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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Behavior

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder behavior

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder behavior

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Adhd Behavioral Interventions

Monday, May 9th, 2011

adhd behavioral interventions

adhd behavioral interventions

what answer to give principal?

I have a meeting with the school tomorrow about my son who has adhd and odd. He is in special education and we are meeting to make modifications to his behavioral intervention plan. he is currently on a demerit system which is not working because they put all of the attention on negative behavior instead of positive behavior. The school thinks the answer is sending him to in school suspension everytime he is disrespectful. The principal wnts to know what punishment I want him to get when he is disrespectful but I don’t have an answer anymore. The psychiatrist says not to spank him and it doesn’t help to ggive him ISS in school suspension. He can’t get extra work because he has a problem finishing what he has to do. What do you suggest? Please help!

Could you actually just talk basics tomorrow, and possibly have the psychiatrist come in for another meeting *s/he may or may not do it and it may be costly* and give his recommendations. Or write up a report.
Maybe you can find a clinical psychologist that specializes in either child psychology or behavior analysis, have him review all of your childs reports, documents, etc. (psych evals, discipline forms, etc) and have them either write a report with his recommendations or come in.
You need to actually focus more on positive behavior reinforcement, than punishment. Which shows to have more effect on behavior.
Chemical whatever, it sounds liek you are just spewing stuff from a personal opinion not research. Research has shown that corporal punishment does not help in the long term for correcting behavior. It actually has several negative effects.
Also, suspension isnt nor should be the only answer to deal with misbehavior. Too many schools still in this day, only use this method. When I worked in the behavior disorder unit at the middle school, suspension was more of a reward to them, rather than a punishment.

Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder

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Adhd Behavior Problems

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

adhd behavior problems

Problems do you know if you have ADHD or behavior?

This is the best answer to a famous psychiatrist. If ADHD is diagnosed,. With other treatments in addition to drugs that can help. Sometimes it can be triggered by food allergies or other factors. Add as other disorders (I have). Other and can be quite disruptive to learning. And daily life. I have managed through exercise, proper diet and teaching tool in the fight against itself. tendencies of my mind likes to hyperfocus, or bounce from one thing to another without any dressing. Any of them, I forced myself to stay in to listen and watch when I have a tendency to do it. hyperfocus (my kids can talk to me and I could not hear them I would say, reading a good book). Etc. .. It is possible to live with the problem and get the drug free I was diagnosed, I knew that I wore. (So do some of the children. Of me) and I do not believe in medicating my children and I love it. Itself as a drug free I've tried and Adderall Ritalin Adderall works well, but I question the long-term impact. – I stopped using it. Newly diagnosed and talk with health care professionals. They are not drug pushers all

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Adhd Charts For Children

Monday, November 1st, 2010

adhd charts for children

It is common for someone with ADHD adults treated with a constant thought to worry about?

A "child, I was diagnosed as" attention deficit hyperactivity disorder off the chart and took drugs. The problem about I ended up in the drug seven years junior, and now I live on campus. I would not worry about thinking and my mind is always racing. I think this might be. ADHD back now as an adult, this would make sense?


ADHD Child Stays Focused on Chores

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Adhd Classroom Interventions

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

adhd classroom interventions

ขอขอบคุณที่คุณให้กับทุกการศึกษามืออาชีพของเราที่อุทิศตัวเองเพื่อลูกหลานของเรา! We know how difficult it can work with ADHD children, so here's your teacher tips. For the week, brought to you by the ADHD and the library. Here is an example of interference than 500 classes for your job. Here are some Tips on how to improve the consistency of performance. : Computers are good for. 1 on 1 work and immediate feedback. Use them whenever possible Established practice and inform the children well before the time if available. There may be a change in daily life. This will help your child focus better. Report any significant changes in behavior or school performance to parents, school administrators or school psychologist.

