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Adhd Diet Therapy

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

adhd diet therapy

Adhd Meds and diet?

My son was diagnosed ADHD and ODD 2 years ago when he was 5. I am so sick of all these meds and side effects. I have been doing some research about a change in diet could help.
Has anyone done this before? How did it work out for you? I really want him off these meds. In addition he does get therapy to. I’m just so scared for my son’s safety. I have heard too many horror stories. And also his dr keeps prescribing these meds that have caused deaths (which I refuse to give him). Please I need some advice or even maybe some good links and references. Thank you in advance.


ADHD Therapy | ADHD Cure

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Adhd Cannabis

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

adhd cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Card?

I was wondering if I would pass a MMJ card interview (or whatever its called), I would be trying to get it for my lower back pain, ADHD, and anxiety. I was wondering exactly what I should say, if there was some “magic word” as when one is on trail for murder and say, “I was in fear for my life.” It turns out alright. I’m probably just being anxious but I would like to pass. If it helps I live in southern California.

To be honest I live in NYC, but I got family out in California, and from what I’ve learned you can pretty much just put on some hippie clothes and they are going to pass you, they make a ton of money off you people each year, so they are happy with you taking advantage of the law. As for the chick who said your just looking for a legal way to get high, if this was me asking I’d tell you your damn right, but you do realize marijuana has been PROVEN to relieve physical medial problems, and is a wonder for both ADHD and anxiety.

Even if this person’s personal situation is they just want to get high, how is this any of your problem? Do you, and must you have a problem with everything, or are you just against something that is 100% natural, less harmful then cigarettes and alcohol, and has been proven time and time again that it does in fact have meaningful medical purposes? If it is the latter, then you are no better then big brother, and who really likes our government?

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Adhd Depression Medication

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

adhd depression medication

adhd depression medication

What to do when you have children with ADHD, and you do not want your children to use drugs?

My child is ADHD and can not bring myself to put children on medication. b'cus from the fact that they do not have the appetite to eat out like that. zoned zoombie and a feeling of depression. Please help if you have any advice on this situation. Thanks!

If your children as you have described children who will be more than medications. Most children with ADHD a child does not act like you have described,. Until they are cheaper than drugs. Secondly, I know. Many of the children are now adults and adolescents and their parents wish they would have put them on. meds so they can focus on sleep, think and act like other children. Around them my advice. Is that you allow your child is likely to have normal children, there is a possibility. I've known people who have taken their children out. Then, when the meds meds durning the summer between high school and that seems to work pretty well for them. Also, I heard that if you carefully monitor what they eat with the drugs work quite well.

Untreated Depression Medication Info

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Adhd Cme

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

adhd cme

Is there much difference between Adderall and Desoxyn?

I’m going to be seeing my psychiatrist in a couple of days and I am going to ask about being put on one of these drugs for my social anxiety seeing as how the SRRI is not working. Also ever since she bumped up my dosage to 60mg of prozac I have had a huge increase in suicidal thoughts. Last time this happened it turned into psychosis with Celexa. So I have heard that using ADHD drugs can help with this and I’m wondering between the two is there much difference to what it does to you?

Wow. What a hard place to be in. I feel your anxiety.

SSRI’s became “the darlings” of psychiatry back in the early 90’s and have been so over prescribed and are causing so many problems with people, especially the increased anxiety and psychotic episodes that you have experienced.

Many times a person is misdiagnosed because, if you review the various illnesses such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bi-Polarism, PTSD; you will see that they have more in common than they do not.

And, even worse, many people have hormonal or nutritional imbalances that mimic mental illness.

So it is REALLY important to make sure that you have been properly tested and diagnosed before you just keep switching pills to treat the various side effects that arise from the pills. This is usually best done by really, honestly and thoroughly looking at your moods, behaviors, attitudes, patterns, coping skills, etc when you were a teenager, BEFORE you were taking any drugs (street or prescribed) for this is when the body is challenged with the mental emotional stresses of nearing adulthood and the physiological demands of maturing.

Here are some sites that offer some online testing that perhaps you can take, print out, then bring to your Psyche MD to discuss fully. Remember to think back to your teenage years when the questions ask about the past.
Remember, nobody wants any type of mental health disorder diagnosis, but it is better to be properly diagnosed and treated than to be treated for something that you don’t really have.

Individualizing Diagnosis and Treatment in Children and Adolescents With ADHD

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Adhd Blood Pressure

Friday, July 29th, 2011

adhd blood pressure

adhd blood pressure

My blood pressure /. Heart health

I just started. without a prescription adderall XR for ADHD. It lists one of the common side effects are increased heart rate. Right now I'm about. 105/69 with a resting heart rate is about 100bpm I realize that's not bad and I tend to have high blood pressure. lowish I was just wondering of anyone in the medical field in this case. Is sustainable. How do I go about this a few years if the plant is no other side effects. Up and I do not want to damage my heart or whatever it is that Thanks, I know that my heart rate is higher because the. adderall I'm just curious if this is a long-term heart rate without causing lasting damage.

bp, which is great, but your heart. Rate is low / normal, you might be dehydrated. Try to drink more water if it is still telling your doctor.

Reducing High Blood Pressure by Juicing Spinach, Grapefruit, Celery

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Adhd Fibromyalgia

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

adhd fibromyalgia

Could I have fibromyalgia?

I am a 16 year old boy

My grandma has it and I have the following symptoms:

Severe upper back spasms
Severe shoulder pain
Trouble breathing due to asthma
Mood swings
Anxiety symptoms
Wrist, knuckle, elbow, and shoulder severe pain + numbness
Trouble sleeping
Waking up during sleep
Weight gain
ADHD symptoms (was recently diagnosed)
Memory loss

The pain is very bad when I type or move my arms around.

Take a test. It’s free!

Autoimmune Invite – Thyroid, Fibromyalgia, Infertility, Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD

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Adhd List Of Medications

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

adhd list of medications

What do I need to do to get my cannabis card?

K 18 for me, and I live in California. I have ADHD and marijuana is the only thing that makes me most is respect. IM thinking clearly when high and easy to concentrate its I have tried other ADHD drugs. Such as strattera, 2 days, I took my emotions and I got tangled. HELLA irritable and I'm just beginning. Crying out from nowhere. I have tried other things but IDK what I would not have called attention to something similar. And I go to the site. (Http:// now and say something. About my medical records and keeping the past or something like that. But I do not see a doctor or what treatment. Or have any provision for such. 4 years, I just have to take medicine. That did not work. So I wonder if I have to do anything else. Other than just medical records? Oh and heres a list of diseases with ADHD in the list. (Http://

What you need to sign the approval of your doctor. Tada! Not necessarily your doctors. In fact, California is. busting out the seams with a doctor to do anything. But the mmj patients and signed document their expenses. Of course, it would be easiest if you see a doctor then signs off. But a large number of documents out there who understand. mmj and is effective for ADHD Good luck. Lots of good information and videos on that subject.

The Dumbing Down of America via Education, Medication, Annihilation

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Adhd Natural Medications

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

adhd natural medications

adhd natural medications

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Adhd Genetic Factors

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

adhd genetic factors

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Adhd Risk Factors

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

adhd risk factors

adhd risk factors

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Adhd Environmental Factors

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

adhd environmental factors

adhd environmental factors

This is a very interesting topic, it depends on who you ask and what you reading. Presuming you just asked me to share with you. … Note: I'm not expert or medical professional. I put (ADHD), diagnosis, and participation in the study of.

We start with a non-mainstream. ADHD put the first book I read. What is "Beyond ADD HUNTING reasons in the past and present" -. I know the book by Thom Hartman is a bit dated. (Published 1996), but he puts out a very interesting debate, especially. For those not familiar, it is the first book I have read with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a natural impact. How do I interpret his argument to hunt. / Gatherers / farmers theory (my opinion of His theory.)

Add an adaptation of the remaining hunting and gathering days. The books that extend the benefits of adaptation to hunting of our fathers. prowling the depths of the forest, I remember more clearly the role will help increase the 'hunters'.

Chapter distant relative of us (Hunter male) can be monitored by some sort of victim and Wolf, animal or rock in the same way. erupts from Bush Hunter can not think that he would have done, thinking of death. = Natural, increases the ability of adjusted Hunter favorite Survival, particularly continuous environmental scanning and hyper focus on several tasks simultaneously. It is a constant, constant, constant – Thought, action, focus, focus, again large Brief analysis of moving images,. Communications, opportunities, risk and courage. Other fascinating theories.

In summary, the benefits. evolutionarily / Adaptability cause Of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Last but not least about BC. 10,000 people began to settle permanently through plant domestication (agriculture) and benefit from the evolution of the input is. Disadvantageous

Until the age of information.

Add causes ADHD.

Enter Exact, causes ADHD (s).

• Do not know

CAUSE Probable.

• For most genes.
Brain structure •.
• For the function of brain chemicals. (Dopamine and norepinephrine / neurotransmitters).
• brain development.

Possible factors.

• for brain injury.
• for the environment. Exposure (lead).
• For alcohol and smoking during pregnancy.
• premature delivery.
• Do. Low birth weight.

Not cause.

• Diet is not good.
• for social and environmental factors. (Poverty, family structure).
Parenting for •.

Understand that this is far from black and white. Social and environmental factors that may affect the likelihood of ADHD. Diagnostic tests. (Or diagnosed). But it is not the underlying cause. Low birth weight may not be the cause of violence. The best answer is from your doctor.

