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Adhd Learning Activities

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

adhd learning activities

adhd learning activities

3 and 4 years old with ADHD, I can prepare them for school.

I think even the procedure is to work hard. .. But I just have a ton of work. … I have two step daughters. 3 and 4 are both adhd.the 4 years old and a head start. One goes back to the day care again until its time for her to know it. school.i a mother to get them prepared for school, such as numbers, colors. ABCs … etc. My only problem is that they have been learning and actually listen to their ADHD. I need help to figure out. What activities or crafts that I can get them involved in the home to teach them how to. .. 1.draw 2.write ABC's, numbers, shapes 3.write 4.reading they can. reciet character count to 10 in different languages ​​and colors. sounds.they reconginize … they also know that a certain animal.

My sister's little boy is old. Go to school for 4years septmber recently, he was not quite ready and everything. Request a picture you point to. theh sask and what it is and all that. clour It is my all-time with Cameron, he loves to pick the book up and learn something new. And the talk is good. allways to do, you can count the number. 10-10 For example, when your walking down the stirs. They try to get some kind of game. ABCs, numbers 1-10, shapes, play cards with them if they can, good luck and have fun.

LearningRx Atlanta/Buckhead Brain Training Activities!

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Adhd Self Test

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

adhd self test

Where can I find that I use my own test and find out if I have ADHD or not?

Experimentation. I am referring to the test. enternet! Test, or enemies online. ADHD! And i tryed everything and I do not have caffine. hyper! ° The obvious solution to this one. Any! I have what I want and more than U. 2 giveit me.

When do you wish you had. Change and do something else and then again and again. Like listening to music, watching movies, reading is something you do not hold your interest and attention. ADHD do not suffer in any event. Talk it out. So many times I see people who are suffering from being too emotional.

ADHD children. Causes of ADHD/ADD.

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Adhd Worksheets For Kids

Friday, August 12th, 2011

adhd worksheets for kids

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Adhd Stories Children

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

adhd stories children

When should I apply for SSI. My W / ADHD?

My older son. 9yrs he has severe ADHD (3yrs since he had been assessed). … The use of the special ed. And the psychiatrist saw him 2 months. I heard that qualify for SSI is a single mother of him, I did not make enough money to do it. …. They have been approved for. SSI? We are from Los Angeles, CA anyways, it was the DS. .. That makes him w / all of the drama. (Long story).

Disability and SSI. Used for the benefit of persons with disabilities to use. For the benefit of disabled people to start by selecting the type of life of people with disabilities. Children (under 18 years), adults (age 18 years or more) ———————- ———————–. ————————— ——–. If your application has been recently rejected an appeal to the Internet is beginning to review our decision about your eligibility for disability benefits. If your application. Rejected for : Medical reasons, you can complete and submit a request to appeal and disability appeal online. Disability report asks you for updated information. About your medical condition and treatment. Other tests or doctor visits since we made our Non-medical reasons, you should contact your local Social Security office to ask for. To check, you may call our toll free number. 1-800-772-1213. To appeal. People who are deaf or hard of hearing may call our free number. TTY, 1-800-325-0778. Read more: Caring. luck.Take Diesoma!

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Adhd Games And Activities

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

adhd games and activities

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Adhd Test

Monday, June 27th, 2011

adhd test

adhd test

How to Test for ADHD in adults.

I tested it when I was. 6, I was put on Adderal (sp?) Grade. 4 im 18 now and about to go to college. I want to get put back on medication for ADHD. DR is not really a test for ADHD in adults or not?

You will have the details of your symptoms and your desire. Have been diagnosed and Rx's. You can get extra help with their age. So, with 22 colleges in the U.S., if available. IEP and the school staff to assist you. You will be modified. Your test. These rights under the concept.

Adult ADHD Test – WKMG-TV Orlando

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Adhd Games For Kids

Friday, June 24th, 2011

adhd games for kids

How to get my 12 Y / old son interested in reading and studying rather than playing online games and video?

He likes to play games, PS2, games such as Runescape & Tankmania recently he has been found. Club Penquin is a site for younger children. He fought in the past year, he will stay with me about his home was made so that he can play his game. He was a bright young man. He has difficulty staying on the job because of his ADHD medication for reasons that sometimes he is tight, a little bit of him. He tends to explode when they are not. His way he would let someone else do his work for him if he can.

12 years old and all children must have been influenced by his parents as a child at any age. There he was, his time playing video games, as noted by others. I expect it to his first rebellion. It is strong and not give in You need a game plan. How can you enforce the rules if you do not. The setting is the first to explain to your child. Take your time to direct him to do anything else. To him, the 12 can be seen in his community. He has helped you in a soup kitchen or get him involved. Sports or activities. (Such as karate). The children and their parents may be asked to volunteer to help our organization. Show him how to give his time to be wasted on the ride. In front of video games or TV to help him redirect his positive Like the young who want to feed more than once a day, your son needs you, he is actually in the editing. And direction for him to grow and prosper. It wont be easy at first. But with your commitment, you will notice the change.

“ADHD: Success Strategies for Your Kids” Audio Class

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Adhd High Iq

Monday, May 9th, 2011

adhd high iq

I think I have Adult ADHD and would like to tested?

I have done my research as well as several online evaluations for Adult ADHD. Every “test” I have taken suggests a proffessional evaluates me. I have a fairly high IQ and consider myself a pretty smart guy. The problem is that I have never been able to concentrate, and it seem that there are 100 thoughts bouncing around in my head at all times. I gave up reading b/c my mind wanders so much that I read the paragraphs 3 or 4 times before I can move on. It affected my college and High school years and defiantly my career. I have read up on ADHD and have discovered that almost every “symptom” discussed is a symptom that I have. However, I cannot seem to find where to start. I live in Ocala FL and would like some help with this. Thanks

I studied a lot about ADD/ADHD (same thing) in college and by what your saying I do believe you have it. But of course make sure you see a trained specialist and not diagnosis yourself. Most people with ADD are very smart people, they just don’t know how to apply there knowledge when they need too. Nothing wrong with that because your probably really creative and have a lot of great ideas, A great trait to have. ADD has nothing to do with how smart you are so don’t let that bother you.

You’ll just get medication to help you focus which most ADD people see the first day they take it (I did!). It will really help you in life trust me.

Most people describe it by putting on glasses on for the first time and that is true.

Good luck!

ADHD and Intelligence

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Adhd Games Online

Friday, May 6th, 2011

adhd games online

adhd games online

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Adhd Quiz

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

adhd quiz

adhd quiz

No one knows the answer will tell weather or not someone they have. ADD / ADHD?


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Adhd Video Games

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

adhd video games

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and video games are a problem.

My almost 9 year old has ADHD, followed by the odd (Disorders of provoking the opposite). And PTSD (stress disorders post. tramatic) he spent XR Adderall 25mg once a day. All he needs to do is play on. PS2 or PC, or code gameboy, which will allow him out of trouble and he did not fight well with other children. Other (he is the oldest from 4) I worry that the game will hurt him because he does not want to spend more time with family I will not allow shooting or fighting game, so I knew that he was not. Behaviors that are not from them. His education will not suffer, he is actually pretty good at reading and he loves math. I worry about his behavior does not say much for his future. I have tried limited his time. In the game, but he was not playing when he is fighting with other children, or destruction. What is your advice.

While video games can certainly occupy. Your ADHD child that they can. overstimulating. My husband has ADHD and At 30, he still has a passion for video games because they give the brain to stimulate their focus. Thus, while He has lost focus on what most (I like to listen to:)) he can hyperfocus in video games because it has changed so quickly. He can take his game to play the video and in that time. It may not be the best thing for him will help him focus. As long as your children do well with his school work, it is OK to allow him to use video games to stop his work to organize his brain. He began to try to have more interest with the other kids by having them play video games with him in his first Then, try to find a board game or some other activity. That your child can do together. Participation in sports physical can help ADHD children. – Craves movement to team sports can really help. Baseball, football, basketball and more. Which requires a lot of movement and action. Can really help to organize children with ADHD.