Your students may have to drop to relax and reduce stress during the school day. Often, this can only provide a place for sitting alone by the computer,. Walking, painting or modeling clay. After ten minutes, fifteen students will be able to use your energy required to participate in classroom Students who use drugs intended to treat the problem. Affecting their interests best. methylphenidate 45 minutes to 2 2 hours after medication. Different medications, and it is best to check with your doctor about your medicines at the maximum. Effect, if possible, to the best time at the most attention. – For students in the window this drug. Work can also be modified to improve opportunities for the best interest. Students who intend to have a problem that can benefit greatly from behavioral interventions that are sensitive to model the processing of them. Plans that focus on individual motivation in reinforcers consistent basis have a good chance of success. Impact and should be reinforced as soon as possible. Changing the term of the award. Other is usually necessary. Important consideration in the formation of effective Behavioral assessment plan is to work for teachers in the classroom on a regular basis. Some plans have created a chart is not successful because the teacher can not effectively follow through In the context of the needs in the classroom every day. Treatment plan for a simple and flexible is the key to success. Students with problems in general good intentions does not react with academic institutions both in the classroom. System of aggressive behaviors such as Assertive Discipline is often difficult to return to that effect. / There is a delay and not suitable to the needs of individual students. Or without a formal behavior program for all students,. Students benefit from the way the individual you will have to identify specific behavioral goals and rewards. / The result is a fairly immediate rewards and verbal praise continued commitment to change the problem most effectively. Introduce a system is the "system point". Comments or variable delay. The problem is that your students may be delays in having a relationship and satisfaction. Your students might begin to make a connection error behavior in these situations. Students respond well. Reward them with a highly stimulating experience. Hopefully this will help ADHD students in your classroom more successful. You can learn more about the cautions deficiency ADHD. The ADHD Information Library.

Douglas Cowan, Psy.D., is a family therapist who has been working with ADHD children and their families since 1986. He is the clinical director of the ADHD Information Library’s family of seven web sites, including, helping over 350,000 parents and teachers learn more about ADHD each year. Dr. Cowan also serves on the Medical Advisory Board of VAXA International of Tampa, FL., is President of the Board of Directors for KAXL 88.3 FM in central California, and is President of Incorporated.

Questions about the unusual opposite Defiance?

What non-medical interventions that can be used in classrooms for children with disorders opposite Defiance? And ADHD coexist? Or not? ODD I can get a search. … I can not help you find .. dogpile Bnkhokhobcunsmhrneb!

Yes, ODD and ADHD can certainly offer the same People like these are all conditions that were diagnosed on the basis of observations and ratings, which can be pretty subjective, so there is almost always room for discussion of diagnosis. A special education teacher I have often found that children rate their parents. – Most often boys. – As ADHD when in fact the child's general level of focus and activities for children. ODD, and can really catch – all children diagnosed with some labels. ODD truly have a genuine psychological disturbances. But in the last decade of my experience, almost all children "ODD", in fact. A severe case of what I call "SBS "–". Spoiled Brat Syndrome "is not a good parent is important. But now I will get off soapbox and address the questions I asked you. If you have children with ODD in the classroom, you really need to plan your work in place. Children will need to modify some. / Education programs of their own in order to benefit from instruction as well. Is to make a positive classroom environment for teachers and other students. You have to be careful in the way that you are students; Never ask open questions; Instead for Option 2 is acceptable to you. (Not, "Are you ready to work or not" but "you would rather do your work at your desk or computer station?"). You'll need them. How to temporarily deactivate the circumstances that may be sent to the disruptive behavior. – "I want to relax, a card good for 5 minutes, such as environment, structure and expectations. Students will receive "awards" -. Where he / she needed a hand in choosing. – Is important. You can not participate in the debate or argue with students. ODD because it will not control the situation. Do not know your specific situation. (The age of students and other types of classes. On) the best advice I should ask the schools to receive professional behavior. And / or psychologist to analyze the behavior and the behavior plan in great detail.

Interventions for Individuals with Mental Retardation

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Adhd Self Esteem

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

adhd self esteem

The anxious or emotional distress can be a symptom of adult ADHD?

I was diagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a few years ago. But I havent made the connection with the anxious feeling my And attention deficit disorder, I read a few articles on attention deficit and that adults can be a symptom. I had no idea I'm looking for serious competition as a basis for emotional excitement,. And suffer from insecurity and low Self-esteem I think that these are completely separate from ADHD. But other information can tell me the difference between someone with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and emotional symptoms are thousands with it or not. That these are symptoms of emotional and not separated from each other's. ADHD?

