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Adhd Kidshealth

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

adhd kidshealth

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Adhd Moms

Friday, July 1st, 2011

adhd moms

adhd moms

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Adhd Games For Kids

Friday, June 24th, 2011

adhd games for kids

How to get my 12 Y / old son interested in reading and studying rather than playing online games and video?

He likes to play games, PS2, games such as Runescape & Tankmania recently he has been found. Club Penquin is a site for younger children. He fought in the past year, he will stay with me about his home was made so that he can play his game. He was a bright young man. He has difficulty staying on the job because of his ADHD medication for reasons that sometimes he is tight, a little bit of him. He tends to explode when they are not. His way he would let someone else do his work for him if he can.

12 years old and all children must have been influenced by his parents as a child at any age. There he was, his time playing video games, as noted by others. I expect it to his first rebellion. It is strong and not give in You need a game plan. How can you enforce the rules if you do not. The setting is the first to explain to your child. Take your time to direct him to do anything else. To him, the 12 can be seen in his community. He has helped you in a soup kitchen or get him involved. Sports or activities. (Such as karate). The children and their parents may be asked to volunteer to help our organization. Show him how to give his time to be wasted on the ride. In front of video games or TV to help him redirect his positive Like the young who want to feed more than once a day, your son needs you, he is actually in the editing. And direction for him to grow and prosper. It wont be easy at first. But with your commitment, you will notice the change.

“ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids” Audio Class

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Prevention

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prevention

Are prematurely-born children at greater risk for learning problems later in life?

If the answer is “yes”, then please explain why. Thank you.

Scientists at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) today [8-14-02] that premature babies are more likely to have significant learning and behavioral problems after the age of five years than babies born full-term. Using sophisticated statistical methodology to analyze 20 years of research around the world, the scientists at UAMS confirmed that children born prematurely have much lower cognitive scores, with lower-than-average learning ability, and more behavioral problems after the age of five years than children born full-term. Dr. K. S. “Sunny” Anand (Arkansas Children’s Hospital)

The scientists call for “concerted efforts of clinicians and neuroscientists to [study] the biological, environmental, and psychosocial mechanisms responsible for these cognitive and behavioral differences.”
Children born prematurely have been found in numerous studies to have “huge differences” in cognitive scores, and to be aggressive or withdrawn or suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, researchers who conducted the other studies over the years used a variety of population groups and research methods, making the body of knowledge about the effects of pre-maturity questionable.
K. S. “Sunny” Anand, MBBS, D.Phil., FAAP, FCCM, FRCPCH, led the study, called a meta-analysis. Dr. Anand is the Morris and Hettie Oakley Chair in Critical Care Medicine in the Department of Pediatrics in the UAMS College of Medicine and chief of critical care at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The National Institute for Child Health and Human Development and the Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation provided research funding to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute for the study.
The scientists analyzed 227 studies, eliminating studies that had methodological problems, before drawing conclusions from the remaining studies. Their analysis should “eliminate controversies” about the importance of pre-maturity for long-range outcomes.
While the relationship between pre-maturity and later learning and behavioral problems is now clearer, the actual causes of those problems in children born prematurely are not yet clear.
The UAMS investigators speculate in JAMA that the medical complications of pre-maturity; the painful medical procedures that many premature babies experience in hospitals; and prolonged separation from their mothers all may contribute to lower-than-average brain development and thus to later learning and behavioral problems. They also point to the stress and depression that having a premature baby can cause for parents, particularly mothers, as a potential factor in the children’s later developmental problems.
Dr. Anand commented recently that the increasing survival rate for extremely low birth weight and premature babies means that “a larger and larger pool of children” will have developmental problems “as times goes on … and the incremental costs of educating these children are likely to be astronomical.”
“With an improved understanding of the underlying biological mechanisms, we can begin to develop more focused therapeutic interventions to decrease or prevent these long-term impairments following survival after pre-term birth,” the scientists conclude in JAMA.
The following investigators, all with UAMS, collaborated with Anand: Adnan T. Bhutta, MBBS, FAAP, assistant professor of pediatrics; Mario A. Cleves, Ph.D., associate professor of pediatrics and senior bio-statistician, Arkansas Center for Birth Defects Research and Prevention; Patrick H. Casey, M.D., FAAP, the Harvey and Bernice Jones Professor of Developmental Pediatrics; and Mary M. Cradock, Ph.D., assistant professor of pediatrics. The researchers formulated a novel method for assessing the quality of observational studies which other scientists will now be able to use.
Anand also is conducting multiple studies of the relationship of pain to brain development in premature infants. By observing the progress of premature infants who receive pain medication in conjunction with painful medical procedures, and through laboratory experiments, he has formed the hypothesis that repetitive pain in the first weeks of life causes the death or damage of certain brain cells and may consequently reduce learning ability and alter behavioral development. As part of this research, Anand is participating in a nationwide study of the use of pain medication to reduce or eliminate pain during essential medical procedures for premature infants. The National Institutes of Health are sponsoring the study at 11 centers around the nation and four hospitals in Europe.

How to Prevent ADHD 1 – Smoking, Tobacco, Nicotine

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Adhd Natural Remedies For Kids

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

adhd natural remedies for kids

adhd natural remedies for kids

Parents or some1 who knows about ADHD in children without. meds – are looking for natural remedies?

What can I make peace – She has more freaks nn said she had only stopped out. Then its over, they said shes receive it. Her father had it, I n – have put But we deal with it – dont I think you get it yet. – What do think shes 9? Thank you!

I'm glad you're not going way. med at this time I worked in a drugstore and can not believe that physicians and parents to jump off a drug. Unless your child has a problem that is very important to do the job for why We believe that we need to "fix" our children or not. (การประกันเราจะให้กลับมา!). I get to the path of food is suggested. I will also give your child's sleep schedule. strick and make sure that There are plenty of rest. You also can try to. Limited overstimulating. Them with too much tv,. Noise, excitement and so on. I came to know because I have children and how these are effective. By the way, the most Fine people from what is not interesting to them. I do own ….

ADHD Child Symptoms Information Natural versus Prescription Remedies

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Adhd Elementary School

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

adhd elementary school

I think I have ADHD?

I think I have ADHD. I find myself off-the-wall hyper, and forgetful. When i start something different I never seem to end it and forget about it easy. I will be talking, forget and change a subject. Do I have ADHD? How can I tell? Also, many of my previous elementary school teachers said I couldn’t sit still in class.

yeah, you do for sure. do you fail a lot of assignments in school? i was diagnosed with it when i was in 2nd grade(now i’m a junior in hs) and i didn’t want to take my medicine for a year not too long ago and i failed a lot. it’s genetic. if you have it and you have siblings, they will have a 50/50 chance of having it also. or since you have said elementary’re in what grade now? it could be age related things. but mostly..
this is my symptoms of being ADHD

1. clumsiness
2. never sit still
3. always have to have something to do
4. forgetful
5. you don’t need to sleep as much as others
6. you’re too hyper to eat as much as you should
7. racing thoughts
8. total lack of concentration
9. you become a great multitasker over time(Trust me on this haha)

tell your parents about it, i’m sure they notice. some parents are in denial about their kids health because they think they did something wrong if we the kids have a little problem. but if someone on your dads side has it or your moms side, well then you have a high chance of it being true.
good luck kiddo!

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Adhd Diagnosis Test Children

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

adhd diagnosis test children

adhd diagnosis test children

Adhd Symptoms

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( previously known as ADD or ADHD) as a disease is rapidly gaining ground. The number of people suffering from this disease, especially children and youngsters is rising rapidly. Some medical praticitioners insist that the rise in cases is a direct result of better education and thus early diagnosis. Other medical practicitioners will have you believe that the rise in the number of ADHD diagnosed suffers is due to increasing levels of toxins and pollutants in our air and food.

With the medical profession arguing amongst itself as to the causes and cures of this illness what is the average parent to do. The first step is probably one of education i.e. parents must educate themselves as to the nature of this illness and the first place to start is the symptoms.

