difficult to police – at school, gluten is in every lunch box, on every plate in the canteen, and in most of the sweets at the tuck shop. So unless you believe that your kids are suffering from some of the symptoms linked to gluten (which are many and varied), it probably isn’t worth doing.

On the other hand, you mention add/adhd – and there are people who say that a gluten free diet helps with this. Autism often responds to a gluten and casein free diet. If you child is suffering from any of these difficulties, it’s definitely worth trying one or other of these diets for a few weeks to see what happens.

Apart from celiac disease (where the tests are still not 100% accurate) there is no test for gluten intolerance. The only way to find out if there is an intolerance is to cut the food for at least 3 weeks to get it out of your system, then challenge by reintroducing it at all 3 meals on a single day to see what happens.

Food Additives and ADHD – New Study

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Adhd Elimination Diet

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

adhd elimination diet

adhd elimination diet

Diet For Attention Deficit Disorder – Five Simple Strategies

Are you at risk of becoming insane because of your ADHD child? Apart from the question of ADHD meds, you know that the old adage ‘you are what you eat’ is true but how on earth do you find the time to put it into practice. Here are five simple strategies which can change your child’s diet for attention deficit disorder (ADHD) without going crazy in the process.

1. Forget Feingold diet and other elimination diets. There are too many restrictions in the first and there is too much difficulty in the second! Feingold does not allow fruit which I and lots of nutritionists disagree with, so the first strategy is to pile up on fruits and vegetables in whatever form you like. Smoothies, soups, and whatever!

2. Get rid of all the processed food which is full of additives, colourings and pesticides and all sorts of toxins. There is enough evidence out there, believe me, which says that this rubbish ruins concentration and hypes up kids so that they are hyperactive. That means going organic when you can but without making it a big deal. Most diets for attention deficit disorder make a big deal of this and say you have to bake your own bread!

3. Either buy and serve lots of fish and serve it up. If you cannot buy fish, or you hate the smell, then buy a good Omega 3 and Omega 6 supplement or fish oil supplement. These are also called essential fatty acids (EFAs) and they are just great for brain function. A daily dose of 400 mg is enough. Flax oil comes into this category and without making a big fuss, just put it into the smoothies you prepare for the kids. If you do like fish and the kids do as well, it is better to avoid the fish which have high levels of mercury. These are swordfish, shark, and mackerel.

4. Reduce the level of glucose and try and increase protein. The child’s brain needs a steady supply of glucose throughout the day. In practical terms, that means having smaller regular meals throughout the day and favouring protein snacks with nuts and whole grains over the carbohydrates, ice cream and chocolate snacks. Discover your health food shops and buy snacks with nuts and other goodies there.

5. Get a good source of multivitamins – this will cover all the things you haven’t fed the whole family with. I go for one which contains Gingko Biloba as well because I know that research on that one says that it really helps the brain .

Finally get the whole family in on this diet for attention deficit disorder – there are no great changes so if you introduce these gradually over time, nobody will notice.Well, you will notice because your ADHD child will be calmer and even lovable again! A diet for attention deficit disorder is not going to cure your child but it really does help and everybody in the family will be healthier as well.

The other thing which probably keeps you awake at night is what sort of ADHD medication you should go for. The side effects of the ADHD psychostimulants are often so severe ( weight loss, irritability, anxiety, listlessness etc) that your child has to take other medications to combat these side effects. This is ridiculous! Why not find peace of mind by going for ADHD natural cures which are not going to turn your child into a zombie ? Make an informed choice – the link below will open your eyes!

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

Could someone please share their experiences with leaky gut?

I have been on an elimination diet for about a month and a half now in hopes of curing Leaky Gut and Adrenal fatigue, and I do not feel any different at all. I suffer from profound depression, ADHD, insomnia and chronic sinusitis among other things. I’ve heard that most people feel better right away and I’m starting to lose hope. I have been dealing with this my whole life so I’m naturally, very sceptical about the whole thing. Any miraculous recovery stories?

I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut and Adrenal Fatigue last March. The things that have worked best for me is taking tumeric capsules, MSM, and drinking George’s Aloe Vera Juice. All three of these heal the gut and they are oh so soothing. I’ve not really changed my diet too much, I still eat sweets and such but doing these things has helped tremendously. I am now in the process of ingesting bentonite clay (calcium) in hopes of detoxing my digestive system of candida, in which I think is throughout my whole system. The truth of the matter is it takes time to heal a lifetime of damage BUT you will feel better. Good luck and God Bless!

Feel Better with the 4 Steps of Nutrition

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Fish Oil Supplements For Adhd

Friday, December 11th, 2009

fish oil supplements for adhd

fish oil supplements for adhd

The Truth About “Small” Fish Oil Supplements for “Big” Health Problems

It is unbelievable yet true that fish oil supplements have tremendous benefits to health. But despite the numerous reviews that were already written regarding this wonder supplements, there are still many benefits that the public doesn’t know about. In fact, these not-so-popular good effects of fish oils are the big ones the public should keep an eye for; since these effects deals more on the big health issues and little do we know, that these fish oils that comes in small packages can solve these big health threats.