Smart Brain Technologies (NASA Destination Tomorrow) – Video Game Neurofeedback ADD ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Technology

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder technology

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder technology

Are there some video games used to test for autism?

There was a Reuter’s article, but I have not been able to access it.

I think this is what you’re talking about…there’s other sites that have info on it as well and those are listed below.
I hope this is what you were looking for.

Reuters Health
Thursday, May 10, 2007
By Lisa Baertlein

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) – Bernard McCrory knows what happens when autism strikes and his company, Learning for Children, are selling video games to give children the help they may need.

As youngsters play the games the private U.S. company’s testing technology looks for signs of autism or dyslexia.

Parents who are haunted by a feeling that something just isn’t right with a child who avoids eye contact, resists cuddling, reacts extremely to changes in routine or has difficulty learning words or sentences, can use test results to plan their next step.

McCrory’s granddaughter played his company’s autism testing game and was later diagnosed with a mild form of Asperger syndrome, which falls within autism spectrum disorders.

“We’re really throwing up a flag that there may be a problem here,” said McCrory, who helped develop the testing technology at Caliber Learning Network , a Sylvan Learning Systems and MCI joint venture.

He and other executives were able to take the technology with them after the company went public in 1999 and have since invested about $2 million in the video game software.

Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder causing mild to severe developmental disabilities and, according to the advocacy group Autism Speaks, is diagnosed in 1 in 150 individuals.

The company said their games are not a replacement for professional medical testing, which can cost a few thousand dollars. Home and classroom versions of the games cost $50 and $90.

Children with autism often have trouble with spatial relationships and, in the game, will struggle to identify which hand a character is using to hold an object. They often are very good at naming numbers that come next in a sequence.

Youngsters with dyslexia, a learning disability affecting reading skills, will have trouble making words from scrambled letters or matching a picture of a cat to the word cat.

The autism testing game has won an endorsement from the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, started by the family of College Football Hall of Famer Doug Flutie.

Executive director Lisa Borges said early intervention is extremely important and that the software is an accessible tool for concerned parents.

Alex Wilkes was in that category about a year ago when her daughter played the autism testing game. The child, now four years old, was slow to start talking and didn’t make eye contact. Medical testing ruled out a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and the game pointed to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“She liked the games. To this day, she doesn’t know she’s been through any of this,” said Wilkes.

“It’s not a definitive diagnosis. CD’s don’t replace a doctor. I was just looking for some direction,” said Wilkes, who still plans to take her daughter to a doctor for testing.

Reuters Health

Copyright © 2007 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Reuters and the Reuters sphere logo are registered trademarks and trademarks of the Reuters group of companies around the world.

Kind of on the same topic but a different mode of testing…genetic…Warning however, read the WHOLE article before you jump to any conclusions…seems some thought it was prenatal but it’s post natal testing:

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Adhd Elementary School

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

adhd elementary school

I think I have ADHD?

I think I have ADHD. I find myself off-the-wall hyper, and forgetful. When i start something different I never seem to end it and forget about it easy. I will be talking, forget and change a subject. Do I have ADHD? How can I tell? Also, many of my previous elementary school teachers said I couldn’t sit still in class.

yeah, you do for sure. do you fail a lot of assignments in school? i was diagnosed with it when i was in 2nd grade(now i’m a junior in hs) and i didn’t want to take my medicine for a year not too long ago and i failed a lot. it’s genetic. if you have it and you have siblings, they will have a 50/50 chance of having it also. or since you have said elementary’re in what grade now? it could be age related things. but mostly..
this is my symptoms of being ADHD

1. clumsiness
2. never sit still
3. always have to have something to do
4. forgetful
5. you don’t need to sleep as much as others
6. you’re too hyper to eat as much as you should
7. racing thoughts
8. total lack of concentration
9. you become a great multitasker over time(Trust me on this haha)

tell your parents about it, i’m sure they notice. some parents are in denial about their kids health because they think they did something wrong if we the kids have a little problem. but if someone on your dads side has it or your moms side, well then you have a high chance of it being true.
good luck kiddo!

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Adhd Games

Monday, March 1st, 2010

adhd games

What are some fun army theme games for a birthday party?

my younger brother is turning 12 and he is really into the army hes got adhd so maybe something that would hold his attention.

RISK, Can be alot of fun. form allies and strategy

ADHD Dissorder Video Game Treatment – GAME THERAPY

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Adhd Testing Online For Children

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

adhd testing online for children

adhd testing online for children

ADHD teaching techniques – teaching children to solve problems with concentration.

ADHD. teaching techniques.

Although "the movement" Stop and think of the treatment. ADHD has lost some momentum soon. Other basic strategies and techniques. Still worth teaching your children. My favorite version of the technique, it "steps to resolve the problem. Strategy "and it goes something like this Teach your child this five-step problem. Strategic changes.

First ask yourself "What".

2 think the three solutions. (Optional) to the problem.

Three view options for each minute Ask yourself, "This is good or bad move?

4 Select the best solution. /.

Try 5 more. If the work

Checkers I use in practice of teaching this formula. A great way to practice without affecting anything in the real world. " "I use this recipe href =" "ADHD. Teaching techniques>.

Move "A" – think three good move You can make. Select the best move.

Move the "B" – a move now to ask yourself when you move. outloud "Is this a good move or move. bad? If a good move, move forward and other

Move "C" – a move now when you move, ask yourself "Now what I moved here to other players. Move?

If you look ahead and see that you do not like the effect of your next move and change your Think ahead! I like children, can Think in terms of "see all your options" This is good or bad move? And "If I do what will happen next?

Parents, you can. With children at home. Just remember the game of checkers as a child to learn problem solving strategies. (Let him change his, although he took his hand from the game pieces!). Game by game, you see the child. (If age 6) better and better decision making and a good move. Then use the language "of the game to talk about real life situations. href = "" ADHD Teaching Techniques>.

About the Author

Adhd Teaching Techniques is a proven Autism Solution for your Child.

TryAutism, Aspergers, ASD Program and change child’s life forever!”

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Games

Monday, September 21st, 2009

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder games

) To have children with the disease have ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity. Deficiency disorders?

Year 16 steps with my daughter. Dwon Syndrome seems to continue to stimulate And she was not strange for her CD. I play computer games with her music and still have a conversation "imiaginary. With people all the time. She is not in our room one more minute without the "I Love You" (re,. Five times in five minutes) for hugs that "hi!" Or ask the same thing. Repeatedly Sometimes she would every one of these things after another. That over and over again. She is the functional 3 – 4 year age level cognitively.

Many common problems. You may want to talk to experts about how behavior can help reduce some of her behavior. I do not have adverse; You should talk to her doctor. You talk to other parents. National Down Syndrome Congress is a great resource.

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder……get them back in the game.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Biofeedback

Monday, May 18th, 2009

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder biofeedback

Method of choice for attention deficit and Hyperactivity disorders.

Approximately 2,000,000. American children are affected by the disease lost interest. Hyperactivity – (ADHD), a classroom with children was a man. 3-5 times more likely to have ADHD symptoms of the disease started before age seven, and often continues as an adult. ADHD has nothing to do with property and causing it accuracy unknown It is known that the evolution of interactions between genetic, biological and environmental factors. Since symptoms differ between children. ADHD diagnosis than general. In addition, many psychiatric disorders can interfere with the child's attention and can confuse diagnosis. Likewise Anxiety. Depression, drugs and stress can cause attention and intervention. Hyperactivity, which can be misdiagnosed as ADHD adults have more expectations about the behavior also. mislabel children with ADHD children who actually have ADHD and may not receive appropriate academic failure and low self-esteem, social drugs and legal problems.