ADHD Checklist of possible symptoms:

The ADHD Checklist is mainly an instrument in determining the exact nature, degree and the impact of the disease on an individual. However please don’t be surprised if your initial reaction to this list is to think but this describes most children – that was my reaction too. And this is a huge problem with ADHD and similar illnesses. There are no “medical” tests – well certainly not free available ones so the diagnosis of ADHD is subjective – it is based on opinions – that of the parents, the medical practitioner, the child’s teacher etc. It goes some way to explaining why a child badly affected by ADHD who has a saint for a mother and an angel for a teacher is less likely to be diagnosed than a child who may be less affected by their “adhd” but has a stressed out mother and overworked teacher. (I think my child may have suffered as a result of having a stressed out working mother who was on antidepressants and struggling to cope!)

What does the ADHD Checklist Include?

The ADHD checklist for children includes the following points – as most ADHD sufferers tend to be male – I have used him for ease:

a) A child who is always restless and always raring to go.

b) He does not listen and pays no heed to his parents or to his teachers.

c) He lacks the ability to concentrate even for a short span of time.

d) He is extremely fidgety, restless and unable to sit still.

e) A child/ youngster suffering from ADHD takes risks easily and does not consider the consequences of his actions.

f) He can be very talkative and blurts out everything.

g) A person suffering from ADHD can be easily distracted and thus finds it difficult to complete any tasks assigned to him.

It is hopefully apparent now why so many children are misdiagnosed – either as having the illness when they don’t or not having it when they do. What parent can honestly say that their own child wouldn’t fall into many if not all of the above categories at some stage in the parenting cycle?

The official ADHD checklist for adults includes the following points:

a) An adult can suffer from ADHD if he has suffered from hyperactivity and restlessness in his childhood.

b) Any Adult suffering from the symptoms described above in the children’s section.

c) An adult suffering from ADHD shows inconsistent performance, decreasing work productivity and incomplete projects.

d) Also such individuals get frustrated very easily and show signs of nervousness and hypertension.

e) Adult ADHD sufferers can find it extremely difficult to maintain close and intimate relationships.

f) They are constantly in search of activities that stimulate them.

g) They also suffer from bouts of depression and low energy levels.

h) They lack organizational skills and planning.

Whilst the above checklists may provide you with a list of the ADHD symptoms – has this list solved any of your worries or concerns? I would suspect the answer to that question is no – if you were worried previously then you are possibly even more concerned now. And if you weren’t too concerned prior to reading this list of ADHD symptoms, I would bet money on you being worried now.

For some definitive impartial advice and information from parents who have been exactly where you are at now please subscribe to our free website –

About the Author

For some definitive impartial advice and information from parents who have been exactly where you are at now please visit our free website –

Or our blog at

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Adhd Rude Behavior

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

adhd rude behavior

How can a 14 yr old male with mental disorders make friends?

My 14 yr old son has ADHD, bi-polar, ODD and on the side he has a personality disorder Extreme Narsasissim, controling, argumentative, uncooperative, rude, hateful and on and on and on……

I’m single and its just him and I living together. He is on 4 different meds and he never goes anywhere or does anything outside of the home unless its with me. When i was 14 I was NEVER home. I was always at a friends house or going to the mall, whatever, but my son does not have even 1 friend. I NEVER get a break from him unless I’m at work. I have tried to help him make friends but he is such a dictator that nobdy wants to be around him. We have already been through years of therapy and my son is completely aware that his actions are the reason he doesn’t have any friends but he doesn’t care. He would rather not have any friends than change his behavior to accomodate them. he thinks that other people should change thier behavior to accomodate his needs.

I would suggest seveal things. First, continue with therapy…if you can. If you are not in it…try to return to it and find a therapist who specializes in adolescence. There are a lot of theapists out there…some know and have more training than others to work with kids. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the therapist…like what techniques they use…style…approach…etc.
Second, try to get your son into a support group where he might meet others who have the same issues as he does. It is amazing what a support group can do for people with chronic and persistant mental illness.
Third, is there an activity your child enjoys that you can get him lessons or instruction in? Maybe a club at school (ie theater…music…computer club…etc) where he can express his creativity…
Lastly, take some time for yourself! Your son is 14 and is more than likely able to care for himself for short periods of time…even if it is just an hour or two to get a cup of coffee or shop with a friend…You may also want to try therapy yourself…not anly will you learn a lot about yourself…you will be able to find ways to cope with stressful situations that you and your son are in.
I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck and please email me if you have questions or would like to chat further or just need a little support. Parenting (even though I don’t have kids…) is the toughest job you’ll ever have…so I have heard! Have a great day and keep doing an awesome job with your son!

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Adhd Behavior Modification Chart

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

adhd behavior modification chart

Natural medicine for ADHD – why not look at options for Parenting more relaxed This?

Parenting relax? If it looks like it could be read in Utopia is not known until As you think, especially if you are looking for in the area of natural medicine. This area of treatment for ADHD are often overlooked or scorned as generic drugs currently prescribed in the millions. In the West it difficult for ADHD drugs and natural to see in But the area that we have the opportunity to experience the opportunity to raise more relaxed.

Raising the possibility relax.
I only care for relaxing means of these practices in place and follow as much as possible. We also have some system of rewards. And behavior and results and charts. When these places are a little easier to raise because everyone in the family is down to them. We call parenting skills or Behavior modification, we now know that this is the preferred treatment ADHD and recommended by NiMH (Institute of Mental Health). And CDC, among others.

Be Changes all that food or not.

What about natural medicine. ADHD? Although we have good parenting skills where we need to provide us Child ADHD drugs, some change is not enough food in my opinion, although one study shows that might be effective in reducing symptoms. ADHD is Ritalin, I think more research to do. In one place!

Doubt about meds ADHD.
All the questions about ADHD meds online for many parents are looking carefully. Nature of ADHD drugs, they know that some clinical trials in meds AHD include incomplete or skewed. This was disclosed by Dr. John. Ioannidis of the University of Ioannina School of Medicine in Greece to study the effects of experimental medicines. 130 He claims that the side effects of drugs has played. This all kinds of drugs, but some ADHD drugs in the group.

ADHD drugs and naturally attracts the ground.
This is why parents are now changing. ADHD drugs and natural .. much they were. ADHD homeopathic remedies are effective in reducing. distractability. And can lead to improved behavior in children. Great advantage is not without side effects and any Any concerns about heart failure. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders or insomnia, which may be part of the side effects of psychostimulants. The cause of this type alone. Nature ADHD drugs well worth considering.

Therefore, you have choices. Edit homeopathic ADHD meds ADHD and natural medicines are the safest. For ADHD or not, why not find another.

About the Author

Tired of unhappy,whining, badly behaved children? Discover how
natural medicine for ADHD
can turn your child around. Experts now tell us that  child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment.
to find out more about ADHD child behavior problems.

what kind of herb can i give for my 9 year who has adhd?

My son has ADHD, too, and his psychiatrist and therapists have all said that diet doesn’t effect it. The medicines you give a child like this are stimulants although you think they seem already stimulated enough. ADHD is caused because an area of the brain is under-stimulated. This is the area that gives self-control. ADHD kids are impulsive and easily distracted. They do whatever they think of when they think of it. They can know the rules inside and out and know there will be consequences if they break those rules, but they just can’t help themselves.

My son is very intelligent and despite all the social problems he has in class (like talking about brushing his teeth when they are discussing owls or yelling out answers over the teacher talking) he gets good grades. His organization is bad, but the teacher implemented a journal where he writes down his assignments and I initial that he did them every night. She checks it every day. He gets a letter sent home every Friday telling us of his behavior. Knowing he has problems, that is factored in and if he was good for him, he gets what his teacher calls a “short letter”. If he misbehaved or didn’t turn in homework he gets a “long letter” which details what happened and has to be signed by a parent and returned on Monday.

Behavior modifications like these help. I know at home is more difficult. My son doesn’t seem to respond to either taking away privileges or rewarding good behavior. Either will work for a short time, then he becomes ambivalent. Yelling definitely doesn’t work. But, talking to him about how he’s feeling and being supportive helps. Therapy (individual talk therapy or group therapy) can also be helpful.

My son is now in 4th grade and we have been dealing with these issues since he was in Pre-K. He was diagnosed ADHD in 1st grade. We still deal with these issues, but on a lower level because we have him on prescription medication.

I know that people think herbs are better, but realize that herbs are medicine. They have side effects just like prescription medicines. My neurologist has a chart that shows the benefits and side effects of common medicines in her field and the associated herbs people take. The list of benefits and side effects is about equal for each and some are even the same thing.

