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Adhd Cure

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

adhd cure

adhd cure

Is the treatment of ADHD or not? What is it?

To be treated are often used in prescription medications online. Ritalin and other stimulant ADHD drugs have sparked a great deal of controversy. Often seen as a 'quick fix' for ease of which they are prescribed to treat symptoms. The underlying cause of ADHD. People often feel that by researching alternatives to the drugs they are in some way neglected their teen or loved one, and is harmful to their health. Ironically, the side effects of these drugs. Can seriously endanger the health of individuals. In fact, examining the possible side effects and long-term effects of the drug have almost certainly been viewed as an act of love. Awareness. Yourself in a prescription drug used to treat ADHD is essential if you want to provide the safest treatment for yourself or your loved ones. There are some problems in the use of force. Stimulation in the treatment of ADHD in adults. Stimulating substances, and it is not uncommon for adults. (Including adolescents) with ADHD have or will have problems with substance abuse. Short-acting. Stimulation may wear off quickly, and since adult patients manage their medications. But often have problems with your consistency can be a problem with the drug for several days. While there is a place for medication in some cases, of increasing the careful consideration must be made about the possible side effects. (Mihmnwnmak!) and precautions. There is also an alternative solution for ADD and ADHD is a simple change in diet,. Sleep, exercise and routine can help. Even try to relate how much more like a combination of therapeutic relaxation. Such as advice, techniques, meditation or yoga can be beneficial. There are also herbs and homeopathic treatment can help a lot of unity,. Health, and the balance of the system. In the brain and nervous system without side effects or sedation. These products are known for their work in support of the brain,. Nervous system and circulatory health and well-being. While reducing or eliminating the symptoms of ADHD adults. You may get more details on these changes here.

Brain Mapping: A Cure for ADHD/ADD?

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Natural Adhd Help

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

natural adhd help

I have a son who acts ADHD. We did not stick to him. meds, does anyone know a natural way to calm him?

He was only 5 and full of energy. Any natural remedies. It works. I need ideas or help. Super Nanny! So he did not go out and play and time to go out and play spanking does not work. He does not get brown and … Now what?

Hello, there is a difference between being "full of energy" and is ADHD. Either way, I agree with you that it is not the answer. Please check out Dr. Thomas. Phelan's 1-2-3 Magic is a great program. There are good books out there about natural remedies for children with ADHD. Often this can be a part of you that desperate for attention and lack of exercise. Exercise Try to be as positive as possible. Let's get him "a success" that you can mark down what he is good to brush each tooth,. Cat food, shut the door gently, and so on. This inconsistency can be difficult, so when these children. If you get into a routine and stick to it, he may resist at first. It is comfortable in his time. Some studies have suggested that ADHD children's behavior is bad by-products like wheat. I understand that there is no "magic cure". It is going to take time and patience, and Dedicated, but you can do it. It is a combination of a positive impact on the food and the experience and infrastructure. Please do not slap this child. It will encourage the "wildness". And it might spark violence. And try to focus on the positive, not negative. Taking what is deleted. How about. basketing all but his favorite toys and try to "catch him" a good man. When you catch him being good, you can let them choose toys that are different. …. Or a bag of stickers work well. You can print out "caught being good" certificate and start plastering. Wall with them, or at the front door to let everyone know what he was doing his so good! He wanted to get it positive instead of negative. …

ADHD help – Natural ADHD solutions: Interview with Sam Hoath

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Natural Adhd Cures

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

natural adhd cures

natural adhd cures

Did you know that in any way the nature of heat. / Learning helps ADHD disabled / Concentration problems?

I heard that caffeine can help to focus Heart … and regular exercise can reduce hyperactivity.

Home Remedy Secrets: Conclusion

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Adhd Natural Treatment

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

adhd natural treatment

ADHD treatment that you think that nature and help?

ADHD natural treatment that you are using and help.

Never used any.

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Natural Adhd Remedies For Children

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

natural adhd remedies for children

natural adhd remedies for children

Hubby is 55 yrs & just found out he has ADHD since childhood.?

Are there any natural remedies for this. The prescriptions given to him have not helped. Still cannot focus, very short attention span, angry, very forgetful. Now realizes why he had so many problems as a child. Also, needs help in how to cope with this problem. If anyone has any info on this please help.
thanks and God Bless YOU

Go on line and research herbal rememdies for ADHD. Also, is it possible that you just haven’t found the right combination of perscription drugs for your husband yet? Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error. My son is Bipolar and ADHD and we have been through many medication changes over the years. He is currently on Adderall and Risperdal and it seems pretty effective.

Do Homeopathy Treatments For Children with ADHD Work?

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Adhd Remedies

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

adhd remedies

Natural remedies for ADHD?

Has anyone ever tried anything holistic for ADHD? If so, which products work best?
Yeah, well I’m not planning on giving my 4 year old weed.
I should also note that I am not open to discussing stimulants or other meds, just natural suggestions thank you.

Adderall works! I guess that’s not a ‘natural remedy’ though. I’d rather take a prescription than suffer through life with ADHD though…

Bach Flower Remedies for Adult ADHD :: Cures Treatment Medication

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Adhd Naturally

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

adhd naturally

adhd naturally

Are some diseases really just ways of coping?

Are some mental disorders like depression, adhd, ocd, eating disorders, anxiety problems and others really just ways of coping with our modern world today? Would we have these if we lived naturally?
*Not trying to offend anyone, just curious, because I have gotten diagnosed with a few of these but I feel it’s really me trying to cope with the craziness of modern life.

Sure, very possible. Probable in many cases. You do have a choice to select a gentler simpler way of life with no TV and no internet and no hassles of making ends meet. There are still quite a few communal places in this country where people just get together and live. They grow food, make clothes, and hang out.

Dr Whiting on Controlling ADHD Naturally

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Adhd Add Natural Remedy Report

Friday, April 1st, 2011

adhd add natural remedy report

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Adhd Natural Remedy

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

adhd natural remedy

Did you know that natural remedies or vitamins that will help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drug, cocaine is also how

As stated earlier vitamin And herbal treatment, and changes in the diet can greatly help , Eyes to help with this imbalance. It's hard for me to recommend a remedy to try. If you want to try this route. You can contact Dr. Soul answers. (Free advice is required) or go to. (they are homeopaths registered with the state in their website.)

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Natural Adhd Treatments

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

natural adhd treatments

natural adhd treatments

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Adhd Natural Therapy

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

adhd natural therapy

Adults with ADHD meds are not addictive? What about natural treatment or therapy?

I am an adult who has ADHD and He now takes no medication and is doing well. He is a strange character. แต่ฉันสามารถอยู่กับว่า! He has been on Ritalin, he felt he needed it for. But never stick to it. I want to. Are more likely to try to change the food and learn how to manage the condition more than suppress. But I think everyone is an individual and what works for one may not run again. Good luck to him at his parents are. very clued up and are able to provide adequate support, he has grown up so that he can handle when I taught a boy with ADHD come from backgrounds that are not very good. Not such a good start. I am afraid to think that some of them to cope in the future. It is not something like a life sentence and can be opened to your advantage if you have the means. เพื่อให้โชคดีกับคุณ!

Can ADHD be cured naturally?

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Natural Adhd Treatment For Children

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

natural adhd treatment for children

natural adhd treatment for children

Is a natural treatment for children with ADHD?

Tons of them you care. … I have ADHD as children … Rich I know some. The web … … to this place

Adhd: Natural Treatment

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Natural Adhd Diet

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

natural adhd diet

natural adhd diet

Food ADHD – this is another Urban Legend?

Food ADHD? Distracted mother thought it was good just another fashion. hyped up by media and medical community. Maybe some diet and cookbook authors to make money for food. ADHD! Well here a few facts, the record here

Over here in Europe Member of the European Parliament, we are not free. By law they have certain color food. colorings () is a color Southampton should be banned from children '. Food just because they "might affect the activities and interests of children. These people are the label. E is the E102 and E110 as they are known by the more interesting. Names such as Sunset Yellow and Carmoisine in the UK most of Food companies (including McDonalds!) Represents the color of these healthy alternatives. British Parliament did not pass laws about food. ADHD is!

There are many snack foods are still young and artificial objects. (MSG, etc.), and colorings, even Europe. And recommendations of the British volunteers at this time. Eventually, they hope not to enforce the end. 2009.

I know of parents who actually removed all This food processing and baking bread in her organic food as much as she could. Do you have breakfast cereal they provide fast, high Children's rights, but later reduced the glucose level. Eggs are a good bet breakfast The first thing you have left is red. (Red # 40) and then you have all the other changes. Other ADHD children gradually she improved little. Distracted and kicking and screaming on the carpet is of the past. Hyperactivity and the attention she lessened her up. ADHD is her food and so easy.