Psychiatrists identified attention deficit disorder. – The condition blamed the poor performance of several hundred Thousands of children – has admitted that many may not really bad. Dr. Robert Spitzer said that youth classified as suffering from difficult conditions and may be hyperactive. misdiagnosed, they may just be showing signs of normalcy in happy or sad, he said. 'Many of these conditions might be normal reactions which are not really disorders,' he continues. Dr Spitzer developed the Bible for the identification of mental disorders in the year. 1970 and 1980 which identified dozens of new conditions, including adding and obsessive disorders. – Forced hundreds of people since then. Thousands of children have been diagnosed with the increase of abnormal behaviors associated with good attention span, and ADHD, which adds elements of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. . Read more. – Great – ADHD – myth.html # ixzz0qYnYxrpi when parents / Do you have past bad / rejected. / Dad to help you make anything else. From that others control. ADHD, Depression, cutting, bullying,. Low self esteem, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks. Sound will come from the past. tramautic doors will open to remove and can lead to spiritual attack. Negative people and the problems of spiritual abuse to pray to receive Removal of the negative nature of the soul is often needed after years of abuse. It's not you they If present, they must be told to leave in the name of Christ. Psychiatry is not based on science. It is an opinion. Blood tests are not made to help document They are only guessing. Google – "emotional abuse" read 20 + sites. Aware of them. You do not realize they are angry, hurt. Google "sinners prayer" – a sad holiday. Google "salvation prayer" God was in control for OCD wont make things happen, I click. A profile for assistance. I want you to know. God's truth "on other cheek. Other "is just a custom. – Refers to the left cheek, and to stop the abuse. http://www. abolish.htm / / rants / manipulator / emotional_abuse.shtml. – The same applies to everyone concerned. dont deal with the subjects used in this website. Website Great …

ADHD – Self Esteem Tips

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Adhd Impulsiveness

Monday, August 9th, 2010

adhd impulsiveness

What do I have? Things happen.

I used to think I have ADHD but I do not intend or abet the problem is much activity – Hyper, I mean LOT. Furthermore, the concentration of the possibility of brain work less and do not like thinking. But I think consumers continue by accelerating complex I never bored. Mode always makes me think very deeply . I am extroverted and competitiveness, social interaction and I live for the interests of others is what I like and I lost about. And social friends. Some confirmation that I completely ignore the feelings of security and with my disease. This type of error I have some conditions. Things like this make me Mister. To Dream Master: I did not really have as much sugar as most people.

I bet you a sugar high. . Do not try to categorize yourself into a set Just have your gifts and use them to enjoy your life. . Those people who try to give you an issue that they hold themselves back. From enjoying a full life. They may experience depression or social anxiety and find it difficult to interact with many people. . When you start your question is motivation. From self-doubt self-aware of your own behavior, and fast. Will soon end as the others with suspicion and unsureness you do not want to go there, it is not happy. . Go surfing or sky diving to do some high-impact sports that you can use your energy.

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Adhd Odd

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

adhd odd

If a child is adhd, and plus odd does this child get on SSI?

If a child is adhd, and plus odd does this child get on SSI?

A child with ADHD can get on SSI, I am on SSI and I only have ADHD

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Adhd Emotional Regulation

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

adhd emotional regulation

should ADHD be called something else?

it effects more than just hyperactivity and attention. it also effects motivation, memory, and emotional regulation
to all of you who are saying its overdiagnosed or that diet can change it: you know nothing about ADHD and you need to stop answering on these boards because some poor unfortunate person might listen to your nonsense. if diet changed your case then fine, thats good, it means you didnt have ADHD. it also means that you don’t understand pharmacology enough.

Motivation and memory revolve around the ability to retain information, which is caused by hyperactivity causing poor focus skills. This in turn can create stress, and that effects emotion. It’s all connected, the name doesn’t have to be changed.

Why ADHD, Sensory Processing, and Giftedness Can Look Alike

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Adhd Rude Behavior

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

adhd rude behavior

How can a 14 yr old male with mental disorders make friends?

My 14 yr old son has ADHD, bi-polar, ODD and on the side he has a personality disorder Extreme Narsasissim, controling, argumentative, uncooperative, rude, hateful and on and on and on……

I’m single and its just him and I living together. He is on 4 different meds and he never goes anywhere or does anything outside of the home unless its with me. When i was 14 I was NEVER home. I was always at a friends house or going to the mall, whatever, but my son does not have even 1 friend. I NEVER get a break from him unless I’m at work. I have tried to help him make friends but he is such a dictator that nobdy wants to be around him. We have already been through years of therapy and my son is completely aware that his actions are the reason he doesn’t have any friends but he doesn’t care. He would rather not have any friends than change his behavior to accomodate them. he thinks that other people should change thier behavior to accomodate his needs.