Regardless of how you decide to go, please talk to your pediatrician before giving your son anything. Go over his symptoms and work out a plan together. Don’t take chances with your son’s health by trying to medicate him naturally on your own.

Difficult Child │ Child Behavior

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Adhd Fish Oil Dosage

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

adhd fish oil dosage

adhd fish oil dosage

Brain Function::Will Omega-3 Fish Oil Help?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy brain function and development.  Molecularly distilled fish oil, particularly if it is rich in DHA, is the safest and best choice for supplementation.  For strict vegans, the best alternative is marine algae.  Flax seed supplements do not contain DHA.

DHA-Highly Important

For many years, flax seed has been recommended as a vegan alternative to fish oil, but research has now proven that flax seed supplements do not increase levels of DHA in the bloodstream.  It is DHA that is most important to healthy brain function, because it is the most abundant fatty acid found in it.  In addition, it makes up 50% of the membranes surrounding the neurons.

Neurons are sometimes referred to as nerve cells or simply brain cells.  They are responsible for processing and transmitting information.  They are the core components of the brain, the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves.  When neurons become damaged or destroyed, they usually cannot be replaced.  It has been estimated that there are 100 billion neurons in the brain, alone.


Diseases that negatively effect brain function are known as “neurologic diseases”, because it is the neurons that are “sick”.  In an Alzheimer’s patient many of the neurons die.  They become choked with plaques and cannot function.  Researchers hope that supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.  


Fish oil supplements are beneficial for people suffering from depression.  It has been noted that DHA levels are very low in people that are depressed.  In cases of severe depression, DHA is practically depleted. 


Numerous research studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial in people with Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  The drugs that are frequently prescribed for ADHD, depression and similar problems are accompanied by numerous unwanted side effects.  They are addictive substances and people often develop a tolerance to them, requiring that they take larger and larger dosages.  Fish oil is a safer alternative that is not accompanied by unwanted side effects.

Other supplements that support brain function include SAM-e and Bacopa.  The antioxidant curcumin (found in turmeric) is currently being studied for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.  Any of these nutrients may help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative diseases.  In fact, any nutrient deficit will cause memory problems, moodiness, irritability and fatigue. For supplement recommendation see my website listed below.

In order to compare quality and insure that you get the greatest benefit, you should carefully read the label.  Total omega-3 fatty acids should be listed, along with the amount of fish oil that is in the capsule.  The DHA content should be listed, as well as the EPA content.  You will notice that most brands contain lots of EPA, but very little DHA.  That’s because fish like herring and sardines contain mostly EPA. 

EPA is one of the important omega-3 fatty acids, but new research indicates that DHA provides most of the benefits.  It may even reduce your risk of cancer.  Healthy brain function is only one of the many benefits that accompany supplementation. For more in-depth information on the benefits of fish oil and other supplements, please visit my website listed below.  Larry L. Taylor


About the Author

Please visit for Larry’s recommended source of Omega-3 Fish Oil and Nutritional Supplements that are guaranteed to be safe and effective. A FREE Health Newsletter is available.

what is the safe amount of fish oil to give a child?

My son is 8 yrs old and has ADHD. He takes 18mg of Strattera every day and I would like to add Fish Oil to that. Anyone know what a safe dosage is? Of course, I will follow up with my doctor as well.

Fish oil is just a fat, put in pill form. It is a fat proven to have many health benefits but I’m not sure if treating ADHD is one of them. As being just a fat, a gram or two a day won’t do any harm (that’s 1 or two 1,000 mg pills).

My bigger question is why do you feel that supplements will be a benefit to his treatment? Have you tried other remedies such as counseling?

MOXXOR Jeremy Harris, Tim Healey 07 Greenlip Mussel Oil Omega 3 Antioxidant EPA DHA

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Adhd Quiz For Teenagers

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

adhd quiz for teenagers

Do I Have ADD or is This a Teenager Thing?

I’m a 15 year old boy with a lot of mental issues. Here’s a list:
* I procrastinate pretty badly.
* My emotion is easily upset, EASILY!
* I often forget homework/schoolwork/chores.
* I cannot pay a long timespan of attention toward projects and things I don’t want to do.
* I quit or hibernate a project or assignment if it becomes too hard or boring.
* I am not productive in group/partner work.
* I have terrible time management.

I told my dad that I might have ADD, but he refuse to believe it, and just said that I am only going through a phase (although some of these symptoms developed and followed me from early childhood), and that I’m just a procrastinator, but probably due to the fact that he thinks the only way to treat it is with expensive and harmful drugs. I’ve read on the web that Omega 3 fatty acids help neural development in people with ADHD, so I’ve been taking those, although due to my short term memory, I often forget to take it.

I’m a 15 year old girl (well almost 15) and I have all the same symptoms and my mom acted just like your dad is, but with my recent behavior issues in class (excessive talking, lack of attention, and tendency to not be able to stay in my seat for a prolonged period of time) led my mom to believe it was true and I was taken to a doctor and diagnosed as ADHD positive. But unless it starts affecting my grades, my mom won’t put me on stimulants just non-stimulants that don’t work for me. Print out one of those online quizes and show your dad and ask him to talk to your teachers and see of they seem to notice your symptoms that’s how I proved to my mom because I hated not being able to focus.

Are you a starseed? Find out now! Pt1

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Adhd Toddler

Monday, October 26th, 2009

adhd toddler

When you see the baby's television toddler?

Partner argument and I do not see our daughter. 7mo TV for the research suggests that it is associated with ADHD, baby can not interpret the flashing of the TV picture. Etc. We will not let her watch TV. . Just wondering when everyone started to watch the children.

I, by reading the study in children aged less than Two years are at high risk of ADHD, if watching television. My kids never see it until they open the second. My son is 3 1 / 2 and they just want to be. Winnie the same to watch the damn movie. Pooh every other day than he did not see any TV. My two daughters and she has no interest.

ADHD toddler sings Slow Ride

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Adhd Inattentive Type Diet

Monday, August 31st, 2009

adhd inattentive type diet

Special Diets For Children With ADHD Can Produce Lasting Results

For parents of ADHD children finding the right balance between therapy, both prescription and non prescription medications, and diet can be a challenging task. But one thing is for sure poor nutrition and/or eating habits can make a manageable condition into one that becomes unmanageable.

Diets for children with ADHD should be based in a what one would consider a healthy diet, void of snack foods and simple sugars. Diets for children with ADHD should also include plenty of water and perhaps supplementation with a essential fatty acids. Let’s briefly explore these three basic cornerstones of diets for children with ADHD.

Water: In some ways water the oil that makes our engines run. About two thirds of a child’s body is made up of water and is used for such basic functions as metabolizing food and eliminating waste. Both are important for the ADHD child to function well.

Simple carbohydrates spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E – Simple carbohydrates include corn, rice, white flour, potatoes, certain cereals, and pasta. Junk snack foods, which many use a quick energy fix these days, fall under this umbrella as well. It is this quick burst and the following low that creates problems for the ADHD child. The physiological sequence goes something like this;  the rapid metabolization of carbohydrates triggers an overproduction of insulin, which then produces exactly the types of symptoms that appear in ADHD. These symptoms include: inattention, initial hyperactive behavior usually lasting about 45 minutes, extreme mental and physical tiredness after the initial rush, and scattered thinking.

Omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids: A lot of new information has come to light in recent years about the connection between omega 3 oils and brain function. Research is showing that a proper level of fatty acid can help with the symptoms of a variety of neurological and mental conditions, including ADHD. Both omega 3 and omega 6 are essential to good health but can’t be manufactured by the body and thus must be supplied through diet or supplementation. Foods high in essential fatty acids are pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts, brazil nuts, grains, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax oil, salmon, hoki, sardines, tuna, avocados,  kale, collard greens, canola oil, fish oil, and wheat germ oil. Ironically, the simple carbohydrates discussed above will negate any positive benefits derived from omega 3 and/or omega 6 essential fatty acids.

In summary, a general rule of thumb for diets for children with ADHD would be to drink plenty of water, reduce or eliminate fast metabolizing sugars, and increase the intake of essential fatty acids through either diet for supplementation.