This article is located at Cause of ADD, ADHD. Enjoy similar articles at

This site is useful for three groups:
1. Those diagnosed with ADHD or ADD
2. The group who is not diagnosed but close to an ADHD ADD family member, friend, or significant other
3. You are simply interested and curious

These factors have the biggest impact on men. demotivating?

"Video game studies. Shows that some of the most popular video game is. disengaging boys from the real world hobby. Profound changes in methods of teaching the children how to get to know the unintended effect of turning many boys off school Prescription drugs. Overuse Of medication for ADHD may cause irreversible damage to the motivational centers in the brain of a boy. Endocrine Disruptors environmental estrogens from plastic bottles and food supply. May have reduced testosterone levels men 'and making their bones fragile and more the endocrine system of throwing them out of the test. Devaluation of masculinity. Drop in popular culture. Changing the example of courage. Forty years ago we had Father knows. Today we have a Simpsons "which of these factors. The largest effect of making men indifferent and demotivated? Do you think other factors may be blamed?

Great question. All the above plus. The lack of positive male role models at home or at school. Men have been hounded out of the education system by feminist witch child abuse. hunts, and of course we all know that what animation can do. For families, especially in communities with low income and minority shareholders.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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All Natural Adhd Treatments

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

all natural adhd treatments

all natural adhd treatments

Taking "Speed" and a heart faster than anyone.

Sorry about using the word "speed", but that's what it is. I'm taking Adderall (amphetamines) for Concentration and treatment resistant depression in size 5 mg twice a day. It works great, except for a small problem. Other one: it caused my pulse to jump. 65-70 breaths per minute to 90-95 beats per minute. … While the rest! When I walk, it beats faster. And forget about running Anyways,. Increases if you ask me, especially when these low doses. It has helped me a lot and I did. Want to talk to my psychiatrist because he really did not want to write a prescription and I am confident that he would tell me to stop using it if I told him about it. My heart says my heart. " Healthy and did not have to worry about. But I am worried. What should I do. And please do not tell me to switch. meds or try something "all natural" drugs, this. Finally, if I stop this thing. med nothing to help me because I've tried about everything.

You will be able to talk to your psychiatrist. Or not your heart tell that your heart is beating at a rate? If not, you may need to check back with him. You may also want to see your general operators to see if there is something that Can compensate for this increased heart rate. That's good that the meds work for you. But you must consider your overall health. If your heart is still highlighted. Is the time you put yourself at risk for all kinds of problems.

Alternative / Natural Treatment for ADD & ADHD

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Adhd Finger Length

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

adhd finger length

adhd finger length


Probably because I grew up in a family, we always Eat dinner together, and because I now live in Greece, the family gathered around a table eating are the norm, I tend to get a little scared when it was found that most families are not real At the table even more shocked when I found out that they have a beautiful restaurant, they hardly ever used. Not because they like to eat in the kitchen. But because they eat separately. (With words – to eat separately. – Sounds sad that they almost made me cry.)

Of course, you do not have separate eating together as a family. But if you have good food. TABLE I think it's a shame not to use it. Duuwann! And if you only have a small table. Any good – คุณจะต้องบีบเข้าด้วยกันเพื่อรับประทานอาหารครอบครัว! I know it's not always easy with children. And parents completed in different time at work and school, and everyone in the family tend to have something in the evening as well. But to my family dinner. (Or late lunch as we had in Greece). Is sacred and should not be missed. It is not difficult to mediate Dinner or supper does not need to be at the same time every day. But can be adjusted. And even if you're hungry. When you arrive home from work or school, you can have a small snack. And you will survive 'until everyone in the family home and where you can sit down together.

Of course, that is. A day when everybody can not have But that day should be the exception not the rule.

This is not about food It's about being together. It's about being together as a family, no matter what you are busy or angry or frustrated, or restless or happy or tired or bored with everyone and everything or I've read in a magazine, people as parents. Advising families to take some time away from each other in the sofa after work and school just to sit down together and stay together. Yes, try it with teenagers. Although he sits down with you. The dining table is not a problem. (If he uses it) after he or she is hungry, too. And especially when it comes to teens is a good habit. He or she may talk with You: "Please pass my salt."
In fact, it was a good idea with small children. Other as well, he or she will learn manners.

When my oldest son finished. Elementary school classes had been. – Greek style – go out for dinner. taverna a few teachers and parents volunteered to drive them. We have a separate dining table. I was watching these 12 years. Children, and I was very impressed. He sat at the table nicely,. Order food and drink, they only eat well with a knife and fork and they talk and behave. No doubt soooo good habit of frequent visits to the restaurant with family But also gathered around the dining table at home.

If you have a husband or partner families daily diet is great. Time of day to have a talk. – Or just call the things you do throughout 24 hours ago. And if you have something to talk about it do not need to be embarrassed because you can always be what your mouth. With food, it is a good habit to sit down dining table, even if you have a fight. You now have the opportunity to show you still broccoli (Bugs and fish fingers for dinner,. He hated), or that you are ready for "peace" -. Without having to say you're sorry. – By cooking him his favorite meal. (If he cooks the same food family, of course)!

So yes, it is about food as well. Especially for children to get used to different foods. และใช่ฉันจะทราบได้อย่างไรที่จะสามารถนรก! We have rules that everyone can taste the food before saying he did not. Like it limited the size of a quarter of the beans, if often enough to make sure food is absolutely disgusting, or if it is possible to try another bite a little bigger now. Typically, this scenario is repeated several times a week "What's for dinner" fish. " "EeerrKKUgreHASahgg! You know, I HATE fish! "" Well,. Maybe not this particular fish. – Tsiboura it barbounia / COD / special trout imported from Norway in brine Beef tenderloin in red meat, fish, Siberia "Sometimes you get surprised. –. Kids really like the food I am not a child forced to eat what they do not like. But I want to try different foods. And it is very easy to make them try to family dinner than when they eat themselves. (I must admit that I was deceived children. Other days we have a home made fish fingers. I said it was a home made chicken sticks พวกเขาทั้งสองกินไม่กี่ก่อนที่พวกเขาได้ว่ามันคือปลาจากนั้นเข้ารับการรักษาเป็นดีจริง!).

About anything else. What is your family dinner. – Need to help things out. It is simply impossible to do everything yourself. There are some people who will help put a dining table and of course everyone has to leave their plates. Kitchen and what they can do next What other foods do decide to choose the menu. And of course, but more fun than any cooking. Any abuse of other jobs. Bgankhoong around! My children (and the rest of us). Could easily eat pasta every day. Spaghetti Bolognese want? Well, you're guaranteed to have it if you volunteer to cook. It's boring cooking only. You do not have to or not. แต่ก็แน่นอนสิ่งที่จะทำอาหารให้ทุกคนนั่งที่โต๊ะอาหาร!

Tove Cecilie Fasting, Your Fabulous Life [] the spiritual woman’s ezine. Health, wealth, happiness – all the inspiration you need to live an absolutely fabulous life.

I may have or may have ADHD to Dyslexia?

When I try to read a book to read during the summer, I kept my word. messing up, feeling like they are coming off the page. And get distracted. Also, I read a lot slower. So that I have read a chapter of a book I've been doing. 50-20 minutes after the other, depending on the length of the chapter. I genrally good with math. But the finger to me. When I write, I mess up the words. How much backspacing every now although I have the highest grade in English last year. No one seems to notice. What is your opinion?

Dude I have the same (when I was about I read the last 12 years and 8 when I went to high school. Age 12, I received special help at school. But until I was 16 my last reading. 15 years and 9months when I was 16! And to top it off I was. C in my English exam. I expect Lee.

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Adhd Alternative Medications

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

adhd alternative medications

adhd alternative medications

Professionals also have attention deficit behavior modification in the area. Middle Tennessee?

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and he was not able to use the drug. I am looking for help options, such as behavior modification.

Check what these are. CHADD Web site for A great organization that should be able to help you. I recommend this magazine. Full of lots of information. Good to read online too. I am not from Tenn. So I can not speak specifically. But I think that these will help. I do not know why your son can not use the drug. But I know that many people will have lots of opinions. Adult education is very good to begin drug use. At 31 I can say that it helped me a lot. But not the magic bullet that I always feel I must say that because so many people who have never experienced input in connection with what Those with abnormalities should do. I think that parents of children Only have it and those who are wrong should be able to talk about UPS and downs of meds. I wish they would have Lucky girl too aware the disease twenty years ago. Well I hope that my thoughts are not too strong. I just hear a lot of negative talk med. (Not from you), but for those who are. Never walk mile in my shoes. I had to try three different meds. And thank God I'm an adult and realize the people who make me angry or too emotional. I can not imagine what it would be like. For the child they say that the very behavior modification. My advice is to read everything,. Support groups to visit and do everything you can to educate myself. That is soooo much more information there. I read the article in the magazine put behavioral change.

Zero In On ADD/ADHD With Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

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Adhd Treatment Options For Adults

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

adhd treatment options for adults

what to do when you’re depressed?

