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Adhd Alternative Medication

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

adhd alternative medication

adhd alternative medication

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Natural Adhd Drugs

Monday, September 19th, 2011

natural adhd drugs

natural adhd drugs

What does Islam teach about receiving medical care?

The reason I’m asking is that I’m on some powerful psychiatric drugs and would like to know the viewpoint from a muslim about taking these types of drugs? Does it matter? Or does it not matter?

As muslims we believe God gave wisdom and knowledge to those individuals who choose to become Doctors. We beleive modern medicine and traditional medicine can compliment each other..
We have no problems with any medicine that is used to serve the purpose it was intended to.. Any abuse of that drug is wrong.. no matter what faith you belong (or dont belong) to.
if a psychiatric drug is needed to prevent some symptom or behavior, then by all means use it..
We have depressants, stimulants, etc here used in this field..
I am a muslim and my son has ADHD.. he was on ritalin for a while, but recently I have decided to try a more natural approach with behavioral theropy and diet change.. (which has worked better than just the ritalin) but im still open to medicines if this approach fails in the future.. Especially since there is no cure for ADHD.. he will have it the rest of his life and have to deal with it as an adult too..

Do ADHD medication work long-term?

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Adhd Supplements

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

adhd supplements

adhd supplements

Has anyone tried GABA supplements in the treatment of ADHD and how it works.

Thready you have the right meds to work. Encourage and stimulate not Straterra. Poor motor tics, he was suffering with him. We have a new doctor for his efforts. GABA in the week.

Known as GABA. Acid, gamma aminobutyric, a dietary supplement used by bodybuilders as well as others. To a variety of reasons.Essentially. Anabolic sleep for your body to repair and build muscle. This is why it is best before bedtime. GABA also has side effects that lead to a feeling of tingling in the face and arms and legs. Relax muscles.GABA banned recently. This is only available from the UK to those in the United States. The number of parents have tried other natural remedies. As an alternative to stimulate the mind and Ginkgo biloba, Panax ginseng and melatonin. Should be considered as a first step before the use of psychiatric drugs. When combined with strong dietary control, counseling as needed, and a healthy lifestyle,. Natural remedies have been. Shown to be effective in relieving the symptoms of ADHD. If you need more information from here.

Natural At-Home Remedies : Herbal Supplements for Treating ADHD

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Adhd Effects

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

adhd effects

adhd effects

ADHD drugs? When we begin to see long-term effects?

To parents with children on ADHD medication. You realize that you are giving your child by law. Variation of speed, right? Yes, it might help them to do,. It does not take the fact that it is a drug that is closely associated with the drug. methamphetamine street, so many children are prescribed these drugs today. We'll start to see long-term effects of these "medicine" when What are the long-term effects would be. In fact, it is worth it. To find out?

I have a high level of Ritalin daily for the past. 13 years I have had numerous tests and blood tests and scans on a regular basis and have no ill effects. About my health. These drugs have been used to treat behavioral problems since. 1937 has been in use since the Ritalin. 1957.

Effects of Stress and Trauma- ADHD, Depression, Bipolar, ODD (2)

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Adhd Medication Side Effects

Monday, June 6th, 2011

adhd medication side effects

adhd medication side effects

All people suffer from side effects of these drugs were attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

A protocol is a number. 3100107ATT2001. It is a drug or drug clinical trials by Johnson. And to test Johnson JNJ – 31001074. Drugs with the potential lack of learning disorders. (ADHD) drugs with placebo and Concerta, Strattera, or drug testing. I wonder if drug testing is un-steroid or H4, it is the cause of chest pain,. Muscle tension and wonder. thinking tremors and strange example, I looked at it,. Know it is a tree But the chills like it was something else. Trees over my jaw muscles get tight muscles to do more. Of me sometimes when I try to use their muscle vibration. It as if they are Attempt to contract But others will not suffer any hearing. This is one addition, it is not. zilch for my short attention span. Side effects is all I notice. It almost feels very uncomfortable, too painful. I was only asked to see that everyone in this trial experienced side effects as well.

Those symptoms do not sound good. I live in a new drug for depression and I had some of those symptoms. (And help with depression did not.) When I told the psychiatrist, they leave a small check box. On paper, they note, and said that "Yeahhuh" Later, I looked up the symptoms of drug in Wiki. Good ol ', and said things that I find is rarely experienced. But it may be a symptom of danger. You should definitely talk to your doctor. I suggest to stop immediately, as long as doing so will not kill you. (Such as some drugs that I can talk about. … .)

ADHD concerta 36mg: Side effects

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Adhd Drugs For Adults

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

adhd drugs for adults

adhd drugs for adults

This is the best ADHD medication for a lifetime. 19 years?

My son is on. Adderall and they change them. Vyvanese … he is a little college. Any bit of history – (Diagosed with ADHD. 7 years) have time to work on his school and life. – A homeschool 2 last year of high school. At this time, the College was near failure. – Go on ADHD meds 2 months, and incomplete Turn around the academic performance and concentration. Require higher volumes with Adderall XR and Vyvanese doc changed him, he's more mellow phone. (Not sure if I like that). Everyone has experienced situations and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or not. Thank you.

I just started on medication for the add, and my first year. In college I tried methadone Ritalin / and it didn't do anything and it always makes my heart hurt. Now im trying amphetamine salts. / Adderall and it doesn't seem to do a lot. (Probably because A low volume. 10mg), but the best and most natural medicine and health is put marijuana If your child lives in a state with medical marijuana, he should get it. It may not be Who are performing. adderall drug because it is not a natural aid to help. Adderall can cause damage to the brain and lead to addiction and depression, and it is much more effective than marijauna, but you have to outweigh the advantages, disadvantages and the decision.

Children off ADD/ADHD medication = Maximized Living

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Adhd Smoking

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

adhd smoking

adhd smoking

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Adhd Celexa

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

adhd celexa

A mental health issue a couple of questions?

I have bi-polar for many years I was manic and now I am in a depressive cycle. I have reason to believe that I may also have ADHD, can you tell me more about this disorder and the treatments for this and what are the direct symptoms of ADHD?

I recently have been put on celexa and it is a wonderful medication, it is for depression, I recently started synthriod for an underactive thyriod also.

I am also on a small dosage of Melarill and on 1200 mgs of Lithuim, do you know if Lithuim causes weight gain?

My dr says he wants to increase the celexa and eventually take me off the Lithuim and I think that would be great.

What is your take on this?

Follow your Doctor’s advice…the medications you’re on can cause weight gain, like many psychotropics. You have to watch your diet and exercise…also, Lithium is a salt and tends to retain water. Watch for swelling, etc.!!! kjl

ADD and the TOVA, an Objective Assessment of ADHD

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Adhd Ritalin

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

adhd ritalin

adhd ritalin

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Adhd Ethics

Friday, January 21st, 2011

adhd ethics

How to stop procrastinating U?

Okay, now I have a problem with the move and it really starts to get bad, so I need little help in some ways of thinking. / About how to quit. procrastinating. And what must be done. Certainly not as easy as just saying do your duty. (I know) so if anyone has the instructions on how to create good work ethics, please do. Any help me out Oh, I did not have ADHD or something, had no drugs for me. :).

You need to have a lot of explosive short cycle with a lot of breaks distribution. Work as much as you can not stop time. 20 minutes takes 10 minutes to stop doing something you love. (Probably not Y! You are just stuck here.) Or something like running around your body. Friends call home and talk to them for 10 minutes … etc., then go back to work and work without stopping for 20 minutes to do something to distract you. For those 20 minutes. Then take another. Different when you get good at this routine, you can extend your work to. 30 minutes of your time to rest up. 15 minutes, 45 minutes with 30 minute stay. Motivate yourself. Like watching television. 30 minutes to break your Hwanongynanegcnyi!

Ethics of Treating Dually Diagnosed Patients

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Adhd Medication

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

adhd medication

adhd medication

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Adhd Rise

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

adhd rise

If you have ADHD, whats marks of, you

I have ADHD and im Aquarius and Sagittarius and Virgo Rising and Moon. What about you?

OMG!! I have I have ADHD too and same to you. …! Sunday Virgo! Aquarius but add another Rising, Sagittarius Moon! O_O.

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Adhd Brain Chemistry

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

adhd brain chemistry

As lexaoro help my ADHD? ! The anitdepressant?

Any ideas, I fear that if this starts to eat up the brain chemistry, or What doc said he wanted to try this before with more performance-enhancing drug addicting and ADHD, because sometimes it may be a problem either. . (Think I may have some concerns that may I will focus on the problem), so what would happen if I concentrate and take this People with ADHD have tried antidepressants before or not.