What Next? For those children struggling with ADHD sticking the right balance between treatment and diet modification can be a powerful combinations when achieved. The most common form of treatment for ADHD are stimulant medications such as Ritalin or Cylert. While effective all stimulant medications come with a number of serious label warnings. The risk of side effects or perhaps lack of success with stimulants has prompted many to investigate other options. A couple examples of this are behavior modification therapy and/or natural remedies. Natural remedies for ADHD are a side effect free way to address such problematic symptoms as inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, erratic behavior and hyperactivity and can be used both as a standalone treatment or as a compliment to other nonprescription alternatives. 

About the Author

Rob D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic advocate for the use of natural health products and natural living with over 10 years
experience in the field.
Learn more about natural remedies and natural health at

need more info on adhd meds?

my child 5 yrs old has been diagnosed… i have not put her on meds, there are some days where im like…ok she really needs help… poor thing tries so hard, the real quistion is if i go that route, id like to know any ones experiences with all the different drugs out there, i heard some are so strong they turn your kid into a zombie… i certainly dont want that…just wanted to know other peoples experiences for research sake…

Regarding the person who’s post is just before mine…about 5% of people diagnosed as adhd actually have food allergies. It is something definitely worth looking into, but it is NOT a cure-all, and she may not respond to it. Before you do meds, look over the following links, and try the dietary changes they suggest. If she’s in that 5%, she’ll respond within a couple of weeks. If you don’t see a change, then it’s not the food allergy issue. Start looking into meds.

At the age of 5, medicating is a tricky business. Usually, good doctors will recommend that you wait until she’s older before starting meds, unless she’s really severe.

Also, there are so many different kinds of adhd meds because different people respond to these meds in different ways. You have to balance positive responses with any sensitivity to side effects. Don’t judge all adhd meds by her response to one.

If her behavior is really interfering with home and school, I would suggest you ask the doctor to start her on something light. One thing you really need to constantly be aware of, is that a growing child will have continually changing dosage and even need to change the medication type… and the dosage/medication type can go up and down in intensity need.

My son has inattentive-type ADHD (among other conditions). We started him on Wellbutrin at about the age of 7, then moved to Concerta, and now are using Adderrall (which is a very strong med that you should NEVER start with).. but he is very severe and is older (aged 12). Each time we started a new med, we tried a couple of dosage strengths before finding what worked. Then, he would be stable for a few months to a couple of years, and then start having increased symptoms to a point where we had to change things around again.

If your daughter is relatively mild in her symptoms right now, there are some short-acting meds and over-the-counter herbs (do those under a doctor’s supervision too… don’t just try to figure OTC stuff out on your own) that you can use for “just those really bad times.”

The “zombie” effect occurs when a doctor does prescribes too strong a dose, the wrong type for her, or your child isn’t really adhd (some gifted kids, kids with anxiety or depression, etc. act hyper). If she “zombies,” on a medication/dose level, don’t freak out… let the doctor know and get an immediate change in dosage level and/or medication. If she seems to “zombie” on many different adhd meds and dosages, and her unmedicated symptoms continue to be a problem, then she might be misdiagnosed. Get a second opinion, preferably from a specialist (pediatric neuropsychologist).

Because of the changing needs of a growing child, you can go for months with something working really well, and then suddenly she’ll be either bouncing off the walls or “zombied” — immediately call for a change of meds.

We have our psychiatric nurse practitioner on speed dial… but like I said our kiddo’s got some other issues besides adhd.

Some herbal info:

IF you go herbal, make sure your doctor supervises… herbal remedies are just as serious as prescription medication, and are not as well regulated.

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Adhd Malathion

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

adhd malathion

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Adhd Linked To

Monday, August 10th, 2009

adhd linked to

Delusions of Grandeur linked to mental disorder?

Do delusions of grandeur have to be linked to a mental disorder or can some people have it without a mental disorder? also are/can delusions of grandeur linked to depression? ADHD?
I’m not asking for advice for myself i just wanted to know the answer. Also, can delusions of grandeur be present along with low self-esteem?

You know what…no one can give you an educated answer with out some more information. Letting one of us give you a “label” can be worse than not knowing what is really wrong. “Delusions of Grandeur” can mean different things to different people. If you strongly believe that you are more important and secretly special than anyone else…that means one thing..if you are just a jerk who thinks he’s “intitled” thats another, or perhaps your just very intelligent and know your self well. One is a mental disorder and one is a personality issue….you have posed a very good and interesting question..don’t you think it would be of great benifit to yourself (and loved ones) to go to a professional therapist, counselor, or doctor?

ADHD drug linked to death in children

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Adhd For Kids

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

adhd for kids

adhd for kids

Minerals and Vitamins for Adhd – Simple Rules to Feed our Kids

Ants in his pants and bouncing off the wall? Or is s/he being silly and giddy? And then you tell me that minerals and vitamins for ADHD are going to work and we will all live happily ever after?

Let’s face it, no diet, not even the Feingold one, is going to cure ADHD. But even if you give your ADHD child medication, you still have to feed him because his brain is not going to function without some fuel. A properly balanced diet with the right minerals and vitamins for ADHD is going to be an important part in coping with hyperactive children.

The Essentials

Look at the ADHD forums and you will probably go a little crazy reading about food allergies and allergy tests not to mention the debate about corn syrup ! This is the bottom line. Lots of ADHD kids lack magnesium, zinc and some of the essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Niacin and and the Vitamin B and D group. So, where can I find the food to give him so that we do not have to wrestle with multivitamins every morning to make sure they are getting their right dose of minerals and vitamins for ADHD?

Avoid MSG

So, you either make your own bread, sauces and cook everything yourself OR you make sure that you avoiding stocking up with all the processed packaged foods which have all those artificial preservatives, additives and all the other stuff which can really send a kid’s brain into a spin. MSG (mono sodium glutamate )is a killer in that it makes processed food taste great but is addictive and therefore causes obesity. It also acts on the brain by interfering with our ‘I have had enough’ mechanism ! Result :- obese kids. Always better to look out for MSG additive on food packets.

Anyone For Fish?

No harm in adding fish to your kids’ diet once or twice a week. They contain the famous EFAs (essential fatty acids) including Omega 3 which are found in flax oil pills if you are worried about the mercury content in fish. Go for smaller fish (anchovies, crab and rainbow trout ) – they are much less likely to be from overfished and contaminated fishing grounds than the bigger ones (avoid Atlantic bass, cod, grouper, red snapper, swordfish and tuna).Cut down on candy, pizza, French fries, ice cream, pies and desserts and anything fried. Stock up on whole grains, fruit and veg, nuts and lean meat too.

Give Your Kid A Normal Childhood

So, apart from a sensible diet which I have outlined above which will contain all the essential minerals and vitamins for ADHD, what about ADHD medication? I shudder when I read some of the posts on the ADHD forums :- skinny kids who have lost their appetite, other kids plagued by strange dreams, jittery, shaking hands ! These are just some of the side effects of psychostimulants (Vyvanse, Wellbutrin, Adderall and Strattera) used extensively for ADHD. Click on the link below to give your child a better chance in life – it will explain about a natural ADHD treatment which is safe and free from side effects.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.
Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

Any dietary intervention for ADHD kids?

Avoid processed food as much as possible. If you must feed your child processed food, check the ingredient listing. basically, if there are unpronounceable ingredients and numbered additives, avoid that food and choose one with recognised ingredients.

Supplement with fish oil (EPA & DHA fatty acids). Check that the supplement has been filtered for mercury. You should notice results within a couple of weeks.

Flaxseed meal (1 heaped tablespoon daily) will help with fatty acids as well as bowel health, which can be a factor.

Many people find that their ADHD children are sensitive to dairy and wheat products. My suggestion is to completely avoid dairy and wheat for 3 weeks then give your child a dairy smoothie. Wait a few days and see if there is any difference in their behaviour, sleep patterns or bowels. If you do notice changes, then chances are your child doesn’t process this substance properly and is best avoided. Keep avoiding dairy until the next week when:

A week later, give them a bowl of pasta (no cheese). Do the same thing – observe changes. The same rules apply.

If you suspect any other foods, follow the same protocol as described above.

Finally, make an appointment to see a naturopath to have a personalised plan for your child that can be adapted as s/he gets better and more aware of triggers.

ADHD Kids Before and After

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Adhd Montessori School

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

adhd montessori school

I have a boy who is ADHD in a Montessori School he doest get his work done &the teachers don’t want to deal?