I’m a 15 year old girl and ADHD. I took medication for 5 years when I was younger and then stopped. My parents feel as though that should be my last option at this point… but I’ve been really depressed lately. I’ve been exercising a lot and eating regularly, but I always feel like I want to cry. I’m not even particularly sad about anything. I watch good movies, listen to good music… nothing seems to be working? Any suggestions? Please don’t let drugs be the answer..
visit to get the answers to all your questions.
when you say u have no reason to be depressed, i say maybe u don’t have a reason to be happy . This is what makes you traumatized. Visit these pages n specially the www.personalityquiz one it is just amazing. I thing for getting out of it u should firstly study yourself and this website can give all your answers but as soon as you discover yourself, try to also know your interests what you like for eg. if i like dancing and learning dancing i surf different websites to learn new dance moves this keeps me busy as well as excited as i do what i like. Other than that u should have an aim in your life bigger or smaller take inspirations from people u like “sources of inspiration are all around, what u need to do is to imbibe them”
I do the same thing i have a lot of ambitions in life and therefore want to live life to fulfill them and therefore i am optimistic and know that i can get what i want.
—ADHD can present challenges across all areas of life, from getting organized at home to reaching your potential at work. It can be tough on your health and both your personal and on-the-job relationships. Your symptoms may lead to extreme procrastination, trouble making deadlines, and impulsive behavior. In addition, you may feel that friends and family don’t understand what you’re up against.
Fortunately, there are skills you can learn to help get your symptoms of ADD/ADHD under control. You can improve your daily habits, learn to recognize and use your strengths, and develop techniques that help you work more efficiently, increase organization, and interact better with others. Change won’t happen overnight, though. These ADD/ADHD self-help strategies require practice, patience, and, perhaps most importantly, a positive attitude.
While medication can help some people manage the symptoms ADD/ADHD, it is not a cure, nor the only solution. If used at all, it should be taken alongside other treatments or self-help strategies.—
this is what says
I think u should do a bit of researches on spirituality things and also do meditation this gives u peace of mind
ALL the best

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment Options : How to Eliminate Distractions with ADHD

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Adhd Patch

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

adhd patch

Patch ADHD?

Have you ever heard of the new patch. ADHD? I'm not sure that is a temple called I think it's good to start with I was wondering if it accually work and if I had to grow. BC ยาสมาธิสั้นของฉันทำให้ฉันหยุดการเจริญเติบโตดังนั้นโปรดบอกฉันขอบคุณในขั้นสูง!

I know there is one drug that it helps a lot.

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Adhd Medications For Adults 2010

Monday, November 8th, 2010

adhd medications for adults 2010

adhd medications for adults 2010

Can you get a third class medical with adderal?

I’m 15 and I solo fly in 5 months. I have to get my medical soon and it’s required that I have at least a 3rd class medical. I know that the FAA recently granted pilots to use antidepressants so what’s the story behind adderal / Ritalin and having ADD/ADHD? I don’t take any neurological enhancements nor do I use any drugs whatsoever. My GPA is about a 3.9 (freshmen) but I want to be able to maximize my capabilities as far as my education goes. I want to pursue flying, and possibly go to the Air Force Academy, what’s the status with pilots taking neurological enhancements in the Air Force? Thanks allot for the help. This post is on April of 2010, so please be current with me. Thanks again.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re probably not going to be eligible for a Class III Medical nor will you be eligible for Air Force training as a pilot. You’re going to have to be off the medication for awhile and clinically be able to show that you’re stable without it. With luck you may grow out of it in a few years anyway. This is from a trustworthy source:


“Attention Deficit (ADD) – Ritalin (Methylphenidate Hydrochloride), Adderall (Dextroamphetamine Sulfate) and Strattera (Atomoxetine Hydrochloride) are usually not approved by the FAA. Under rare circumstances, individuals using Ritalin have been approved with restrictions. Approval is more likely for adults due to the difficulty in accurately evaluating ADD in young people and typically requires time off medication prior to flight.”

ADHD Medication Rules-2- Context

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Adhd Vanderbilt Scale

Monday, October 18th, 2010

adhd vanderbilt scale

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Adhd Genetic Link

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

adhd genetic link

ADHD amino acid supplement: They may help

Different people have different theories about the cause or causes of ADHD theory that genetics play a big present. Factor in the development of ADHD supports the argument for ADHD amino acid supplement.

It found that many children. (And adults) with ADHD to the neurotransmitter. Defects Neurotransmitters. Found in the brain and controls our behavior, memory and can learn. Deficiency will lead to unstable behavior and learning. Rigor

Amino acids are the basic building made. neurotransmitters. If the lack of amino acids in the body and number neurotransmitters affect

Not necessary amino acids that can be produced by the body and amino acids are important people that can not be produced by the body.

The amino acid supplement can help resolve some Chemical balance in the brain and promote neurotransmitters. To work as appropriate. Deficiencies in amino acids can lead to a focus on lack of focus on insomnia.

Alternative ways to treat. ADHD natural free newsletter below.

Therefore, supplemented with amino acids and on changes in food to increase the amount of amino acids or The amino acid supplement may help relieve some symptoms of ADHD.

The return of any defects. In amino acid production and editing. neurotransmitter which the body can restore balance and help with behavior disorders. This is opposite to drugs aimed at increasing the level of neurotransmitters artificial

So how do the amino acids. Affect the brain or not. They make it relevant. What is ADHD.

Good brains and thought processes, mainly due. neurotransmitters. Most people with ADHD born with Lack of neurotransmitter.

Supports the theory that disorders are genetically linked. Add acid to use. neurotransmitters. Lack of help in treatment Clear thought processes. This means that is easy.

The added acid is not just about adding something to protect and relieve your symptoms. Truth about what your body needs to function normally.

What does this mean?. Well, it can be translated as meaning that even people who do not. ADHD can benefit. Of added acid

This of course depends on the needs of individual amino acids. Although people can increase the amount of essential amino acids, some Through food may be the case that not enough people what they want.

Balanced diet can eliminate the need acid ADHD supplement but sure children eat Balanced diet can sometimes be difficult, especially notorious was a kid. picky eaters met with your doctor whether you should be supplemented with amino acids.

About the Author

Sign up for Sue Perkins’ free ADHD newsletter – Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you discover more about
Amino Acids ADHD

Type of genetic abnormality is. ADHD?

It sex linked gene mutation do you get or not If you have a source, please indicate that. If this helps me write. Paper about ADHD, but I will write as if a genetic abnormality. (Will be proven in a lot of potential genetic disease). So how you get ADHD – my question is a teacher. "Kind of a genetic abnormality. ADHD?

It will not inherit the same as other behaviors. Other – the influence of genetic mixing multiple interaction With environmental factors.

Doctor’s Perspective on Adult ADHD

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Adhd Physical Therapy

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

adhd physical therapy

Those with symptoms of memory suppression?

Barrels per day and I was diagnosed with symptoms of trauma. Post Stress Disorder, but no clear answers to First criteria: open to accidental events. I have my father's youth unstable drug the body against my mother would eventually divorce. But my mother suffer from major Depression and my brother was diagnosed. ADHD (type I genes and the brother from my father). And children more aggressive and difficult, sometimes very aggressive, and sometimes my Body against me and my mother. I've been in and out of mental hospitals and treatment. But it seems like not that I want to talk about youth and I do not deal with it and learn how to get more. " All things seemed very deep and hidden in the night I held back my Many psychiatrists suggest I might be hurt since I was a kid showing signs of strength. Victim clear mistake and a nightmare about being attacked as a child. How can you know that you are. repressing injury?

What are the doctors you see and talk to talk about Nightmare of abuse? I'll have no heed of them. I think you might try hypnosis or meditation, try yourself to see what happens only from the contemplative state. I must admit that my own traumatic past before I can go for treatment after I have memories of the abuse. I "feel" of real memory. . Not made progress to indicate that You have certain rights regarding the undermining hide your treatment. I will especially try journaling about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Journaling is one way I understand myself. You are lucky enough pain. I wish you well.

knee Manual Physical Therapy

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Adhd Diet Books

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

adhd diet books

Can some one suggest a web site , book or any ideas for a special diet for ADHD ? Thank you?

My grandson has been diagnosed with ADHD. May have Asburgers (which is a form of Autism). I’d be grateful of special diets or hints to stop my beautiful 12 year old (almost 13) grandson having mood swings.Or any hints that will help him. I live in Australia. Thank you


Let me try and answer this about ADHD first, and then a little about Aspergers. I want to do this because there is a lot of inaccurate information and myths being circulated about diet and ADHD.

First and foremost, you want to decrease the sugar intake your grandson gets. I am NOT suggesting you eliminate it – but you sort of watch his behavior and activity level, and adjust accordingly. If you think about it, all people are affected by sugar. It can make anyone appear more hyperactive.

Next, please know that a Gluten-Free diet will not cure ADHD or treat ADHD. If you were to follow this diet and see changes – then something else is happening or you are treating something else. And that is entirely possible because ADHD does not just occur alone.

Aspergers is not my area of expertise, but I believe I have heard that gluten-free diets have made a difference with Autism Spectrum conditions.

In terms of dyes and additives. This has long been speculated but research has been inconclusive. Of course that doesn’t mean there isn’t a direct correlation.

Best advice I can give on this is what they call an exclusion diet (I think that’s the term). You remove a bunch of foods or additives, and slowly introduce them very systematically. You watch changes in behavior very closely and see what impacts the individual person.

Most importantly, you want to focus on a healthy and balanced diet, particularly with protein in the morning. Protein will provide the body with good energy, whereas sugar provides a quick boost and then an energy crash as the sugar is turned to carbs.

One more thing – it has been suggested in the past that you might try a Feingold diet and others… Those largely do not work.

Your best bet is to talk with someone who specializes in ADHD and nutrition. But the easiest rule to live by is decrease sugar, increase protein (everything balanced of course).

Hope this helps.