Is very small. And only one case. But combined with the fact that the European Parliament from the results of this diet would be the way to go. Nutritional balance. Food is what you're looking for food. ADHD and you do not have to worry about anything else. Stay away from processed food is high, while the key to setting fruit. Include vegetables and white meat. This treatment. ADHD does not affect the natural appetite of the child is the right to help children. ADHD one of the side effects of
target = "_new" psychostimulants> like Strattera, Ritalin and Risperdal is that parents lose appetite and weight loss can be frightening for All this can be avoided. By going to treat ADHD naturally and following a few rules. dieting easy.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

It is white bread made the problem of interest in my son.

My son is 6 years will be tested. ADHD children, but he did not bounce off the walls, but. Energetic, he has a concentration span approximately 15 seconds and is struggling at school because He has too much junk food, well not many fruits and vegetables. They love, kissy and hugged him and we are very interested. We will try to natural expansion of his interests before we receive any medication. If we use other meds I think you can help out the white bread? What other foods should be removed with white?

Have you ever heard of his diagnosis? I just that this year my 6 was the official diagnosis. 6 months ear with hearing loss in A difference between what is raised each ear, he is just lost interest. / Confused easily, but he said that the audiologist. ADHD / ADD children who experience a loss of hearing . That said, yes, you need to get him out most processed foods and sugar. This includes white bread, most cereals. yogurts taste, start with snacks and all HFCS, hydrogenated oils / hydrogenated partially replace flour, sugar, chemical-rich dairy, meat processing normally issued. Food, etc. For his nature be homemade / most. MIL My feed and now a half-brother of my husband. (9 years), he very good (more relaxed. calmer, etc) at their house. And that his mother that he ate fast food almost. (All day do not ask me why. But she does not feed the opposite of what you do not. ex – she even nutritionist will agree with my sister). . In addition, he looked that good sleep Lack of sleep the children lack concentration hyper / good What can interfere with sleeping around. (Stop breathing while etc are) and would affect the overall health of Fortunately both of you.

The Ideal Blood Pressure Diet

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Natural Adhd Cure

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

natural adhd cure

How to treat ADHD / ADD?

internet is the best treatment or peace. If it is ADHD drugs and should I get from what I see in Natural ADHD Cure is not about the question of whether or not I was going to help me and can do.

Meds used to treat ADHD / increase stimulation. Such as ritalin adderall and dexedrine dopamine low and then add them ฟ Prince in brain The drug will not add conditions and is only a temporary solution to the problem. They are dangerous in the long run. And insanely addicting. To other treatment. ADHD / meds not add a fish oil omega. 3, L – tyrosine, vitamin B, L – theanine and Ginkgo concentrate and I have used many of these supplements. I still get help. adderall and must take the time now when it's really important as a test or something. low and then increased tyrosine dopamine in the brain ฟ Prince with the help of vitamin b effect of theanine in me as quiet. ritalin to calm my mind, but let me focus on results. .. What's good! Fish oil well in focus and drive back. .. They are great to add mood and reduce anxiety. Finally, a large gingko-oriented development. I took it when I have to make jobs difficult. From us9ing supplement these and you will see your ADHD / disppear immediately try to balance the use supps these meds meds and not just because it will throw you off balance. And try to close the ADHD / med and add more to the poor condition your .. I know from experince – In addition to magnesium and zinc that are low in ADHD / more victims. Try a supplement with these good . And that treatment homeopathic dont work .. Because they make a mistake. They do not have the same feelings with you. med ADHD, such as adderall or ritalin and thats why people like the euphoria .. Because .. if you actually want to relax. And resolve to actually edit. homeopathic works great.

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Natural Adhd Relief

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

natural adhd relief

What are some natural ways to treat ADHD?

I’ve been off concerta for 4 days now, and things have improved A LOT! My mood is better, I haven’t had any shortness of breath, I’ve been sleeping much easier. However, I have been extremely lazy and such. I’ve read tea is an excellent natural “drug.” What are other ways to combat it?

There have actually been a lot of studies that have shown that Fish Oil can help with ADD/ADHD. It seems too simple, and that may be one reason it wasn’t really looked at closely for this, but I wasn’t surprised it would help when I thought about it. The EPA and DHA in Fish Oil help with all sorts of things including heart health, skin health, and brain health. There was a good article at that covers some of this as well.
Give it a try… it’s economical, safe, and easy. Just make sure that the company you get it from uses Molecular Distillation because that’s currently the only safe way to remove any trace contaminants of any heavy metals. Of course, if you aren’t sure about the dosage or the benefits, you may want to consult with a holistic doctor, as they may have other additional options available to them.

There are also a lot of people who have found some relief from limiting sugar, artificial colors/flavorings, and going with less (or no) processed food to take away those possible causes as well. From research I’ve done, Fish Oil tends to help more, but both work even better together. Good luck and I hope I helped!

[edit]: How does my job with a vitamin company make my answer invalid? If your mechanic told you about a great new part for your car that could greatly improve your fuel mileage, would his job as your mechanic make his advice invalid? I gave a link that specifically shows proof of Fish Oil giving benefits and another answer verifies what I said… it sounds like thready is either overly skeptical or is jaded because he hasn’t found something that worked well enough for him.
I’m sincerely sorry you haven’t found something to work, but I would really suggest trying Fish Oil for just one month and see if it helps. If nothing else, it costs you all of $5 for something that might change your life.

Natural Treatments for Sinusitis

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Adhd Natural Remedies

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

adhd natural remedies

adhd natural remedies

How To Treat Adhd (Attention Deficit Disorder) With Natural Remedies!

Attention Deficit Disorder [ADHD] is a common disorder of children. The children suffering from this disorder need special care and attention of their parents, guardians, or teachers. These children exhibit symptoms of hyper-activity and often show poor progress in school studies because they are unable to concentrate.

ADHD requires comprehensive treatment and natural remedies are found to be an effective treatment for controlling and completely curing such diseases. The natural remedies of ADHD have no side effect less and also don’t hamper the growth of the kids.
However, to play safe consulting a doctor once before trying any of the natural remedies is recommended.

Mentioned below are a few Natural Remedies for ADHD:

Fish oil is a reliable source for omega-3 fatty acid and is a beneficial nutrient that helps in developing the brain of children. Daily intake of Fish Oil can help to cure ADHD.

ADHD affected children should be given plenty of water to drink on regular daily basis. Proper hydration of body and brain cells brings a natural balance in their behavior and reduces intensity of ADHD disorder

Inclusion of flaxseed in the regular diet of ADHD affected children help to control their hyperactivity.

ADHD affected children can be given coffee sometimes as it stimulates the brain & improves their concentration level. However regular drinking of coffee may not be a good idea because children have a sensitive digestive system.

The children affected with ADHD disorder should limit their sugar intake. Due to some unknown reasons, sugar aggravates the problem and complications of ADHD in children.

Boron is an essential element, which ensures normal functioning of brain and central nervous system. Daily inclusion of boron helps in combating ADHD Disorder. Almond, apricot, banana, beans, broccoli, celery, dates, and grapes are reliable source of boron.

Herbal remedy of primrose oil is helpful for the natural treatment of ADHD. The herbal therapists opine that this gentle remedy improves general memory and perception power and also improves the intelligence levels of the affected children.

The herbal supplement of passion flower helps in controlling the hyperactive nature of ADHD children. The regular use of this herbal supplement provides adequate rest to the hyper active child and also doesn’t have any harmful sedative effects.

Herbal supplement of skullcap is another efficient natural remedy for ADHD disorder. Regular use of this natural remedy reduces irritation, headache, restlessness, etc. and provides good behavioral balance in the hyper- active children.

About the Author

RA Lovegrove MD – GoHerbal Ltd Copyright – RA Lovegrove ©2010 US/Worldwide Suppliers of Natural Remedies and Herbal remedies. Our full range of adhd treatment and homeopathic remedies are registered with FDA

Are There any natural remedies??????

Are there any natural known remedies for low testosterone as I have been diagnosed with such and think its why I have no energy on a daily basis,but I also take alot of medications for bi-polar and adhd up to and including lithium,celexa,xanax,welbutrin,and a blood pressure medication lisinopryl please help as I am trying to find a job and want to at least seem ambitious.

Because low testosterone can reflect a problem with the testes, simply increasing your iodine level or your cholesterol level may correct the problem. Low iodine causes this problem because iodine is needed in the testes, but also because it can give a hypothyroid condition which as a secondary effect causes many neurological and mental problems.
A natural remedy for low iodine is kelp, but you may need to have B complex vitamins to store and use the iodine.

Of course low cholesterol means you do not have the base material from which testosterone is produced. You can increase cholesterol levels fairly quickly by consuming cream or egg yolks, provided you are not also taking medication to lower your cholesterol.

If you have had low cholesterol for a prolonged period it can take a long time to get testosterone production back up, I mean years.
There is bio-identical testosterone cream that gives you immediate recovery… with a but. If you use them this will turn off production of testosterone in your testes. Again restoring testes production can be slow, so you are committing to a prolonged use of the cream.