Where can we get Guildance where to take him

That’s very, very unfortunate that the teachers “don’t want to deal.” It would seem that a Montessori classroom would be much more ideal for your child than a typical classroom especially because of the chance to work with what he is interested in to increase his attention/concentration. I’m assuming that he is in an older Montessori class, in the elementary years somewhere. And part of the elementary philosophy is that children are required to get their work done. It is a responsibility that is given to them. I think it is very important for you to confront the teachers and explain that it is their jobs to help him stay on task, to spark his interest, and to help him make himself accountable. If they are not going to help your boy, I would go to the next level. It is their job to help him.

Nutrition For Learning –

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Adhd In Kids Symptoms

Monday, September 29th, 2008

adhd in kids symptoms

adhd in kids symptoms

Symptoms of ADHD: Hyperactivity/Impulsivity

“Hyperactive” has almost become a buzzword in our culture, but when we talk about ADHD, hyperactivity and impulsivity, we’re talking about some very specific behaviors.

These include feeling restless, fidgeting, and squirming. ADHD kids (and adults, for that matter) can hardly stand to be still. ADHD makes it almost impossible not to move in some way.

ADHD kids don’t sit when they can run, climb or otherwise leave their seats, even if everyone else is sitting quietly.

When my ADHD son was six he was in a Quiz Bowl competition at school, and kept blurting out the answers before he even heard the question. Needless to say, this is an ADHD trait, and needless to say, his team didn’t win the competition.

Another ADHD hyperactivity/impulsivity symptom is having trouble waiting in line or taking turns. I admit I still have trouble with this today, and I’m 37 but still ADHD.

Not every child who has trouble sitting still and waiting in line has ADHD, of course. ADHD is diagnosed when a group of symptoms are present and cause a significant problem in a child’s functioning.

But be aware, if your child has ADHD or you think he might, that some of these “impulsive” and “hyper” behaviors are things he can’t control without help. It is possible for ADHD kids to learn coping skills to help with some of these problems, and ADHD medications are generally very effective once the right medication is found.

Just remember that ADHD can be the cause of these symptoms, and try to be as patient as you can.

About the Author

Angie Dixon is a writer and ADHD mom of an ADHD son, Jack. For a free report on helping your ADHD son, see Angie’s site
“That’s My Son!”

Does ADHD or autism has on and off stages?

i think may be my 2.5 year old son has ADHD.but the point is that he does not have ADHD symptom(some of them) all the times.he is ok (like a normal terrible 2)for a while maybe a few weeks and then he becomes super active ,doesn’t follow directions and listen to me,he cries ,screams and don’t want to remain sited .he hits me,throw things at me,push and pull other kids.i am so worry for him because it seems that he realizes it and tries to listen but can’t control his behavior.what about autism,does it have on and off stages?i just want to figure out if these symptom are normal for his age or something is wrong?
could it be because he is a bilingual kid and can’t understand or speak in english,which makes him angry and frustrated?

I’d follow-up with a pediatrician on this, there could be numerous things coming into play. Does he have food allergies? Could he have strep throat? There could be a lot of stuff going on not necessarily related to autism that could influence his behavior.

Keep a simple journal, document his diet, his daily activities, when the behavior occurs and how you respond, it may help you better identify the cause. Don’t try to analyze the information right away, keep it for 2 or 3 weeks and then look at what you captured.

Keep in mind all behavior is communication, what is his behavior communicating?

A bilingual household could be creating a lot of frustration.

Also it’s very important that with a young child your responses to behavior are consistent, if you tell a child you are going to do “A” if he does “B” one more time, then you’ve got to follow through and you need to be consistent, if you are going to give one warning, always give one warning, not being consistent also creates a great deal of frustration for a young child.

Good luck

ADHD Symptoms & Treatments : Financial Assistance for Children With ADHD

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Adhd Krill Oil

Monday, July 14th, 2008

adhd krill oil

Discover the Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids for the human body. Though they are essential for the human body our bodies can not produce them. Omega-3 fatty acids must be consumed through eating foods rich in omegas. Some of the foods that have Omega-3 are fish, algue, krill, certain plants, and nut oils. Omega-3 fatty acids play a huge role in brain function as well as growth and development of the body.

Symptoms of Omega-3 deficiency are extreme fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, heart problems, mood swings, depression, and poor circulation in the body. Omega-3 helps to reduce inflammation and the proper balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 can promote good health and prevent the development of disease.

Consuming a diet that is rich in Omega-3 can lower blood pressure. And one of the best ways to prevent heart disease is to take fish oil, fish oil is rich in Omegas and can prevent high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease. it can also prevent against atherosclerosis by stopping the development of plague and blood clots in the arteries.

People with diabetes can benefit from taking Omega-3. People with diabetes have low levels of HDL and high triglycerides and Omega-3 can balance this out. Overweight people often have high blood sugar levels along with diabetics, Omega-3 can help achieve better control over blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Since Omega-3’s are an anti inflammatory they can help people who have arthritis as well. It decreases morning stiffness and tenderness in joints. The anti inflammatory qualities of it can also help reduce inflammation of IBS, osterporosis, and Dysmenorrhea(painful menstruation).

Omega-3s are important to nerve cell membranes. Not getting enough omegas can increase the risk for depression. The omegas help all the nerve cell communicate with each other, if they are not doing so it creates an imbalance in the body. It can also help with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as well. People with ADHD have low levels of fatty acids in the bodies; taking omegas will raise the levels and create balance again.

Fatty acids have been used to treat burn victims as well. It is used to reduce inflammation and promote wound healing. It helps put a healthy balance of protein in the body and it is important for recovery after getting a severe burn.

Some of the foods that you can find Omega-3 fatty acids in are cold water fish like salmon, mackerel, halibut, sardines, tuna, and herring. Flaxseed oil, canola oil, soybeans, soybean oil, pumpkin seeds, perilla seed oil, walnuts, walnut oil, krill and algae are other sources of getting Omega-3 fatty acids.

One recommended supplement that can be taken to Omega-3 fatty acids is Arctic Essentials Omega 3. This product can be found at Alterative Health Supplements. Arctic Essentials is a highly refined combination of fatty acids from fish that provide the body with safe mercury free nutrients. The fish in Artic essentials are harvested at Norwegian, Baltic, and North seas. The fatty acids are obtained from a safe and proprietary filtration and purification process. The process removes impurities, odors, and taste to get the highest quality Omega-3 product on the market.

About the Author

>Steven Johnson is interested in maintaining a vital, active, and healthy lifestyle. For information and products that relate to mood change through natural supplements, along with other life-enhancing nutrients please visit his website
Alternative Health Supplements.

Have you found the omega-3 supplements really work or is this the placebo effect?

I was diagnosed with both ADHD and mild anxiety, so adderall was not a very good choice for me with both of those conditions. I tried taking these high quality krill oil omega 3 supplements, two pills twice a day which is maximum dose. I’ve noticed within weeks that I can concentrate better, think more rationally and clearer, and have better memory. Have you also found this when you took these supplements or is this just a placebo effect? Thanks!

I once read a book where they took all types of mental illnesses (depression, manic depression, add/adhd, anxiety, schizophrenia, dxlexia. agoraphobia etc and they tested the patient via a pet scan of the brain before and after treatment which was high doses of fish oil.

The example I remember was they got a person with schizophrenia to push a bottom when he was having an hallucination and then checked him immediately via a PET scan (like a cat scan) and were able to see which part of the brain was active.

After taking large amounts of fish oil (I forget the amount but like 5000 mg or so), he stopped having all sign of schizophrenia..then they repeated the pet scan and found that the area from before now completely resembled a normal brain and not a schizophrenic brain,

The reason omega three fats work for things like depression is that average American gets several times more omega 6 fats than omega threes (as omega three are not that common) and this causes the brain (which is primarily fat) to malfunction in the following way.

Normally the neurotransmitters (think of them as little boats) have to cross the synaptic gap between two neurons (brain cells) and then continue on going from neuron to neuron in a kind of nerve relay or impulse. When these boats go into the gap between the brain cells in their travels, they must cross the gap and then jump to the next neuron..they do this by docking into dock like sites caused neuro-receptor sites. Normally they are snug so the boats (neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, etc) wiggle their way in as the docks (neuro-receptor sites are flexible.