Rory F. Stern, PsyD
ADHD Coach & “Former” Therapist

The Autism/ADHD GFCF Diet with Barrie Silberberg on Lifestyle Magazine

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Adhd Alternative Medicines

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

adhd alternative medicines

adhd alternative medicines

Adhd Alternative Medications – A Wide Choice

When parents sometimes look at the range of ADHD alternative medications available, they are a bit bewildered and I am not surprised. These alternative treatments for children with ADHD range from medications (psychostimulants) to herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies, diet and nutrition, EEG biofeedback and behavioural therapy. Educational support and parental skills are generally regarded as an essential parachute for the ADHD child and the other treatments can be regarded as options. But where do you start ? Strictly speaking only the conventional medicines and homeopathic treatment could be regarded as medications in the strict sense of the term. Three of the options caught my attention as they are not often mentioned in the literature on ADHD alternative medications.

I have used Bach flower remedies with great success for anxiety and stress. Any disease according to Dr. Bach is brought on by negative emotions such as fear, sorrow and anger. As a homeopath and herbalist Dr. Bach found that certain extracts from flowers affected our mood and negative feelings, thereby restoring balance and healing to the body. Many people find this strange but there are many parents who swear that this type of non-invasive treatment is effective and is one of the more valid alternative treatments for children with ADHD. Perhaps the most distinguished Bach flower enthusiast is Queen Elizabeth II who has been treated with Bach flower remedies for many years.

With EEG biofeedback, the patient can see on a video screen how his brain waves are working when related to how he or she is feeling or what emotional state or level of attention she is experiencing. Therapy consists of making the patient work with the brain waves for optimal results. With ADHD patients, they generally have to attend up to about forty sessions but the treatment has no side effects at all. Certainly one of the ADHD alternative medications worth considering.

Because of the side effects of psychostimulants an the risk of substance abuse, many parents are attracted to homeopathic remedies for ADHD. We now know that up to 20% of children on the ADHD drugs just do not respond initially to the treatment and may have problems with the side effects which range from sleep problems, fatigue, weight loss and a host of others too numerous to mention here. With such a high percentage and with FDA warnings increasing daily, it is no surprise that alternative treatments for children with ADHD are gaining ground.

The British Homeopathic Journal have published a double blind trial results which showed that homeopathy is effective in treating some of the symptoms of fidgeting, restlessness and inattention. Learn about what exactly goes into a homeopathic remedy and the processes involved in their preparation. You will be pleasantly surprised that they are just as effective in treating ADHD as psychostimulants and carry no risks of drug abuse which is such a relief to many parents. It is now widely regarded as one of the safest ADHD alternative medications in existence today.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available.

Looking for help with alternative to meds for adhd 3 year old?

My 3 year old son is Very energetic! Not only that but we have been having a lot of behavior problems. If you would have asked me a year ago what i thought of adhd in a young child I would have said there is no way. However I have been through a lot at only the age of 3… will be 4 in july . I feel bad for him cause he is constantly being redirected or I am explaining why the things he is doing are wrong. I have tried everything in desperation…. spanking, time outs, even hot sauce a couple times. NOTHING works. I really feel like he doesnt mean to be this way. He is constantly trying to escape from wherever he is. He was recently kicked out of daycare. I feel bad for him but yet I have a hard time too. I need some alternative medicine to work with as I do not feel comfortable at all putting him on the regular adhd meds at his age. He was diagnosed with adhd 2 weeks ago and they want to medicate him Please help any ideas i will be researching! thanks

Poor kid. He’s doing the best he can. Don’t let your frustration about his actions affect your feelings for him. He is an innocent kid.

I would say he needs more love and attention, less TV, and more outside time. Make a schedule and follow it, where he is awakened and fed at the same time. He needs to have a nap time in the mid-morning and after lunch.

He needs to have activities that challenge his intellect. No TV, at least limit – passive entertainment is NOT what he needs. That’s creating a couch potato. He needs to try physical activies like sports and building or creating things.
Reward him for positive things that he does, don’t punish him but for negative reinforcement, a form of time-out is helpful.

Above all, he needs love. Through attention, praise, and fun, he needs to know that you love him. Day care can be one of the worst things for a toddler. Find a provider who can give him individual attention and have love for him, although a professional love, not personal, unconditional positive regard is what children are craving today – the lack of which is producing the generation of delinquents that we are seeing.

New Herbal Remedy found to treat ADD / ADHD better than Ritalin, and much safer!

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Adhd Treatment Guidelines Adults

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

adhd treatment guidelines adults

Women and ADHD – The challenges of diagnosis.

It was not all that long ago that women. ADHD was almost completely ignored. Medical education community. Believe that ADHD is a condition in which children are affected most men out million girls and women to manage their symptoms do not care. impulsivity and restlessness itself while Stories of Women and ADHD. Improved diagnostic criteria rather solely to men does not alter enough to help girls and women receive the type of assistance required.

Even if women have done research before hand and feel confident she has attention deficit clinicians have few tools and diagnostics to confirm her questions. And a comprehensive treatment plan.

There is no specific treatment guidelines for girls and women and most clinicians. ADHD to depend In the same way that psychotherapy may provide insights useful to women as emotional and personal challenges. But often do not give them the tools and strategies they need. Manage their ADHD symptoms on a daily basis.

Much of the information is now collected from the Mental Health experts emphasize that a new branch. ADHD women and very little information from research about women. ADHD.

ADHD difficult to diagnose women.

Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, eating and drinking, sleep problems and alcohol abuse are only six of the conditions often go hand with ADHD in women.

It is clear that the adult women are often lost interest and felt more depressed than women without anxiety disorders. Last couple of studies found that most of the concerns of passion stemmed from the feeling of duty home, children and families. They also experience more chronic stress and increased risk of diseases and conditions that go hand In hand with stress, such as migraine cancer, fibromyalgia and IBS.

Estrogen agents and their impact on drug management.

Determine the appropriate amount of pharmaceutical drugs is one of the many challenges women face medical treatment with ADHD composition suitable for women. ADHD can be difficult because since The reduction in ADHD symptoms in general and flow depending on the amount of Current examples of the estrogen fluctuations are certainly not at some time during the monthly cycle. Pregnant or postpartum women, and during menopause.

Women with ADHD in the summary page to get serious in the diagnosis and treatment later. This will follow for ADHD. This reason many women choose to accept a natural remedy for Natural Remedies for ADHD is extensive and has proven effective in treating both primary and secondary symptoms. ADHD in women.

About the Author

Rob Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years experience in the field.
Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at purchase

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Adhd Biological Causes

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

adhd biological causes

adhd biological causes

Check Accessories ADHD Treatment Options.

ADHD or attention deficit is increasing alarmingly statistics suggest that the child 1 in 25 diagnosed as ADHD symptoms. ADHD generally lost interest and impulsive. Hyperactive behavior Disorders to maintain regular drug use and other treatment. And the promotion of active symptoms. ADHD may be reduced ADHD is usually diagnosed in children under 7 and can affect individuals throughout life.

There were no agreement. The exact cause of ADHD individuals with this condition do not have any physical differences. That people do not just appear that ADHD brains work slightly differently. Of the environment A theory of biological reasons have been suggested and scientists continue to work on understanding conditions.

ADHD was treated with stimulant Although drugs can be polished voice lessons and improve symptoms, strength, and attention span. But there are a number of side effects that may occur when the drugs are. And some parents and individuals rather different view of how to manage symptoms. This will supplement.

Essential fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids. Found in fish oil supplement will be shown to relieve symptoms. ADHD, some experiments conducted in Durham, England on 120 children found that those who received fish oil reduce Hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and ignore the positive effect on learning and concentration in school Essential fatty acids can help improve eczema. Dry skin, reduce excessive thirst and Urine often, control of asthma and allergy All that is required in children. ADHD.

Amino acid

The brain. neurotransmitters. Learn to control and Behavior without neurotransmitters. Enough to reduce these elements. Neurotransmitters. The increased use of amino acids from protein The research found that ADHD children tend to be born. With neurotransmitters. Links few genes. Therefore, the behavior of the amino acids of memory and emotion may be better all


Zinc deficiency is a factor associated with symptoms. ADHD other studies conducted on children receiving zinc supplement to the general treatment or placebo. Children taking the zinc supplement is more important than children generally improved following treatment alone.

For more information about the awareness and treatment. ADHD naturally follow. Read and subscribe to free newsletter below.

ADHD other accessories that can prove helpful. .

• iron
• magnesium
Colloidal • ore
• L – carnitine.
Vitamin C •.

But these supplements. ADHD treatment is an effective natural treatment to help relieve For ADHD symptoms, parents should consult their child's doctor before starting the supplement regime.

About the Author

Sign up for Sue Perkins’ free ADHD newsletter – Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you discover more about
Supplements ADHD

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Adhd Diet Guidelines

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

adhd diet guidelines

adhd diet guidelines

Niacin And Adhd – A Guideline For Parents

Is Niacin and ADHD a realistic possibility? Naicin is just one of the many essential human nutrients that we need to keep our bodies going. It is also called Vitamin B3 and belongs to the Vitamin B complex and as such plays a key role in daily nutrition. Recently the Alternative Medicine Review published a study on vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and found that these were as effective as ADHD meds in alleviating ADHD symptoms such as restlessness and hyperactivity. Niacin was one of the elements in the cocktail of supplements but to say that Niacin and ADHD are the solution for ADHD is a gross exaggeration.

The jury is still out on ADHD Niacin but other studies on multivitamins have shown possible benefits for children with ADHD. The bottom line is that while Niacin is an important dietary supplement, any diet which is balanced and has sufficient quantities of Vitamin D, B and C groups, then an ADHD child will definitely benefit. People usually with a deficiency in Niacin are probably not getting enough wheat germ, meat, yeast , eggs and dairy products. Fruit and vegetables also contain Niacin so tomatoes, avocadoes. asparagus and dates are all beneficial. If your child is not getting enough of any of these, a good multivitamin or a Vitamin B complex pill will fill the gap nicely. If you want to give just ADHD Niacin to a child, the daily dose is 2 and 12 mg.