What are the best ADHD natural remedies?

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Add Adhd Natural Remedies

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

add adhd natural remedies

add adhd natural remedies

Why Natural Remedies are Healthier and Cheaper

You are probably well aware of the high cost of health care insurance these days. Even if your employer pays for all or most of your health care insurance, you have undoubtedly seen those deductions going up, the co-pays getting higher, while the overall quality of the health care has not improved significantly. A large portion of this is because of the number of drugs and chemicals that are prescribed for even the most minor of ailments, and the costs of those prescription drugs is stratospheric and getting higher all the time.

So what can you do about it? One of the things you should seriously consider in order to keep costs under control is Natural Remedies. These are remedies that have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years. Remember, people way back then had many of these same ailments that you are dealing with, and they needed some way to cope with them and alleviate the pain. The very interesting thing about this is that most of these natural health remedies can be found as OTC (Over The Counter) medications that do not require a doctor’s prescription, and many have been found to be equally as effective (or even more effective) than their prescription high-priced counterparts.

You may need to visit a health food store to find some things, but you can be assured that the cost is going to be a very pleasant surprise, compared to what you pay for their prescription equivalents, and they do not contain nearly as many (or any at all) nasty side effects. For example, if you have a migraine, you may have read the warnings on the prescription medication, something about “may cause vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, and/or cravings for artichokes”. So let’s look at this – by solving one problem, I am introducing five others? No thank you, I would rather stick with the migraine.

Natural remedies are there to resolve a myriad of different problems. And instead of nasty side effects, natural remedies can produce some POSITIVE side effects. For example, some natural remedies for headaches will also produce better blood flow and make the delivery of oxygen to the cells of the body more efficient. If you suffer from insomnia, you are probably taking some kind of medication just so that you can get some rest at night so that you are not totally toasted at work and can be functional. But you should know that the natural remedy Valerian is non-toxic as well as providing a much improved quality of sleep at night.

One of the bigger problems of today’s adolescent is acne. While there are a ton of OTC and prescription cures, almost all of these are topical meaning that they affect only the surface of the skin. There are several natural remedies that work on the topical as well as the part of the problem, and many have found that these are incredibly effective as an acne cure.

Some natural remedies contain herbal ingredients which act to stimulate the brain, and have been found to be effective in fighting Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). For more information on ADD and ADHD, please visit Working With Attention Deficit Disorder.

Do not dismiss natural remedies and herbal remedies simply because they have existed for a long time or because they do not use prescription drugs. In many cases, the natural remedy is just as effective as the prescription remedy, and even more so. And in almost all cases, the natural remedy is going to be much nicer to your wallet.

About the Author

Jon is a computer engineer who maintains web sites on a variety of topics based on his knowledge and experience. You can read more about Natural Health Remedies at his web site Natural Remedies For Better Health.

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Adhd Natural Remedies Children

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

adhd natural remedies children

Doe anyone use the natural remedy PYCNOGENOL for ADHD?

Whats your experience? can children use it?

Well, Pycnogenol is just a good antioxidant.

At this point in history, nobody knows what causes or cures ADHD, so it’s hard to say if it would help or not.
As far as children using it, most herbs are recommended for people 18 years and older (unless the label has a dosage listed for children). It’s possible it’d be safe, but it may be too strong for a child. If it’s too strong for a child, but works for adults with ADHD, I’d suggest just trying some other antioxidants that are safe for children. Good luck!

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Natural Adhd Herbal Remedies

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

natural adhd herbal remedies

How To Find An Effective All Natural Adhd Treatment

Looking for an all natural ADHD treatment? In this article, you will learn how to find a supplement that will get your child’s symptoms under control without side effects or long term complications.

Natural treatments are much more effective than drugs at treating Attention Deficit Disorder. This is true for a number of reasons. First, unlike drugs which just suppress the symptoms, natural medicines actually give the brain the nutrients it needs to soothe jangled nerves and increase the ability to concentrate and control impulses. Unlike drugs, remedies do not have side effects and will not interact with any other prescription medicine or over the counter drugs that your child might need to take.

An all natural ADHD treatment has no concerns about addiction or long term complications. In other words, it is completely safe. This means that you can confidently choose a natural remedy over prescription drugs, but to pick the best possible supplement, follow the guidelines listed below.

1. Make sure the supplement has been FDA-approved. This ensures safety, compliance with federal guidelines and tells you that the formulation has been thoroughly tested.

2. The supplement should be made from herbal and other plant-based ingredients that have been proven effective in clinical trials. Look for ingredients like Verta Alb, Arson Iod, Hyocyamus and Tuberculinum. Taken together in a formulation that is designed to deliver the right dose every time, this all natural ADHD treatment will calm the nervous system, reduce agitation, facilitate concentration and make your child feel good without any of the problems or concerns of prescription drugs.

3. Look for a money back guarantee. This is important because it means that the company has done their due diligence, tested their product to make sure it works and stands behind it. A manufacturer that offers a one year guarantee is letting you try their product risk-free. A company cannot afford to do this if they don’t have an effective product.

Remember that an all natural ADHD treatment will be even more effective if you give it to your child along with a healthy diet. Stay away from junk food and sodas and anything with dyes or chemicals that could worsen your child’s symptoms. The best diet to follow is one that is fresh and natural. Once your child gets used to the delicious tastes and textures of healthy food, he won’t crave processed foods. The trick is to introduce healthy foods one at a time, especially if your child has been eating a lot of packaged food.

Make sure to encourage daily exercise. Kids need exercise to relieve pent-up stress and to reduce hyperactivity. Plus it’s good for body, mind and heart. If you’re child can’t play organized sports, consider planning favorite family activities that include lots of exercise.

An all natural ADHD treatment is an excellent way to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It works its magic by giving the brain what it needs to function properly instead of just suppressing symptoms. By making sure your child eats good food and gets regular exercise along with the supplement, you will be encouraging a positive approach to health issues that will ultimately allow you child to live symptom-free.

About the Author

Laura Ramirez researches all natural ADHD treatments. Browse her findings by going to her web site at and find out how to get your child the best help possible.

She is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which shows parents how to raise children to bring out their natural strengths and talents.

I’m looking for a good over the counter herbal like natural remedy for ADHD any suggestions???

Where can I get the product???

Homeopathic Remedy for ADHD :-
AVENA SATIVA Q(Mother Tincture) thrice a day half hour before meals and avoid Chocolates, Coffee Mints and Red Meat and Carbonated drinks while taking homeopathic remedies. No Side Effects or Complications just 100% relief. Keep me posted about your progress if you use this remedy.
Take Care and God Bless you.

Herbal Remedies : Herbal Remedies for Depression

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Add And Adhd Natural Remedies

Friday, November 20th, 2009

add and adhd natural remedies

Natural remedies and solutions to ADD/ADDH?

Also, has anyone any coping mechanisms to help keep this under control?
What works and what doesn’t?
And can ADD/ADHD be eliminated completely in a person?

My son was diagnosed with ADD when he was 5 years old. He took ritalin for a year but because it made him so sleepy my husband and I took him off of it. Our solution was to keep him busy playing hard and then he would calm down and be able to focus much better. He never needed any drugs again. He’s now 22 and has a very mild easy going character.So yes,I think it can be completely eliminated and that meds may not be the best way to go. Good old exercise was perfect for my son.
I think too many young kids are put on ADD & ADHD drugs just because teachers and parents don’t want to take the time to spend with their kids/students. Drugging kids to keep them calm is wrong. Kids are supposed to be a little bouncy & full of life. It’s called being a kid!
I heard from a friend that California is allowing kids as young as 10 to get high to calm them down. Although I am for legalization on marijuana for medical purposes, I think the legal age for this should be at least 18. I think IF California is allowing little kids to get high then that’s totally wrong. I don’t know if it’s true or not,but I hope not.

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Natural Adhd Treatment

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

natural adhd treatment

natural adhd treatment

Ancient Herbal ADHD Treatment Proven In Hospital Study

Researchers at Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel, have developed a natural ADHD treatment, that has proven to be effective. The formula, popular in Israel, supplies the developing brain with essential nutrients, found to increase concentration and memory.

The herbal formula, designed for the study, contains a blend of herbs, many of which are legendary for mental concentration and development. Modern research shows that these herbs contain biochemical treasures that boost concentration and memory.

“The herbal formula nourishes, and normalizes the brain, rather than just provide temporary artificial stimulation” said A.Levine RNMH, Clinical Herbalist and researcher.

The four month “Double Blind Random Placebo” research study, tested the results of the herbal formula on both types of ADHD (Hyperactive and Inattentive). Over 120 children receiving the herbal formula showed significant improvement in concentration and behavior, compared to the placebo.