However, when we get more omega 6 than we should (the 6 and 3 fats should be about equal), these receptor site (docks) harden and the boats cannot wiggle in them and they build up in the gap and this is what is called a chemical imbalance. Too much of a neurotransmitter there can cause an illness like say depression.

supposedly antidepressant alter this process; unfortunately thought they carry serious side effect..most SSRI antidepressants can cause increased suicidal ideation and exacerbated depression in some people (read peter breggins books for the dangers). This is why alternative healing is preferred.

One should increase omega three fatty acids by consuming fish oil..the highest sources in fish (canned or fresh (wildcaught not farmed) are mackerel, salmon, herring and sardines. The only land sources are walnuts, flax seeds and flax seed oil, and purslane.

I am interested in your findings as I have add I strongly believe and was just researching herbs for it. Do you feel fish oil can pinch hit for the krill oil which I assume is more expensive and what was the exact dose (by mg) that you took..

Please comment on this by adding details or email me if you could

Based on the data I just explained and mentioned, no, I would definitely not assume it is a placebo effect..real changes are taking place in the brain.

Has your anxiety also gone down as I have this and depression and need to start taking the fish oil I have in the freezer that I usually forget to take..I am thinking I should take these again after reading your question and thinking about this..

FREE Reports on Omega 3, DHA/EPA help. Best Omega 3 on the market

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Kids

Friday, July 4th, 2008

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder kids

I want to help children with learning deficiency. Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

My son was diagnosed with Attention Hyperactivity. Deficiency disorders, he is. 11 years old my life is hell because he was a child has problems. Foreign teacher calls every other day. He was elected to the school by other kids really well. He has no friends, he tried to buy friends. He fed his teachers. He said that everyone they hate. I believe him when he said he was going through hell at school because his teacher's room at home page tells me that he will die or end. Teachers attacked in prison feel my I went home and sobbed because it seems that schools do not care. He flunks out of school I have to say something a million times before to get through. Him to learn anything in school focus "is important and that what he just can not do I need help for my child. But I do not know how many new things to do and to me. School for teachers not to curse his only really important to check and do not pay child What helps me get?

ADHD and I find that interesting that you do not. Referred to psychiatrists, psychologists, drug him. / He's trying his level. ADHD sounds serious, so I do not think food and exercise is to pull back into the normal range. (But not reduced to) You are right about one thing. If he does not care, he can not learn management skills that will help him. ADHD in his long-term A nasty catch. – 22. I do not see your personal evidence of what he is like when you are at school that day. What can this course, you're spending some time helping out in classrooms, he in Teachers responsible for teaching the entire class full of children. In these situations your child. distractor, and it fair that 80% of its energy and attention she received. 1/25th of the floor? Child behavior therapy because your (ADHD is real and you and I both know that). The rest of the students were injured. I sat in class and I have seen some. interations of students to teachers and students, student . Please follow on what you are doing by now.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Therapies

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder therapies

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder therapies

Lack of attention disorders Hyperactivity Balanced information and treatment options for your child.

Sometimes it's hard to trust that Attention Hyperactivity Disorder deficit of information you find on the web will give you a balanced point of view. In this article you will learn about the disease and treatment options so you can provide most Alternatives for Children.

First You can use the information absent. Hyperactivty unusual to see whether you should test your child can not be diagnosed. Yourself. If you often and always see the following symptoms in children is important to make an appointment with someone qualified to test and evaluate

If your child is diagnosed. ADHD do not have to worry because many treatment options. First prescription. However, much debate about drugs in the past. Ten years he worked for some children. It is important for you to know that they make children much worse because people can not stand the side effects. These drugs have side effects. Suicide loss of appetite, insomnia. Restlessness, aggression, and even since

While short-term side effects is about meaning, you must consider the long term. Growing in the brain. Science has not considered the impact these But certainly an important factor for consideration when you are looking for all the students lack. Hyperactivity Disorder information and treatment options out there. What is the idea that some researchers worry that the use of prescription drugs in childhood behavioral problems may lead to drug use. Later in life. Again the jury is still out.

Because of these concerns many parents to modify children instead of natural medicine. Although some may consider this treatment. New option to use herbs to success since the beginning of time. Although the remedies available a few weeks to create a system similar to lower outbursts, Hyperactivity, impulsivity and focus on adding memory and ability to complete their work. In fact, some parents believe that the changes will work better because Have side effects or not have to worry about drug interactions. But because most of the nutrients needed to keep the brain itself instead of just covering up symptoms.

If you decide to try natural treatment you can use while you're weaning your child off the prescription. From the modify some people look better than one that contains clinically proven. Such as Hyoscyamus and Tuberculinum which has proven effective in clinical trials of treatment. Attention Hyperactivity. Deficiency disorders. Information should be available from the manufacturer to determine that they have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Of course the seal of approval from the FDA is critical.

Other treatment options that can be used in conjunction with medication or natural remedies home treatment program behavior. Total. focus that will help children learn how to control impulses, even faced with the emphasis on noise and calm themselves when they start to feel the need to jump up and around. Recommendations that are often found in Attention. Hyperactivity. Lack of data is unusual symptoms before the treatment of child behavior, teaching you the advanced control over them. Motivation

About the Author

Laura Ramirez is a passionate advocate of using natural remedies for ADHD and other health issues. Read more about her research by going to

She is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting.

What is the revenue (per month). For each ADHD (disease focus) the diagnosis?

The only thing that costs monthly. Standard drug treatment regimen for children who have been diagnosed this disease each

Different from child to child is. med med insurance and insurance My son is in Medicaid, for a cost not to me. But I don; rate t know. . ADHD and a sad fact that many people think is all conspiracy.

ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: Symptoms, Treatment, and Benefits

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Adhd Children’s Books

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

adhd children’s books

adhd children's books

สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ของฉัน ADHD เด็ก

สิ่งมหัศจรรย์ของฉัน ADHD เด็ก

"Hey Mom, คุณไม่คิดว่าเป็นแมลงสาบ สวยงามในแบบของตัวเอง?

เป็นฉันรีบลงตามขั้นตอนหน้าในตอนเช้าวิ่งโรงเรียนทั่วไปคือลูกสาวของฉันนั่งคุกเข่าบนทางเดินดูที่ไม่เพียง แมลงสาบ แต่สิ่งที่ฉันจะเรียกนายแมลงสาบ! มันใหญ่, สีน้ำตาลน่ารังเกียจและรวบรวมข้อมูลเกี่ยวกับทางเดินของฉัน หนวดมันสามารถรับสัญญาณวิทยุ ลูกสาวของฉันไม่ ยกหัวของเธอ แต่ถามฉันอีกครั้ง


"Catie ไม่สัมผัสที่ สิ่ง!

"ฉันไม่ได้สัมผัสมันฉันแค่มองมัน . เด็กของฉันคือแม่นยำมาก

"เราได้ ได้รับการโรงเรียน.

แน่นอนเวลาเราไม่อยู่เป็นที่น่าสนใจเป็นแมลง . ขณะที่เธอนั่ง buckles เธอก็โยนเธอฆ่าเชื้อมือ ที่ผมเก็บไว้ในรถ


"แต่ฉันไม่ได้สัมผัส . "ฉันไม่พูดถึง แม่นยำมาก?


Catie ภาพนิ่งลงในที่นั่งตอนหลังเท้าของเธอ propped on headrest ในด้านหน้าของเธอ I am คนขับรถ ขับรถรอบ ๆ สิ่งที่ปรากฏการจราจรที่กำลังจะมาถึงสองฟุต wiggly กับร่างกายชัดไม่ติด . เธออ่านหนังสือทางไปโรงเรียนกล่าวถึงสิ่งที่เกี่ยวกับไก่เพื่อ Catie ตัดสินใจ ที่จะตอบคำถามของฉันคุณมีบ้านของคุณหรือคุณจำหนังสือเปียโนกับเสียงไก่ . สุดท้ายเรามาถึงที่โรงเรียนและนักเรียน carline เปิดประตูให้เธอ ออก . ฉันต้องการวันดีของเธอและเธอตอบสนองกับดัง"BAAAK"และยังคง crowing จนกระทั่งถึงประตูโรงเรียนที่มีความกังวลสำหรับดูจากนักเรียนคนอื่น ๆ ไม่มี เด็กต้อนรับ carline ให้ฉันยิ้มและสั่นหัวของเธอที่เธอขอฉันเป็นวันดีและปิดประตูรถ . ขับรถไปคิด"นั่น Catie 's!"