Your brain chemistry will not be permanently Mao may have more side effects and if anyhting feel the satisfaction of it back. Lexapro medicine. May help solve the problem because your meditation will help you. You want to treat anxiety medical concerns to consider before adding). That will stimulate your anxiety worse. (Or drugs or abused. People with ADHD often have anxiety and Depression is not as if the brain ADHD is contraindicate antidepressants. Strattera is not a stimulant used to treat. ADHD and similar antidepressants, both of the effects and side effects.

Super Brain – Part 6 of 8

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Background

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder background

Secret security clearance required for 42A in the military or not.

Will be diagnosed and put the original. aderol protect me from a secret security clearance in Army? I am now 23 and havnt the psychiatrist or drugs. 15 years old, I also graduated from the joint and havent seen a psychiatrist or doctor ever put in my Adult life, my background check came back clean start for the basic wash hair. Just trying to get ideas of what I see, I must mention about the military requirements through the list to me. 2-27 reg below to learn psychiatry and behavioral disorders. a. Lack of attention disorders. / Attention deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (314), or the perception / learning disorders. (S) (315) is disqualifying, unless the applicant can demonstrate through academic performance and drug use are not used. (S) in 12 months.

No do not stop you from Allowed just make sure you answer the questions when filling. SF – 86 of you, or E – Qip.

Dr. CE Gant, Integrative Medicine and ADHD

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Adhd Fda

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

adhd fda

Why do soooo many parents medicate their children for ADD/ADHD?

when there are so many articles like this

“The medications under the microscope are amphetamines like Dexedrine and Adderall, and methylphenidates like Concerta, Focalin, Metadate, Methylin and Ritalin.

The FDA will decide if patients need to be warned about an association with heart problems such as heart attacks, and psychiatric problems such as hallucinations, psychosis or mania in children. Black box warnings are serious markers of possible risk. The ADHD drug Strattera already carries a warning stating that it can increase suicidal thinking in teens”

Is it really worth these possible side effects?

No, it’s NOT worth it.

Unfortunately most parents go for the “quick fix” and take the teachers / schools / doctors advice, and never even bother to check out diet or disciplinary options.

It’s sad for the kids, because they’ll never know any different, and will probably suffer the side effects in the future.

My grandson was diagnosed ADD/ with mild Aspergers. His parents now have him on the Feingold diet, and he’s been doing wonderfully – with no more acting out !!

The FDA needs to do more – for the sake of our kids.

Good for you darlene1 !! Your son is very lucky to have such a caring mom. :o)

FDA: ADHD Drugs May Kill Your Healthy Child, Give It To Them Anyway

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Adhd Pms

Monday, July 12th, 2010

adhd pms

Women – how do you channel your PMS energies/hormonal tendencies in a healthy way?

One of my friend’s brother had ADHD and he studies martial art. This, apparently, really helped. His urge to move around a lot got tended towards something productive.
how do you channel your urge to be batsh*t crazy??? lol
I know it’s a beautiful thing to be part of something so human but I also feel it’s a punishment for dealing with this just because I’m a woman — I don’t want to hurt anyone, including myself.
When I PMS, my relationships with people, and myself, get shaken up.

Any suggestions at all? How do I channel my strong raging and hormonal energies?

There are probably a lot of tricks you could use but there’s really only one I would recommend: let go of the idea that hormones give you any more right to be disruptive to the people in your life than any other kind of bad day does. Refuse to give yourself permission to unload your unhappiness and frustrations onto other people.

If you google behavioral techniques, anger control you’ll find a lot of other ideas but self-control of one kind or another will solve the problem. You obviously want to be fair and kind to the people in your life. That’s half the battle. Instead of telling yourself your period makes you out of control get angry at yourself. Hormones can create a strong impulse but ultimately you’re the one who decides whether or not to act out on it.

Get Truly Cultured: The Bacteria are Smarter than We Are.

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Adhd Young Women

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

adhd young women

narcisisst ex! Why not over him.

and im 18 years of dating my ex 18.we 2 bfore he impulsively broke up w. me back in antidepressants.he was diagnosed 4 depresssion, ocd, ADHD and a. liar.i chronic problem to believe deeply and every one of narcisisst suit his personality as glove.within 2 years of our relationship. He charged watt I am over 10 times (including a time he broke up w. me when I found him cheating and lying about it, blame me 4 "up to class" when actually I had found it. Very fact that he was cheating) since 4months our last breakup, I saw him. broke up w. me several times to be that way. 2 I controls suck me in more and more 2 point 2 i slowly start losing their value and confidence to young woman.immediately. After scattering a sound like complete i fel off the world and he doesn't care. About OZ me.even tho i was miserable between The relationship I still find myself missing him. .. Why I cannot seem to get over him and I?!

You do not want to get over him because his good bit silly drama. High for you to leave the theater with his Find new ways to get high to create or participate in drama, family, your work or social situations. . "Reliving confrontations, arguments, or pain in the north over your head.

Random Connections: Living with ADHD

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Adhd Ssri

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

adhd ssri

adhd ssri

Treating depression with Cymbalta.

Cymbalta (Duloxetene) is a class of antidepressant. SNRI SNRI refers to inhibiting reuptake seronontin – เน ฟ Rin and sometimes SSNRI called clinical depression is defined as a large nerve arising from conditions related to diabetes. SNRI is a reuptake inhibitor of serotonin and Nationwide ฟ slowly Serotonin in the brain instead of the same class. Popular SSRI antidepressants can help to Cymbalta. To positively affect depression, chronic pain is medical. However, Cymbalta, is FDA approved for treatment of depression and nerve pain associated with diabetic peripheral or DPN Cymbalta as a treatment for adult severe low ADHD is a stress-related urine Not stop even if it is not FDA. Approval of the treatment.

Cymbalta is always on the side. antidepressants. Most of the SSRI class of more in Brain levels ฟ เน Rin appears to add little side effects. Side effects were common. Hypertension drowsiness. Nausea, dry mouth, constipation. Fatigue, appetite changes. And increased sweating. These side effects may occur when you start to. Cymbalta and may continue for up to month If they continue for more than month, you may wish to contact your doctor. To consider other antidepressant. More serious risks include mania. Stroke, high blood pressure, liver damage. And the risk of suicide. If you are suffering from these symptoms. Remind health professionals. It is important to check with a healthcare professional, or even to prevent one suicide attempt in the first. Cymbalta because it shows that antidepressants. Can increase suicide risk in the first month, especially among teenagers. In clinical trials testing the effectiveness of Cymbalta for the treatment of female urinary stress-related urine. Some people try to commit suicide or suicidal despite previous reports that show no symptoms of the willing to commit suicide Therefore, it is necessary to check every receiver antidepressants. Although they are used for purposes other than treatment of depression.

Share Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms other serious disaster. Many SSRI antidepressants, even though the floor is. SNRI Cymbalta if you stop after a while that you may experience feelings impact flowing through your body crazy. Wild mood swings that. The problem and a sense of incredible sadness. These symptoms may persist for a few weeks a few months after you stop. If you want to stop the Cymbalta Cymbalta,. You must contact the doctor and get your volume decreased gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms are due to illness.

Cymbalta is a useful drug for the treatment. Depression and nerves that may come with it. All the drug's risks and side effects. Cymbalta is not different, so you need to know that the side effects that may occur when you start. Cymbalta.

About the Author

Visit the beauty aid now for an, in-depth review of diets

Crawl back to the med. You swear you hate and never use it again.

Hi, I have depression and mild ADHD depression was mild and well controlled until recently. Recently I have been very helpful and Wellbutrin. But I think I do better when matched with Lamictal. Lamictal looks like a mess of me I find I can not thinned. And my body trembling in my hands. But even my emotions. My friends husband, and I think it becomes a perfect shot. . I feel bad for my depression and I think back. I get serotonin syndrome with SSRI / SNRI drugs to be no – go and see a scary MAOI me so I incurred a lot. Doctor says yes, husband says no. And who has experience in doing so the decision to return. med, you do not? Please use the Thank you very much! Whoa, mental health, not human health. But thanks for the answer I will leave. Up:).

Choose a variety of drugs, and you need to decide on what works best for you balance the final. Effects of Lamictal you describe sounds worse than depression. With other drugs, depression, do not use Lamictal you say MAOIs "look" scary. But you would not say why. Maybe they should try something you should consider is that ADHD treatment not only by drugs. Successul best way associated with drugs with learning coping behavior. How do the compensation of disease or behavioral problems working with them to the asset In addition, food changes can help reduce your symptoms. All of these look promising. With some strong and determined you can find what works best for you.

Dr. Brady on Alternatives for Ritalin

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Adhd Sleepiness

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

adhd sleepiness

adhd sleepiness

Your ADHD Child May Just tired.

Children with symptoms absent. / Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) may actually be cut to sleep researchers. Institute Technion – Israel operations. Sleep technology.

Physicians should consider the possibility of premature and Drug Administration. Others also suggest Ritalin ADHD.