Newly diagnosed ADD/ADHD, school children ages 7-12 took either the herbal formula, or a Placebo (colored water), daily for four months. The results were clear. The the herbal formula group showed significant improvement in concentration and behavior, compared to the Placebo. The herbal formula, includes legendary “Brain Tonics”, revered for centuries in India and the Far East.

Since an estimated 2 million children in the United States, or some 3 to 5 percent of school children suffer from ADHD, the need to find a solution is urgent. That means that every classroom with more than 28 to 30 kids, usually has an ADHD sufferer in the class. This can cause disturbances for the other students in the class, as well.

The most typical ADHD treatment is drug therapy with Ritalin, often with unpleasant side effects. This is really hitting home with new warnings being issued, following a few deaths. Loss of appetite is probably, the most common side effects. To suppress appetite in children, during the formative years, critical to brain growth and development, is problematic.

The brain needs a constant supply of “essential” nutrients. “Essential” nutrients cannot be made in the body. They must be supplied through diet or supplements. The brain is over 60% Fat. “Essential” Fatty Acids (brain “building blocks”) must be supplied for brain health, and they can can only be supplied by diet. Appetite suppressing drugs can cause long term problems in kids who often show serious nutritional deficiency.

The research team found that the herbal formula, not only supplies the developing brain with many essential nutrients, known to increase concentration and memory, but actually stimulated a healthy appetite in children that refuse to eat, or were described as very picky.

Professor Miri Katz, of Sheba Hospital’s Department of Pediatric Neurology, headed the research project, started in 2003. A conference on ADHD, is being planned at Sheba Hospital.

About the Author

Aliza Adar Levine RN,TCM Herbalist,and Medical Researcher,was part of the hospital research team that developed “Clarity”, a safe, natural ADHD treatment, proven highly effective, in clinical trials. Watch
Free Great ADHD Videos

Adderall and fast heartbeat?

I’m currently taking Adderall (amphetamine) for ADHD and treatment-resistant depression at a dose of 5 mg twice daily. It works great except for one small problem: It’s caused my pulse to jump from 65-70 beats per minute to 90-95 beats per minute…while resting! When I’m walking it feels as though my chest is going to explode. That’s a huge increase if you ask me, especially when taking such a low dose. It has helped me a lot and I don’t want to mention this to my psychiatrist because he really didn’t want to write the prescription and I’m sure he’ll tell me to stop taking it if I told him about this. My cardiologist said my heart is perfectly healthy and that it is no need for concern. However, I am concerned. What should I do? And please, don’t tell me to switch meds or try something “all natural,” this drug IS THE LAST RESORT. If I stop this med, nothing is going to help me because I’ve tried just about everything.

I have the same effect only I’m on 20mg’s of it. I had it when I was on 10mg’s. It freaked me out for a while, and even once in a while I get a little nervous. Mine was always high about about 90 then it jumped to about 110. Thats what it is usually now. But if your cardiologist said it was fine then I wouldn’t worry about it. If you start having chest pains then you should stop but I think its a normal side-effect of adderal for it to increase your heart rate.

Natural Aids Cure Self Help Video

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Adhd Natural Cures

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

adhd natural cures

what are some natural cures for ADD-ADHD?

I suffer from these and don’t want to take some prescribed stuff like Abilify, Prozac, or whatever. is there certain herbs, vitamins, or anything like that you can take? I heard fish oil helps me with memory..

This treatment may seem harsh but it has done wonders for me since I was in grade school. The first few times I hated it but now i find it really relaxing. Every summer when I’m home on I still prefer the 6 weekly clinic treatments and the 2 weeks of daily home treatments. During winter break I do 3 weekly clinic treatments and 1 week of the daily home treatment. I focus much more easily and my mood even improves in the long term.…
I hope this works for you like it does for me.

3 – Sodium bicarbonate, a natural way to treat the cancer

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Natural Adhd Medicines

Monday, August 17th, 2009

natural adhd medicines

natural adhd medicines

Alternative Medicines Adhd Treatment Options

Traditionally stimulant medications are the drug of choice prescribed by doctors in order to treat the various symptoms of ADHD. However, these medications often only provide temporary relief and have to be taken for long periods. Besides that, they can also have certain detrimental side effects. Because of this, many people are tempted to seek out relief through the alternative medicines. Alternative medicines ADHD treatment options can be varied. Here are some of the options available to those seeking Alternative medicines for ADHD:

Homeopathic remedies – these alternative medicines for ADHD actually come in the form of various remedies formulated by practitioners based on the symptoms the patient is exhibiting. As with many ailments, each person with ADHD experiences a slightly different set of symptoms.

A homeopathic practitioner will take a detailed medical history and prepares a remedy made up of a combination of various substances chosen specifically for their potency in relieving a specific set of symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are aimed at treating the whole person, and the underlying causes of the condition and not just the symptoms. They claim to be more effective than conventional medications since they aim to rebalance the body, which in turn relieves symptoms.

2) Herbal stimulants – many people are going back to natures own medicine cabinet and are turning to different herbal stimulants for ADHD relief.

Prescription drugs like Ritalin are actually stimulants designed to help balance the chemical reactions in the brain in people with ADHD. However, since these drugs can have some adverse effects there has been a growing trend towards herbal stimulants.

These alternatives for ADHD have been shown to provide help in reducing ADHD behaviors, with a lower risk of side effects. Caution should be taken, however, as herbal stimulants can interact with conventional medication. Before taking any herbal stimulants, you should consult an expert to see whether or not it can be taken with any regular medication.

3) Nutritional supplements – these alternative medicines for ADHD are used to keep a person’s body and mind healthy. A certain level of nutritional intake is essential to maintain certain chemical processes in a person’s body and brain. Although our body does produce may substances it needs for clear and organized thought, certain substances can only be found in the food that we eat. If we don’t get enough through diet then supplementation may be required to help ease ADHD symptoms

4) Neurofeedback – this therapy isn’t really alternative medicines for ADHD. However, it has been devised to help individuals learn to recognize behaviors and adjust them accordingly. Neurofeedback claims to be able to train people to actually control their brain wave patterns. Certain brain wave patterns are associated with common symptoms of ADHD like daydreaming and inattention. By learning how to recognize and control brain wave patterns, people can maintain concentration and actually condition themselves to ignore the symptoms of the disorder.

These are just some of the alternative medicines ADHD options available. If you would like to know more, then sign up for the free recognizing and treating ADHD newsletter below.

About the Author

Sign up for Sue Perkins’ free ADHD newsletter – Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you discover more about
alternative medicines adhd

My 5 yr old has multiple behavioral disorders I need a good diet regimen and behavior plan for him.?

He has ADHD, Onset Childhood Bi-polar disorder, Oppostional Defiance Disorder. We have been on several medicines without much success. We are considering trying it with natural remedies, diet, behavior plan and therapy. We are getting very desperate and could use some advice.

Sounds like you have your hands full. Maybe before you try the diet remedies plan you should get a second opinion from a different neurologist. My son was diagnosed with ADD and it took a few different dosages before he was at a level of significant changes. He takes Focalin XR 10mg in the am and 5mg in the pm daily. Low dose but it helps him. Good luck

Natural Anxiety Remedies & Tips

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Adult Adhd Natural Remedies

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

adult adhd natural remedies

Finding Success With Treating ADHD Naturally

Many people interested in treating ADHD naturally have found some success with diet changes. The Feingold diet for ADHD, or one of it’s variations, is often used by natural health care providers who may use diet adjustments along with other natural strategies like herbs and homeopathic remedies.

Holistic ADHD Options

Much has been discovered about using natural treatments to help with ADHD. Studies have shown that many adults as well as children who have ADHD can benefit from making some diet adjustments.

One of the ways that you can do this is by taking out processed, pre-cooked, or packaged foods and adding a balanced mix of vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates into your diet.

It may be helpful for you to look into removing food allergens from the diet because many times they have been known to have an impact on ADHD symptoms. This is something that natural health care providers are exploring and have had some success with.

Food groups that are frequently found to produce sensitivities and allergic reactions are products using wheat and other grains which contain gluten, non-fermented dairy products, so-called “junk carbs” (snack foods, etc.), refined sugar and processed cooking oils.

Once you’ve found the problem food it’s nice to know that there are alternatives to replace them. Most groceries stores today have sections that are organic, or designated for people with food allergies. Many people have discovered that finding and removing specific foods that they’re having a reaction to is an effective strategy for treating ADHD naturally.

ADHD Herbal Medication

With all the different options that can be used to help with ADHD, it can be somewhat easy to get confused and frustrated. If you’re looking at conventional medicine for the treatment of your symptoms they will help control them by the use of suppression.

Homeopathic and herbal remedies, on the other hand will take effect by promoting a healthy balance and by supporting overall health. There are some who are not aware of these natural remedies, but it has been shown in research with ADHD children to provide significant improvements with this condition.