Niacin is basically a supplement for treating high cholesterol and has been used with caution among diabetic adults as it has been shown that it can increase glycemic levels. A recent study has exonerated Niacin and now it is regarded as a safe supplement also for diabetics.

Niacin and ADHD has recently gained more publicity because a modified form of Vitamin B3 is now sold as NADH. This has been shown in tests to be beneficial for healthy brain function so it is excellent for those children, teenagers and adults suffering from inattentive ADHD. Patients reported an improved focus and attention. But more tests and research need to be done. It seems to me that an intelligent parent will make sure that a healthy balanced diet is given and when this cannot be done, multivitamins including Niacin are given as supplements.

The medical community is far too inclined to scoff at ADHD natural remedies especially the homeopathic ones as they say that no proper extensive trials have been done. But no long term studies on the ADHD meds have been done either and actually the longest one has been 14 months which is useless in determining long term effects. While ADHD Niacin is not the whole answer, the best solution is an ADHD homeopathic remedy which is gaining in popularity among parents.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available

Where do I find a kind of diet plan or food guidelines for eliminating the symptoms of ADHD?

I need to do something with my 5 year old. Behavior modification is not working.

When my son was young, I read books by Dr. Doris Rapp. These books are available through used booksites for about $3.00 each, so the investment is minimal. These books tell you a lot of information about foods and ADHD, how to manage it, and also other symptoms you may or may not be seeing with your child. The reason the books are so helpful is not only because of the directions for the foods and diets, but because it gives examples of other children and some of the things that were noticed with them. If you choose not to buy the books, you can do a search for: diet and Candida, diet and ADHD. The elimination diet is a diet which helps you to pinpoint what foods may be causing problems with your own child. I would highly recommend the books, and you can even go to Youtube and type in Dr. Doris Rapp to see a T.V. broadcast from several years ago with her as the guest. Be especially mindful of peanut butter and peanut products. Problem foods can vary from child to child, but sugary things and processed wheat and baked goods can be problems with activity. My son was sensitive to: sugar, orange juice, tomato, peanut products and a couple I don’t currently remember. The idea is to get him healthy and then he can have the foods on a more limited or rotation type schedule. Eliminating the foods in the beginning does not mean he needs to forever be without them, just not eat them in excess. If you read the books indicated, then learn all about Candida.

Funny but True Facts About Big Pharma, Bill Maher

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Adhd Doctors

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

adhd doctors

adhd doctors

ADHD in Adults: Coping with Social Gatherings

While ADHD is commonly recognized in children, most people expect adults to be able to hide the fact that they have a problem. Social gatherings and meetings can cause a lot of anxiety in someone who suffers from ADHD and this can even cause them to avoid social situations. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are coping strategies to make even the most important meeting go well.


Most ADHD adults have difficulty staying focused on conversations for any length of time, so it’s not hard to imagine how trying it is to understand an entire meeting or speech. Unfortunately, those moments when the mind wanders are often the most important ones and this can cause problems later on when the facts are needed.

A social function, be it a picnic or a company party, can be emotionally and mentally exhausting if you are struggling to pay attention and to avoid blurting out something inappropriate. What should be fun turns into something more like work and requires a lot of energy just to make it through a couple of hours. This is the reason that many ADHD adults avoid social gatherings and prefer to spend their downtime away from other people.

Fortunately, there are ways to stay more focused during these social outings, making them less stressful and easier to deal with.

Strategies for Social Situations

– Keep it simple. Whenever possible, keep the social situation as stress free as possible. Choose to go to a movie or show instead of hosting or attending a party, which can be very distracting.

– Take notes. While this is not something you’ll want to do in front of people, it can be handy to keep a notebook on hand to jot notes on people throughout the event or meeting. This can be invaluable when you need to contact someone again or talk to your boss about the meeting.

– Listen more than you talk. Even if your attention tends to wander, it’s a lot easier to be in a social situation where you don’t really need to say anything. Most people are more than thrilled to talk about themselves, so all you need to do is ask a question now and then and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of talking.

– Find a way to be interested. Think about how you can use the information gleaned in the meeting for future projects. Many ADHD adults find that when they are interested in something, they really can focus on information input quite well. All you need to do is find the method of promoting interest in yourself.

– Opt for enjoyable outings. Rather than force yourself to go to a dozen corporate Christmas parties over the holidays, why not look for something you enjoy more, like a concert? Attend only the social gatherings that you absolutely must and the rest should be ones that you enjoy and feel comfortable with.

– Take someone along. Having a spouse or good friend with you allows you to break away from time to time when you simply can’t stick to a conversation. Also, having someone who understands you can be a big help when you are feeling uncomfortable and lets you join someone who will understand if you are in need of a break.

ADHD in adults can cause some serious problems in social situations if you don’t have a plan. Know what you can do to stay focused and to avoid embarrassing situations before you go in. This, coupled with support from a loved one, can help make all the difference in how you approach these gatherings.

About the Author

ADD ADHD doctor provides solutions for situations that can prevent you from doing your best at work, school or in relationships. For treatment and recommendations of ADD and ADHD, consider Dr.Svec Institute of Psychological Services.

Any advice for SPOUSES of people afflicted with Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, ADHD, behavior or actions?

My wife has many of the typical characteristics of the diseases I mentioned in the question. Mostly, I’d say she matches those of ADHD. Her doctors have prescribed an endless series of bad diagnosis and arbitrary prescriptions–mostly VERY high price and addictive medications. Particularly suspect are EFFEXOR and NEURONTIN.

What rights or challenges to the “industry” are available for those of us that are innocent…..but very much become victims ourselves because we have to deal with the consequences of the actions of loved ones?

Help your wife find a GOOD psychiatrist for this. Bipolar was the diagnosis for my ex-husband not long after our marriage broke up. Now, almost 10 years later, the psychiatrist he’s now going to found that he isn’t bipolar, but actually severely depressed with some paranoia mixed in, among other issues. When asked about the changed diagnosis, she told him that it’s very easy to diagnose someone as bipolar, but when you dig into the actual problems, you may find that it’s not. Good luck with this one. It’s a very difficult thing for you and her to deal with. I agree with the person who advises that you get counseling too. It will help you to deal with what’s going on with your wife and will help you be able to understand and assist her.

Doctor Speaks about ADD/ADHD

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Adhd Diets Behavior

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

adhd diets behavior

adhd diets behavior

ADHD Diet For Children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition wherein a child has an inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive behavior that is severe. The common features include anxiety, mood swings, impulsivity, poor concentration and sleeping disorders. The ADHD diet for children is a very important factor that may contribute to treat ADHD. This kind of diet helps the brain to be focused and organized. This must be good for children. It must contain nutritious foods and ADHD medications. It must be free from all the food allergens because it may cause negative effects not only on the development of the child but also his overall health. If one of your children has ADHD, you are probably looking for information on how you can help him get focused and succeed in school and how to feed him the right food for his condition.

The main allergens include eggs, milk, fish high in mercury, food with coloring, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, food additives, and others. The diet must exclude foods that are rich in sugar and chocolates.

Go organic. It is best to feed your child with organic foods. These foods bypass the pesticides, toxins and additives that may impair the concentration in some children.

Balance the carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates include loads of vegetables, and fruits such as pears, apples, kiwis, tangerines, oranges, etc. Give this to your child in the night to encourage sleeping and will be helpful to provide rest in children. But never give them carbohydrates like candies, sugar, white rice and potatoes with skin on. It may cause malnutrition.

Add DHA supplements. DHA is a fatty acid that is essential for the reduction of cardiovascular disease. It plays a key role in the brain function. Doctors recommend 400 mg a day. It is essential for the brain eyes and heart. It naturally exists in sea food, walnuts, flaxseed oil, cold water fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, trout and herring.

Add multivitamins. It is effective and a must for the ADHD children. It is a valuable tool to dietary imbalances. People with a dietary imbalance are those who have problems in their diet like they can’t eat or won’t eat a nutritious meal. Vitamins and minerals like iron, amino acids, organic acids, ferritin, provision of vitamin B complex especially B6 and B3, magnesium, zinc, must be given to your child to help his body become healthy.

Avoid fishes that are high in mercury. Most fishes and shellfish contain mercury that can affect children’s ability to think and concentrate. High in mercury fishes include swordfish, shark, tilefish and mackerel.

The main point here is how you can attract your child to eat the right food. Make sure when you prepare food for them, it must me in contrasting colors like orange and green. They will get attracted to it and eat it right away.

About the Author

Visit to learn more about ADD and ADHD and what you can do about them.

Robin O. enjoys writing about many fascinating topics.

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Symptoms Of Adhd In Kids

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

symptoms of adhd in kids

How do you help an ADHD friend?

I just met a grade seven kid who has ADHD (Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).
Once in a while we go to church together, but he does all the symptoms of an adhd kid… I have to be seated away from my family and his sister with him so he’ll be less adhd-ish.
What do I do instead of of saying ‘no’ or try to make him sit still all the time? I unintentionally laugh at what he does which i think encourages him = =;;;
How should I act around him in general?

The ADHD should be treated in his diet and possibly with medication. As for how to act around him…one of the biggest things you can do is to be patient with him. As you know try not to laugh and encourage his behavior by giving him more attention but rather correct him when needed in a loving way. Just being friends with him probably helps.