About 8 percent of U.S. children suffer ADHD Center of Disease Control, U.S. and more than half of them are being treated with medication.

ADHD is typical overalertness. And irritable children. Other affected are frustrated and overstimulated.
Conflict, Ritalin stimulates the drug presumably. The most effective method for the treatment of symptoms. Most ADHD children.

Fighting for the wake?

Dr. Giora Pillar suspect some children. ADHD diagnosis may be sleepy. Excessive motor activity, they may be warned they are a tool. conjectured that could explain the increased effectiveness of stimulation. Activity in central nervous system.

"Sleepy children unlike sleepy adults, may show Hyperactivity and – behavior, lack of interest rather than excessive daytime sleepiness. Sao described.

"This theory is supported by the parents reported that children are often tired cranky. Style, sporty, anger and aggression, "he Pointed out

Sleep apnea.

Poles and colleagues study 66 The average age of 12 of these And 34 were diagnosed with ADHD and the rest served as control group. – ADHD diagnosed children with higher levels of significance of sleepiness during the day than in the control group, researchers found.

Half the test subjects with ADHD. (Compared with 22 percent of the control group). Suffer from the level of – disordered breathing such as sleep sleep apnea, which is typical interruptions. Breathing in the last 10 seconds or more that occurred at least five times per hour during sleep.

Abnormal limb movements.

Fifteen percent (vs. none in the control group). That children with abnormal limb movements. (PLMD), which is unusual.

The study shows that treatment of these sleep In children often leads to significant improvements in performance and success. cognitive, Pillar as a significant reduction in irritability. Good mood, anger and fear.

Schools such as low sleep apnea in children have found the apparent improvement following multiple tonsil glands and adenoids removed. To correct abnormalities.

Enforce good sleeping habits.

Researchers hyperactive encourage parents and – Children diagnosed attention deficit disorders and sleep With respiratory disorders and the arm movements to enforce good sleeping habits and avoid the drink. caffeinated at night.

If these steps. Does not work, they said, parents should consider drugs for ADHD.

Research 'was announced in February 2004 issue of the journal Sleep.

About the Author

Rita Jenkins is a health journalist for Daily News Central, an online publication that delivers breaking news and reliable health information to consumers, healthcare providers and industry professionals:

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Adhd Ritalin Debate

Monday, March 8th, 2010

adhd ritalin debate

Children with ADD/ADHD?

I need some advice from ppl with ADD/ADHD. My brothers daughter has ADD and we are curios to know what its like considering she was just diagnossed yesterday. Her doctor and my brother are debating the meds. Are the side effects to Ritalin,ect. really as bad as they say? What medication would be the safest and most effective? She is a girl age 12.

Please Help! Thanx

I know two people who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when they were younger. One of the parents used meds. When he was on meds, he would be completely zoned out. It was very weird, almost like he had no personality whatsoever. He would just stare off in to space. The other parents struggled with finding alternatives to this, including diet, exercise, social activities. They have had fairly good success, although it has required a lot of work. That is why most parents do choose meds. It is so much easier, but I don’t think that makes it right. I think they should exhaust ALL alternatives, give 100% to their child, and if everything fails, then consider meds. This isn’t a situation that is easy to resolve without meds. It is something that will take work every single day for a very long time. But I think it is the moral choice and that drugging someone up on ritalin or whatever isn’t helping them in any way. These children need to learn how to cope with having this disorder, not mask it with meds.

Adult Ritalin-Is this effective for Adult Adhd?

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Adhd Zoloft

Monday, January 4th, 2010

adhd zoloft

Guided me and my psychiatrist. Two three year old child should ฑ a for ADHD?

Should listen to reviews or the second?

Comments are the second! FAST psychiatrists are driven by drug business. No drugs to children.

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Adhd Cymbalta

Friday, December 4th, 2009

adhd cymbalta

adhd cymbalta

New Drugs In Familiar Places

Many of my therapist colleagues complain that it is difficult to know about and/or understand new drug releases before their clients. The Internet gives patients access to good and erroneous information about pharmaceuticals often before their FDA approvals. Patients then expect their therapists to render informed opinions about these drugs. To this end, we will periodically review new entries in the marketplace so that our opinions will appear “informed.”  Antidepressants    Cymbalta and Pexeva represent the newest antidepressant entries. Pexeva is an alternative to generic paroxetine (Paxil) with a slightly different formulation of the active ingredient. Its selling point is that it is priced between generic and branded Paxil for patients who cannot tolerate the generic.  Cymbalta is a facilitator of serotonin and norepinephrine transport in the brain. It has been found to be an effective antidepressant with the suggestion of lower sexual side effects in many patients, especially females. It may help with physical symptoms of depression such as pain. It is FDA approved for diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain and is used off label for a variety of painful syndromes such as fibromyalgia, headaches and pinched nerves in the back or neck. Nausea is the main side effect. A new technology, implantable vagus nerve stimulators, is seeking to add a surgical alternative to antidepressants. This will be discussed in a future column.

Antianxiety/Sleep Aids  In the antianxiety arena, the focus has been on taking older drugs and marrying them to different delivery systems that would allow for quicker performance. Thus we have two older compounds, alprazolam (Xanax) and clonazepam (Klonopin) that were placed in orally dissolvable wafers for more rapid onset of action. Niravam is the alprazolam wafer and Klonopin wafers speak for themselves. These drugs are particularly helpful in anxiety or panic situations where water is not available —such as rush hour in a car—as they dissolve on the tongue. Niravam is more short acting (4-6 hours) than Klonopin wafers (6-8 hours). Sedation or short-term memory difficulties can be side effects.  Lunesta is a drug that is designed for sedation, as it is a sleeping pill. It is designed for long-term usage whereas the other sleeping pills are FDA approved for shorter terms of usage (though they are also used off label for longer periods of time). Feeling drowsy in the morning after usage is the most common side effect.

ADHD  Again the focus here is on a new delivery system for an older drug. Focalin has existed for several years as a “chirally switched” form of methylphenidate (active ingredient in Ritalin). This means that it possessed the active molecule (isomer) of methylphenidate without the inactive molecule that was therapeutically inert. The thinking here was that a more “purified” molecule would be more effective at a lower dosage with less side effects. Focalin, however, would only work for 2-4 hours and was never popular due to the need for multiple daily doses. Focalin XR is the “new” focalin with a sustained release delivery system that allows it to work for 8-10 hours on average, leading to one dose per day. Provigil is also pursuing FDA approval at the time of this writing for ADHD. Several studies have indicated that a metabolite of Provigil may be effective for ADHD at higher dosages (300mg/ day).

The new drug was supposed to be called Attenace, but the FDA has asked for a different name if approved. It will represent another non-stimulant alternative for ADHD. Provigil is currently indicated for excessive daytime sedation from narcolepsy, sleep apnea or shift work disorder.    Alcoholism  A truly new drug is Campral, which is FDA approved for alcoholism treatment. It is the only drug that seeks to decrease the desire to drink by decreasing craving. Antabuse would make you sick if you drank. Revia (naltrexone) would block the euphoric effects of drinking (i.e.—no buzz). This drug seeks to keep the patient from drinking in the first place. Its effects are complicated, but seem to revolve around several neurotransmitters, especially glutamate. It has been well tolerated so far. _Michael R. Lyles, M.D., is an AACC Executive Board Member and is in private practice with Lyles & Crawford Clinical Consulting in Roswell, Georgia._

About the Author is the only online counseling help website that allows clients and counselors to connect online – with no software to download or cumbersome technology!  It seeks to be an excellent information resource for consumers, and to connect prospective counseling clients to counseling professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Its director is himself trained professional Dr. Anthony Centore.

Is it ok for a individual to be taking Cymbalta (an antidepressant) and Adderall (for ADHD)?

Some one that I know is prescribed both of these medications and it seems that they would some how interact negatively… I am not a doctor but I know that the person is still really depressed and it seems that they are more depressed with the increase in antidepressants can anyone shed some light on this for me? Could it be a negative drug interaction or do either of those drugs have depression as a side effect?

Well, Adderall is pharmaceutical speed (it is amphetamine salts), so (as with most amphetamines) it can have pretty odd effects on people. Doctors shouldn’t be prescribing amphetamines still, but oh well. It’s the essence of Big Pharma to push harmful drugs.


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Adhd Stimulants

Friday, November 27th, 2009

adhd stimulants

adhd stimulants

Important information about the drug. ADHD.

Ever wonder drug for ADHD. May affect children or not. Reading and win in what is defined by The side effects associated.

The study found that ADHD children lack. neurotransmitters. Enough in the brain. This lack of responsibility not like nature. And lack of focus on patient ADHD these chemicals, including the nervous system. dopamine, serotonin, norephinephrine, opioids and gama amino butyric acid or BAGA short acting ADHD med lack chemical

A drug for ADHD, are often the first stimulation, and if they work or not well accepted. antidepressants prescribed to stimulate a separate short, medium and long-acting drugs.