If you’ve been to a nutrition store you’ve probably seen the different types of natural supplements to help your overall health. ADHD herbal medication involves herbs that have been tested in clinical trials, and have been proven to support the nervous system and brain, creating a positive impact on ADHD symptoms.

As said before, this is a process and it will not be cured overnight. Treating ADHD naturally can take some effort, but rest assured that you just need to do research to find out what are the best strategies for you. Do not hesitate to direct questions to your doctor and/or nutritionist to make this process a bit easier.

About the Author

Max Wardlow writes from experience about ADHD. He also helps manage a website about natural remedies. Visit today to find out more about Treating ADHD Naturally.

I might have adult ADHD. Are there natural remedies I can try?

I fit a lot of the symptoms of ADD, and my doctor recently suggested that I may have it, and wants to test me for it.

Before I try meds, are there some natural remedies I can try?

I read that diet and exercise can help. I’m in fairly good shape already … how much diet and exercise is needed?

I also have PCOS.

The point is, I don’t want to take meds. I’m looking for natural remedies to improve concentration etc.

Adult ADHD? Don’t blame your problems on a fake “disorder”. All ADHD is, is an excuse for parents to give their normally hyper active children meds so they have an easier time parenting. Meds aren’t healthy, let your kid be a kid! And they wont do you any good either….

ADHD Natural Remedies

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ADHD Alternative Treatment

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Alternative Treatments for ADD and ADHD

There are many ways to decrease or completely cure ADD or ADHD symptoms in children or adults. Here are some ideas to help improve your health and minimalize your experience of ADD or ADHD.

adhd medicineIf you or your child have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), there are many alternatives to Ritalin or other mind-altering drugs for you and your family to choose. Mind-altering drugs should always be the last resort, as our children’s brains and nervous systems are growing and the negative influence of these drugs on brain and nervous system development are significant.

Symptoms of ADD and ADHD are: short attention spans, poor inhibitory control, restlessness, learning disabilities, disruptive behaviour, hyperactivity, excessive and often inappropriate motor activity, high levels of distractibility and impulsive behaviour, to name a few. The problem with ADD and ADHD are that the symptoms of these conditions can be caused by many different environmental allergies, essential fatty acid deficiencies or imbalances, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, low blood sugar or excess sugar consumption can cause the behaviours that indicate ADD or ADHD.

The simplest way to cure ADD and ADHD naturally is to look at improving the function of the nervous system and the digestive system.

Improving Nervous System Function

Chiropractic Care Makes A Big Difference

Chiropractors find that when children with ADD or ADHD are adjusted regularly, many of their symptoms will reduce in frequency and severity. Chiropractic adjustments help to optimize the function of the nervous system and allow the brain and body to be better able to communicate with each other. Children literally calm down and are able to sit and focus at the task on hand.

The reason why chiropractic care makes such a difference is that the brain is the master control of our bodies. Everything that we do is initiated by the brain, which sends nerve impulses to the body through our nerves. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord and allow movement, but they can become fixed (the chiropractic term is subluxated). These subluxated vertebrae can put pressure on the nerves as they exit the spine. This added pressure on the nerves can reduce the body’s ability to function. Chiropractic adjustments improve the movement of the vertebrae and help to take the pressure off the nerves as they exit from the spine. The brain is then able to communicate with the body more efficiently and the body functions with more precision.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective treatment to help the joints of the spine move in a normal pattern of motion and improve nervous system function. Adjustments help children to grow with healthy, straight spines.

Brain Gym Helps Tremendously

If you were to ask a child with ADD or ADHD to place his (or her) right hand on his (or her) left knee, and then change hands and knees in an alternating pattern, chances are that he or she wouldn’t be able to do it easily. Children with ADD or ADHD typically have problems with cross patterning movements, as they do not feel comfortable crossing the midline of their bodies. This problem with crossing the body’s midline of the body is because the left and right sides of the brain do not fire in synchronicity and they do not communicate well with each other.

Brain Gym is a simple, yet effective way to help a child’s brain function as it should, coordinating the left and right sides of the brain. Brain Gym uses physical movements to help with right brain/left brain patterning. It helps the parts of the brain that aren’t firing properly to function as a whole, rather than as disorganized parts. Brain Gym makes a huge difference to children experiencing ADD or ADHD-like symptoms.

Improving Digestive System Function

Nutrition Plays A Big Role

adhd natural remediesWhen anyone eats, food is processed by the stomach, the pancreas and the liver to break down into food particles. These small particles of food cross the lining of the small intestine and enter the blood stream. It is thought that children with ADD and ADHD-like symptoms have a leaky gut, which means that the cells that line the intestines have spaces between them instead of being packed together tightly like healthy cells should. People with a leaky gut are letting bigger particles of food than are normally absorbed to pass through the spaces between the cells in the small intestines and into the blood stream. The result is that larger food particles are getting through into the blood stream and the body treats these food particles as foreign substances, which results in allergic reactions to the foods that the child is eating. The most common allergies for children with ADD and ADHD are dairy products, wheat, corn, yeast, soy, citrus, egg, chocolate and peanuts. Many children have difficulties with food colorings and additives to processes and packaged foods.

We find people experiencing ADD/ADHD are able to help heal the leaky gut by taking nutritional supplements designed especially for that purpose. If they also take digestive enzymes to help break down food particles into smaller bits, they heal more quickly.

It would also be important to look at the foods that the person is eating. Excessive sugar consumption, allergies or food intolerances to foods such as dairy or corn can cause ADD or ADHD symptoms. It is prudent to eliminate these foods from the diet slowly to see if they make a difference.

Putting It All Together

Healing a condition like ADD or ADHD takes time. The nervous system needs time to learn to communicate in an improved way. It takes time to be able to eliminate foods that trigger allergic reactions and to grow healthy cells to line the digestive system. You can find a chiropractor who is comfortable treating children. You can find a brain gym instructor close to you by visiting You can find supplements to heal a leaky gut and slowly eliminate trigger foods from the diet.

For more information on healing ADD/ADHD, you are welcome to visit my website.

By Melanie Beingessner
Published: 9/20/2007

 adhd alternative treatment

Natural Treatment For Adhd

Are there effective natural remedies for ADHD and ADD? natural nutrition can alleviate symptoms of ADHD. Alternative ADHD Treatment.

Transcendental Meditation for ADHD

Teachers said, "they were able to teach more." This is definitely an important stride for parents of ADHD children who want to use alternative therapies to treat their children.

Outdoor Exercise as a Non-Drug Alternative Treatment for ADHD

A recent study shows that nature and outdoor activity may be a viable non-drug alternative treatment for attention deficit disorder in children and adults.

Adhd Treatment Adults

Alternative ideas for Treatment of ADHD and ADD through Supplements and Diet. Adult ADHD medication, such as stimulants, Strattera, or antidepressants, can help treat the symptoms of ADHD.

Attention Deficit Disorder

All ADHD drugs should be used with other treatments such as counseling or other therapy such as behavior modification and alternative remedies.

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Natural Adhd Therapy

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

natural adhd therapy

natural adhd therapy

Natural Remedies For ADHD and Their Benefits

Many do not realize it, but there are several natural remedies for ADHD. ADHD stands for “Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. This is considered to be a neurological based developmental disorder that is behavioral. While there are many prescription medications available that are deemed appropriate in subduing the symptoms of this particular medical condition, more and more people are starting to have an inclination towards ADHD natural remedies. In this article, you will learn about the symptoms associated with this condition, as well as some solutions to resolving those symptoms naturally.

The Symptoms of ADHD

The symptoms of ADHD are the most troubling aspect of the condition, not only for the individual that suffers, but for those who are around the individual on a regular basis. The symptoms may or may not result in complications in the patient’s dealings with work, educational pursuits, social life, and personal relationships. The following represents some of the troubling occurrences in the life of the ADHD patient:

  • The patient may appear and/or feel distracted and unable to concentrate on just one thing.
  • It is common to observe the patient acting in ways that are deemed impulsive by the standards which most define as the “norm”.
  • The individual may appear extremely hyper, and may appear as if they have a challenging time staying in one place and/or position for an extended amount of time.
  • You may find that the ADHD sufferer gets little to no sleep that is considered appropriate to maintain a decent level of health.
  • This person may often start projects, with the best intentions to complete them, but fails to complete them because of the fact that they are unable to focus as they should.
  • It may appear as if the patient has a high level of anxiety, which could induce extreme levels of stress, irritability, frustration, and may bring on panic attacks.
  • It is common to observe the patient of this condition day dreaming, and simply being inattentive on the whole.