I would suggest seveal things. First, continue with therapy…if you can. If you are not in it…try to return to it and find a therapist who specializes in adolescence. There are a lot of theapists out there…some know and have more training than others to work with kids. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the therapist…like what techniques they use…style…approach…etc.
Second, try to get your son into a support group where he might meet others who have the same issues as he does. It is amazing what a support group can do for people with chronic and persistant mental illness.
Third, is there an activity your child enjoys that you can get him lessons or instruction in? Maybe a club at school (ie theater…music…computer club…etc) where he can express his creativity…
Lastly, take some time for yourself! Your son is 14 and is more than likely able to care for himself for short periods of time…even if it is just an hour or two to get a cup of coffee or shop with a friend…You may also want to try therapy yourself…not anly will you learn a lot about yourself…you will be able to find ways to cope with stressful situations that you and your son are in.
I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck and please email me if you have questions or would like to chat further or just need a little support. Parenting (even though I don’t have kids…) is the toughest job you’ll ever have…so I have heard! Have a great day and keep doing an awesome job with your son!

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Symptoms Of Adhd In Adolescents

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

symptoms of adhd in adolescents

symptoms of adhd in adolescents

Adult Adhd Help Advice May Answer The Question, Why Am I Always Tired?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is often thought to be something that children outgrow as adolescence, but recent studies indicate that ADHD adults experience many of the same symptoms as children and adult ADHD help comes in many natural forms.

One of the most common symptoms of adult ADHD is when you find yourself asking the question why am I always tired? Adults often blame their busy schedules, irregular sleep patterns, stress and their children for the reason why they are always tired, when the truth may lie in a simple disorder called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which effects 20% of American adults.  If you’re asking the question why am I always tired and not finding an answer, see if you have any of these other common ADHD symptoms:

  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • Careless mistakes at work
  • Find it hard to maintain attention in work or leisure
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Lose your keys often
  • Fidget with your hands or feet, especially at bedtime
  • Feel like you’re always on the go
  • Often told you talk too much
  • Blurt out things
  • Have trouble waiting your turn
  • Excessive tiredness

If you said yes to many of these items then you may be suffering like other ADHD adults. Don’t worry! There are lots of natural ways to help reduce these symptoms!

Although the causes of ADHD are still unknown, adult ADHD help is on the way. A change in diet is the most widely accepted natural cure to hyperactivity disorder in adults. Dietary changes may include: elimination of artificial foods, food colorings and preservatives, regular eating habits such as decreasing the time between healthy snacks, reducing or eliminating alcoholic beverages in ones diet, and increasing natural or herbal supplements which are thought to balance moods, reduce fatigue or provide calming reactions in the body.

Additionally, increasing your physical activity will nearly always provide adult ADHD help because it reduces feelings of restlessness and helps you funnel excess energy into productive things such as sports or athletics.

The most difficult and perhaps the most hazardous symptom of ADHD adults experience is feeling tired. If you’re asking yourself why am I always tired then you should take a good look at your diet and exercise not only as a way to manage ADHD symptoms but also to manage the single symptom of fatigue. No one has to live with fatigue because there are many options for helping reduce fatigue symptoms. One such solution which works well for ADHD adults is increasing anti-oxidants in your body because anti-oxidants reduce the free radicals in the body, which cause fatigue. Anti-oxidants can be found in foods such blueberries, pomegranates, black and green teas, citrus fruits, carrots and tomatoes. Unfortunately, eating antioxidant foods alone doesn’t always introduce enough antioxidants into our bodies to fully combat free radicals. Further, the number of Americans who claim that fatigue plagues them is increasing to alarming rates. There are also a variety of supplements that can be taken which work exponentially to reduce free radicals in the body, such as Protandim, which triggers the creation of enzymes to eliminate over a million free radical molecules in your body per second.  Protandim is more effective than foods like blueberries because it reduces anti-oxidative stress at a much faster rate than foods can.

Natural healing experts will warn against taking prescription drugs such as Ritalin as a form of adult ADHD help because they can become addictive and some studies indicate that dependence on such drugs may produce harmful side effects such as a propensity toward suicide and other, further mental disorders.  But natural supplements such as Protandim do not expose people to such effects as it works to cure only fatigue symptoms, increase concentration and help with focus and drive instead of curing ADHD directly.

About the Author

Kevin Rush, Healthy Living Expert., Download a free report to Living Fatigue-Free in less than 30 days!

Kevin Rush has been a certified personal trainer for 12 years and during his tenure with the U.S. military he ran the Navy physical fitness program for Naval Air Station North Island in California.

why doesn’t my mom want to believe that I have ADD when I actually know that I do?

One thing is that any distraction distracts me. I can’t seem to focus on my homework for to long. I like to walk around trhe house for no reason whatsoever. I move my legs a lot in my seat. I can be very happy and then very depressed. I am a very unhappy person always nothing pleases me.