Try stimulation served as the last hour a day generally. 8-12 will be useful. Kids in school they do not have to remember to take medication during at There are many stimulating show lengths used in the present are described below.

Vyvanse is the latest approved med ADHD. It is similar to the main ingredient in Adderall. dimesylate lisdexamfetamine, a derivative of ingredients in Adderall Vyvanse produced a calming effect taken once daily in the morning. It is available in 30mg, 50mg and 70mg capsules.

Adderall XR, the sustained release form. Aderall, be approved. For use in children age 6 years is available in 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 25mg and 30mg capsules and sprinkle capsules can be opened into food or drink if the child has problems. Normal swallowing drug Adderall is prescribed to children. 3-5 year

Concerta, stimulates the central nervous system. Approved for children over. Age: 6 years of sustained release form. Ritalin Concerta formula works 12 hours and is available in 18mg, 27mg, 36mg and 54mg tablets to adolescent size 72mg tablet to two 36mg.

Daytrana patch, also known as. Ritalin, is available in 10mg, 15mg, 20mg and 30mg Condo. Patch has put about 9 hours time. The child's hips. Ya still working a few hours after the patch.

Focalin XR is a form of showing up. Focalin the active ingredient. dexmethylphenidate hydrocholoride, which is found in It is in Ritalin 5mg, 10mg, 15mg and 20mg capsules, which can be opened and sprinkled as necessary for food to eat.

Ritalin LA is a new release, sustainability of Ritalin is prescribed to increase attention. Reduced and temperament. Hyperactivity. This drug reduced the stimulant effect of light levels. Of neurotransmitters in the nervous system, Ritalin LA is available in 10, 20, 30, and 40mg capsules, some brands that will open the capsule and sprinkle on food. Ask your pharmacist if Brand you get fit in this category.

Short and medium to show the old drug. Including Ritalin and Ritalin SR, Methylin, Metadate ER, ER Methylin, Focalin, Dexedrine,. Dextrostat and Aderall.

Strattera is the main stimulant is not allowed in the treatment of children. ADHD but not as usual. Set to motivate. Strattera is a place for those who can not accept the incentive Strattera is useful for children. ADHD and anxiety.

Medicine. ADHD, as well as all drugs have side effects to consider when deciding. ADHD med each drug side effects will only show its But in general the side effects from As well as stimulate appetite decreased headache stomachaches, sleep problems, jitteriness, and social withdrawal. Some of the known side effects associated with Strattera, including stomach Changes mouth upside. Nausea, vomiting, constipation. Symptoms, fatigue, loss of appetite, dry bed or emotional problems.

Make no mistake about it when you Read the list of side effects may be related to medicine. ADHD or any other condition to suspect that'll change. homeopathic has become very popular not. Natural Remedies for ADHD treatment for chemical use, natural drug shortages, while people do use ingredients not found naturally in the body. Edit Homeopathic manufactured in FDA approved limit. Under the guidance of a professional qualification as an alternative to the safe and effective for treatment.

About the Author

Zoey Eber is an advocate of natural healing, having spent years researching and comparing holistic treatments with drug therapies. Learn some important facts about homeopathic remedies and
medicines for ADHD

I will die from the drug combination does not. ADHD and alcohol?

I strattera .. To kill me if I drink vodka what to do.

Beverages to a friend! You will not die.

ADHD ‘Anxiety’ Diagnosis? Brain Function Beyond Labels

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Adhd Lexapro

Friday, October 30th, 2009

adhd lexapro

adhd lexapro

Trileptal Faq

More Trileptal questions please visit :

Does trileptal gross you large?
– Most antipsychotic medications can make you gain weight, but tripleptal is less feasible to cause weight gain than some of the other medications. It is good to discuss this next to your doctor, watch what you eat and exercise regularly. Take Care Source(s): Therapist No. Trileptal is an anti-seizure medication which is sometimes prescribed off label…

My doctor put me on abilify , trileptal, And benztropine anyone else on any of this?
Im bipolar and have severe panic attack disorder. I was on 40 milligrams of prozac a day and 4 milligrams of Lerazopam a time. But it was not stabilizing me like i needed it to an i was stuck in a depression rut. Now they switched me to 5…

Took too much trileptal? HELP?
i normally take 600mg of trileptal and i just took 1800. it didnt do anything but are there similar to any long term internal damage it couldve or could be doing? – For a one time overdose, probably no long term effects, but short term you might quality like you can’t control movements that well, blurred vision, slower…

Trileptal mixed beside mucinex?
im on trileptal for epilepsy, i take two doeses of 600mg and i wanted to take some mucinex, would this be a bad combo? how much can i cart of mucinex? call up your local pharmacy. even if they didnt fill your prescription they will answer your questions. you dont even have to bring up to date them your name. getting…

Has anyone be prescribed trileptal for bipolar?
has it worked – My son was prescribed trileptal and lexapro for his bipolar. After the meds reached their therapeutic level, it was fabulous. He didn’t have the angry outbursts or the homicidal/suicidal feelings or looks in his eyes anymore. He be once again happy, funny, cracking jokes.he was back to his outmoded…

Has anyone gain mass on trileptal?
I lost weight on Trileptal. It also cured mt migraines. Unfortunately it didn’t;t help my mood. I was so said to stop that drug. Especially because I went to Depakote and gain back all the weight plus 30 more pounds. Now I take Lamictal and quality good enough for diet and exercise and have lost all consignment and…

What are symptoms of a trileptal overdose?
According to, “symptoms of Trileptal overdose are unknown.” According to Wikipedia, “Oxcarbazepine causes dizziness, drowsiness, blurred or double vision, fatigue and may cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting. It can also raison d`篓潞tre hyponatremia (2.7% of patients), so blood sodium levels should be tested if the patient complains of severe fatigue. Some of these side effects (such…

Has anyone taken Trileptal or given it to their child?
My 6 month old son is taking trileptal for seizures. He has been taking it for something like a month and a half. He is a big baby, he is in the 95% for height and the 90th for bulk but in the last month he seems to have gain quite a bit…

How crazy am I? I pocket abilify 10 mg and trileptal 600 mg?
If you do not have a prescription: PRETTY DARN CRAZY If you do hold a prescription: NOT CRAZY AT ALL as long as you take them pills you are not that crazy but DON’T STOP or else you may need to be commited – The word…

How will the use of the drug trileptal assist my headache?
Trileptal is mainly used for seizures, but can also be used to treat neuropathic pains of all types. It can also be used for anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Source(s): Pharmacy Tech.

I hear the medication trileptal is used for epilepsy. Is it also used for Bipolar Disorder?
Yeah, but it doesn’t work. it’s a newer anti-epileptic that really could be used in bipolar. i imagine it has a similar effect as tegretol. so i’d say yes

I simply get prescibed trileptal for bi polar and anxiety . does it enjoy an on the spot effect ?
trileptal is a mood stabilizer and also used as an antidepressant. it will take full effect in about 4 weeks but you will start feeling better within about 5 days reefer works better Please refer your questions to your psychiatrist! Prozac…

Is anyone taking trileptal?
just wondering how it works – i am… for three years now…i get abset seizures and it have worked for me but ther are some side effect that effect me and it might to dizziness headaches poor vision,little memory loss speech problems etc..ask your doctor but it does work 4 me when i take my doses. …

Is Hearing voice a side affect from taking trileptal?
It is not listed as a side effect, but that doesn’t mean diddly $hit. It still could be a rare reaction to the medication. Talk to your doctor going on for it immediately. Once, a medication gave me hallucinations and that was not nominated as a side effect for that medicine.