Catie สวยสีบลอนด์ของฉันสีฟ้าตาลูกสาวอายุปี 11 . เธอวินิจฉัย ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity ขาดความผิดปกติ) เมื่อเธออายุ ผมเคยได้ยินผู้ปกครองอื่น ๆ พูดถึงคนที่ยาบุตรได้เมื่อมีเพียงปัญหาพฤติกรรมที่เลี้ยงดูที่เหมาะสมจะแก้ไข . ฉันถามแพทย์ว่ามีการปรับเปลี่ยนพฤติกรรม การปฏิบัติหรือการปฏิบัติเราสามารถทำที่บ้านเพื่อว่าเราจะไม่ต้องใส่ Catie on ยา . ฉันบอกเพียงว่า Catie จะไม่สามารถอยู่รอดห้องเรียนการตั้งค่าถ้าเธอ ไม่เกี่ยวกับยาสำหรับ ADHD เธอ . เธอได้รับในยาสำหรับที่ผ่านมาหกปีและผมยินดีกับผล . ผมขอสนับสนุนให้ผู้ปกครองที่คิดว่าบุตรของตนอาจมีใด ADHD ได้รับข้อมูลที่พวกเขาสามารถและพูดคุยกับแพทย์ครูและผู้ปกครองอื่น ๆ เพื่อให้สามารถทำการตัดสินใจได้ดีที่สุดสำหรับเด็ก

เช่นพ่อแม่อื่นๆ เด็ก ADHD ฉันได้นั่งอยู่ในสำนักงานใหญ่ของที่เราหารือวิธีการช่วยเหลือเด็กของฉันนั่งอยู่ในชั้นเรียนอยู่ในสายรอเธอหัน ฯลฯ ฉันได้พบกับครูที่ ขอให้ฉันช่วย Catie กำหนดเสร็จเธอเลิกอ่านหนังสือห้องสมุดของเธอในระหว่างการทดสอบคณิตศาสตร์และหยุดการขึ้นจากที่นั่งของเธอเพราะเธอรู้สึกเธอต้องการที่จะใช้ในขณะใดก็ตาม ใช่เหล่านี้ แต่ไม่กี่ของ woes ของผู้ปกครอง ADHD . นอกจากนี้ห้องสะอาดเพียงจะไม่เกิดขึ้น

แต่ยังมีสิ่งสวยงามน่าอัศจรรย์ เกี่ยวกับเด็ก ADHD . ขณะที่ครู, ครูใหญ่, พ่อและเธอพยายามสอน Catie วิธีการจัดการกับชีวิต Catie อย่างต่อเนื่องแสดงให้เราอยู่มัน . ฉันเลือกออกเสื้อผ้าของเธอแต่ละ วันยกเว้นวันหยุด . ในวันหยุดสุดสัปดาห์มันเป็นทางเลือกของ Catie . ครั้งที่สุดโดยไม่คำนึงถึงสภาพอากาศที่อาจเป็นชุดของรองเท้า Cowgirl เธอชื่นชอบ (คนสีชมพู), กางเกงขาสั้นสีกากีและเสื้อคอเต่าแขนยาวกับหมวกแคร่เลื่อนหิมะหรือหมวกนักโบราณคดีที่รักเธอเช่น icon movie . โหมดผมสีบลอนด์สวยของเธอยังคงนอนหัวหรือครึ่งหนึ่งได้ ถูกวางเป็นผมหางม้าและส่วนที่เหลือก็ตรงตามที่อาจ . นี้เป็นวิธีการที่เราไปที่ร้านขายของชำที่เก็บวิดีโอหรือร้านอาหารกับเพื่อน . เธอภูมิใจเดินเข้า ห้องนั่งเล่นกับแฟชั่นชุดล่าสุดของเธอ . เมื่อฉันม้วนตาเธอก็กล่าวว่า"มันสบาย . "ในขณะที่มองเมนู เธอร้องเพลงธีมให้หนังนอกพื้นที่หรือบางกริ๊งเชิงพาณิชย์ที่ได้ติดอยู่ในหัวของเธอ . เธอใช้สองหรือสามหลอดเพื่อจิบโซดาเธอและบางครั้งทำให้หนึ่งยาวหนึ่ง

ในบ้านวิธีที่บูทได้ปิดและถ้าผมโชคดีผู้โดยสารเวลานี้ฉันมีหนึ่งเท้าเปล่าโดยแต่ละหู . แน่นอนว่าเธอไม่คิดว่าใส่ถุงเท้า รองเท้ากลับมาที่ยาวพอที่จะกลับบ้านแล้วพวกเขาที่ดินเพียงภายในประตู . บอกเธอไปใส่ไว้ในห้องของเธอไม่ได้หมายความว่าจะทำให้พวกเขาที่พวกเขาอยู่ ในห้องของเธอ . เพียงทิ้งไว้ในห้องของเธอจากทางเดินตรงกับเกณฑ์ของฉัน . ฉันได้เรียนรู้ที่จะเฉพาะเจาะจงกับคำสั่ง . ห้องเธอเป็นระเบียบ แต่เหรียญของเธอ จะแบ่งเป็น pennies, nickels, dimes และไตรมาสและเก็บหินของเธออยู่ในสภาพบริสุทธิ์ . ครอก Candy Wrappers ชั้นจาก Halloween แต่ทันทีที่หลอกลวงหรือการรักษา ได้ทำเธอนับสมบัติเธอแบ่งขนมเป็นกลุ่มและให้ไปชิ้นที่ว่าเธอไม่ชอบ

มันทำให้ฉันพิจารณาว่าอาจจะมีความสุขมากขึ้นถ้า เป็นเพียงเล็กน้อยเหมือนลูก ดังนั้นฉันพยายามจะเหมือน Catie เพื่อดูความงดงามในสิ่งเล็ก ๆ ที่ล้อมรอบฉันทุกวัน . ฉันจะดูแลการจัดระเบียบสิ่งที่ชื่นชอบ แต่ไม่ ความเครียดเกี่ยวกับบ้านถูกแผ้ว . ฉันพยายามจะไม่กังวลมากเกินไปเกี่ยวกับ make – up ของผมหรือเสื้อผ้าของฉันของฉัน แต่จะสบายในผิวของตัวเองและรู้สึกมั่นใจทุกฉัน ฉันเริ่มร้องเพลงในขณะที่ฉันล้างจานหรือพับเสื้อผ้า บางครั้งผมเต้นรอบบ้านหรือห้องทำงานลงเมื่อไม่มีใครต้องการ ฉันพยายามจะเป็นคนที่สามารถเรียกแต่ละ วัน GREAT เพียงเพราะผมได้เข้าร่วมในนั้นได้หากไม่เสร็จงานของฉันทั้งหมด . และอาจ, someday, อย่างใดฉันก็จะพบความงามในแมลงสาบ . ฉัน ยังมีไม่มาก

About the Author

Cherri Walker is a freelance writer, life coach and teacher. She has been writing articles, poetry and short stories for many years. She is currently working on a collection of short stories, essays and poems called Windows and Wanderings.

ADHD medications?

My son has ADHD and has been diagnosed by a child ADHD specialist at Westmead Children’s hospital. I would like to make a quick note to all those FOOLS who think that once a child has been diagnosed with ADHD that the very first prescription the child is given is Ritalin, they are ABSOLUTELY INSANE. The first prescription my child received was Catapres not Ritalin. What do you think I’m nuts? I’m not going to give my child Ritalin. Also can people please refrain from posting links to ritalin induced websites. I already know not to give it to my kid! I already know the side-effects of it. I would rather chop off all my limbs before even considering giving it to them. I have read the book called ‘Understanding ADHD’ by Dr. Christopher Green and Dr. Kit Chee . I also watched a dvd by Dr. Christopher Green, which explains it all in lamens terms. (plenty of coffee, hahaha)

I’m not sure what your question is…

Anyhow, gluten free/casein free diets work wonders. Google it and you’ll find a ton of info. Within 2 months of removing all gluten and dairy products from my son’s diet he was a completely different kid. He’s not even on medication and his behavior is under control just with that diet. Also, a lot of kids with adhd-like behavior are found to be magnesium deficient. Try this stuff… You should be able to get it at any health food store if you’re in the US. Not sure about other countries.