I am so sorry that your mom does not seem to cope well with your problem. As a mother of a child that also has ADHD symptoms I can tell you that it is very hard to see your child suffer, and sometimes we blame ourselves for these things. However, because your questions was under adolescents I don’t think this is your case. Maybe you just need to educate yourself more first. Read this article and it may give you some ideas on how to have a conversation with your mom.

P.S. My husband also has ADD, so my life is a mess…LOL

Severe ADHD Symptoms In Adolescence – Hallmark Symptoms Of ADHD

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Adhd Oppositional

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

adhd oppositional

Is my child going to inherit any of these Disorders?

Depression (Major Depressive Disorder)
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Conduct Disorder (CD)
Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

I know it’s a lot.

Well first of all, you cannot inherit hypothermia. You get hypothermia when you are left outside in the cold and your body temperature gets really low, thus leading to many problems including organ shutdown. As long as you don’t leave your kid outside in the dead of winter he or she will be fine. Well, basically you must check whether or not any family members have had these disorders. The more immediate family they are and the more there are increase the likelihood. Finally, you can probably already get her tested for things like ADHD.

Oppositional behavior disorder and harsh discipline

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Adhd Oppositional Behavior

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

adhd oppositional behavior

How To Transform Your Kids Behavior

Now that Ritalin and other psychostimulants are getting a somewhat bad press in that there is a link with sudden death in ADHD children taking these drugs, attention is being turned to other ways of changing or transforming kids’ behavior. Whether your child has ADHD or not, behavior is going to be an issue. I know that many parents are now realising that pills will not teach skills or behavior and that is where the problem has to be tackled – right there in the heart of the home.

Kids’ behavior can be problematic in that acting out, temper tantrums, lack of focus and defiant and oppositional behavior all come to the surface and the parent just does not know where to turn. In the case of ADHD, some of these problems can become even more acute. All the experts are now agreed that behavior therapy is really the best way to go. This should be the first treatment option rather than one that should be tried further down the line when parents are at their wits’ end.

Some parents want to try family therapy which is fine except that will put too much emphasis on the child’s feelings and self esteem rather the actual behavior which is causing all the problems. Behavior therapy takes a different approach and it will certainly involve the child and or teenager in a very different way. When you follow such a course, you can learn how to stop all the arguing and shouting. Instead you will learn ways to deal with each scenario and also even what to say to your child and how to talk to him after a meltdown or temper tantrum. The whole emphasis is on the child learning new behaviors and ways we can reinforce that through a system of rewards.

Who is in control in your house ? Learning a few simple strategies form a behavior therapy course can transform your kids’ behavior and you can begin to enjoy family life again. Many parents are besieged by their kids’ problem behavior and walk on eggshells around them. Instead of screaming, shouting and banging doors, learn some effective techniques which will restore calm and happiness to your home.

About the Author

Want to know a secret ? Discover how I transformed my kids’ behavior .
Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD and Behavior Therapy.

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Adhd Behavior Modification Chart

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

adhd behavior modification chart

Natural medicine for ADHD – why not look at options for Parenting more relaxed This?

Parenting relax? If it looks like it could be read in Utopia is not known until As you think, especially if you are looking for in the area of natural medicine. This area of treatment for ADHD are often overlooked or scorned as generic drugs currently prescribed in the millions. In the West it difficult for ADHD drugs and natural to see in But the area that we have the opportunity to experience the opportunity to raise more relaxed.

Raising the possibility relax.
I only care for relaxing means of these practices in place and follow as much as possible. We also have some system of rewards. And behavior and results and charts. When these places are a little easier to raise because everyone in the family is down to them. We call parenting skills or Behavior modification, we now know that this is the preferred treatment ADHD and recommended by NiMH (Institute of Mental Health). And CDC, among others.

Be Changes all that food or not.

What about natural medicine. ADHD? Although we have good parenting skills where we need to provide us Child ADHD drugs, some change is not enough food in my opinion, although one study shows that might be effective in reducing symptoms. ADHD is Ritalin, I think more research to do. In one place!

Doubt about meds ADHD.
All the questions about ADHD meds online for many parents are looking carefully. Nature of ADHD drugs, they know that some clinical trials in meds AHD include incomplete or skewed. This was disclosed by Dr. John. Ioannidis of the University of Ioannina School of Medicine in Greece to study the effects of experimental medicines. 130 He claims that the side effects of drugs has played. This all kinds of drugs, but some ADHD drugs in the group.