Is trileptal a antipsychotic med?
– The others have given you the fish, so I’ll complement that by telling you how to fish–for drug info, that is. Ever since I first discovered (now part of WebMD) several years ago, I’ve found it to be consistently effective in identifying medications, what they do, side effects and interactions, the whole works. Just stir to…

Is within anyone taking trileptal for bipolar?
My doctor recently increased the dosage and today i felt like I had be traquilized. – I had to go off of trileptal because it made my blood pressure fluctuate. It would drop suddenly and I’d get dizzy. I very soon take Topamax. It works well for me, but it’s very expensive. …

I’ve have to be taken stale the drug trileptal completely am I going to hold symptoms of debt?
I’ve been taking trileptal for 7 years I recently had a seizure my Dr said it be caused by a low sodium level which is a side effect of trileptal he tried tapering me off the trileptal but my sodium height kept getting lower so he said…

My daughter is 9 she have adhd meds taken aderallxr wellbutrin and trileptal nil seem to back her any hypothesis
– this category is: Home > Computers & Internet > Computer Networking you’d be better off asking this in: Home > Health;_ylt=AmaWd鈥? if your daughter had a problem with computer network we could probably help you, but i can’t…

My son is bipolar and doesn’t want to hold Zoloft, but will purloin his trileptal. Advice?
oh gosh. my cousin takes trileptal. he is doing good on it. why don’t you just drop the zoloft & see if there is another antidepressent that will be newly as beneficial. ask for alternatives. try & see what your son feels comfy with. my cousin is…

Our 2 year matured is on trileptal and have a fruitless annoyance since hes be on it, anyone else hold duplicate prob. ?
Our two year old suffers from epilepsy and use to be such a sweet kid but since he has started his meds he has a horrible temper. Epilepsy is a serious medical condition. You are fortunate your physician has diagnosed this…

Topamax for Anxiety?
i know TOPOMAX can be prescribed for seizures for at one time my neuro. dr. was going to try me on it for my seizures condition but i thught i should stick to TRILEPTAL SINC ELAST WED. I AM OFF THE trileptal for i am waiting for him to decide how he requirements to treat the pseudoseizres UAB NEURO. TOOK ME…

Trileptal and impetuous?
Has anyone had experience with a rash associated with trileptal? I believe I hold one and it looks like little red dots all up my legs. I am not sure if its associated with it or not. I had poison ivy previously and it have been treated and disappeared already, so I don’t think that this is it. Thanks for the help.

Trileptal impulsive?
Has anyone had experience with a rash associated with trileptal? I believe I enjoy one and it looks like little red dots all up my legs. I am not sure if its associated with it or not. I had poison ivy previously and it have been treated and disappeared already, so I don’t think that this is it. Thanks for the help.

What are the side effects of trileptal?
i did tripleptal for awhile it didn’t work for me… I am bipolar if that doesn’t work for you another good drug to keep in mind is lamictal… hope that helps… Here ya go:鈥? Everything you need to know give or take a few trileptal! Source(s): Personal experience Wilde Ideas…

What happen when i don’t thieve the trileptal resembling i’m suppose to?
– Trileptal is a medication that needs to be taken as directed to keep a constant level of the medication in your blood stream. You run the risk of have a serious seizure when you do not take this medication as directed. Never, ever skip a dose or stop this…

What if i accidentally give my 3 yr old-fashioned two doses of his trileptal(seizures)?
the question is up there.I normally give him 5ml..I didnt know my sister trailer already gave it to him so i gave him another 5ml…any side effects?? Please get off of Yahoo, and call his neurologist to see how this will effect him. According to webmd, overdoses of trileptal can…

What will this much trileptal do to me?
Ok, My previous doc had me on 150 MG 3 Times a day but i got a new one in a minute and he’s scared my epilepsy will spread more so he’s putting me on two 300 MG dose’s one in the morning and one at night, so my question is will this grave me or make…

Will taking hydrocodone beside my spasm medication trileptal hurt me?
Yeah, ask a doctor or pharmarcist. Yahoo answers isnt a guru for your medical answers. That being said, spasm medicines in the narcotic class generally should not interfer with spasm meds. Pain meds are in general harmless, hence why you can even take them while pregnant (as long as you are lower…

About the Author

Lexapro & Adderall Question?

I’m a 24 year old male 165lbs. I have been on Adderall for about 3 months now 20mg XR, and lexapro 10mg for about 40 days. The adderall seems to be working really well for my adhd. I’m not so sure about the lexapro, I can kind of tell a difference but not really. I’m taking it for anxiety, and the doctor said I might be slightly depressed? Tomorrow I’m going back to the doctor for a check up, I’m going to tell him that the lexapro doesn’t seem to be working. What do you think he will recommend? What do you think I should suggest to him? Any help would be appreciated.

It is imperative that you do NOT stop taking these medications unless your doctor instructs you to. Anti-anxiety drugs and anti-depressants can take some time to “feel” like they are working. These are slow acting medications. What you might try is to ask someone you trust whether or not they notice a difference in you. Often, others will notice before you do. Lexapro can be used to treat both anxiety and depression- the symptoms of both can mimic each other. Also, it may take some adjustment in the dosing of Lexapro to get it right. If this is your first go at anti-anxiety/depressants, you may consider seeing a psychiatrist rather then your regular doctor. Psychiatrists are more thoroughly trained in these medications than most MDs.

I would also suggest that you see a counselor as this can greatly help the effects of anti-anxiety meds. Psychotherapy treats the “root” of the issue while medication treats only the symptoms.

Depression – Understanding and Healing it

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Adhd Alternatives To Drugs

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

adhd alternatives to drugs

ADHD Drugs in Europe?

I am studying all of next school year studying abroad in Spain. While I’m there I plan to do some traveling around in other European countries. I am on Adderall (it is prescribed to me by a doctor). I know in some countries this drug is illegal. Is Adderall legal in Spain? (also England/France/Ireland/Holland/Germany/Italy) Is there and alternative ADHD drug in Europe that I can get prescribed.

Adderall (and amphetamine salts) are illegal in spain. I can’t speak for the rest of europe.You can, however, find ritalin. go to a doctor. As far as medication options go, methylphenidate (Concerta, Ritalin and generics) is available in most countries.

It is always best to have something on paper with you when you’re going in for a consult. Past prescriptions and/or diagnoses / opinions / medical history can probably be faxed to you, or you can make photocopies of them on your own if you happen to have anything with you. You can also consider getting a new evaluation from a psychologist or psychiatrist in the country your in if you speak the language very well or if the psychologist or psychiatrist is willing to work with an interpreter.

If you have some evidence that someone previously diagnosed you with ADD or ADHD, and that you were given medication, and it was successful, it can persuade even some of the medical professionals who know of, but do not really believe in adult ADHD to give you your prescription. It will certainly help to sway them, and might make the interview process much easier and quicker.

Also, most medical doctors are able to read English (especially medical texts like prescriptions) so you might not have to bother with getting a notary approved translation, which is less of a hassle, but be sure to call in first to make sure you can bring material in English. Finally, it might help to sway them towards giving you your meds if they see a second opinion from someone in their country, so getting an evaluation from a psychlogist might work toward that goal, but it will increase the cost of the whole thing.

Take care as always

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Symptoms Of Adderall

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

symptoms of adderall

Does anyone know the withdrawl symptoms of adderall? HELP!?

I’m nervous about getting off because of the horror stories. my doc is going to tapper me off but i heard you still go through withdrawl. what are the symptoms? and what can be done to ease your symptoms?

The only withdrawal symptom from a prescripton dosage is a day or two of tiredness and return to depression if that was what you were trying to overcome. You might switch to
Tofranil (which I would prefer)or an SSRI antidepressant if you are afraid you will get depressed off it. Fear not. No illness or death will occur if you stop it cold turkey.

Adderall Abuse Mem.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Conferences

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder conferences

Is ADHD hereditary?

What are the risk factors and causes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

The cause of ADHD seems to be neurobiological or genetic. Environmental factors influence the severity of the disorder, but environmental factors do not seem to give rise to the condition by themselves. ADHD research is finding more and more evidence that ADHD does not stem from home environment, but from biological causes.

Possible causes of ADHD disorder that have been studied include:
Environmental Agents: Studies have shown a possible correlation between the use of cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy and risk for ADHD. High levels of lead in the bodies of young preschool children are another possible environmental cause of ADHD.

Traumatic Brain Injury: Children who have been in accidents that resulted in brain injury occasionally show some signs of behavior similar to that of ADHD, but only a small percentage of children with ADHD have been found to have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Food Additives and Sugar: Some research suggests that attention disorders are caused by refined sugar or food additives, or that symptoms of ADHD are exacerbated by sugar or food additives. In 1982, the National Institutes of Health held a scientific consensus conference to discuss this issue. It was found that diet restrictions helped about 5 percent of children with ADHD.

Genetics and Hereditary Factors: ADHD hereditary factors appear to run in families. There are likely to be genetic influences to ADHD. Around 25 percent of close relatives in the families of ADHD children also have ADHD. Twin studies show there is a strong genetic influence to ADHD.

Brain abnormalities: Some ADHD studies have shown structural differences in the brains of ADHD patients

Free Attention Deficit Disorder Conference Call

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Adhd Alternative To Medication

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

adhd alternative to medication

Anyone have problems with medicating their children for ADHD?

I have tried Concerta and Adderol XR but I didn’t like the side effects. Has anyone tried any herbal medications or alternative treatments? I would rather he have symptoms of ADHD than be a walking zombie or obsess over tasks that are very trivial. He is too precious to me.

my son has “adhd” my wife an i believe he is just a naughty boy. he has no meds an we cope! hiding the prob is not solving it.

ADHD Drugs vs. Possible Cures – Nutrition by Natalie

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Adhd Generic Medications

Friday, July 31st, 2009

adhd generic medications

I have a question for people knowledgeable about ADHD medications?