There are three subtypes of ADHD: the inattentive hyperactive behavior no more; Hyperactive and impulsive with no problems, interests, and both accidental and hyperactive. / Impulsive with no testing. ADHD diagnosis, so requires time and expertise. Child psychologist or psychiatrist should be used because of this. The latest study found that 54% of parents who use Treatment options, such as vitamins and food problems keep changing. ADHD peaceful and orderly home, good food, sleep and exercise can often help treat this disease. High protein foods may help. Twenty percent of adults who care for children with herbs. ADHD or mental functions, which increases the sedative Many parents bilboa Ginkgo increasing Circulation in the brain and nerve protection; Asian and American ginseng, which improves the body's ability to cope with stress. bacopa which helps memory and learning in the adult. Kola gotu children has been found to improve memory and concentration in rats; Lemon balm is used as a tea to relieve excited and hyperactive children; oats (avena sativa) is believed to be past the quiet in the nervous system.

There are two well-known that the direct evaluation of the herb. ADHD in open trials, herbal formulas. (AD – FX) with American ginseng and ginkgo. Children from age three to age. 17 are on medication for ADHD is the amount of herbs. 200 mg of American ginseng extract, and 50. Mg of ginkgo extract. Two days at least thirty minutes before meals. After four weeks, 74% of children better. Using valerian to control Mexican Was tested by the five men have ADHD placebo for two weeks and seven days, nothing. 500 mg of valerian root dry two weeks. Sleep better valerian, and especially help Men with hyperactive behavior. ADHD children may lack essential fatty acid supplement of EPA and DHA or fish to eat more vegetables seeds. chia, canola oil, pumpkin seeds. Brazil nuts and walnuts can help this disease. Supplementary therapy magnesium and zinc can improve behavior, rather than maintain a single standard. Reduce violent behavior, hyperactive and impulsive symptoms as children. ADHD often have low blood levels of treatment. Other ADHD, including resolving a deep breath. Massage, yoga, biofeedback and relaxation helps relax muscles and advanced acupuncture No one resolve – all for ADHD cases that light can be controlled through treatment options, while more serious. Treatment may be an alternative to expanding treatment. Most important, it is important to receive proper diagnosis and treatment for children who have ADHD.

About the Author

More information can be found at where a large selection of vitamins and herbs are available for
attention and hyper children

Low amplitude EEG?

I would like to know what conditions and diseases would lead to low voltage EEG activity, without consequential high EEG voltage actvity (not including brian death, cerebral infarction or strokes)?

This is not to be confused with EEG frequency.

The EEG biofeedback technique (Hyperactivity,
Attention Deficit Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities,
and Other Disorders )
This technique appears to be quite successful in effecting remediation in hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, specific learning disabilities, drug-resistant and other cases of epilepsy, in sleep disorders, and in cases of closed head injury. The effects of training appear to be permanent in most cases.

The unifying criterion underlying the conditions treated appears to be that they exhibit anomalous EEG properties. In a large fraction of the cases, these anomalous EEG properties are traceable to identifiable injury to the brain in the patient’s life history, including fetal drug exposure and birth trauma. Detailed family histories commonly indicate a genetic vulnerability or predisposition as well. At least partial normalization of the EEG is a demonstrated consequence of the biofeedback training in most cases. The clinical studies have considerably outdistanced the research to date, and clearly justify further research in order to put these findings on a sound basis, as well as to refine the technique and permit the determination of mechanisms. The generality of the technique suggests that we are dealing with a very fundamental mechanism of cortical regulation affecting areas of the brain beyond the sensorimotor cortex where training takes place.


Neurofeedback for ADHD – EEG Info Videos

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Adhd Puzzles

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

adhd puzzles

adhd puzzles

What Are The Signs Of Adhd?

The signs of ADHD are the indicators that you have the Symptoms of ADHD.
You can find these indicators and help others find them to.
Doing this will give you the power to change your behaviour and take control of your ADHD.
Don’t quite follow?
Let me explain.

The Cold Analogy

A symptom of a cold is a runny nose.  
A sign of a cold is to blow your nose or have tissues in your pocket.

A symptom of the flu is chills
A sign of the flu is staying wrapped up in your bed.

A symptom of ADHD is impulsivity.  
A sign of ADHD is having your name written on the board for outbursts in the classroom.

Inattention is a symptom of ADHD.
Not understanding assignments because of inattention during a lesson is a sign of ADHD.

It can be a lot easier to pick up the signs of ADHD than the actual symptoms.  
The signs are everywhere.

As a child I was not aware of my symptoms of ADHD but I was very aware of the signs of ADHD in my life.  I was told I was inattentive, had outbursts and was hyper but I didn’t really know what that meant.
– I knew that my name was always on the front chalkboard for misbehaving.  
– I knew that teachers would constantly take me aside to talk about my poor behavior.  
– I knew my caretakers were often upset with me.
I knew I was in trouble, but I really didn’t know why.

Basically I just didn’t get it.

Mom was I good in church?

On Sunday mornings after church I would always ask my mother;
“Was I good in church?”
I was not aware enough to know if I was troublesome.  I did understand when my mother was feeling stress or upset when I was “bad”.  
I wasn’t able to connect that playing with the song books on the floor was a disruption during mass.  

It seems silly now, but as a child I didn’t get it.

Long Division and Becoming Aware

I was in my mid-20s talking with a friend who was a teacher, when I realized an important piece of the puzzle.

I asked her if she could teach me to do long division, since I had forgotten.   She patiently began the lesson. While she was explaining the steps,
I was constantly butting in,
making fun
and I kept interrupting her,
Naturally she became quite annoyed and stopped the lesson.


For the first time I saw myself for being a disruption
It hit me.
I got it!

It was at this moment I realized how impulsive my behavior was.  
I saw myself interrupting,
Disrupting her lesson and being hyper.
As an adult I was being a jerk.
As a child I must have been,
a terror!?!?

I saw my own symptoms for the first time.
Before then never directly connected my signs of ADHD, like making teachers upset with my own impulsive and hyperactive nature.  

That was a huge turning point.
After that I knew I had to fix the problem.
I needed to learn as much about ADHD as possible to do so.  
I looked for signs of ADHD in my life so that I could take charge of my ADHD.

How to point out the Signs of ADHD in your life

It is important to note that these signs can also point to other mental or physical problems.  They may not always be ADHD.  
However, they are the initial step in becoming aware of your problems.  Take the time to think about your actions and ask for help too,
from family, from friends and even doctors.  

If these signs do point to ADHD, try this:
– As an adult with ADHD you can take it upon yourself to look for the signs of ADHD in your life.  Take note of the bad things that happen to you, the stuff that just doesn’t go right.

– As the parent with an ADHD child you can help them to see their signs too. Observe and point out the problems when they happen.

Spell it out as if you are talking to a 4 year old.  
In many cases you will be.

Track down the situations that are causing all of the problems.
This will pinpoint when you are having the most difficulty with your ADHD.

Knowing when the problems occur gives you the chance to change those situations directly.

The power to control your ADHD

Finding your unique signs of ADHD will give you the ability to recognize what you’re doing and help you pinpoint your ADHD symptoms.  

That is power my friend!

Now you know where to start.  
These are the first steps to changing those actions and taking control of your ADHD!

About the Author

Learn more about ADHD at ADHD Read more about ADHD Diagnosis


A good career for a devoted abstract thinker?