ADHD drugs and naturally attracts the ground.
This is why parents are now changing. ADHD drugs and natural .. much they were. ADHD homeopathic remedies are effective in reducing. distractability. And can lead to improved behavior in children. Great advantage is not without side effects and any Any concerns about heart failure. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders or insomnia, which may be part of the side effects of psychostimulants. The cause of this type alone. Nature ADHD drugs well worth considering.

Therefore, you have choices. Edit homeopathic ADHD meds ADHD and natural medicines are the safest. For ADHD or not, why not find another.

About the Author

Tired of unhappy,whining, badly behaved children? Discover how
natural medicine for ADHD
can turn your child around. Experts now tell us that  child behavior programs combined with a natural treatment for ADHD is by far the most effective ADHD treatment.
to find out more about ADHD child behavior problems.

what kind of herb can i give for my 9 year who has adhd?

My son has ADHD, too, and his psychiatrist and therapists have all said that diet doesn’t effect it. The medicines you give a child like this are stimulants although you think they seem already stimulated enough. ADHD is caused because an area of the brain is under-stimulated. This is the area that gives self-control. ADHD kids are impulsive and easily distracted. They do whatever they think of when they think of it. They can know the rules inside and out and know there will be consequences if they break those rules, but they just can’t help themselves.

My son is very intelligent and despite all the social problems he has in class (like talking about brushing his teeth when they are discussing owls or yelling out answers over the teacher talking) he gets good grades. His organization is bad, but the teacher implemented a journal where he writes down his assignments and I initial that he did them every night. She checks it every day. He gets a letter sent home every Friday telling us of his behavior. Knowing he has problems, that is factored in and if he was good for him, he gets what his teacher calls a “short letter”. If he misbehaved or didn’t turn in homework he gets a “long letter” which details what happened and has to be signed by a parent and returned on Monday.

Behavior modifications like these help. I know at home is more difficult. My son doesn’t seem to respond to either taking away privileges or rewarding good behavior. Either will work for a short time, then he becomes ambivalent. Yelling definitely doesn’t work. But, talking to him about how he’s feeling and being supportive helps. Therapy (individual talk therapy or group therapy) can also be helpful.

My son is now in 4th grade and we have been dealing with these issues since he was in Pre-K. He was diagnosed ADHD in 1st grade. We still deal with these issues, but on a lower level because we have him on prescription medication.

I know that people think herbs are better, but realize that herbs are medicine. They have side effects just like prescription medicines. My neurologist has a chart that shows the benefits and side effects of common medicines in her field and the associated herbs people take. The list of benefits and side effects is about equal for each and some are even the same thing.

Regardless of how you decide to go, please talk to your pediatrician before giving your son anything. Go over his symptoms and work out a plan together. Don’t take chances with your son’s health by trying to medicate him naturally on your own.

Difficult Child │ Child Behavior

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Adhd Emotional Disturbance

Monday, March 29th, 2010

adhd emotional disturbance

emotional disturbance student and discipline?

If a student with adhd and depression is receiviing special education at school walks out of classroom to “cool off” should he be disciplined? The school uses a demerit system for all students. He is comstantly getting demerits for not stayiing on task, forgetting materials, and walking out of class to cool off when he gets upset. After receiving certain nymber of demerits he recieves in scool suspension. Do yo feel these actions are a manifestation of his disabiity and what should be done to prevent him from being punished for this? the school is xery uncooperative. THEY PUT ALL THE FOCUS ON BAD BEHAVIOR AND NOT ON GOOD BEHAVIOR. 5 NEED GUIDANCE! He is 14 years old and wnts to do well however some things are beyond his control. What do yu suggest?

I read an answer suggesting a talk with the principal at the school. I agree, and would do more talking than listening. I work as a behavioral therapist and highly recommend that the principal be contacted and a meeting conducted to consider the possibilities of a positive reinforcement schedule rather than a demerit schedule in his case. All of the research indicates that children and adults alike are much more likely to repeat “good” behaviors if they are rewarded.

I would suggest if the school is uncooperative that you get your foot in the door at a higher level and get in contact with administrators at the school district level. It is there job to provide a whole and good education to ALL students, not just typical kids who find it easy to sit through 7 hours of school.

Another suggestion I have is to consider speaking with his teachers after school hours some day to ask them if they would be able to reinforce him when they catch him doing something acceptable. I wouldn’t suggest, because of his age, that the teacher do it during class. Rather pull him aside and thank him for some great deed he did in class. (i.e. he stayed on task and remembered his homework, the teacher afterwards should tell him how appreciative they are of his effort to try)

ADHD is a difficult behavior, I commend this boy for having the know how to leave the class room when he gets upset.
I think if the school is unwilling, a move should be considered. All the school districts in your area have the obligation to ensure an education for your child. If you feel he or she is not receiving it, tell someone. Be loud, use your voice, be a concerned parent. That is how things happen. Good luck, and I hope this helps.