Natural Remedies for ADHD

There are many herb based ADHD natural remedies used in conjunction with other types of therapy. It has been found that herbs that carry the effect of a stimulant are the most effective natural remedies for ADHD. These particular substances actually work to enhance the state of alertness that a sufferer has. The following list documents some of the most favored herbs for treating this condition:

1. Ginkgo – If a patient indulges in this particular treatment, it has been discovered that the natural blood flow that delivers this important substance to the brain is increased. It is not recommended for ADHD patients that are under the age of eighteen. However, for adults, it has been found to be a wonderful solution to soothing the symptoms associated with this condition. Individuals who consume this herb have been found to have better focus, a more appropriate retention level, and a higher intelligence.

2. Melatonin – Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It has many different functions. One of the main functions is that it helps to regulate our sleep/wake cycle. During the daytime hours, the average person’s melatonin levels decrease. In the evening hours, the pineal gland begins to produce more melatonin to produce the body for sleep. This substance is now sold over-the-counter and can be given as one of the ADHD natural remedies to induce relaxation and sleep.

3. Rosemary – If you are looking for natural remedies for ADHD that will assist in maintaining focus, concentration, and recalling events with ease, then Rosemary is considered to be appropriate. You may ingest this particular herb by mixing it with food, or creating a tea from it. Many may even incorporate essential oils into their natural ADHD treatment in order to reap the benefits of this particular herb.


There are a large number of natural remedies for ADHD. Many individuals extend past the herbs and consider complete lifestyle changes. These changes may include setting schedules for waking, working, activities, and sleeping. In some cases, a change to the diet may be required in order to reduce the amount of sugar and caffeine is ingested on a regular basis. Many may incorporate an exercise program in order to cope with the symptoms. Then, there are some who may go forth with techniques, like behavioral modification therapy. When choosing among natural remedies for ADHD, it is important to choose a treatment that works for you, and is considered safe and effective.

About the Author

Diana is a Natural Health Consultant and is taking classes to earn a certificate in herbalism. Her website, Natural Health and Herbal Remedies, offers the knowledge, insights and experiences she has gained from her journey into the world of natural health and her quest to share it with others.

Is there any natural therapy that works well for ADHD?

My nephews have ADHD and are non-medicated. I’d like to learn about natural approaches to treating ADHD.

Dr Mary Ann Block, author of “No More ADHD” and “No More Ritalin” and other books in this area, has laid it on the line pretty well, about different things that were found to be creating the “symptoms” that the psychiatrists have labelled ADHD.

Here’s a great checklist from her website

Part 1
Does your child eat a lot of sugary products, even at breakfast? Y or N
Does your child drink a lot of caffeinated soft drinks? Y or N
Does your child eat a lot of chocolate? Y or N
Does your child wake up in the morning in a bad mood and then feels better after eating? Y or N
Does your child have trouble waiting to eat? Y or N
Does your child exhibit a “Jekyl and Hyde” personality where she/he is sweet one moment and then angry and hard to handle the next? Y or N

Part 2
Does your child have airborne allergies? Y or N
Does your child have allergies to animals such as dogs, cats, etc.? Y or N
Does your child have chronic respiratory infections? Y or N
Does your child complain of headaches? Y or N
Does your child suddenly change from alert to sleepy even though she/he is rested? Y or N
Does your child’s behavior change radically when in certain stores such as grocery stores or linen stores that have fragrances? Y or N
Do you or anyone in your household smoke? Y or N
Do you use air fresheners, plug-ins or sprays or fragrant cleaners in your home? Y or N
Do you have your carpets cleaned often? Y or N
Do you use insecticide in your home or have an exterminator? Y or N
Do your household cleaning products contain fragrances? Y or N

Part 3
My child does not like to read. Y or N
Does your child complain about how things feel, like clothing? “It feels scratchy.” Y or N
Does your child not listen well, but hearing tests are normal? Y or N
Does your child seem disorganized but knows where things are? Y or N
Does your child prefer to do projects and presentations over written reports? Y or N
Does your child have difficulty remembering left from right? Y or N
My child is not very coordinated or good at sports. Y or N
My child has difficulty throwing a ball into an intended receptacle, such as a basketball into an intended receptacle or a paper wad into the garbage can? Y or N
My child touches everything of interest. Y or N
My child seems to get confused when asked to follow simple directions. Y or N
My child has trouble with handwriting. Y or N
My child has difficulty remembering more than one verbal request at a time. Y or N
My child has difficulty understanding cause and effect – does not seem to understand simple consequences to specific actions. Y or N

Part 4
Is your child a picky eater? Y or N
Does your child limit his/her foods to only a few? Y or N
Does your child refuse to eat fruits or vegetables? Y or N
Is your child overweight? Y or N
Does your child eat a lot of “fast foods”? Y or N
Does your child eat a lot of processed foods such as cookies, cakes, white breat,
potato chips, etc.? Y or N
Does your child have difficulty sleeping or waking up in the morning feeling rested? Y or N
Does your child bruise or bleed easily but your doctor does not consider it to be a
medical problem? Y or N
Are your child’s nails cracked, brittle or discolored? Y or N
Does your child take a lot of medications? Y or N

Part 5
Has your child been prescribed a lot of antibiotics in the past ? Y or N
Does your child eat a lot of sugar and processed carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta? Y or N
Does your child eat a lot of the following foods:
______Dry Roasted Nuts
______Commercial Soups
______Apple Cider
______Barbecue Potato Chips
______White Flour
______Soy Sauce and Tofu
______Vinegar and all foods containing vinegar, including salad dressing, pickled vegetables, green olives, and sauerkraut
______Processed meats such as dried and smoked meat, sausage, hot dogs, luncheon meats

Part 6
Does your child have allergies? Y or N

If the answer is yes, please read the following:

• Annals of Allergy, 1993 concluded that allergies by themselves may cause learning impairment.

• Children with allergies performed less successfully, across the board, than children who did not have allergies.

• These children should not have to take tests during their allergy season unless the allergies can be under control.

• Allergies: WIth elimination of allergic foods, artificial colors, preservatives and caffeine, more than half exhibited improvement in behavior. Pediactrics, 1989

“Yes” answers in any or all of the sections are quite common in children misdiagnosed with ADHD.

A “Yes” answer in Part 1 may indicate a possible sugar level problem.

A “Yes” answer in Part 2 may indicate a sensitivity to household and everday chemicals.

A “Yes” answer in Part 3 may indicate a potential learning problem or a learning difference.

A “Yes” answer in Part 4 may indicate nutritional deficiencies.

A “Yes” answer in Part 5 may indicate a possible yeast problem.

How is ADHD treated?

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Adhd Natural

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

adhd natural

Can anyone help me on treating my son with AdHd? The Natural way?

I do not want to put him on ritalin or addreal.(or anyother drugs.) To many side affects,along with a low percent of deaths.
If you can help that would be great.

Deaths from Adderall and Ritalin??? Are we talking about the same medicine?


These links should help a lot, good luck.

Also I have heard that meditation can help too if you would like to consider that.

Natural ADHD

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Natural Adhd Alternatives

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

natural adhd alternatives

natural adhd alternatives

Adhd Alternative Treatments – Have You Heard of the Dirty Six?

Do you know what the ‘Dirty Six’ are ? Read on. They are nasty colourings and additives in kids’ sweets. Did you know that, in spite of the UK Food Standards Agency decision to ban dangerous colourings and preservatives in children’s sweets (candy), they are still being used by food companies? All you have to do is read the small print on the packets and the horrible truth is there for all to see. The role of diet and nutrition and especially additives in kids’ sweets have come under much scrutiny as parents and carers try to decide what is the best ADHD alternative treatment . ADHD medication is now regarded with much suspicion by parents and an effective ADHD alternative treatment is now being widely discussed.

The UK government failed to bite the bullet with the food companies and rather cowardly opted for a ‘voluntary phasing out’ of the harmful additives in sweets which have definitely been shown to have a detrimental effect on children’s behaviour causing hyperactivity and exacerbating ADHD symptoms. The main culprits are mainly colours which are extracted from coal tar – they can hardly be described as healthy food. !

Maybe you have heard them being called by different names or even numbers. Take your pick. They are all very colourful – for example, sunset yellow (E 110) carmoisine (E122) and the well known tartrazine (E102) just to mention three of the ‘Dirty Six’. The most dangerous one has a very pretty name – it is called ‘brilliant blue’ and that causes hyperactivity in children as well as skin rashes and other nasty ailments. Needless to say it is banned in many European countries but NOT in the UK. It is not even on the so-called ‘voluntary phasing out list ‘!

Diet and nutrition are only one part of the puzzle in the ADHD alternative treatment mosaic. Still, in the UK, Ritalin is now being prescribed much less as parents are advised to opt for behaviour therapy for themselves and their children. That may be time-consuming and expensive and for busy parents it is a big investment. There has been a storm of protest in the UK where special schools have come under the axe and all children – including those suffering from Autism and ADHD are to be ‘included’ and taught together with all the other children. This is a fine idea but the sad truth is that no money has been set aside to train the teachers so that they deal effectively with ADHD children in the class.