I’m looking for a career that will probably consume my life. I would like to work somewhat long hours. I prefer a job to keep my mind constantly busy. Long hours would be fine. Working by myself would be preferable but not necessary. Money doesn’t matter as long as i can survive. I am interested in all of the sciences, puzzles, and computers. (though not a very competitive career such as computer programming)

Basically, i just need something to keep me busy for life. I have ADHD and my grades are decent. I am 18. I am a very abstract thinker and philosopher).

Thank you very much.

Theoretical physics

SmartMoves: Tricky Puzzles – Challenge Yourself!

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Adhd Processing Speed Working Memory

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

adhd processing speed working memory

Top 10 Brain Enhancers

Perhaps you are getting older and are noticing a decline in your brain function; or you are a student preparing for a huge test; or you are just curious if there is anything you can do to enhance your brain function. Well the obvious answer is YES! We will discuss the top 10 things in no particular order.

We will start with sleep. Your brain needs a certain amount of time to rest in order to even begin functioning at its maximum capability. Think of it as hard drive that gets extremely fragmented in just one day of work, and if you don’t let it completely defrag, it’s just going to work slower the whole next day. So give your brain 8 hours to fully “defrag.”

One of the easiest things you can do to stimulate your brain is reading. Reading provides one of the most positive stimulations to your brain. It doesn’t even matter so much what it is that you read. Written words that require to be read rather than listened to (audio books will not work) involves a very deep process that stimulates both sides of your brain. As good as reading is there is something, that once mastered, stimulates your brain even more. It is called speed reading. Before you dismiss this as something that’s too hard or not worth the time investment, consider this. What if your that huge client case you have to read or the biology homework that would take you two hours to read was cut down by FIVE or more times. That means two hours of reading your biology homework now only takes just a bit over TWENTY minutes. Just imagine what you could do with the extra time. Not only that but all of the stuff you just read in that twenty minutes you will remember better and be able to recall easier than if you spent two hours doing it. This is real and ANYONE can do it. It does require patience, practice and a proper guide, we recommend Breakthrough Rapid Reading. With this new found ability you will be drastically more productive but more important is your brain stimulation will go through the roof.

One of the most important elements that the brain needs to function at its highest potential is oxygen. Spend 30 minutes doing cardiovascular exercises (running, biking, treadmill, etc.) and you will notice an amazing improvement in your brain function as your heart is able to distribute oxygen more easily throughout your whole body, including your brain, when you are cardio fit.

The food you eat is obviously important for your brain however which foods are best can sometimes be confusing. First one is wild caught fish; let me emphasize NOT farm raised but wild caught and even better sea fish such as salmon. Next are the two foods that will probably cause you to say huh? They are chocolate and coffee. Yes chocolate and coffee, BUT the chocolate has to be 100% organic, 75% cocoa bean or more, in other words very dark chocolate and the coffee has to be 100% organic freshly ground coffee. We need to emphasize that it must NOT have any preservatives and USDA organic is not good enough; it must be 100% organic. Other good brain foods are whole grain breads, eggs, fresh salads, and fruit; especially blueberry.

Supplements and drugs are somewhat controversial because of the possible side effects nevertheless this editorial would be incomplete without the mention of these. First is hgh, or human growth hormone. Once we get into our twenties our body’s natural production of hgh declines exponentially. As youngsters we are able to learn a new language, perform mathematical functions, memorize and many more brain intensive functions significantly easier than when we get into the later years, and research proves that hgh is the single most important determinant of this ability. HGH is the only one that can be taken naturally without the risk of side effects. Modafinil is a prescription only drug used to treat narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Research shows that patients who use Modafinil show better memory retention as well as other increased brain function. Modafinil does carry with it some significant side effect concerns including death in case of overdose and addiction therefore it is something that should only be taken with caution and on rare occasion. Ritalin is another prescription only drug that is used primarily for ADHD and has very similar benefits and concerns as Modafinil.

Brain puzzles such as Sudoku, crosswords, chess and certain others are great ways to stimulate your brain function. These games or puzzles should be difficult enough to solve/beat to where it takes significant effort to do so. Where they are too easy or too hard will accomplish little in the way of brain stimulation, although too hard is better than too easy. Each type of puzzle tends to stimulate a different part of the brain, such as Sudoku is more mathematical and pattern based, crossword tends to stimulate the language and memory, while chess tends to stimulate the logical and strategic part. Therefore it is important to understand this when choosing your puzzle(s).

Learning something new may be one of the best ways to stimulate those who are past their school years. This something new should be something that you will enjoy learning otherwise it may do little in the way of stimulation. A new hobby is a great start. Learn how to make that patio you’ve been dreaming about for ages, and actually make it. Perhaps plan a trip to a country whose native language is not a language that you now speak. Then proceed to learn that language to near fluent status, perhaps make it even more motivational by making the trip a reward for learning the new language.

Music and brain stimulation remains somewhat of a controversial topic, however it is now widely accepted and confirmed by research that certain types of music will cause your brain to function at a different level. There is some new research of brain waves that especially confirms this. Classical music, especially by Mozart, is the current most widely accepted music for positive brain stimulation; although most if not all music stimulates the brain in one way or another. An even better approach here is to learn to play an instrument like the piano or the guitar. There is massive research that confirms that learning to play an instrument has amazing results on a person’s brain function in all areas of life. A note here to those who cannot stand to listen to classical music, avoid music that is too heavy or fast; soothing background music is best.

Spirituality is perhaps a generalized word for this area as this area deals with your internal thoughts and attitudes. This is more of a right brain stimulation area which means, knowledge, numbers and logic have nothing to do with it. Imagination is perhaps a better word; however it is too narrow to encompass this whole area. This area has to do with thinking and imagining about being on that wonderful vacation and not just thinking about it, but actually visualizing yourself seeing that waterfall, seeing how the water splashes into the pool, you standing there taking that picture. This also involves you evaluating yourself and your behavior and how it relates to society and/or your guide that keeps your grounded, such as your Bible. This is a newer area of study for much of the academic world and there is so very much information floating around about it that it would take many books to cover it all. We suggest taking the time to look more into stimulating this part of your brain as the benefits can be profound.

The last one to mention is memory exercises. There are several kinds of memory exercises and it is best to spend some time researching them online as there are many that can be beneficial. We will mention two. First take a dictionary and flip to a random page then scan to a word that you do not recognize then proceed to memorize the word and its meaning. Do this for three to five words every day. Second, search for “random word generator” online then choose one of the several free sites and generate 10 random words. Then take 60 seconds and try to memorize each of the random words. After the 60 seconds try to write down as many as you can remember. Once you can remember all 10 words, move up to 20 words, and so on.

There are actual competitions where people can remember 500 or more random words in 60 seconds of looking at them…now that’s an amazing memory. You can get there too; higher school grades, noticeably better work performance or just all around enhanced brain function are possible with these sometimes simple but amazing memory stimulating methods.

About the Author

About The Author Serj Sagan is the CEO and owner of HGH Products. The truth about human growth hormones. Includes a complete review of both the benefits, as well as the side-effect. Also a consumer review of the different ways of having it administered. Copyright 2009 Serj Sagan of This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

Can ADHD affect intelligence scores?

If ADHD can affect one intelligence, I know that the intelligences affected are definitely processing speed and the working memory. If I decide to take Adderall, which apparently helps those faculties…typically, can anyone answer on average the span of increase in subtest scores that test the working memory and the processing speed? Could one possibly move from superior to gifted if the VCI was in the gifted range, the POI in the superior, and the WMI and PSI in the normal range–?