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Adhd Diet Restrictions

Monday, February 1st, 2010

adhd diet restrictions

What are the symptoms of Adult Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

It has been suggested that attention disorders are caused by refined sugar or food additives, or that symptoms of ADHD are exacerbated by sugar or food additives. In 1982, the National Institutes of Health held a scientific consensus conference to discuss this issue. It was found that diet restrictions helped about 5 percent of children with ADHD, mostly young children who had food allergies.

Again, I direct you to that web page that reviews books about YEAST

Feingold Part 2 (of 2)

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Natural Adhd Medications

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

natural adhd medications

natural adhd medications

Facts About ADHD Medications Doctors Never Mention

One of the most respected researchers on ADHD, William Pelham has now come out strongly against ADHD medications and asserts that research shows they are practically useless in the long term. This is just one of the facts about ADHD medications which may or may not get publicity, depending whose website you happen to be visiting. He also claims that fellow scientists were unwilling to acknowledge that there was evidence which showed that the usefulness of ADHD medications was somewhat limited over a number of years.

Alarmed by the number of doctors giving psychostimulants and antipsychotic drugs to children with ADHD which was not strictly necessary, the state of Florida decided to ask the doctors to go through a review process. The number of prescriptions dropped dramatically in a year. When the situation was getting out of hand, the authorities found that 23 babies less than a year old had been prescribed antipsychotics ! With e review process in place, the number dropped to zero last year. Why do you think that facts about ADHD medications like these are not given wider coverage in other States or in the media?

Why do you think that the FDA has a warning on the front page of their website which states very clearly that the drug companies must issue what they coyly call ‘Medication Guides’? These guides are to warn patients that psychotic events and/or cardiovascular risks have been linked to the ADHD medications. There are no such warnings or risky side effects with ADHD natural cures.

The other facts about ADHD medications that parents want to know is what are the long term effects on the neural development of their children. One of the most alarming facts about ADHD medications is that nobody knows exactly how they work on the brain transmitters which control our impulses, moods and concentration. So, we have drugs which are basically mind altering ones (they are a sophisticated dose of ‘speed’ in many cases) which have not been studied for their effects in the long term development of children generally. Loss of appetite, stunted growth and anxiety are all linked to the ADHD medications, yet the number of prescriptions seems to be spiralling out of control. Facts on ADHD meds tend to get a very patchy coverage.

Wiser parents are not going to be taken in by this state of affairs much longer. They now know, no thanks to Big Pharm, that there are alternative therapies available. They now know that a combination of ADHD behavioral therapy with proper home and school support will work wonders.

With a natural cure, this will work even better, given that the side effects are non-existent. Facts on ADHD meds will always be censured to a certain degree as long as we have a flourishing drugs industry.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available.

Any advice to help my son with his ADHD?Natural ways if possible.?

He takes medication but would like to help him in other ways as well.

Go to ; he wrote a book called “Healing Children Naturally” It’s a national best-seller.

Medication Madness

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Early Symptoms Of Adhd

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

early symptoms of adhd

early symptoms of adhd

Treatments for Adhd

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that becomes apparent in some children in the preschool and early school years. According to a majority of medical research in the United States, as well as other countries. It is estimated that between 3 and 5 percent of children have ADHD, or approximately 2 million children in the United States. ADHD is a common behavioral disorder that affects an estimated 8% to 10% of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with it, though it’s not yet understood why. Children with ADHD act without thinking, are hyperactive, and have trouble focusing. ADHD is currently considered to be a persistent and chronic condition for which no medical cure is available. ADHD is most commonly diagnosed in children and, over the past decade, has been increasingly diagnosed in adults. About 60% of children diagnosed with ADHD retain the disorder as adults. ADHD has also been classified as a behavioral disorder and a neurological disorder or combinations of these classifications such as neurobehavioural or neurodevelopmental disorders.

ADHD is common, affecting 4% to 12% of school-age children. It’s more common in boys than in girls. ADHD is a medical condition that affects how well someone can sit still, focus, and pay attention. People with ADHD have differences in the parts of their brains that control attention and activity. These symptoms appear early in a child’s life. Symptoms of ADHD will appear over the course of many months, often with the symptoms of impulsiveness and hyperactivity preceding those of inattention. ADHD is a developmental disorder that is often said to be neurological in nature. ADHD has also been classified as a behavioral disorder and a neurological disorder or combinations of these classifications such as neurobehavioural or neurodevelopmental disorders. These compounded terms are now more frequently used in the field to describe the disorder. Effective treatments for ADHD are available. ADHD is treated most effectively, and cost efficiently, with medication. Psychotherapy is another option, with or without medication.

Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and magnesium mayhave benefits with regards to ADHD symptoms. Use tools that help you stay organized. Get plenty of exercise. Try this breathing exercise for starters. These medicines improve attention and concentration, and decrease impulsive and overactive behaviors. About 80 percent of children who need medication for ADHD still need it as teenagers. Over 50 percent need medication as adults. Some of the medicines for ADHD are methylphenidate , dextroamphetamine , pemoline , atomoxetine , and a combination drug called Adderall. Behavioral therapy (BT) helps people develop more effective ways to work on immediate issues. Social skills training can also help children learn new behaviors. Support groups help parents connect with other people who have similar problems and concerns with their ADHD children. Family counseling helps treat ADHD because it keeps parents informed and also shows them ways they can work with their kids to help.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Treatment Tips

1. Reduce seating distractions.

2. Use a homework folder for parent-teacher communications.

3. Always be on the lookout for positive behaviors.

4. Teach good study skills.

5. Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and magnesium mayhave benefits with regards to ADHD symptoms.

6. Atomoxetine , has been tested in controlled studies in both children and adults.

About the Author

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Will taking prescribed stimulants effect results of a formal ADHD test?

I’ve had a number of documented problems, which I just recently learned from a psychologist was “clearly” ADHD. (documented from as early as grade school into HS, College, and employment). He sent me to a psychiatrist who completely agreed, and prescribed me Adderall (but it may change to another option after he sees how It helps me). When I went back to the psychologist, he said that I should take a formal ADHD test so that theres formal “proof” should I need assistance or “reasonable accommodation”. My question is, if I start taking a stimulant to help with my symptoms, is it going to compromise the accuracy of a formal ADHD test?

Yes, it would. Make sure to stop the stimulant for a time equivalent to approximately 4.5 half lives prior to taking the test. . .

ADHD Symptoms & Treatments : Signs of ADHD

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Adhd Drug Free

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

adhd drug free

I have an ethics ? on disability…are we wrong or right?

My bro-in-law is a single dad of 3 kids, he goes to school full time. Ignores his children. My mom in law lives and basically raises the kids. Here’s the problem. THEY ALL GET DISABILITY. Just bro in law and kids pull in over $2800.00 a month! Plus foodstamps and full medical. He has an addiction. 2 kids ADHD and 3rd Autistic….bad enough the disabilty but I don’t think the youngest has autism…I think it was all the drugs….My daughter does have ADHD, BUT we do not! recieve benefits for it. My mom in law keeps after us saying it’s free money and she will help us through the process. My husband and I discussed it and decided that it is not a good idea being that we know it is something she’ll prob. out grow and we do not want our children thinking that they do not have to work for a living. Whose right? Am I just being stubborn? Am I crazy? BTW she would be looking at $600.00 a month. we could def use it…I need feed back……….

If your brother-in-law is going to school then he needs all the help he can get. Single parenthood and full-time school is tough, very tough. I am assuming he is going to school to get a good job and to some day build a better life for himself and his kids – at least he’s working towards a goal, right? (maybe I’m wrong)

Students tend to get more aid because State and Federal agencies want to support future contributing citizens.

An addiction is a disability – that isn’t meant to garner pity for the guy, but it is something that impedes his life, hopefully he is spending some time trying to handle it and to stop using.
As for drugs impacting the children…that may be true, but I don’t know how much that really happens from father to children.

I agree that ADHD is often over-diagnosed and that we are seeing more and more children growing out of it…but in the meantime, your brother-in-law probably needs the help. He could be putting some of that money away for his children to use in the future for college – that’s a noble reason.

His attitude about it being “free money” is wrong and pretty crappy…somewhere he missed the boat on having a work ethic and in taking pride in himself and in his work – it certainly isn’t free, it is generated by all those working around him. But, if he did ever work he has paid into the very system that is supporting him and his children – so he is getting back some of his own…

Part of a government’s job is to look after its citizens and how often have any of us ever needed a hand up? We all need help sometimes.

As for your situation – I understand how you feel – but remember, you and your husband have paid plenty into this system – why not reap some benefits for your child, why not open a college fund? Why not ask if you can end the payments some time in the future…

You are not crazy – just a normal hardworking person with a good question.

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment Options : Sleep & ADHD

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Adhd Tv Commercial

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

adhd tv commercial

Parenting Versus friendship

We as parents create X. trying to learn how to be parents. We bombarded with books about self esteem how to say certain feeding. Children of commitments to you and your baby. We are bombarded with television commercials on anxiety, depression and other mental illness. Advice we receive is sound and well But many times it. Confusion and conflict. We need more expert advice about books and more than instinct and experience than other models. What we do when we need to keep? Where are we going to test. Diagnosis and treatment? If our children show symptoms of depression, anxiety. ADHD, ADD, or frustrated?

Every day we see children. The other for maintenance. Such as depression, anxiety increase. ADHD, learning problems and problems home. In the past, parents say they do. (Or at least we think them). Words such as "I tell" and "argument does not" common household phrase. Today we are raising children with evidence that we need to talk to them to bargain. A friend of the event together and protect their feelings. Like most things in life we must find balance.