Smart move avoiding Ritalin. When I was in high school kids used to sell their Ritalin to other kids because it had the same effect as street meth! I don’t know a mother on the planet who would feed meth to her child but for some reason people think Ritalin is ok. Scary.

Matthew’s Book Review

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Adhd Test For Teenagers

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

adhd test for teenagers

Others do not have adolescent ADHD?

We have children aged 14 years with much concentration. She was tested when her children grew older I get. Bad to improve her lot in minutes. I wonder who will face the same problem and what you may have suggestions. Here's something on which we will 1, no matter what happens she is not wrong. (By you) 2 is not responsible for any action. Three of her if she doesn do not trust. (Home) it's even guilty of four teachers. Login conciense No no sign that she feels bad that she did. Just feel good that she was arrested. . 5 Whether you are clear about what she does not. doesn what you want. That "I think … "(In the attempt to adjust). 6 Roy does not draw any of the healthy people. Although men can be mean to you on his middle finger up Stupid or something and then go right back because a friend, "she." Soil and the punishment will not help.

Maybe you should wait until she gets a little bit older you are going through puberty, so it may be because of that.

Spying On Highschool Students w/ Laptops

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Adhd Disability Australia

Monday, June 18th, 2007

adhd disability australia

In Australia, my son has ADHD, can he apply for government disability payment?

Im not after someone’s opinion, im after facts. And it is a mental disability.

Yes, your son can apply for the disability support pension. Many people with ADHD are on the Disability support pension but consider a few things.

First of all how severely does his ADHD affect his ability to get a job. For those with severe ADHD getting and keeping a job is nearly impossible. Don’t listen to people who say people with ADHD shouldn’t have disability pensions. because they pension isn’t about what kind of disorder you have or how severe the disorder is. It is about your ability to earn enough money to make a living. Someone with an obvious disability (like missing a leg) will often find it much easier to find a job than someone with ADHD who cant concentrate, sit still or control their behaviour.

But his ADHD will have to be very severe and impairing for him to qualify for the payment.

Also be aware that most ADHDer’s who are on DSP hate it. They are bored out of their brains with no job and no means of contributing to society. Look into this as a last option.

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Adhd Crawling

Monday, May 21st, 2007

adhd crawling

Could my 3 yr old son have adhd?

my 3 yr old son is very cunning and smart, he can say nearly every word there is and can count to 20 but he seems to have so many problems with his behaviour.
I know many people do not “believe” in adhd and i didnt either until my son pulled down his pants and as i was sitting on the floor, started to pee on me when i told him not to throw things at his baby brother (9 months). I truly dont think this is sibling jealousy as he was very challenging before the new baby and has always been very active from birth (not sleeping, always crying, very alert, crawling early etc).
Im trying hard to be patient with him but it is very frustrating when no form of discipline seems to work when he hits and spits and kicks.
the other day he punched me in the breast (i am breastfeeding baby) and it really really hurt. i have no doubt that if he were any older he would seriously hurt someone. ive tried to bring him up right but my partner and i r at our wits end…could this be adhd?

You will have trouble getting a doctor diagnosis him until he is 5 or older because a lot of ADHD traits are the same as just any old kid under the age of 5 (but there are exceptions because sometimes it is even obvious).

Smart, impulse control and active are all “votes” for ADHD but the out right violence doesn’t include or exclude this behavior. It could be sibling rivalry with poor impulse control OR it could be just poor behavior.

Find his currency (how do you punish him that really works) and be consistent with your rules. Our level 1 severity was anything that endangered the child (touching an outlet) or violence/disrespect was immediate punishment where punishment started that instant and explanation came later (which at 3.5 is still viable).

If it is ADHD then the drugs help impulse control but that won’t help you at all if they think its ok to hit Mommy anyway.

The only real evidence I see that says it is “behavior” and not ADHD is that you used the term “partner” instead of father or husband. That lets me think that child might be acting out due to a divorce or lack of a father figure.

Good Luck!

What Crawling Should Look Like in a Health Infant

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Adhd For Children

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

adhd for children

adhd for children

What Causes ADHD In Children ? FAQs For Parents

The most frequently asked question by parents about what causes ADHD in children is whether any situation in the home life of the child or simply bad parenting could be responsible. Parents can be reassured about this but at the same time warned that unless there is some behaviour modification in the treatment of the child with ADHD, there is a strong chance that the child will have to go through all their life with this condition!

What causes ADHD could actually be a chemical imbalance in the brain and that means that the brain does not function at its maximum capacity leading to all sorts of well known problems associated with ADHD such as inattention, hyperactivity, squirming and impulsivity. These might well be present in any normal spirited child but in ADHD they tend to interfere with the child’s development and lack of social skills and inattention and sometimes defiant behaviour can set a whole range of problems in motion. But these are mere symptoms and do not tell us with any precision about what causes ADHD in children.

Researchers have actually found that ADHD children’s brains are about 3% or 4% smaller than those of normal children and this could be the result of certain areas not being fully developed. Then there are a whole series of arguments linking the cause of ADHD to diet and media exposure but these are neither valid nor true. Certainly these two factors can exacerbate symptoms but they are certainly not what causes ADHD in children.

The hereditary link in the debate about what causes ADHD in children is one which should be borne in mind because any child with an ADHD parent is said to have a greater chance (by up to 25%) of developing the condition than other children. The genetic link is therefore a probable element in what causes ADHD. It is a fact that many parents when they get their children diagnosed with ADHD discover that they have the condition themselves which is a two edged sword. It may give them a certain empathy with the child in trying to cope but on the other hand, they will be severely handicapped when it comes to providing structure and organisation in family life.

What is uppermost in parents’ minds when and if their child is diagnosed with ADHD is how on earth they are going to cope with all this. They have heard all about the ADHD drugs and are understandably wary especially now that some parents are even willing to get their non-ADHD children these drugs when they are competing in the rat race at college! This was in a shocking report in the Nature magazine recently. Pushing their children without worrying too much about parenting skills or ADHD behavioral therapy is the easy and dangerous way out. The side effects of these amphetamines can be alarming whether for young children or college students. They range from sleep disorders, weight loss, appetite and mood swings, stunted growth. In the long term, there is a risk of schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorders and paranoia. Is this what you want for your ADHD child?

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available

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Adhd Denver

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

adhd denver

What are laws for ADHD kids in Colorado?

Ok so I have this friend in Colorado Springs, Co. He has a son that has ADHD but his psychiatrist claims there’s nothing she can do for him hence medication class accommodations etc., however in Denver, Colorado you can. I have ADHD and had no such problem and I have never ran into those sorts of problems. What should he do and who should he contact?

There are no laws for ADHD kids or adults.

Find facts about so called ADHD.
Watch few minutes video with Dr. Mary Ann Block to find answers you are looking for.

No More ADHD

Dr. Mary Ann Block
“Because of my medical training, my goal as a physician is to look for and treat the underlying conditions causing the patient’s problem, rather than just covering up those symptoms with drugs. I have seen and treated thousands of children from all over the United States, who had previously been labeled ADHD and treated with amphetamine drugs. By taking a thorough history and giving these children a complete physical exam as well as doing lab tests and allergy testing, I have consistently found that these children do not have ADHD, but instead have allergies, dietary problems, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid problems and learning difficulties that are causing their symptoms. All of these medical and educational problems can be treated, allowing the child to be successful in school and life, without being drugged.”

I would recommend you reading following booklet for parents

This 2 minutes long video explains the difference between diagnosis in real medicine backed up by science and psychiatry diagnosis like ADHD backed up by personal opinions.

Here is a little taste of ADHD drugs like Ritalin
You can find facts about Ritalin in this booklet which is available on-line.
It is the fifth booklet from left…
“Even when Ritalin is used as prescription drug, it may have severe side effects including nervousness, insomnia, anorexia (eating disorder), pulse changes, heart problems and weight loss. The manufacturer says it is a drug of dependency.
In June 2005, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a series of public health advisories warning that Ritalin and drugs like it may cause visual hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, psychotic behavior, as well aggression and violence behavior.”

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