Response To Intervention: The need has arrived

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Adhd Ritalin Debate

Monday, March 8th, 2010

adhd ritalin debate

Children with ADD/ADHD?

I need some advice from ppl with ADD/ADHD. My brothers daughter has ADD and we are curios to know what its like considering she was just diagnossed yesterday. Her doctor and my brother are debating the meds. Are the side effects to Ritalin,ect. really as bad as they say? What medication would be the safest and most effective? She is a girl age 12.

Please Help! Thanx

I know two people who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD when they were younger. One of the parents used meds. When he was on meds, he would be completely zoned out. It was very weird, almost like he had no personality whatsoever. He would just stare off in to space. The other parents struggled with finding alternatives to this, including diet, exercise, social activities. They have had fairly good success, although it has required a lot of work. That is why most parents do choose meds. It is so much easier, but I don’t think that makes it right. I think they should exhaust ALL alternatives, give 100% to their child, and if everything fails, then consider meds. This isn’t a situation that is easy to resolve without meds. It is something that will take work every single day for a very long time. But I think it is the moral choice and that drugging someone up on ritalin or whatever isn’t helping them in any way. These children need to learn how to cope with having this disorder, not mask it with meds.

Adult Ritalin-Is this effective for Adult Adhd?

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Adhd Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

adhd oppositional defiant disorder

adhd oppositional defiant disorder

Parenting Children With Adhd your Child’s Future

Your child has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). He is impulsive, hyperactive, and temperamental because he does not have the frontal lobe ability to monitor his behavior. He has low self-esteem because he is constantly being corrected by adults for his inappropriate behavior.

He has ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) because he thinks he is never wrong. He does not trust or respect adults because he thinks he is smarter than they are. He is obnoxious, unhappy, rejected, and out of controlall the makings of a social outcast.

It has been said that a child with ADHD operates like a speeding car without the brakes. Remember this metaphor by heart. There are several ways to stop a car without brakes. It is your job to help your child find those ways unique to him so that he can slow down, pay attention, make informed choices, and learn.

Effect of ADHD on Your Child’s Future

Few parenting experts will tell you honestly how dim your child’s future will probably be without proper ADHD treatment. Some untreated adults with ADHD develop their own coping skills to make their disorders more manageable, for example, drinking eight cups of coffee a day. Most lead unhappy and unproductive lives, drifting through jobs and relationships with little success. Many adults with untreated ADHD also have drug and alcohol addiction problems.

An untreated child with ADHD, ten years old or younger, will often experiment with substance abuse to try to curb his emotional pain. If he is frequently out of control when he is 11 or 12, his parents might look into residential treatment facilities for treatment. When he is 15, his parents might give up and hope for the day he is old enough to leave home for good.

You Can Improve Child Behavior

Your child’s future depends on your decision to take an active role in helping him overcome ADHD and ODD.

A man who wants to do something will find a way; a man who doesn’t will find an excuse. Stephen Dolley, Jr.

Many experts will be quick to tell you the challenges of ADHD and ODD, but few offer specific parenting advice, thorough explanations, and practical solutions. Most parents of children with these challenges have at least 20 big problems that they need to solve immediately.

If you are ready to start on a constructive journey to solve your parenting problems and help your child, I invite you to use these parenting tips and join an elite group of parents who are on the same path.

About the Author

If you want to calm your challenging child, I invite you to claim your free child behavior-improving report “Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Child’s Behavior Today!” You can download part one when you subscribe at It explains the methods I used to improve my son’s ADHD/ODD behavior by 72% in 3 weeks. The sooner you start this, the easier it is to help your child. You can do this. From Debra Sale Wendler – Respect Effect Mom and ADHD Parenting Success at

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Adhd Charts

Monday, December 14th, 2009

adhd charts

I have a child with ADHD drugs rejected me. . ?

I want to know that there are some things that I have not tried yet. . I have not changed his food. No sugar and sweets once in a blue moon. I have a wall chart that shows everything they do well and try not to dwell on something bad, naughty / He has made him a very angry boy. The old bad mood, so I tend to be afraid of him and him only. Eighth year, I think the doctors are too quick. ritalin. who have children like this? And will have Or new ways i can use without drugs? I feel very low right now and think it is better not to be good to hear from people through this and be happy. On Turnout.