I talk to parents at all times and they are "afraid". As it may be too severe wounds. Concerned about, nothing to do with children or anything that can hurt the parent child relationship. Is one of the parents. When told "I love the fact that I am old. 12 years old and I like the same music so we can hear each other and hang out together. It makes me feel close to him.

I think it's wonderful to like the same music special moments together and open communication with children. But we forget that children have their own friends. confidants own learning social skills by interacting with friends and find a way to error. What they need at home parent is a role model has to. Ltd., will provide advice and support. When things do not go right. This means we can not be friends? What we will need a parent.

Typically, for elementary age children the parents can not do. Wrong, they are the center of the universe. To protect shareholders of all wisdom. Teen parents are unknown to the "unknown" or "no. Understand, and often might be a source of embarrassment. When this process is more than their parents again as a source of knowledge and advice. Adolescents are the most Parents fall into a trap friendship. " "It is especially this year they want to hand suggest strong at home, they will question the beliefs themselves. Find inspiration and goals and make sure I do. They need parents to guide them to talk with them scoping behavior and talk about what they have learned through experience.

So, next time you talk to your kids or hang out with them think that open communication and trust advice and security from the parent child relationship does not come from healthy relationship friendship With children if you do not seek other treatment. Do the symptoms of underlying conditions such as depression or anxiety. ADD / ADHD in touch with you every day than are children. To diagnose and even undiagnosed.

About the Author

Mind Spectrum Institute located in North Miami Beach, Florida specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and ADD/ADHD in children and adults. It is a multidisciplinary treatment center that uses therapeutic interventions, included but not limited to psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, individual and play therapy, neurofeedback, biofeedback, psychiatric evaluation, and psychological and educational testing for accurate diagnosis. For more information about Mind Spectrum Institute, please call 305-936-8960 or visit Mind Spectrum Institute

Toys tech can worsen ADHD?

I was hiding. 5 the fact that there is such a thing. psp or ds nintendo 7 or, gameboy from the two men. ADHD diagnosed children at least to delay speaking with a lot worse. . But natural that they learn about technology these toys. – From ads and from classmates. tv. i know that there are educational games for Gadget of these, so I agreed to buy as a gift for my brother this Christmas. But I would note that these are real effects in ADHD just to play safe.

Lost interest. Hyperactivity Disorder is not about the ability to sit still and focus long time. I have to say after becoming a mother. Three men (9, 5, 11 months), I found these electronic gadgets can help focus and attention. (Sometimes more than I care to). They have other benefits. As long as you create guidelines and article Limited time, I do not think they will hurt, especially with games that sound you'll buy. (Not a knife, some die by the gun, … etc.. ) Lucky hand

KID EXPLODES WITH ADHD — Controversial TV Commercial FUNNY

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Adhd List Of Symptoms

Monday, July 13th, 2009

adhd list of symptoms

adhd list of symptoms

Useful Tips About Symptoms And Diagnosis Of Aspergers Syndrome

It can be terribly troublesome for normal interactions to children who are having a disorder of Asperger Syndrome (AS). The same as autism, children with Aspergers might be obsessive about routines and have a sturdy aversion to change. They also have hassle expressing themselves in social situations. But, unlike autism, children with Aspergers syndrome can sometimes begin to speak before the age of two, the age when speech normally begins to develop. They may grow old with perfectly normal grammar skills.

There isn’t any apparent reason behind aspergers syndrome and so, preventative measures can’t be taken. It is thought that it runs in families, prompting researchers to look for genetic causes for the condition. Some current research purports that AS is connected with alternative mental disorders like bipolar disorder.

Aspergers Syndrome’s diagnosis and symptoms

The Aspergers syndrome is tend to occur more in male than in female and is approximately 3 out of each 10000, people will get it. The condition makes itself  around age three or a very little later. Since symptoms vary for everyone, it will sometimes be troublesome to diagnose aspergers syndrome.

The subsequent is a list of symptoms which will be an indicator of the condition:

Issue regarding others. Folks with aspergers don’t essentially avoid social contact; they will simply have exhausting time expressing themselves.

They may not understand thecommon verbal and alternative types of cues that we have a tendency to take for granted. As an example, they may tend to stare at alternative people or avoid eye contact completely.

Their speech might be monotone with no differences in pitch, creating it tough to understand them.

Individuals with Aspergers syndrome might usually be uncoordinated, have unusual postures or facial expressions, and could seem clumsy.

Quite often they will become obsessive and require mounted routines.

If parents notice any of those different behaviour patterns in their children it’s very necessary for the kid to see a doctor. Catching aspergers early permits the kids to become involved in education and social training while their brain continues to be maturing.


Treatment is different in each case, based mostly each child’s symptoms. This can typically involve language therapy, training in social skills, and even psychotherapy for older children. Parents and care takers ought to be concerned in any therapy given to the child with asperger syndrome.

Very often, youngsters with aspergers could conjointly have different issues such as ADHD, which may need medication.

While Aspergers may be a condition that a person can have for life, the symptoms will improve with time. By adulthood, people with this condition could learn where their strengths and weaknesses are and learn to cope higher as well as improve the way they convey in social environments.

About the Author

If you wish to understand what you wish to do when your child has been clinically determined with aspergers, then visit and take guidance from Dave Angel.


I have always thought i had ADD. I share many symptoms that are listed on websites and it is a serious concern of mine. Recently it has become worse.

I have trouble sleeping, cannot sleep until atleast 2 in the morning, because i have so much on my mind. But im not stressed or anything. In the past 3 weeks i have been driving and driven to the wrong location because i just zone out while i am driving and ended up at the wrong place. I didn’t even notice until i was about to get out of my car that i was at the wrong place. I have always had a hard time concentrating and school. At one point i thought i was dyslexic because i always mix up numbers in math and letters in english even though i am a good speller.

How do i bring this up to my mom, and does anybody know what kind of test is performed or what the doctors do? Thanks.

Serious answers only please.

ADD is attention deficit disorder, you can’t concentrate on anything for a long period of time. ADHD is that plus severe hyperactivity. My son had ADHD. If you are in school your parents can request you be given a written test for either of these. The Conner’s test is what my son took. You just answers some questions. Your family doctor also can give you these test and if you have either then you can be give medication to help you. My son takes Concerta and it works great for him but if you have ADD or ADHD you could be given some other drug to help. It isn’t a life threatening thing it’s just a chemical imbalance in the brain. good luck to you

Dangers of ADHD Drugs

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Adhd Medication Statistics

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

adhd medication statistics

How safe is ADHD medication?

i know for a fact that its safer than most otc pain relievers like asprin and ibuprofen.

but what are the statistics on it?
um… it is safe. it has been proven safe. there is no liver damage. im asking how the statistics are and not your own little opinion

There is nothing serious ! Just calm down and do what you should do !

ADHD Symptoms & Treatments : Statistics of Children With ADHD

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Monday, April 20th, 2009



How can children concentrate Doctor Nautropathic short

Nautropathic how doctors can help children. ADHD.

Attention deficit disorder (ADHD) is not a new disease. Symptoms of ADHD for the first time in a document. 1902 (1), but in the last 20 years this disease has appeared frequently in children continues to climb. CDC reports that since 1997, rates of diagnosis. ADHD in children increased by 3% per year (2).

Medical community in general are considered children. ADHD drugs like Ritalin to pyschostimulants in 1990 alone have led to the increase 700% of the children pyschostimulants doctors and parents that have grown naturally as possible rather than drugs. (3).

Naturopathic doctors work with a variety of tools to seek alternatives to assist children with this disease. Naturopathic physicians practice medicine by the belief that Human body can be treated with grave Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) are trained as general practice and specialist medical care nature. ND combines effective non-toxic Charge of patients and diet and lifestyle recommendations to boost the body's ability and treatment.

Naturopathic doctors will perform in an interview. Both children and parents to consider all the factors that cause this condition. There are two main issues in control NDS ADHD: 1) food and 2) environmental influences.

Food: Food can be factors that lead to children who will experience symptoms. Too much of certain foods or too little can affect the child's delicate system. No "one size is. Fits-all solution "to modify food . Features Naturopathic Doctor will check your child's food consumption and development, and parents on what to add and what Limit or eliminate

Environment: environment, children can result in a large restaurant. Various external influences can affect children. Physical stimulation, such as soap, carpet mold Dust, etc., or by stimulating the nervous system. : Audio, video and other time Naturopathic Doctor will take away all these influences to the parents and suggest solutions.

Naturopathic physicians can fill void left by some medical practices and effects of real food and the environment is very healthy child. For more information about Naturopathic medicine generally, see The American Association of Naturopathic. Doctors at:

Footnote: 1 2 3

More information.

For more information please Contact us at:

About the Author

Albert is a licensed is the co-owner of Healing Village Colelctive a multidisciplinary natural health clinic, In Denver.

I think I have ADHD / add?

I am pretty sure that I have ADHD, or more, and this affects the work of school I think I have to tell my mother. But I do not want her thinking. I'm just an excuse for my lack of motivation. I am homeschooled now online and I think it's very difficult to stay on track and I can not attention. I see this site and I found that I have almost all of these symptons. But about 5. Http:// Should I tell my mother. And if I do will i?

To your mother about your problems with emphasis on concentration. … And time is possible. … Tell you about other symptoms. Of you and you feel it come to a point where you want. Talk with your doctor. You do not need to add or say. ADHD she …

The Cover-Up Ctte Gov Rfrm Investigat-Mercury/Vaccine/Autism

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Adhd Disability Check

Friday, April 17th, 2009

adhd disability check

Question for fellow writers?