The best ADHD alternative treatment is probably a combination of therapy, diet, exercise and counselling. In order to avoid dangerous ADHD drugs, parents are looking at alternatives and they have found that natural and/or homeopathic remedies are the safest and most effective. The link below will provide the answers to any questions or doubts you may have.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.
Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

A medication that works?

i have a 14 year old little brother. he has ADHD and he has been failing school since third grade. He doesn’t sit still for literally more than three minutes, and he cant wait his turn and wont be quiet, EVER! When he goes to school (the days he isn’t suspended) he is horrible. he is exactly like me in every way and i need to know what will help him. I hated being in high school and i know by what he has done the past years to make teachers mad, that wont work in high school. Please do not give me that natural supplement stuff as an alternative cause it doesn’t work for him. I am going to the doctors with him and i need to know what has worked the best for others. I am on the highest dose of Concerta but i do not want him on that because the crashes are horrible. If you really know what your talking about, please help me.

Strattera – is what i take for my ADHD and im 14
its really great!
and i take the strongest
one which is like 80 LMAO
it keeps me really focused at school 🙂
and im not CRAZY and loud and annoying xDD
It tends to make me more quite
i would REALLY take that for ur bro
i should kno 🙂

Alternatives for ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Problems, Natural

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Natural Adhd

Friday, November 14th, 2008

natural adhd

What are some natural ways to ease ADHD symptoms?

I heard there are certain vitamins that help.

My nephew was labelled ADD / ADHD (depending on the doctor) in elementary school and before that was asked to be removed from 3 daycares because of behavioral issues. His Mum came upon the research of Dr. Doris Rapp and the Feingold program and after using this information – she removed his behavioral ‘triggers’ and he became one of the nicest, even-keeled boy who could focus for long periods of time… that you could ever meet. He still was high energy like you’d expect boys to be – but in a positive and productive way.

The book she started with was “Is This Your Child?” and then later “Is This Your Child’s World?” (or environment). Some kids and adults just get ‘triggers’ from what they eat and/or from their environment… like people who get migraines triggered from perfumes or those kids who actually are affected by certain food coloring. I used to get headaches from working in an office with flourescent lighting. My nephew had to stay away from salicylates – and red food coloring (others were okay) and then he was fine. Every child is different.

If memory serves correctly – Dr. Doris Rapp is a pediatric allergist – researcher. You can probably find her book(s) at most stores. (Mine are packed in boxes right now.) She presents very clear and thorough evidence as to why many children are mislabelled ADD or ADHD – and that they are just being triggered by something depending on their own personal level of sensitivity.

Don’t worry – it may not mean turning your life upsidedown. But, depending on how severe the ‘symptoms’ are – let me tell you my nephew’s experience was like Jekyll and Hyde!

I have also seen evidence in my own children of their own specific triggers – when I see unusually red cheeks for no reason or a certain color of dark circles appear under their eyes and it’s not from lack of sleep – or the bottoms of their ears get red. After keeping a diary documenting things it was evident that my youngest was extremely crabby after having anything with red food coloring.

This can be applied to adults also. In my own case ice cream makes me feel restless and irritable unless it’s 100% natural (like Breyer’s). Believe me, my family is happier when I’m careful about these things. And, when using one particular line of hair gel and hair spray – the bottoms of my ears turn bright red. The body is very good at giving signs. The stuff from Dr. Rapp is great to help interpret the signs and maybe direct you to a local allergist through a nation-wide database, who can help you further.

I believe she has her own website now (my nephew is now in high school and is on the Honor Roll.) – so that would likely provide some great resources and links for other info to help you.

I thought the business about the food coloring and such was nonsense until I saw it for myself. But – it also doesn’t mean every kid has trouble with it. Good luck to you! 🙂

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Natural Adhd Medication

Monday, November 10th, 2008

natural adhd medication

i am looking for herbal treatment for a child with adhd?

i am pretty sure my 5yr old has adhd, but i do not want to put her on medication. i am looking for a natural treatment, herbal or vitamins

Wow, I THOUROUGHLY disagree with some of the postings for this question. Ritalin is a form of speed (a stimulant) and has side effects like any drug. There are many books out there on natural cures for “ADHD”. Diet and exercise are essential in any child’s healthy normal development. Remove any artificial sweetners, stay away from artificial colorings, eat more natural raw fruits and vegetables. A certified organic product is your best bet. STAY AWAY from soda pop. I myself, was diagnosed with attention deficit and I was never “medicated” for it. I am a full believer in natural medicines. Get your child adjusted by a chiropractor, this may or may not help the ADHD, but it will allow your child to function well physically.

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Natural Adhd Medicine For Children

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

natural adhd medicine for children

natural adhd medicine for children

Adhd Medicine – Just What the Doctor Ordered?

Just what the doctor ordered! Very often parents think that ADHD medicine will be the solution in dealing with a hyperactive child suffering from ADHD. That is just the tip of the iceberg because the harassed parent is often unaware that nutrition and certain behavioural therapy can work in tandem with medicine for ADHD to help the child through this difficult period.

A Drugged Nation?

We certainly live in a strange era – the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recommending that in certain cases of obesity in children (as young as 8 years old!) statins can be prescribed for lowering their cholesterol. That is an alarming reflection on the failure of nutrition programs at home and at school. Adults have jumped on the psychostimulant drug wagon and we now know that academics, managers and high flyers are taking ADHD medicine (eg. Ritalin) to allow them to power build their memory, concentrate and focus better so that they can outsmart all the competition! This was reported recently in Nature magazine and nobody seems to be too worried about the ethics. In one survey one in every five adults were using such psychostimulants to give them the winning edge.

Does TV Cause ADHD?

Somebody has remarked that TV does more parenting than the actual parents. We have

allowed children too much exposure to media and many of the programs are violent and/or contain explicit sex scenes. While it would be too simplistic to say that TV causes ADHD, there remains the fact that children need ‘green’ activities, support, love and attention and a PC screen cannot do that.

And The Good News?

That’s enough bad news! The good news is that more and more children are being treated with alternative therapies although that is a very broad term and can cover a multitude of different types of treatments from homeopathy to yoga! According to the New York Times, one in 9 children will have some kind of alternative treatment. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that almost 3 million young people are taking supplements – these can range from fish oils to ginseng or homeopathy.

More Good News!

There is more good news in that ADHD alternative therapies exist and that they can help a child to concentrate better and calm down hyperactivity. Parents have been scared about the FDA warnings on the boxes of ADHD medicine and now want to help their children to meet the ADHD challenge without having to go through all the nasty side effects caused by the drugs like Risperdal, Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin. The link below will give you all the information you need about ADHD natural cures – eg., what they are, how they are manufactured and what guarantees are offered.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.
Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

ADHD and medication for a Child?

My friend is afraid to give her six year old medicine for ADHD. Should she be? Are there any all natural or over the counter solutions?
Please, don’t thumb down these answers. People are taking the time and energy to answer these questions, they are all helpful answers and there is nothing to judge here. Thank you, I really appreciate it.

My friend tried Fish Oil supplements for her 5 years old son. It really worked.

Teen ADHD Rx Abuse: Are You Aware?

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Natural Adhd Remedy

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

natural adhd remedy

ADHD and Natural remedies-Focus and Attend?

Looking for natural remedies for Adhd, has anyone tried FOCUS, BRIGHTSPARK? found here
or ATTEND? found here
If so has anyone had any luck with any of them? Or does anyone have any other brands they have found to work?

I’m a student nurse studying mental health nursing, on our course we do child and adolescent placements which mostly consists of ADHD and family difficulties, which are often interlinked, but the most effective herbal remedy I heard people using was fish oils, Omega 3 with a high concentration of EPA and DHA being the most efficient. This works by improving the circulation of blood to the brain, improving concentration but as yet I have not heard of a herbal remedy that works for all aspects of ADHA. I did work with a few people who had taken FOCUS but did not benefit greatly from it. Although everybody is different and different remedies will work differently for each person. The main thing to look out for with herbal remedies is if they interact with any other current medication. Hope this helps.

Cure ADD/ADHD Naturally

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Natural Adhd Remedies

Monday, August 11th, 2008

natural adhd remedies

natural adhd remedies

Natural ADHD Treatment

More and more children from all over the world are being diagnosed with ADHD. It is the fastest growing condition found in children under 18. The diagnoses are controversial and until recently parents have allowed themselves to be persuaded to medicate their child with psychotropic drugs when there are natural treatments available for ADHD.

The FDA and other international drug regulatory agencies require warning labels to be placed on all ADHD drugs. The freedom of information act has brought to light many of the problems with these pschotropic drugs. ADHD drugs are stimulants, with many side effects. These can range from suicidal thoughts, worsening of behaviours, anxiety, eating and sleep disorders. The lists are endless. There are alternatives but information on these approaches can be overwhelming as to which can be the most effective.