We have recently had a change in our financial situation, and purchasing my son’s Concerta is difficult. I have just found out the Ritalin has a generic equivilent. I would like to know if anyone has had any experiance with this medication, and how it worked. Also, why are generic medications for ADHD frowned upon? Thanks in advance for your input.
We do have insurance, but even so, the co-pays are pricey.

I have 2 resources.
I am a Mental Health Nurse
and I have ADHD
The difference between name brand, and generic are this.
Generic is what the med actually is. Like acetaminophen….(Tylenol) but many other companies snap up that kind of med too, and that’s a BRAND. The generic is the same. The only difference, is less research, and less expensive.
It is hard to explain, but the generic, is the actual drug….non-specific drug company.
Concerta is a trade name…drug company name for the drug.

If you can afford the generic,use it. I do not use anything but generic, because my husband is Active Duty Military, and all we get is generic. They carry very few name brand.

Also, do not buy into the candy and discipline thing. That’s crap.
Candy is not good for them, do not get me wrong, but all the discipline in the world would not have gotten me where I am today.
My niece has is, and she gets patches, the new drug.
I can not recall who it is, but there are drug companies who give you the meds if you can not afford them. Call his doctor and ask. If that fails, look up who makes his med, look up a phone number for it, because they always have one, and ask about drug assistance.

Good Luck

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Adhd Risperdal

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

adhd risperdal

I need advice on a pregnancy issue………HELP!!?

I am eighteen, and I want to get pregnant. The only problem is, I am bipolar, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and I have Tourette’s, and I take medications such as Lithium, Strattera, and Risperdal. I know that there are some serious risks involved with that, I’m not daft, but this is something I really want to do. Advice??

Eighteen is awfully young to have a child, and since you have so many mental problems it might not be a good thing! I’d hate for you to forget to take your medication and have something happen to the child after it’s born… the child has to come first, not just the thought that you want a baby.

Male grows breasts from ADHD Treatment Risperdal Janssen

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Adhd Ephedrine

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

adhd ephedrine

Meth Abuse Problem And Solution

Methamphetamine, or meth, also known as “speed,” “crystal,” “crank,” “ice,” or “tina,” is a potent psycho (mental)-stimulant that can be taken as pills, snorted, injected or smoked.

There is much speculation about the problem of meth abuse and its origins. Some believe it started after World War II, and probably it did. It is used in diet pills and various other medications to help resolve issues of insufficient energy to perform a day’s work. Things such as asthma medication contain ephedrine which is one of the constituents of meth and, during the last two decades, more prevalently and possibly the main culprit contributing to such an enormous jump in the meth abuse statistics, is the commonly prescribed ADHD meds.

The problem with ADHD meds is that youngsters have access to and become drug dealers at a very young age, selling their “speed” to friends and school mates so the problem of addiction is starting at an extremely young age, right in the school grounds. All they have to do is crush the tablets and ingest them in any of the ways, previously mentioned. The result in the classroom can be and is catastrophic and that’s the start of meth abuse. It heralds the end of absorption of data and the start of absorption of a substance.

Think of a time when you had too much alcohol or some or other medication. Could you concentrate on the job at hand? I think not. It’s difficult to concentrate, which now makes you a target to be prescribed something to “make you alert”. As drugs don’t make you alert and you have to pay attention in class, you get the syndrome of “the dog chasing it’s tale”. The problem won’t resolve and now your kid is getting a prescription for a legal “drug”. No difference.

Prolonged meth abuse can result in a tolerance for the drug and increased use at higher dosage levels, creating dependence. The continued use of the drug, with little or no sleep, leads to an extremely irritable and paranoid state. To suddenly stop using meth can lead to depression, fatigue, apathy, inability to think and use one’s innate intelligence, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, convulsions and, eventually, brain damage.
Not a pretty picture. Meth abuse can leave one feeling
hopeless and in despair. Don’t despair. Speed, pardon the pun, is of the essence before further brain damage occurs. Something can and should be done about it.

Possibly one has already tried to resolve the meth abuse before and failed. The major reason for failure is just selecting the wrong program for the addict. This too is understandable as there is so much information out there and misinformation abounds.

There is a way to determine which program will do the job. It’s simple, really, once you know how. The first step is to ensure that the program does a withdrawal program that is comfortable for the addict. No cold turkey. That’s agony.

Once the addict is through withdrawal, the next key issue would be to ensure that a full meth detox is undertaken without the introduction of further drugs. We certainly don’t need to add a new “fix” to the list and create a new reason for rehab. Key components of a properly done meth detox program would include the use of a sauna, the proper oils, vitamins and minerals, run and administered very closely by properly trained staff.
Once the person is free of the meth and other toxic residues, he is now and only now ready for the final steps of rehabilitation. This should include establishing with the person why they started off on that road in the first place. As no-one but he knows the reason, it is very harmful for someone to tell him what to think and give him reasons. He will not recover if this is done.

It is so important to his recovery that it cannot be emphasized enough. The reason for this is that the correct reason will allow rehabilitation to occur fully as the steps that are taken after meth detox include him studying the data needed and then resolving his reasons for himself by himself. It cannot work any other way. Think of a time when someone told you what was wrong with you and how you felt and started to think about yourself. No-one knows but the individual himself.

About the Author

Information on sailing tips, sailing for beginners , sailing facts can be found at the Knowledge Galaxy site.

Some drug questions.. HELP!!?

Which drug is still used as a bronchiodilator for asthma?
a) ephedrine
b) amphetamine
c) codeine
d) Valium
e) phenylalanine

2. Methylphenidate is a _______ used to treat ADHD.
a) tranquilizer
b) sedative
c) stimulant
d) anxiolytic
e) intoxicating tonic

3. The rewarding effects of drugs are mediated through:
a) the raphe serotonin system
b) mesolimbic dopamine pathway
c) negrostriatal dopamine pathway
d) substantia nigra
e) both b and c

1. a) ephedrine
2. c) stimulant
3. b) mesolimbic dopamine pathway

Traffic From Torrents by Michelle MacPhearson

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Adhd Medication Abuse

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

adhd medication abuse

adhd medication abuse

Adhd Medications – Alarms and Warnings not to be Ignored

As obesity, diabetes and ADHD cases in children increase by leaps and bounds, there has been a corresponding spike in the number of prescriptions for drugs to treat these conditions. ADHD medications have jumped by 40%. ADHD medication has been the subject of much controversy, not least because there have been concerns about their safety and their long term effects on the child and later as an adult. Natural remedies for ADHD have received little attention although they stand out as being free of side effects and are certainly NOT addictive.

Most ADHD medications are made up of amphetamines, dextroamphetamine and methylphenidate which in themselves are addictive – they are, after all, classified as Schedule II controlled substances by the Drug Enforcement Agency. Why are they being monitored ? Simply because the potential for abuse is regarded as high.

There is another link too between ADHD and drug abuse. Most researchers feel that impulsivity can lead to alcoholism and substance abuse. That could be because impulsivity itself can push the person over the edge. It could also be the result of all the difficulties associated with impulsivity – problems with relationships and low academic achievement- which can push the person in the wrong direction. Inattention, another classic ADHD symptom, can also be the cause of drifting into that dark world as well. With natural ADHD remedies, these problems just do not exist as there is no possible risk of addiction.

ADHD medications also have raised their heads on several University campuses (Duke, James Madeson, Syracuse and New York State University, just to name a few). Not only are ADHD medications being used illegally to aid studying for exams, but they are also being sold on campus by students who are selling their old Strattera, Concerta and Adderall for a nice profit. Students caught doing that sort of pushing will risk a long prison term and a very hefty fine.

Concerns about free samples being given by medics to children starting out on ADHD medication has also fuelled fears about their safety. It has been estimated that about 10% of children prescribed are receiving free samples when the medications have not been updated with the black box warnings issued regularly by the FDA.

As we have seen, there are considerable risks with ADHD medication which are just not given enough prominence for obvious commercial reasons. The ADHD natural remedies carry none of these risks and there are no side effects. Why put your child at risk and why compromise his/her future when the symptoms of ADHD can be controlled by a much safer type of medication. The link blow will answer all the questions you may have.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

How can I talk to my psychiatrist about medications?

I have recently been diagnosed with Adult ADHD and put on Strattera. I have found the side effects absolutely horrible and want to try stimulant medications; however, I am only 22 and in college and I know a lot of kids my age abuse these drugs but I really think I would benefit from them. How can I express this to my psychiatrist without sounding like I’m asking for ‘good drugs?’

Tell him/her that the side effects are absolutely horrible. It can take time to find the meds that are right for you. Don’t go in a ask for a particular brand, just explain what is happening and what you want to happen, keep trying until you find the right ones. Trust that your doctor will do what is best for you.