So lately I have been coming along great in my writing skills, but there’s only one problem. I can’t finish anything. It is a fact that I have not finished a single short story for nearly 3 years. As a matter of fact I can rarely get past the first ten pages before losing my interest. What are some good exercises to get rid of this disability to focus?

Oh, and just for a note: I don’t have ADD or ADHD i have checked, so that’s not the problem. Also it’s not that I feel so attached to my characters that I dare not abandon them.

Maybe it’s your writing that’s boring you. Try spicing up your writing and adding more conflict for your characters. More importantly try to write about something that excites you. Keep the same characters and put them in a story that you’re more excited about. Change their personalities, and for added conflict make sure your characters personalities and likes and dislikes are different and compete with each other as this will create conflict with your characters.

Have you researched writing a novel, or have you taken any creative writing classes? If not then I suggest you start researching how to write a novel and change your approach accordingly. No matter how it seems, writing a novel is not easy and isn’t something you can just jump right into without any knowledge whatsoever outside of reading books. You need to understand the elements of a story and how to use fanciful vocabulary to spice up things.

Try switching how it’s written. If it’s written in first-person then see if it’ll work better for you by writing it in 3rd person or 3rd person limited.

If you haven’t looked at any of your previous stories in a while then take another look at them and read over them to see if you can come up with some fresh ideas. Also, make sure you begin planning what will happen in your novels, if you’re not already. Planning will make writing it better because writer’s block can be caused by not planning because you’re stuck at the “what happens next.” To plan you can open another document and save it as Overview. Write what your story is about. The characters and their personality. Minor players and how they play a role. Who the antagonists are and their purpose. And any and everything you can think up. Write a summary of your story, and if you have the plot then write that down also. The plot is *what happens* in your story and this isn’t a brief overview. If you need an example of what a plot is then go to Wikipedia and look up your a book you have read. It’s Wiki page will have an in-dept plot summary, this is how you need to write yours. If you can’t write an in-depth plot then you need to plan out your story more. Also, write an outline of what you expect to happen in each chapter. For instance, Chapter One might consist of the characters meeting, having a fight with the antagonist, running away from home, etc. Do this for as many chapters you can. You make these things happen in your story by writing them based on this outline.

Think about writing out of order. If you know how you want it to end then write the ending. If you know how your character’s house burns down then write that scene, and it doesn’t matter where it happens in the book. I usually skip around in my novel and this is how I keep writing. I have most of my major scenes written and I’m writing around them. Everything that you’ve written can change if need be.

IF nothing is working then it might be time to give up the characters and retire them, because they’re not working for you. As a writer you have to know when to move on. We can become so attached to our characters and what we’ve written that we become closed to change. Change is needed for any novel or story to be as good as it needs to be. I’ve heard of authors scrapping whole books to rewrite it because the first version wasn’t working out. There are times when you might need to rewrite whole sections of your book and cut out characters completely. You need to be open to doing this for the sake of making the story better or else you’ll continue to be stuck. Create new characters and create a new and much better story. This is what you have to do as a writer. Don’t be afraid to scrap previous hard work to make something much better, because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to move on.

You can get some advice and tips about writing from the following websites:

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Adhd Questions For Teachers

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

adhd questions for teachers

Can Fish Oil Help With ADHD

When the Department for Education and Skills in Britain considered adding fish oil supplements to the curriculum at local schools in 2006, it caused quite a stir. All questions of legality aside, the idea that this would even be a step that was considered is somewhat bold. However, the idea that children aren’t getting enough nutrition in their diet is a concern that still makes educators frustrated. With all of the studies linking good nutrition with higher scores on testing, perhaps fish oil needs to be considered once again.

What is Fish Oil

Fish oil is a naturally occurring compound that’s, obviously, found in the fatty oils of fish. Composed of essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, these nutrients act differently than regular fats, helping to add healthful benefits to the body rather than causing harmful effects. These fats need to be taken into the body via nutritional choices or supplementation as the body can not produce these chemicals on its own.

The body uses essential fatty acids to help with cellular functions as well as in the control of inflammation in the body. But aside from these functions, essential fatty acids also help the body transmit signals from one nerve to the next as well helping in the role of DNA in the body. When DNA is activated, it creates the messages needed for body functions, so adding fish oil and essential fatty acids to the body is necessary to continue these processes.

How Does Fish Oil Affect the Brain

Before one can discuss the merits of using fish oil for the management of ADHD, it’s important to learn how fish oil affects the brain in general. Since fish oil helps in the process of signalling in the brain and along the nervous system, the brain is better able to react to stimuli and things that are sent for processing. For example, if you were to burn your finger and the signalling process wasn’t working, you might not realise it for a few seconds, seriously burning the skin on your finger. But when your nervous system is working correctly, it will let you know that your finger is burning and that you need to remove it from the hot surface.

Studies have already shown that fish oil can help with mood disorders like depression and compulsive disorders (according to studies done by the University of Sheffield), so it’s not a gigantic leap to understand how these supplements might be advantageous to those with ADHD as well as ADD.

What is ADHD and ADD

These acronyms refer to the conditions of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder. In these conditions, children and adult have troubles maintaining their focus on the task at hand. For those suffering from hyperactivity as well, they can be restless and agitated in addition to not being able to focus. This can lead to troubles with learning as well as sitting still in a school setting. The typical way to manage this condition is through the use of Ritalin or other pharmaceutical treatments, but there can be an equal number of troubles with taking these drugs. Some children do not respond well to these drugs or they have troubles remembering to take the medication on a regular basis. In addition, the level of the drug can be hard to control in order to get the maximum benefit.

Ritalin has also been linked with dangerous side effects like heart disease, depression, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and even strokes. However, fish oil does not have any side effects in most children, making it a better choice for those who have had troubles with ADHD drugs in the past.

What are Studies Saying about Fish Oil and ADHD

Some psychologists have read about the possible connection between fish oils and a decrease in symptoms of ADHD and ADD, so they have tried to use fish oil as a way to manage these conditions with dramatic results. Children who have been given 1000 mg of fish oil a day have seen increased concentration and decreased hyperactivity within four to six weeks. Most of these children can be taken off any other drugs they might have been taking.

Teachers that have seen these results have noted that the children do better on their examinations and are quieter and more cooperative in the class room. Children are also noting that they are happier in school and more excited about the learning process. Instead of fearing going to class, children are ready to learn and to work with their class mates.


The idea that a school system would consider adding fish oil supplements to their daily routine in order to curb the rise in ADHD behaviours is an indication of the troubles teachers face on a regular basis. But as fish oil seems to be living up to its promises, it might be something that should be considered a bit more seriously in the future.

About the Author

Simon Jones is an expert in fish oil. For more information about fish oil and how it can help please visit

ADHD question.. please have experience?

so i am getting tested for adhd
i got the vanderbilt surveys and stuff
and i am sure i have it but i go to a private school
and its small but my teachers don’t know me
its like one of the questions is do i get along with friends or whatever
when its like yes i have some girls im friendly with but i get in fights a lot (not physical) but just like arguments and i haven’t hung out with any of them like on the outside of school and also it asks if i feel inferior or worthless and i do but its like i don’t walk up to my teacher and say i feel worthless. another one is i do squirm around a lot and like when i go in class its like im there but my mind isn’t but i don’t really get paid attention a lot so they don’t notice i have a theripst and we’re going to talk about it but im just wondering what your input is

I would say the answers are you have no friends you talk to people at school that’s it. Yes you feel worthless and feeling worthless doesn’t mean you go and tell everybody its just asking how you feel. Just tell them how it is.

ADHD: A day in the life by Janssen-Cilag Ltd

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Adhd Baby Symptoms

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

adhd baby symptoms

I just found out about pregnancy. # 2 … but a hard time?

I was very excited when I first found. But I get super depressed mood. Since the decision without me really need some advice. i ฑ a use for depression and anxiety. / I know it is unsafe during pregnancy. … But if I just stop all of it makes me physically sick. And I can feel death ª Cee Wikipedia electric ต these in my head. …. I am on a medication for ADHD … and no smoke * i * a few days to relieve stress. . All this has been cut off. Cold turkey my life, my husband is at work. overnights text 24 / 7, rent, etc. .. and my son is feeling the stress and actually act. .. Can you do to try to calm down a little. And the withdrawal symptoms will help my son and new baby? thanks!

Sleep on your bed and breathe deeply. 5 seconds to 7 seconds and the real Count in your mind. This will help you relax. After you make 10 times thinking. Forrest has good trees and beautiful sound of birds and your thoughts are. And think that your baby grows. Within you and think about the growth of your uterus is part of you and proud. He made every day and if you can let your child do you think babies are friends waiting to grow with him. I wish all the best yo.

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Adhd Combined Type Treatment

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

adhd combined type treatment

Suggestions for MD appointment?

Hello all!
I had my son tested a few weeks ago for ADHD. He has combined type. We have a doctor’s appointment today with his pediatrician to talk about options and treatment. I just wanted some suggestions on questions to ask and any medications I can ask about. Any other suggestions would be helpful also. Thanks everyone!!

What I do when I have an up coming doctors appointment,I always make notes and write down any and all questions that I might have.So,I just suggest that NOW before you even leave for the doctor,if you have any thoughts in your mind just write them down real quick on a piece of paper.This way you will at least have some ideas and questions,suggestions,ect.I hope my advice was of some help for you and I wish you and your son the very very best 🙂

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