I think that my ADHD possibly progressed if thats even possible…I love to read, and reading has become difficult because to me, there seems to be more books that have my interest than I have time to read….I used to be able to pick up a 400+ page book and be done with it in like 3 days 6-7th grade, while on Strattera, I’m off it now, and I tried someone elses adderall one and it seems to work better…I now need weeks to finish books that I could finish in days, 18 years old now…

Any advice?

wow… dmaud56 needs some tissues for his issues.

honestly, don’t worry so much about your changes in test scores. the prevailing thought on meds and cognitive ability is that it doesn’t change your scores at all (e.g., WMI, PSI – which are commonly lower for ADHD persons). instead, it mitigates your symptoms of ADHD (e.g., inattention, poor concentration), so your intelligence can be measured more *accurately*

BUT… meds work differently for every person. there really is no way to guesstimate how your “scores would change” if you retook a test (i.e., WAIS) on meds. odds are, if you were trying your best the first time, that’s as good as your scores will be, even if you took the test again.

and remember, there is a practice effect. if you *practice* taking those tests, you will get better.

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Adhd For Kids

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

adhd for kids

adhd for kids

Minerals and Vitamins for Adhd – Simple Rules to Feed our Kids

Ants in his pants and bouncing off the wall? Or is s/he being silly and giddy? And then you tell me that minerals and vitamins for ADHD are going to work and we will all live happily ever after?

Let’s face it, no diet, not even the Feingold one, is going to cure ADHD. But even if you give your ADHD child medication, you still have to feed him because his brain is not going to function without some fuel. A properly balanced diet with the right minerals and vitamins for ADHD is going to be an important part in coping with hyperactive children.

The Essentials

Look at the ADHD forums and you will probably go a little crazy reading about food allergies and allergy tests not to mention the debate about corn syrup ! This is the bottom line. Lots of ADHD kids lack magnesium, zinc and some of the essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Niacin and and the Vitamin B and D group. So, where can I find the food to give him so that we do not have to wrestle with multivitamins every morning to make sure they are getting their right dose of minerals and vitamins for ADHD?

Avoid MSG

So, you either make your own bread, sauces and cook everything yourself OR you make sure that you avoiding stocking up with all the processed packaged foods which have all those artificial preservatives, additives and all the other stuff which can really send a kid’s brain into a spin. MSG (mono sodium glutamate )is a killer in that it makes processed food taste great but is addictive and therefore causes obesity. It also acts on the brain by interfering with our ‘I have had enough’ mechanism ! Result :- obese kids. Always better to look out for MSG additive on food packets.

Anyone For Fish?

No harm in adding fish to your kids’ diet once or twice a week. They contain the famous EFAs (essential fatty acids) including Omega 3 which are found in flax oil pills if you are worried about the mercury content in fish. Go for smaller fish (anchovies, crab and rainbow trout ) – they are much less likely to be from overfished and contaminated fishing grounds than the bigger ones (avoid Atlantic bass, cod, grouper, red snapper, swordfish and tuna).Cut down on candy, pizza, French fries, ice cream, pies and desserts and anything fried. Stock up on whole grains, fruit and veg, nuts and lean meat too.

Give Your Kid A Normal Childhood

So, apart from a sensible diet which I have outlined above which will contain all the essential minerals and vitamins for ADHD, what about ADHD medication? I shudder when I read some of the posts on the ADHD forums :- skinny kids who have lost their appetite, other kids plagued by strange dreams, jittery, shaking hands ! These are just some of the side effects of psychostimulants (Vyvanse, Wellbutrin, Adderall and Strattera) used extensively for ADHD. Click on the link below to give your child a better chance in life – it will explain about a natural ADHD treatment which is safe and free from side effects.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.
Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

Any dietary intervention for ADHD kids?

Avoid processed food as much as possible. If you must feed your child processed food, check the ingredient listing. basically, if there are unpronounceable ingredients and numbered additives, avoid that food and choose one with recognised ingredients.

Supplement with fish oil (EPA & DHA fatty acids). Check that the supplement has been filtered for mercury. You should notice results within a couple of weeks.

Flaxseed meal (1 heaped tablespoon daily) will help with fatty acids as well as bowel health, which can be a factor.

Many people find that their ADHD children are sensitive to dairy and wheat products. My suggestion is to completely avoid dairy and wheat for 3 weeks then give your child a dairy smoothie. Wait a few days and see if there is any difference in their behaviour, sleep patterns or bowels. If you do notice changes, then chances are your child doesn’t process this substance properly and is best avoided. Keep avoiding dairy until the next week when:

A week later, give them a bowl of pasta (no cheese). Do the same thing – observe changes. The same rules apply.

If you suspect any other foods, follow the same protocol as described above.

Finally, make an appointment to see a naturopath to have a personalised plan for your child that can be adapted as s/he gets better and more aware of triggers.

ADHD Kids Before and After

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Adhd Testing Online

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

adhd testing online

adhd testing online

I think children have ADHD – what to do.

After parents expressed concern that "I think that children have ADHD "There are some important steps in and decides to use. In this article you will learn more about how you can help your child.

If you have seen such behavior in children. Hyperactivity, lack of impulse control. And can not focus on the job and often frustrated. tantrums, you may ask yourself a question that I have no children. ADHD? It's important to ask questions and perform to your fast. He wanted to help children. Many parents who see these symptoms can take one of those tests. ADHD online, but is not yet conclusive. All you need do is substitute your child be a doctor. Professional qualifications for the appropriate testing and diagnosis Please write all your symptoms so your kids can report to the doctor.

If the medical diagnosis of the child. Attention Hyperactivity. Deficiency disorders and you will go from "I think children have to concentrate to your inquiry confirmed many of the treatment options that you want. Be careful so that you can decide the best health for your child. The first clear choice is the best medicine People think that because the first drug has been so good advertising. Because parents know many others. That the children will take drugs, some of the drug.

Although drugs can work well for children, they make children with other symptoms. Very bad this is important because you know if your child is a child that is not bad with drugs then you must find alternative A long list of drugs, encourage and Not motivated and they all have side effects. Other concerns about the drug with the possibility of addiction (But has not been proven). And concerns about long-term impact of Medicine child is still developing brain. As you can see that the first question, no children have ADHD "opens a new world and the needs of children up to you. Sponsorship to the best of him.

One option is to maintain natural remedies. But people often think of treatment as an alternative remedy "," The use of herbs and formulas. predates the drugs means drugs, new kids on the blog is true. Edit these herbs such as Verta ALB Hyoscyamus relieve the nervous system and create relaxation. State of knowledge at peace. Hyperactivity. Help children focus and relief. jangled nerves that lead to tantrums and outbursts that gives parents a lot of comfort is that these Edit does not have any side effects. Any interaction or long-term results. For many parents, especially children who can not tolerate drugs. Nature of effective editing solution for children and worry Balm their deep concern and

The amount that's important to do at doubt that "children can not ADHD? "Will conduct a test for professional care and if results indicate that your child has this disease and research you can do all the best for children. Treatment to manage symptoms, he will have to follow in school and enjoy the happy childhood health

About the Author

Laura Ramirez is a researcher of using natural medicines for the treatment of childhood disorders. She teaches a natural and effective way to respond to the concern: I think my child has ADHD. To learn more about her research, go to

Ms. Ramirez is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which teaches parents how to raise kids to act from strength and integrity.

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Adhd Toys

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

adhd toys

adhd toys

Shortcuts to Learrning ADHD about

You can use all your life, learn about ADHD Sometimes I think I have! This is less of a shortcut through the forest. ADHD is.

Food and ADHD.

Confectionery and sugar can. Hyperactivity in children more pop ADHD? May not be very I will tell you that now. Study showing that fish oil. (Omega 3) can actually improve learning. ADHD children and comprehensive attention.

The study by University of South Australia them. 132 children with fish oil, evening primrose oil, and they found that 50% improvement in symptoms of course. ADHD is a higher success rate. As you know that Ritalin is a drug such as amphetamine (Methylphenidate) and the horrible side effects on weight and more from depression and insomnia.