Teen ADHD Drug Abuse

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Adhd Hallucinations

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

adhd hallucinations

adhd hallucinations

My Child Has Adhd – 5 Questions I Must Ask

My first question is:- Is ADHD an illness? No, it is what is described as a mental disorder. That is, that children ADHD have problems with their neurotransmitters which send signals to their nervous system. In practical terms, that means that when a child has ADHD s/he has great problems in controlling their behaviour. It becomes a real handicap for the child when his or her normal development is compromised because of this disorder. Impulsivity, hyperactivity and daydreaming are some of the most common disturbances we see in these children.

My second question is :- How common is this condition in children? Among children ADHD has been estimated at 4% and 15%. It is three times more common in boys than in girls. There is a strong genetic link in that if a parent has had ADHD himself/herself, then there is a 60% chance that one or more of their children will also suffer from this condition. As to exactly why this is so, nobody knows although recently, two Israeli scientists have identified two genes which may be responsible for behaviour disorders in children.

My third question is :- Why are ADHD drugs considered to be so risky? Most drugs carry a FDA warning about possible side effects and obviously these are rare but there have been alarming cases of sudden deaths and cardiac arrest. The most recent warning concerns children ADHD hallucinating. The Canadian government withdrew Adderall XR in Canada because of these risks. That is why doctors recommend that any if any child has ADHD, they should have an ECG before beginning treatment with ADHD psychostimulant drugs.

My fourth question :- Will the drugs cure ADHD? No, there is no cure for ADHD at the moment. The drugs stimulate the brain so that problems of concentration and attention span, together with control over impulsivity will be kept under control. These are amphetamines so they are powerful mind altering drugs. But there are other much safer ADHD treatments which are just as effective in controlling symptoms.

My fifth question :- If a child has ADHD and is/has been on ADHD medication, will he be able to lead a normal life? It depends on many factors including the home and school environment. But as these amphetmanine and methylphenidate drugs (Ritalin, Adderall, Risperdal and Vyvanse) are actually classed as schedule II drugs by the Drug Enfrorcement Administration, there may be obstacles in them entering the military or other government jobs. There is an onus on the parent to keep all the medicines under lock and key as these psychostimulants are in high demand on the school parking lot. There may be a risk of drug abuse if a child has ADHD.

Why risk your child’s development, happiness and future job prospects by taking ADHD drugs which can and do cause problems? There are ADHD natural treatments which , if your child has ADHD, can be administered safely and effectively and there is no risk at all of addiction. Join thousands of wiser parents who have succeeded in bringing up their children to lead happy and successful lives.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

my daughter is 16 years old and we live in ohio,washington co.she is 6 months pregnant and is currently on?

probation for her school attendance she has adhd and auditory hallucinations.her probation officer filed on her again and wants to place her in a foster home. we have a court hearing for this in sep.if she gets married can they remove her from our home?

she’s 16
on probation at school
she has adhd and auditory hallucinations…
wait i know …let her get married that will fix everything!!!!

Dr. Ben Rall Discusses ADHD Dangers

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Adhd Documentary

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

adhd documentary

How many tv documentaries have you switched off in the last 12 months due to frenetic ADHD-style editing and?

more to the point, did you complain to the tv company that you didnt want your attention dragged around and pummeled as if you were watching a thrash metal pop video!

i suppose those comissioning editors will give the reigns to any talentless snivelling little **** [to save money] as long as people are not prepared to complain.

and to any such above reading this…let me make it abundantly clear…
stop trying to pummel the viewer with non-stop gimmicky visuals….it only makes it harder for the audience to concentrate and absorb the information you are trying to impart.

Yeah, that drives me nuts too. I think the reason they do it is because supposedly the average attention span is only a few seconds. It never used to be that way but thanks to video games and music videos people are not used to their attention being captured for long. It’s a shame. I believe the makers of these shows are afraid people will use the remote if they don’t make them fast-paced.

ADHD – A Documentary

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Adhd Drugs

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

adhd drugs

adhd drugs

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2015-Aarkstore Enterprise

The industry analysis specialist’s new report, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Drug Pipeline Analysis and Market Forecasts to 2015” is an essential source of information and analysis on the global ADHD market. The report identifies the key trends shaping and driving the dynamism in the global ADHD market. The report also provides insight on the prevalent competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to bring significant shift in the market positioning of the existing market leaders. Most importantly, the report provides valuable insight on the pipeline products within the global ADHD sector.

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in house analysis by GlobalData’s team of industry experts.


The scope of the report includes:
– Annualized global ADHD market revenues data from 2000 to 2008, forecast forward for 7 years to 2015.
– Geographies covered in this report include the US, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Japan.
– Pipeline analysis data providing a split across different phases, mechanism of action being developed and emerging trends. Key classes of mechanism of action include triple reuptake inhibitors, GABA receptor modulators, acetylcholine receptor agonists, AMPA receptor modulators, serotonin receptor targettors, selective histamine antagonists, norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors and alpha-2 adrenergic agonists
– Analysis of the current and future market competition in the global ADHD market. Each trend is independently researched to provide qualitative analysis of what the implications on sectors are, and how are companies responding to these trends.
– Insightful review of the future market players, key industry drivers, restraints and challenges which are likely to impact the ADHD therapeutics market in the long run. Key future market players covered are Addrenex, Abbott Laboratories, Psychogenics, AstraZeneca and Cortex.
– Key topics covered include strategic competitor assessment, market characterization, unmet needs and implications for future market associated with ADHD.

Reasons to buy

The report will enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner. It will allow you to:
– Develop and design your in-licensing and out-licensing strategies through review of pipeline products and technologies and by identifying companies with the most robust pipeline.
– Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the global ADHD market.
– Drive revenues by understanding key trends, innovative products and technologies, market segments and companies likely to impact the global ADHD market in future.
– Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the competitive landscape and by analyzing the performance of various competitors.
– Identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage.
– Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present maximum opportunities for consolidations, investments and strategic partnerships.
– What’s the next big thing in the global ADHD market landscape? – Identify, understand and capitalize.”


For more information,please visit:

About the Author

Minal H

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Adhd Energy

Friday, January 9th, 2009

adhd energy

Why don’t energy drinks affect me? (I’m ADHD)?

I know it’s not uncommon for ADD and ADHD people to not be affected by caffine or energy drinks. Is this because we already have a maximum amount of natural taurine or something? My friend is calmed down by energy drinks and she is also ADHD. Also, is there anything that WILL give me more energy than I already have?

Energy drinks won’t affect us with ADD & ADHD because caffeine calms us down instead of stimulating us.

Happiness+Energy= ADHD Overload

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Adhd Alternative Meds

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

adhd alternative meds

adhd alternative meds

The Dark World of Adhd Drugs – Time to Wake Up !

Do you know what “pharming” means? It means something significant in the child drug black market ! Simply put, it means buying and selling ADHD drugs in the school parking lot in high schools and colleges. These are sometimes referred to as ‘dexies’ which is a nickname for amphetamines, again a very common substance in ADHD meds.

Faking ADHD Symptoms

Even more shocking is the fact that many kids are faking ADHD symptoms just so that they can get ADHD drugs on prescription and then sell them on the black market. The FDA knows that the overuse or misuse of amphetmanines is very risky – such use “may lead to drug dependence and must be avoided” – their words,not mine.

Dangers Of Drug Abuse

The Partnership For A Drug Free America issued a report in 2005 and their findings do not give much comfort to worried parents either. They found that of the 7,300 teenagers they interviewed, 10% had tried these psychostimulant drugs without any prescription or medical advice. About a third of the teens interviewed claimed they knew at least one close friend who were abusing these ADHD meds.

A National Epidemic?

In treating ADHD, many parents are trying to seek alternatives to these potentially harmful and damaging drugs. In a nation where mental illness among children was almost unknown fifty years
ago, we seem to be faced with an epidemic of massive proportions where 2 million children are suffering from ADHD and presumably many of these are on ADHD drugs. These are figures from The National Institutes of Mental Health.

Is There An Alternative ?

There IS an ADHD alternative therapy available which will not turn your child into an addict, neither will they compromise their physical and mental development. We owe it to our kids to give them a chance and not hang a millstone round their neck for the rest of their lives. Teenagers with ADHD are already identified as high risk drivers.

So, where can you find ADHD natural remedies? How can you find out about any side effects ? Actually there are none! You need to be sure that the company is a reputable one and that the processing of the ingredients are done under FDA supervision. You will need more information before making a choice like this. You can find all the answers in the link below this article.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD.
Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

My 10 year okd son had to change schools this year b/c of relocation of residence. He is on Meds for ADHD.?