So what can help then? Firstly you need to agree with everyone with contact with your child what are the behaviours that you want to encourage and which are the ones to be discouraged. When this is agreed then you can put consistent boundaries in place which will prevent your child from playing people off against each other – which is a common trait within many families and especially with the relationship between home and schools. After the questions have been answered, a rewards scheme can devised to help your child achieve the new behaviour standards.

Bach Flower Remedies, devised by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s is a complete emotional management system. This can help your child cope with emotions, stress and even confidence problems. Diet can play a large part in ADHD behaviours as can vitamin and mineral supplements.

Exercise is important in balancing out the neurotransmitters in the brain and producing those feel good factor endorphins, even more effective when undertaken I green areas, being out in nature. Core issue formulas are natural ways to address deep seated issues and traumas which anchor emotions which are triggered by sensory memories

Art therapy in an approach called universal frequency therapy looks at breaking down neural nets. These area mind map associations of past experiences that trigger the deep seated memories of events which are held onto and are often subconscious but can cloud the way we behave. Therapies which are designed to help the sensory organs relax are important as many children diagnosed with this condition have problems trying to relax and very often sleep patterns are disturbed and tiredness is another behavioural factor which leads to hyperactive type behaviours that can be misdiagnosed.

Hopi ear therapy helps to address problems like undiagnosed glue ear where children have not developed a full range capacity of sound processing and can get overwhelmed by information processing in noisy classroom environments with poor acoustics.

Aromatherapy which is totally natural, can be a great way to calm children. Just vaporising simple oils like lavender and chamomile in the child’s environment can have a drastic impact on reducing hyperactive behaviour.

A particular form of colour therapy called the rainbow journey is based on how children respond to different band of colour information and how this colour connections carry vital messages around the brain – Children who are exposed to ultra violet light for short periods of play in the mornings are able to concentrate for longer periods as their serotonin levels and feel good factors are increased. Genetic damage can be repaired. New and exciting discoveries amaze us by the day but what is exciting is this healing process can be traced back a hundred years ago to the father of radionics a doctor Abrams. He led the path to discovering the amino codes which is a natural way of putting new templates into the cell for the DNA to restructure itself, the information carried to the genes to repair itself though the way that cell proteins form patterns in response to intricate environmental signals.

And finally children with ADHD learn better in a natural and kinaesthetic environment. Such as getting your child to do outdoor projects such as planting and helping with farm animals. So your child can learn responsibility and compassion in dealing with animals.

All these natural treatments for ADHD are designed to help your chid, each one is effective in its own right, but when combined in a way to celebrate and support the uniqueness of your individual child and when that success can be measure throughout a natural programme it empowers your child to access a tool box through life of natural remedies for ADHD

About the Author

Check out our website for totally
Treating ADHD Naturally

what are the natural remedies for ADHD found?

I know changing a diet helps some but what others are there?

Ritlin-free Kids is a good book. The authors’ website is:

Natural Remedy Experiment For Puffy Eyes Bags

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Adhd Homeopathic Medication

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

adhd homeopathic medication

My 7 yr old son has just been diagnosed with ADD. Other than medication, what are my options?

I am very concerned about putting a 7 yr old on a stimulant. I would like to know if there are any other homeopathic methods to assist in treatment of ADD/ADHD

My brother has this too & my parents didn’t want to do the drug thing either. Changing the diet does wonders. If possible cut out sugary products. If you bake use honey & also check the labels. Fructose Corn Syrup can really wire kids that are susceptible with ADD. Another huge change should be cut out all foods with red food dye. Hot dogs are filled with this. No soda pop or diet pop. Nutrasweet also seems to stimulate many children with ADD.

Here’s the official diet:

While science has yet to fully embrace the diet-behavior connection, there is sound evidence from physicians, parents, and researchers that diet does play a role in the condition. In 1975, Dr. Feingold published his diet as a direct link to the minimization of ADD/ADHD symptoms. His #1 culprit: Food additives in the form of artificial preservatives and colorings. Other leaders in diet therapy have similar theories. Common dietary guidelines for people suffering with ADD/ADHD include:

Avoidance of food colorings and dyes listed as FD&C Yellow #5, Red #40, Blue #1

Avoidance of three main food preservatives BHA, BHT and TBHQ. These are not often listed on food labels, but check for the term “antioxidants” or call the food manufacturer
directly. These are made from petroleum.

Avoidance of additional preservatives, such as monosodium glutamate, nitrates, sodium benzoate, and sulfites.

Avoidance of aspirin-like chemicals and salicylates. (70 % of people showed improved learning and behavior)

Elimination of dairy products

Avoidance of yellow foods

Decreased amount of sugar in diet with no more than 10%, if

Elimination of fruit juice (mostly sugar or high fructose corn syrup)

Avoidance of processed meats

Avoidance of all junk food (packaged foods)

A really good book “Parenting Children with ADHD” by Vincent J. Monstra, PhD

Also “Ritalin-Free Kids” is a great book, here’s the link on amazon:

Make breakfast protein based (15-20 Gms. suggested) instead of the usual carbohydrate-loaded breakfast .

I would also suggest getting your son food allergy tested

Also, they make a chewable Omega 3 for kids that is great to get extra neurologic support

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment Options : Tips for Drug-Free AHDH Treatment

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Adhd Alternative Remedies

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

adhd alternative remedies

Should children take ADHD medications or are alternative remedies safer?

I have to write a paper on whether or not children should take ADHD med. Im still on the fence about it and I would really like to have a firm opinion on the subject before I write it. Please Help! Thanks.

Ultimately each family must make their decision, preferably in conjunction with professional input and supervision, based on what they believe is best for their child.

What’s more of a determining factor for safety is NOT whether it’s “medication” or “alternative medicine” but whether it’s evidenced-based medicine. While some scientific evidence exists regarding some Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapies, there are key questions of safety and efficacy that are yet to be answered through well-designed scientific studies. A solid scientific evaluation process is necessary to assess conventional treatments, as well as CAM therapies. The list of what is considered to be CAM changes continually, as those therapies proven to be safe and effective are adopted as conventional health care.

There is a common misconception that herbal medicines are safe because they are from a natural source. Similarly, vitamin and mineral supplements are often viewed as safe because they are available without prescription and are found in many fortified foods. However, ingestion of dietary and herbal supplements can be associated with adverse events that include all levels of severity, organ systems, and age groups. Supplements do not always have clear dosage guidelines, or are packaged at dosage levels far in excess of recommended FDA allowances. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration is not involved in the regulatory or approval process for over the counter complementary or alternative medicines. As with drugs, herbal or botanical preparations have chemical and biological properties that have the potential for drug interactions. Associations between adverse events and ingredients are especially difficult to verify if a product contains more than one ingredient. Adverse events associated with dietary supplements are also difficult to monitor because such products are not registered before sale, and there is little information about their content and safety. As with all medications, safety and effectiveness must be taken into account when considering the use of any over the counter medication, herbal or dietary supplements.

Herbal Plant Remedies : Herbs: St. John’s Wort for Depression

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Adhd Treatment Without Drugs

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

adhd treatment without drugs

Do you feel smart and report after the initial government med spirit?

Just curious. My feeling was, but after two. Years of anti – depressant Wellbutrin, my husband alludes sensitivity, I might actually slipping memory and emotion. . It's hard because I felt my response to this drug without side effects. I can not remember when vivdly mind. med does not have any experience like this or similar? Ya, thanks for the answer! BTW, to treat adult ADHD and started as a mild depression. . I always feel that I can. But there is no med my doctor discourages. And I listened.

Spirit meds can affect memory, mood and mental work. One side effect I found. With several anti – psychotics delay in responding to mental as in high volume. depakote can take a joke or laughing silence before answers. These effects are usually built on higher volumes mean a gradual slide. Ground Yes, yes, all of them. If you feel that the issues discussed affect your doctor. Commenting on the changes. your meds, you may find some sections that do not like you.

Huge Improvements in Her Child’s ADD/ADHD—Without Medication!

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Adhd Treatment Options For Children

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

adhd treatment options for children

There are some ADHD meds considered "safe" than others.

Children have a lot of options out there for parents who choose route their ADHD meds, I think some Frankly frightening – is "Boxed Black" here in the U.S. There are some that are "safe" than others when it comes to long-term side effects mood changes not less appetite suppression. No drugs, etc? Children in mind while Adderall XR – and I am looking for information about the options. other med for him we are open to increase treatment naturopathic and added more. (He was Omega. 3 's).

The best treatment option for ADD / ADHD is called EEG biofeedback or neurofeedback neurotherapy. It is safe effective Have no known side effects. Research on the Web using keywords such as "neurofeedback. And add "click below on my page to learn about neurofeedback. I've seen work is incredible.

Behavioral Treatment for ADHD Children

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