Did you know. The study found that certain children. ADHD seems to be higher. phthalates in their urine, these phthalates in food and beverage island film packaging cosmetics Water curtain and toys courses. I am not saying these are chemical plasticizers cause ADHD, but also affect the severity of symptoms. ADHD.

That is how you avoid it. You can buy a plastic safety label Pete and this number, especially toys for kids. In addition to fresh organic food to buy more, helping you avoid this risk plastic Material fact FDA is under pressure from some warnings and they said that further study be done.

Meds ADHD.

It is a pity that FDA will not be strict about the idea of performing the editing tons of drugs across the country for children. ADHD provides too hyperactive and not intended for our society. They have a sinister drug ring that is all. But many parents who follow the steps to learn about ADHD and they are now nothing about. meds that cause many problems for children. Than to solve.

While learning about ADHD is believed to be more secure option. , Eyes was scorned by many in the medical community, but They will do good to the attitudes of Visit Britain to engage in drug gaining popularity there. Many medical centers offer alternatives generic drugs. They happily shared the same roof and are very resistant attitudes of the fact that alternatives are possible and that in many cases, such as learning about ADHD can have a more effective security. Solution you can find this information safe and how the link below this article.

About the Author

Discover what is the best way about learning about ADHD . Experts now tell us that child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment. Visit this site for more information :- Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.

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Adhd Online Games

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

adhd online games

adhd online games

How To Level In Aion

Aion’s leveling system is a giant change from most Massive multi player Online games, but it has Aion leveling guides. Compared to other games, Aion’s quest for level 50 isn’t much longer, but rather there are not as many quests to fill in the times you need to level up to get a replacement set of quests. Having to grind a large portion of levels can be highly time consuming and hair pulling, so why don’t you make it easy on yourself with an Aion leveling guide?

everyone knows that Aion was created with the Asian gamer in mind. This area devotes themselves to the game and really enjoys a more mindless grind compared to one full of unique quests and journeys.
Sure, Aion is great fun, but it is’s difficult to log in to play everyday when you know you’ll be slaughtering the same bear over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Getting the same drops. Employing the same talent rotation. Resting after an identical quantity of mobs.
So us, being the ones who don’t like the heavy grinding at all, who prefer a method where we will do whatever we need and have gamer ADHD, but still level. We need to find how to keep ourselves occupied with an Aion leveling guide. Variation is the key to staying centered in a grind game like Aion.

You will be one of the wealthiest folks on your server! Now, of course there are Aion leveling guides open to you, but what exactly are they?

The point of Aion leveling guides is to earn you money, gear, and abyss points, all while making you level at supersonic speeds.
The Aion leveling guide that I am talking about is a guide from Killer Guides. They include step-by-step details on everything you have to do, whether or not it is where to get a search giver, where to kill a hidden mob, where to find rare mobs, or maybe how many bears to kill on your way to reach that level 46 that you wanted. the important thing with Aion leveling guides is to not hesitate. If you hesitate then you will not receive the full effect. This guide is created to take you from 1-50 in less than 4 days. Less than four days! You might be max level in a few days and then return to the abyss and start murdering all those who used to kill you. It is one of the most awesome feelings in the world to rough up on somebody who thought that you were simply a lowbie.

You can provoke all your chums by leveling up beside them, but then passing them a couple of hours later! I get tells all the time asking how I was 25 last night, but 36 this morning! Mind you, it does get vexing a little time, but it lets me know that I got my money’s worth with this Aion leveling guide. I don’t want to be the sole person with this information, be sure to get yourself a copy and then share it with your chums.

I highly recommend going with this Aion leveling guide, but where are you able to find them? Well, if you’re interested you can try the Aion Leveling Guide.


About the Author

Author Bio

I’m ADHD and working from home. How do I manage meeting my deadline? I’m really lagging behind…?

I have this deadline to finish doing paper work. I am given 200 pages of paper work, I am translating this piece for a client through an agency (2 weeks/10 working days to get it done). Which means I have to finish translating 20 pages per day to get the work done. Problem is, I am having problem sleeping at night (although I am too tired to get any work done at that point). I end going to bed hours after midnight and wake up at around noon. I have compared notes to other people who have done the same type of work, but they usually manage twice as much work as I can in the same amount of time.

I start working but then I get distracted. And I am being very unproductive. I am restless. I keep walking and end up playing online (playing online games, etc).

The man who I am responsible to at the agency is very kind and I feel bad that I am doing such a bad job… I feel terrible.

ADD is a bitch, and I struggle with this stuff ALL THE TIME. It makes me want to bang my head against my desk. I really don’t have any fantastic solutions to getting more work done, but from my experience here are some tips. First, realize that its going to take you longer than other people to get things done. It takes me twice as long to read and maybe 3 times as long to write as a “normal” person. Using medication (adderall) has been the only thing that has helped me speed this process up a little, but still not stellar. I try to accept it, and I know that while it might take me longer I usually do a better job than my peers. Second, a messed up sleep schedule is social suicide. Shortly after getting on Adderall, I started using Ambien too. At first I felt like I was relying on drugs too much, but then I realized that to meet the demands that I faced, I needed to be able to sleep and to concentrate, and I just can’t on my own. But try not to use over the counter sleep aids, they’re pretty dangerous. Third, unless you focus much better than me, occasionally leave the house to get work done. Sometimes I can focus at home, but then I realize I’m sitting in an office chair when I could be laying on the couch, and I still need to do dishes and laundry, and I wonder when my boyfriend will be home… Eventually I realize I haven’t done any work at all and I know its time for a change of scenery. Head to the library, go somewhere quiet, with hopefully not many people. Lastly, and this is the hardest, try to set a schedule for yourself and keep it. Not just a “I need to get 20 pages done today” schedule, but a “I am going to work from noon – 3, take a 30 min break, then work from 330-630” kind of schedule. Schedule in some play time, where you know you can relax.

And don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re not doing a bad job, you just need to adjust to it. 🙂

Mortal Online – ADHD Games, Bulldogs, Booze pt1

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Adhd Vocabulary

Friday, June 6th, 2008

adhd vocabulary

This is how

I have a large vocabulary and I was always reading and writing well. But recently I have to say something and forget for the word. I know I know. I would like, "What word? I forget what .. "and that never happened to me before. Vyvance for adding me / my ADHD dont i know, but that has nothing to do with. .. Anyone know what it may? Also, I have become really bad speaker. What I say most of the time makes no sense and my sentences do not flow like they used. My speech became worse, and sometimes studder i it really strange.

If you experience problems after the drug is likely that as a result of. Drugs, check with a trusted friend or family member if they notice changes in you and if it is from when Discussions with a doctor who has prescribed this medication is helpful. I hope you will return through the expertise of you right now.

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Adhd Testing For Children Online

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

adhd testing for children online

What can you do with the lack of Attention. Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD?

Research that really happened. begs a question after the scramble boost absent reference. Disease 'ADHD recent article published online in the psychiatric study has revealed that children and adults with ADHD diagnosis and 80% use general nature. ADHD drugs for reporting statistics to the reference than 50% of parents with children diagnosed as having. ADHD also like how nature However, overall less than 10% of them actually report. Physicians that they use natural methods to guide the main symptoms. ADHD that their reluctance to report back to those who pay a professional to help us in Scenario about what we are doing this to help myself.

Very good idea about ADHD is shouted down at the recent hysterical outpourings. Recently an Australian perspective. Psychologist, Prof Spillane in the record indicated. ADHD is a myth that professor Spillane was sad that I lost in the volcanic eruption of parents struggling to cope with them. Children? s challenging behavior These can destroy families and create difficulties in working with constant worry about School expulsions on families in crisis to another behavior. Level at the end other end we have a multi-billion pound pharmaceutical industry in service. 20 million diagnosed this condition worldwide.