First, here is some information that may leave you in awe: The brain is made up of 60% fat, and half of that fat is DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids, a kind of fat derived mostly from fish oil. So it is just rational to think that when it comes to disorders relating to the human brain, fish oil supplements can contribute a lot in alleviating those conditions. This is just a simple premise that most people tend to ignore.

So what are these big health threats? What are these benefits from fish oil that very few people know? Here are some:


People with chronic depression can lessen their low moods by taking fish oil supplements. The reason behind this is that the brain conducts messages through a “highway” covered with DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Fish oil can supply the necessary fat needed to help brain’s nerve cell to communicate with each other more effectively. In fact, a research on depressed people who took regular amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in a 5 year period had lesser bouts of depression than those who did not.

Eating Disorders

The incidence of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa has been constantly increasing within the past few years and up to now; there is no “gold” medicine to cure these rampant disorders. Recently, a study revealed that people with eating disorders tend to have lower than normal levels of essential fatty acids (DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids included.) And in a follow up research done, Anorexic and Bulimic patients who were given fish oil supplement experienced hastened recovery and lessened the bulimic incidents.

Bipolar Disorders

A research was done with 30 bipolar people who were given EPA and DHA (found in fish oil supplement.) for four months. And together with their usual mood stabilizers, these people reported to have experienced lesser mood attacks and decrease recurrence of depression-mania cycle. This can be attributed to the benefits of fish oil to nerve impulse conductivity and brain chemicals.


Another dreaded psychological problem, Schizoprenia may benefit from Omega 3 Fatty Acids from fish oils. Although it is not to be considered as a cure for the disease itself, fish oils can help schizophrenic patients with their symptoms. An on going study about the benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in fish oil have initially suggested that these wonder supplements help in lessening the degree and frequency of symptoms related to Schizoprenia.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Prevalent among children, ADHD is becoming more and more rampant within our population. And since it requires a complex and expensive combination of drugs and therapies to improve this condition, many have already studied different alternatives to the traditional medication. One of the alternatives experts are looking into is fish oil for its Omega 3 Fatty Acids content.

A study concluded that children with ADHD who have lower Omega 3 Fatty Acids tends to experience more tantrums and learning difficulties than those who have normal levels. The reason behind this is that low Omega 3 Fatty Acids means low serotonin and dopamine levels. These two neurotransmitters are attributed to attention span, focus and motivation.

These are just few “big” disorders that a “small” fish oil supplements can help treat. There are also ongoing researches on the benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in fish oil in relation to Autism, Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus, Panic, Stress, and Multiple Sclerosis.

Do yourself a favour and get more information and tips from my Omega 3 DHA fish oil supplements site so that you can take timely action to completely avoid various health threats including the ones mentioned above.

About the Author

Rajagopalan has learned early in life the critical importance of a omega 3 fish oil supplements to minimize health risks and maximize healthy living. There are too many fish oil supplements that he has found to be very expensive but do not deliver on results. To learn about the product that he has finally found to be most effective but at the same time least expensive, head over to ==>

Staying focused on tasks.?

My therapist and I have discussed the possibility that I may have ADHD. My grandfather has it and he’s struggled to maintain focus on projects and goals his whole life, as have I. I am a very ‘high energy’ person who has a lot of trouble sitting still for long periods of time. I’m currently in college and pursuing double degrees in English and Nursing, and I am struggling tremendously with focusing on homework, studying, and preparing for exams/papers. Are there any suggestions on how I can help myself improve? I’ve tried making to-do lists, exercising on a daily basis, eating healthier foods, taking vitamins and minerals, fish oil, energy and focus supplements, trying different study techniques.. etc.. Sometimes I get a little results but its still VERY frustrating and taking a toll on my college career.

Any advice would be tremendously helpful.

Thanks a lot!

I’ve also always had problems focusing on tasks that don’t interest me enough, I’m not a high energy person though so Idk if it’s ADD.

The Best Fish Oil Supplement For Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Heart Health

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Nutritional Supplements For Adhd

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

nutritional supplements for adhd

Salient Features Of The Best Brain Nutritional Supplements

There are many brain nutritional supplements available in the market, amongst all of them omega 3 brain supplements are the best and most effective ones. This is because these supplements are rich in DHA omega-3 fatty acid, most vital of all types of omega3 fats. Studies have proven that more than 30% of brain is made is made of polyunsaturated DHA omega3 fat. It is also proven that deficiency of essential DHA fat could result in various conditions like Autism, Dyslexia, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, etc.

Since, body cannot produce DHA on its own, omega 3 brain nutritional supplements are absolutely necessary for each one of us to keep our brain healthy.

Like any other product, there are tons of omega-3 brain nutritional supplements available in the market. With each claiming to be best, it is very hard to find one that is most effective. Below are two parameters, you can use to lay your hands on the best.

1. DHA content As we just saw, brain constitutes of large amount of DHA. Therefore, for proper growth and development of brain, the supplement should have high amount of DHA present in it. Fish is the rich source of DHA; therefore, fish oil supplements are better than other omega3 supplements like flaxseed.