He has been suspended several times for using profanity. His mother and I don’t use this language and have been beating our heads against the wall trying to figure out why.
Now he has been kicked out of this school and we have been told that he needs to go to an alternative school designed for children that have some level of violence.
I realize that this is not the answer and are having trouble on how to handle this problem.
I have since learned from last week that the school he attends has never had a child with in the 504 program that he came from in the previous school.
Is it not the schools responsibility to make sure that certain things are in place for him?

its a combination of YOUR responsibility and the schools..

did you inform them he had a 504 plan and meet with the school and inititiate teh plan in his new school?

if not–its not entirely the schools fault…

ethically–tehy shoudl have approached you and inquired about the need for a 504 or IEP…

there are laws against punishing a child for behavior related to a disability

Attend : Alternative ADHD Treatment – Learn All About Attend for ADHD Here

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Adhd Pills

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

adhd pills

I heat having to take pills for my ADHD it is stupid. is there a diffrent way?

I have to take about 200 mgs.

Dee, Dee, Dee 4

You are NOT alone. As an ADHD coach and former therapist, medication is the single most topic I hear questions about.

Do you have to take medication to treat ADHD? No

Is there a different way? Yes

To be perfectly honest, many medical organizations and government organizations specializing in research and offering recommendations suggest that the most effective treatment for ADHD is a combination of medication and psychotherapy or “talk-therapy.”

That being said, there are many people who can successfully manage ADHD without medication.

It’s not unheard of – but it is something that you need to PLAN carefully and be certain to have a great number of resources in your life for support (i.e., teacher, mentor, therapist, family, friend, etc…).

You don’t want to do this alone.

Of course I would recommend you speak with a psychiatrist – but that might take some time. You will really have to look for a psychiatrist who will support you on your decision not to take medications. I know they are out there.

I applaud you for wanting to take control of your ADHD. There are a great number of ways to do this without medication.

Dr. Stern (call me Rory)

PS – Here are a couple of resources you can check out:

What happens when I dont take my ADHD pills

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Adhd Alternative Med

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

adhd alternative med

adhd alternative med

Treating ADHD Naturally – A Quick Guide For Parents

If you or your child has ADHD, it could be that the wiring in your brain is out of sync. It is as simple as that but the treatment is another matter altogether as experts argue and the pharmaceutical companies become richer and richer. Let us have a look at whether treating ADHD naturally is a valid alternative. Not only is it perfectly feasible but treating ADHD without meds is becoming more widely accepted as doubts and concerns about the meds themselves increase.

The key brain regulator is dopamine and that acts as a sort of traffic regulator in the brain so if that is affected, then lack of concentration, impulsivity and hyperactivity may all be present to a greater or lesser degree. Moreover the dopamine neurotransmitter is the one which plays a key role in how we actually perceive rewards and therefore our motivation is affected. Now, if this is not working properly, you can imagine that staying focused and on task is going to be really difficult. This is the result of research carried out by Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute of Drug Abuse. The next time your ADHD child has difficulty in finishing their homework, keep this in mind.

So, how do we go about treating ADHD naturally and avoiding medications which are powerful mind altering drugs which can lead to drug abuse and many other problems. Can brain training help? There are now programs available which can help the brain to develop through a series of ever faster exercises where the timing is counted by a metronome. This is not just for ADHD kids but for anybody who needs a faster more efficient brain. It is especially useful for people with ADHD and autistic children.

Many parents ask about homeopathic remedies and herbal remedies as other possibilities of treating ADHD naturally. The main ingredients in a homeopathic remedy are Tuberculinum, Arsen iod and Averta alb which can control fidgeting, soothe nerves , control hyperactivity and reduce temper outbursts.

There are some great advantages in using a gentle non-intrusive remedy like this. First there are no risks at all of side effects nor risks of drug abuse in treating ADHD naturally. Secondly, the cost is much more reasonable so this is a factor if you have problems with your health insurance. Thirdly you can find a product which is not only manufactured in a FDA registered facility but also offers guarantees on the purity of the ingredients used. Treating ADHD without meds is now a real possibility and one within the reach of any parent.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover the secrets about treating ADHD naturally .
Smart parenting is the key to successful ADHD treatment and the problem child. Sign up for FREE Parenting tips on
child behavior problems

anyone have children on seroquel ?

I have a seven year old on seroquel. She takes 75mg a night. I have been taking her to Dr’s since she has been 4 years old. She has been diagnosed with anxity, they are not sure of what else may be wrong with her. She has been in partial inpatient, half day programs,And plenty of different Doctors. She has been on zoloft and that was no good. She has been on citalopram and that was really bad. Her behaviors has gotten her to an alternative school . because the regular school could not teach her due to her behavior. her behaviors is not that typical of adhd. Although that has been brought up and so has Bi-polar also child schizoprenia, as well as Autism spectrum disorder. although no one wants to label her. So a new Dr. perscribed seroquel at 75mg a night for 1 mo and 1/2 so far and she has been doing really good at school. I am finally less stressed, But I am still worried because there is nothing on this med for children. Anyone have kids on this med that it is helping also ?

Yes my daughter is 8 years old and is on seroquel at night as well. The medicine helps her fall asleep more quickly and to, for the most part, sleep restfully through the night. She was taking 75mg but I asked to decrease to 50mg after I got her on the pattern with 75mg she was able to continue on with 50mg. My daughter is in special day classes at her school. And she is also on dexedrine.Twice a day she takes it at school she seems to be doing okay..
You will see, that with almost all medications, there is no information about the effects it may have on children. One reason is because children can not be on the studies in which they find out what the side effects may be.
I look at it like this. The less medications I can have her on and she is doing well the better. I know she needs meds and until she can either control her own behavior she will more likely need to stay on the medication. As far as diagnosing kids its the same thing…many signs of what children exhibit usually over lap other things..therefore really making it difficult for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

take care and God Bless

ADHD Alternative Medical Treatment

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Adhd Lawsuit

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

adhd lawsuit

adhd lawsuit

Avoiding Soil and Water Contamination in the Home

Groundwater contamination usually arises when individuals have wells. In those circumstances, the ground aquifer is contaminated with the specific chemical or chemicals released by the responsible party. This material then develops into a plume and infiltrates the various well water sources.

Individuals that own the wells are then exposed to the chemicals by ingestion (drinking the water), skin contact (bathing with the water), and inhalation (breathing steam from the water). In addition to being exposed to groundwater contamination through wells, groundwater contamination can also result in areas of low water tables with atmospheric or air contamination in people’s homes. If the chemicals are volatile, such as gasoline or other materials, they may escape into people’s basements and may be trapped, thereby exposing the homeowner who may inhale the fumes.

Another source of chemical contamination is from soil. This can occur as discussed above with groundwater contamination, but can also occur when streams or other bodies of water are contaminated with heavy metals or chemicals. When areas flood these heavy metals and chemicals are deposited on an individual’s property and thus contaminate the soil. People can be exposed to these contaminants in the following ways: skin contact (walking on the soil or gardening); inhalation (creating dust in the yard or tracking dust into the home); and ingestion (eating vegetables grown in the soil).

Sources of Soil Contamination

While it would be impossible to list all the potential sources of chemical contamination, the following list will serve to illustrate typical contamination sources:

* Gas stations,

* Machine shops,

* Railroad yards and other railroad-related work sites,

* Chemical manufacturing plants,

* Incinerators,

* Dry cleaning stores,

* Chemical waste storage facilities,

* Any manufacturing plant that uses any type of cleaning solvents or gasoline based products,

* Oil refineries, and

* Landfills.

Potential Injuries from Soil and Water Contamination

Contaminants are likely to cause chronic health effects, or effects that occur long after repeated exposure to small amounts of a chemical. Examples of chronic health effects include cancer, liver and kidney damage, disorders of the nervous system, damage to the immune system, and birth defects. While it would be impossible to list all the potential injuries that can be caused by various chemical agents, the list below will serve to be illustrative of those conditions, that when coupled with appropriate exposure, could be caused by chemical contamination. The potential injuries from soil and water contamination include the following:

* Various forms of cancer (lung, bladder, brain, kidney, leukemia, lymphoma, skin cancer);

* Various forms of learning disability (ADD, ADHD, LD);

* Teratogenic effects (effects on the fetus when the mother is exposed before or during pregnancy);

* Respiratory effects (breathing difficulties, allergies and other similar conditions);

* Gastrointestinal effects (stomach conditions);

* Cardiovascular effects (heart problems);

* Hepatic effects (various liver conditions);

* Renal effects (various kidney effects including blood in the urine and other kidney problems); and

* Neurological effects (various nervous system disorders, including reflex malfunction and headaches).

If you have been exposed to soil and/or water contamination and have been injured, you may have a legal case.

About the Author

Visit LegalView at to learn more about soil contamination. For example, breathing in asbestos fibers and asbestos dust will cause mesothelioma cancer, a deadly incurable disease. Also find the latest information on prescription drug recalls and controversies including the Chantix side effects.

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