When we open Pandora's box actually hear what was said on this contentious issue has become clearer. MYTH definition of the critical time. Why? Because the concepts involved. ADHD diagnosis, no clinical diagnostic test. ADHD is a section on the meaning of illness is very important. There are no objective medical tests to scientific management. To identify ADHD.

So really No illnesses such as ADHD. Diseases and conditions determined by the medical tests and these tests are found in all patients. Is exhibiting these symptoms. Such as lower insulin levels in diabetics as If this is not ADHD, is it different for every person who has it and is determined by personal observation. Behavior at specific times, regardless of what may be the factors that lead to these behaviors.

Many adults claim that the conditions will swear them Medical tests to prove that. ADHD may cause some people desperate to win the lottery. vindicating their behavior is not acceptable in society often masquerading as ADHD, in reality these Symptoms often associated with other disorders. Other mental health

Symptoms for many. ADHD clinicians to test other conditions. Prior to the decision of the comung. ADHD is one in three children with ADHD misdiagnosis of the leaf through the net because these tests focus solely on physical and other issues. Other holistic whether to play. Out in the lives of children. Issues related to emotional and psychological conditions of their life experiences and relationships between individuals. These are usually available in practice holistic. underpins the alternative and natural methods. ADHD or hyperactive disease absence.

Most parents are afraid to accept the treatment of choice for fear ridicule I agree Child refuses to school until the drug ADHD certainly cause controversy This affects how our children.

About the Author

Get more information on Alternative treatments for
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder adhd

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Adhd Math Games

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

adhd math games

Grade Schooler Faq

More Grade Schooler questions please visit :

Why is my 6 year older son adjectives of a sudden fascinated by his “Morning Wood”?
he shows you his *?? man, he is gonna get ripped to shreds at school when his mates find out. on a more serious memo, around about that age is when i started to masterbate, he is probably starting puberty young. Source(s): ME It is…

Why is my 6-year-old pretending she can’t read?
My daughter is 6 and while I know she can read, she pretends that she cannot. She’ll try to sound things out and knows her kindergarten vocabulary list, but next says she can’t read anything else. Problem is, I’ve caught her reading things – the phrase “Wheee I’m getting dizzy!” on a toy box, and…

Why is my little sister other crying when I pick her up from academy?
Hi, I’m 18 years old and I just started college 1 week ago. My little sister is 8 years old, she started college 1 weeks ago too. I end college at 12:00 and my little sister ends at 3:00. (I live with my parents). Every time I pick up my little…

Why is my little sister other crying when I pick her up from college?
Hi, I’m 18 years old and I just started college 1 week ago. My little sister is 8 years old, she started university 1 weeks ago too. I end college at 12:00 and my little sister ends at 3:00. (I live with my parents). Every time I pick up my little…

Why is my son on the shorter side?
My husband is 6’2 and I am 5’7. On both sides of our family they are all tall except for possibly 2 or 3. He has always been on the shorter side and I took him to an endocrinologist when he be about 2 and they said he was fine there is nil wrong with his…

Why is my son so loud??WHAT TO DO?
Thats’s just the way some kids are. My little brother is the same course. Put him in time out. If he whisper tell him your going to take away one of his favorite toys. If he continues, take the toy. But put it somewhere he can see it but can;t catch it. Remind him that…

Why is my son so small & skinny?
everyone is different. My kids are thoroughly small as well, nothing to worry going on for they still have a lot of growing to do. wow that first person is dumb. I wouldn’t worry my daughter is 3 1/2 and small to, all kids are built differently!

Why is this occurring?
Just wait it out. When I be around 4 my mom said i used to hit her and my grandmother. they thought I hated them for almost a year. Then, all of a sudden, I stopped just as soon as I started. okay, it could be a stage, but you also might want to (if you haven’t already) try…

Why isnt my child intake her vegs?
I have been try to get her to put away vegtables for 2 years now and she wont even touch them. and yes i ask her and hide it in her food. but nil works. help please she needs vegtables. give her a spanking lol that will make her guzzle it. and she doesnt get to leave…

Why would a 8 yr start wet his pant?
he just started this and people have told me its a attention problem and others enjoy said he is too into his nintendo games to stop to go to the restroom, and I’ve even been told too much kool aid with red dye on his kidneys willl grounds that but IDk has anyone else had this…

Why would an 8 yr infirm girl still poop surrounded by her pant?
My daughter will be out playing and when we get ready to leave, she purely acts as normal as can be. Until we get hme (or where on earth ever it is that we may be doing) and we petty much “figure out” that she had an accident. She act like she…

Why would my six year mature son poop surrounded by his pant on a day after day starting place?
could he have been abused in his previous? it might just be more of a medical issue. take him to the doctor. If it lately recently started it could be abuse but if this is something that’s always be a problem it could be something…

Will it grounds problems if my 5 year outdated son keep sucking his thumb.?
yes it is not an old wives story. it will make his teeth grow differently. and even the side of his face. ask any dentist yes he will own dental problems by him sucking on his finger he’s pushing his teeth out forward and when he gets older he…

Will my daughter, who have study difficulties, revise english faster at a usual arts school or special college?
special woudl be alot easier but if she asks enough questions and trys intricate enough the will do AMAZING in a normal schoo. hope this help Special school would give her more benefits surrounded by the…

Will my kids be to busy when the institution year comes?
My kids, Blakely(6) and Paisley(4) are very active children. This school year blakely will be contained by her first full time school and paisley will be in her first half afternoon school. Will they be to busy when the year rolls around? Blakely has tennis lessons twice a week(2 hours each), foxtrot once a…

Will my son receive bullied this year? What can i do in the region of it?
Ok so september it just around the corner and around April last year we had a problem near a couple of kids bullying my 9 year old son. The reason is completely ridiculous and cruel. He had to sign out school a lot last year because he would…

Will they tolerate u within the theaters when u are 13 and its rate “R” beside a 18 year aged?
It varies. Usually you have to be beside a parent/legal guardian when going to an “R” rated film when underage. BUT some theaters don’t even bother to check. So just try you’re luck. Source(s): Worked at a movie theater for 3 years if…

Will you / should you fetch on your childs training through the summer holidays?
Our daughter is 5 and just finished reception class, would you carry on practicing writing, maths and reading through the holidays or do they deserve a break. My son will be going into Kindergarten in the fall, but we did preschool second year. I don’t plan on doing anything…

Witch one of these meds are better for adhd adderall or concerta?
I am pretty sure 2 of my kids & even myself has ADD or ADHD. But I’d never want to turn to meds. Honestly, I feel most ADD or ADHD is due to personality. I antipathy the idea of “drugging” kids. Look back at your childhood? Can you think…

With one and the same twins, if one have dyslexia, will the other one enjoy it as capably?
no No not other i know identical twins one does have it along with aspergers but the other does not If it happened before the egg split then yes but I own seen identical twins were on is autistic an the other isn’t. the…

Worried more or less going to sleep-away military camp can any one bestow some honourable suggestion?
Hey I’m 12 and I’m going to sleep-away camp tomorrow. I’m worried that I won’t have any friends, and that I’ll be really homesick, can any one offer some worthy advice about how to make friends and not be homesick… or can any one enlighten me their sleep-away camp…

Would a 13 year dated boy monitor or close to the movie my sisters warden?
EVERY family should see that movie. EVERY SINGLE ONE. I’m 13 years infirm, and honestly if any of the guys in my class were asked to watch this they would burst out laughing and adjectives that lame, idiotic and childish stuff. Sadly, the boys in my age group…

Would you agree to you 9 yr out-of-date girl?
I used to do that all the time! A walkie talkie may make you quality better,my friends mom even let us take her car for a cruise once,but I be a few years older than nine,lol! I know that sounds terrible! Yes. Paranoid parents create neurotic, frightened kids, and frankly, the last thing the…