It is recommended that 1000mg of fish oil should at least have 250 mg of DHA.

2. Purity Think for yourself that what good a product is if it is full of toxins. Nobody wants to have any supplement if it has harmful chemicals like mercury, arsenic, lead, etc. Therefore, purity of the oil is the most important criteria. Fish oil can have impurities because of fish caught from polluted ocean water. Therefore, oil should undergo proper refining processes to filter out all the unwanted and harmful chemicals. Impure oil can result in upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Molecular distilled supplements are the purest and of pharmaceutical grade quality.

Now, that you know how to judge the quality of omega 3 brain nutritional supplements, picking up the best will be a piece of cake for you. Protection of heart from heart attacks and strokes, increased immunity levels, prevention of breast, colon and prostate cancer, low cholesterol and blood pressure are few other added advantages of taking omega3 brain supplement. This supplement also helps in reducing inflammation and pain in conditions like Arthritis, Psoriasis, etc.

To learn more on high DHA, pure and fresh omega3 fish oil brain nutritional supplements, visit my website Omega 3 Brief today.

About the Author

Chuck Blake is an active researcher and consumer of fish oil products.Visit his website today to learn more about the powerful benefits of omega-3 fish oils.

Are there any natural treatments for ADD or ADHD?

I suspect I may have a minor case of ADD, but I don’t have health insurance so I can’t get checked out by an MD. Are there any safe nutritional supplements, mental exercises, or other remedies that can assist with symptoms? Thanks.

Yes; check out sections 22 – 25, on ADD/ADHD, at Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily: (certified free of mercury) it is best if consumed with an antioxidant, such as an orange, or grapefruit, or their FRESHLY SQUEEZED juice. If vitamin E is added, it should be certified as being 100% from natural sources, or it may be synthetic: avoid it. Minimise sugar & highly processed grains. I don’t recommend homeopathy; section 81 refers.

The One Minute Cancer Cure-Natural Cure For Cancer

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Adhd Food Additives

Monday, November 30th, 2009

adhd food additives

adhd food additives

Adhd Causes Symptoms Information With Treatment

ADHD is caused by changes in brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. These chemicals help send messages between nerve cells in the brain. The neurotransmitter dopamine (pronounced: doe -puh-meen), for example, stimulates the brain’s attention centers. ADHD arises from a combination of various genes, many of which affect dopamine transporters. Dopamine transporter levels that indicate ADHD, but the brain’s ability to produce dopamine itself .The estimated contribution of non genetic factors to the contribution of all cases of ADHD is 20 percent. The few environmental factors implicated fall in the realm of biohazards and include alcohol, tobacco smoke, and lead poisoning. Complications during pregnancy and birth-including premature birth -might also play a role. It has been observed that women who smoke while pregnant are more likely to have children with ADHD. This could be related to the fact than nicotine is known to cause hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in utero , but it could also be that ADHD women have more probabilities to smoke both in general and during pregnancy, being more likely to have children with ADHD due to genetic factors. Children who live in old buildings in which lead still exists in the plumbing or in lead paint that has been painted over may be at risk. Attention disorders are caused by refined sugar or food additives, or that symptoms of ADHD are exacerbated by sugar or food additives.

Causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Common Causes and Risk factors of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder :



Brain Injury.

Food Additives and Sugar.

Genetic factors.

Protein deficiency

Signs and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Common Sign and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder





Forgetfulness in daily activities.

Fidgeting or squirming.

Difficulty remaining seated.

Excessive running or climbing.

Difficulty playing quietly.

Treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Common Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD is treated most effectively, and cost efficiently, with medication ( dexedrine ,dextrostat,metadate ER and Ritalin ).

Psychotherapy is another option for ADHD.

Avoiding smoking, alcohol, and drugs during pregancy may help prevent a higher risk of developing ADHD or similar behaviour in offspring

Stimulants are the best-known treatments – they’ve been used for more than 50 years in the treatment of ADHD.

Use a chart to list goals and track positive behaviors, then reward your child’s efforts. Be sure the goals are realistic.

About the Author

Juliet Cohen writes health articles for diseases and disorders. She also writes articles on women beauty tips.

Does Red # 40 and Yellow # 5 cause hyperactivity in preschoolers?

My 3 1/2 year old son is having problems in preschool due to hyperactivity.
This is his first time in a structured school environment, and is having trouble adjusting.
He is a very bright little boy, knows letter, numbers, shapes..actually helps the teacher teach his peers.

My husband and I have been doing some research, and have read that there may be a link between hyperactivity and the additive Red #40 and Yellow#5.
We are starting to remove items with this additive from his diet. It is amazing all the foods that you think are healthy for a child, which contain these additives!!!
Has anyone Had sucess with such a strategy?
Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
We DO NOT want to have him labled or put on medications at this age, as his mind is still developing.
Also, as they can not test for ADHD before the age of 6, we are looking for some real advice.

Thanks Muchly,


Red#40 has been proven to (amoung other things), yellow #5 I don’t believe I have ever read a study that would suggest that

Hyperactivity ADHD the Secret

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