Would you be okay next to your 7th grader reading this within class?
I’m a teacher and planning some lessons but I don’t know about this story I’m thinking of The Scarlet Ibis. A friend of mine teaches it but she teaches 7th grade at a private arts school and I teach at public school. Its a really good story but the…

Would you ever consider sending your twins to diffrent school.?
have 8yo twin boys and they are both in the same institution. this school is due to closed and there are limited places contained by the school taking pupils from there current school, and people dont get prioirty i am thinking about sending them to diffrent schools but dont know if…

Would you foot to own your kid picked up from university and dropped sour at a place of your choice? Yes? How much?
I am a young women, just out of college, and I am already at a no-pay no-gain job… beside that being said, I have been looking for other ways to breed a living. So here is my question, would you pay to…

Would you hire a 12 year aged to babysit?
I am 12 and I just got trained with the red cross babysitting course. I am unseal to tips.I am responsible, trustworthy,and loyal. I have a younger sister and many other cousins whom I babysit. Would you hire me? Thanks hell no! I would hire you to keep my children busy while I had…

ok im gonna turn twelve soon and im great with kids i mean i can intertain them play with them and diligence for them im responsible and i wouldent txt or have friends over while im baby sitting i can feed kids and other stuff but this is why i muse you wouldent hire me cus im…

Would you infer this is overboard for a 10 year mature. For her birthday?
she got a trampoline a DSI 40 dollars,and 2 cakes? Nah, not too bad… I receive double that! next to the trampoline, i would have waited till Christmas so in crust you have other children, they dont feel left out, if shes an merely child, it doesnt really matter…

Would you reprimand a stranger’s child if they be behave inappropriately surrounded by a public setting and.?
the parent was absent? depends on what they were doing. most likely no, but if it be something really bad then i would ask where his parent be If the childs behavious be a potential risk to anyone else there, then yes I would. …

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I can’t teach this kid! He’s not interested in anything!?

I am tutoring this 2nd grade ADHD kid and all he wants to do is play with Legos. I have to tutor him in math and reading, but no matter how many cool, fun games that I come up with, I still feel like I can’t grab his interest. Any ideas?? Thanks.

I have two little brothers with autism and ADD, and the only way to really grab their attention is to use whatever the are currently focusing on to grab their attention. For Instance, when my little brother was focusing in on Teen Titans, I could grab his attention by showing him a picture or music video about one of the characters and then talk about whatever I wanted to for about 5 minutes after I showed it to him before he got back to what he was doing. You could probably give him a lego each time he solved a problem or read a sentence correctly, and then once you were done with about 15 questions you could let him play for 5 minutes and then do it again.

Struggling Student excels in Math in just 9 weeks.

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Adhd Iq

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

adhd iq

my 12 years old son is irrisponsible spoild brat/ help on IQ and tests for ADHD please.?

Question Details: my son is 12 years old. he is now living with me 50% of the time. He was never assigned any chores around the house. does not do his bed/ i have to remind him to brush his teeth before bed..My x was always busy and his step parent never bothered with his school work. Now that he is with me after school, i am finding it so hard to start all over …like i have to show him how to write neet, i have to check his homeowrk online/ he does not lke to write on his agenda/ he procrastinate/playing comes first. he gets about 2 detentions per months for talking and getting off task/ even though i tell him every monring to behave well in class and pay attention. his grads are A in PE and A in chior, and the rest bounces between D F C . do you know of a way to check his IQ on line for his age? Could i also check if he is an ADHD on my own/online ? Please advise. i feel that he is disrespectful somtimes, and he really need to learn to be responisbile. and i need h

There are no surefire way to check ADHD. However, a doctor who is trained in ADHD will be able to tell with much accuracy. On your own, you can compare his symptoms with the established ones. You can look up ADHD symptoms here =>

By the way, if you plan to take him to a doctor, make very sure that the doctor is trained in the area in which you want son checked. For example, if you want check if he has ADHD, make sure the doctor is well trained to handle that task. Most doctors don’t know much about this disorder.

Project Eye-To-Eye: LD Statistics

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Adhd Is A Gift

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

adhd is a gift

adhd is a gift

Important Pointers When Parenting A Adhd Child

Parenting a ADHD child can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride emotionally. ADHD children can be funny, inspirational creative, and gifted in lots of ways, as well as having challenging behaviors.

A child with ADHD needs special care and attention. Providing the best possible attention and care for your child requires a deep understanding of what ADHD is all about. The first vital step is for parents to learn how ADHD affects their child at home, in school and socially.

Significantly, there are 3 main symptoms of ADHD: Hyperactivity, Inattention and Impulsiveness.

• Hyperactivity – This is said to be the most understood yet misunderstood indication of ADHD. This is the inability of a child to sit still for any period of time. Playing with objects, fidgeting, talking too much, and being in constant motion are some examples of hyperactivity.

• Inattention – This is either the inability to give attention to a specific matter, or flitting from one thing to another. A child with ADHD finds it hard to block out distractions and concentrate on one specific item or task. Some symptoms of inattention are daydreams, distraction from work, making careless mistakes and being disorganized.

• Impulsiveness -This means “living in the moment”. A child with ADHD tends to takes hold of everything that is interesting for him or her. They may immediately grab something without worrying if it might be inappropriate or without considering any consequences that may arise from that action. In short, they act before they think. A child who cannot wait for things, interrupts other people, and answers questions before they’re even finished being asked displays impulsiveness.

These symptoms can make it exhausting and seem time consuming to raise a child with ADHD.

So, here are some steps parents can take to help them in raising kids with ADHD:

1. Join a support group. This can be really helpful as you benefit from the experiences of others and can bounce ideas off each other.

2. Be aware of your child’s ADHD – most of the time they are not being naughty and ignoring or defying you. The reason for their actions is because of the ADHD. It is important for parents to discern the difference between the being naughty and defiant, and the symptoms of ADHD.

3. Just like any family establishing a child-parent relationship is extremely important. For this relationship to work, parents need to make time for their child. The emphasis here is on quality time rather than quantity. An hour spent watching TV together is no the same as 15 minutes talking and listening to your child. Find time in your day to incorporate ways of spending quality time with your child for example around the dinner table or before bedtime.

4. Be a good role model to your child. Children usually imitate the behaviors that they witness so make sure you show them positive examples.

5. It is okay to be firm, yet kind to discipline your child. Be sure to remain calm especially when facing difficult situations. Establish ground rules and expectations about behaviors, be clear on what will happen if these rules are broken and always follow through with the punishment. Just as important is to acknowledge when your child has done something right. Ensure you give them praise and rewards for good behavior too. It is all too easy to focus on the negative and forget the good stuff.

6. Tell your child that you love them. ADHD sufferers are used to hearing how naughty they have been and they can often fail to realize that parents love them. By feeling loved and wanted children’s self-esteem and behavior can improve.

For more parenting tips sign up for the free recognizing and treating ADHD newsletter below.

If you manage to add these approaches when parenting a ADHD child you should find your job as a parent becomes easier and your child clearer on what is acceptable behavior. Stay patient, remain positive and don’t lose hope.

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My brother has ADHD is there anything in life that he can not do because of this disorder?

My brother is 4 years older than I am. However he is extremely gifted. You see I was wondering because I always thought you can do anything you want if you’re a hard worker and smart enough.

My friends tell me that most likely he’ll wind up a teacher, which I doubt, but I just wanted to know. Can ADHD bar you from doing anything?

I have no idea why he’d end up a teacher of all things, but no, there are recommendations against sugar and caffeine or messing up your sleep schedule, but nothing you can’t do.

Gift of ADHD

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