Have you tried them. eyeQ? My friend has two male and etc ADHD. And autism that goes with it ….. She refused to provide child these meds, but she was wondering "maintain" it really helps them down. carm ….. get them in supermarkets or chemist to try it, and I hope to work as well for you that will not let her. . Http:// here is little information on

Love Boat Psychosis by ADHD Astronauts

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Adhd Punishment

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

adhd punishment

adhd punishment

Using Behavioral Therapy For The Relief Of Adhd

Children who suffer from ADHD often experience difficulties at home or in school. What can be seen as unruly behavior in young children can become overwhelming in children as they reach their teens. They may perform badly in their academic work, become involved in fights or struggle to make friends. Some end up being moved from one school to another due to disruptive behavior. So it’s important to try and find relief of ADHD while children are young.

Although studies have been conducted, there are is yet no defined cause of ADHD, although scientists are moving away from environmental factors and are concentrating on looking at biological causes. However, there are some environmental treatments that can provide real improvements in ADHD behavior.

Behavior Therapy
The premise of Behavior therapy is that it is based on simple concepts about what leads people to behave in socially acceptable ways. This works for ADHD by looking at the relationship between parent and child. Most children want to please their parents and make them feel proud as it also boosts the child’s feeling of self-worth. Also, most children have realized that if they behave in the correct or appropriate manner they can gain rewards for doing so. By contrast misbehavior generally brings with it negative consequences.

In order for your child to get the most out of behavior therapy they ideally need to be involved from the start. So sit down with them and go through what behaviors are expected from them in various situations. Be very clear in your descriptions so there is no ambiguity. Discuss all the possible outcomes and agree on the rewards and also the punishments. By doing this exercise your child will be clear on what you expect of them and also what they stand to gain or lose.

Some parents may wonder why they are providing rewards for behavior that should done anyway and fear that they are bribing their children. This isn’t the case. You are providing your child the motivation they need in order to improve their behavior.

This approach will take time and perseverance on both the parents and child’s behalf. However, stick with it and you should see some improvements.

If you would like to learn more about natural solutions to help ADHD, including why diet has such a big impact, sign up for the free newsletter below.

Using behavioral therapy in conjunction with a number of the other treatment options like medication, natural remedies, diet and neurofeedback can help provide relief of ADHD behaviors. However, before adopting any treatment program it is a good idea to chat your thoughts through with your child’s doctor for their input. They may be able to offer referrals or other suggestions.

About the Author

Sign up for Sue Perkins’ free ADHD newsletter – Overflowing with easy to implement methods to help you discover more about
relief of ADHD

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Websites

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder websites

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What Is Adhd Children

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

what is adhd children

Helping an ADHD child be successful in school and life?

I have read many articles that state ADHD children tend to have lower self esteem due to often failing due to their ADHD. what are some tips/tools to keep them from feeling defeated or helping them to remain successful??

as an adult with A.D.D
i can tell you that it is true that as children we do tend to have low self esteem
what helped me was finding a hobby that i was really good at
i loved art and martial arts
those two things made me feel like i was good at something
and helped loads with my consintration
i recommend finding something he or she is good at
and encourage them and tell them how fabuolous they are at it
DONT NAGG just encourage

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What Is Adhd Behavior

Friday, May 29th, 2009

what is adhd behavior

what is adhd behavior

ADHD Behavior Problems – 3 Smart & Simple Ways to Deal With Them

ADHD behavior problems are aggravating for parents and stressful for kids. Since these issues can affect development, learning and social skills,  it is crucial for parents to learn how to stop their damaging effects. In this article, you’ll learn three simple and practical steps that you can take that will vastly improve your child’s behavior and your home life.

ADHD emotional problems include things like irritation, moodiness, outbursts, and inappropriate or even aggressive behaviors. Although these are symptoms of the dysfunction in the brain, many researchers believe that this can be relieved by good nutrition. If your child’s brain is not getting the nutrition it needs to generate the happy, relaxed state of mind that is typical in childhood, then nutritious food will help.

After all,  food is our medicine because it gives us the nutrients that create energy and a sense of well-being. Good food is needed to produce feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. If your child is eating a junk food diet that is chock full of chemicals, this can worsen ADHD emotional problems and create a vicious cycle that even medication cannot relieve.  Instead of feeding your child fast or packaged food, make simple meals with lean meat, healthy oils, whole grains and plenty of leafy greens and other dark or brightly colored vegetables. Fresh fruit in season makes for delicious, naturally sweet desserts that are full of vitamins and micronutrients.

Supplement this diet with a vitamin and mineral combination. Environmental pollutants and mineral-deficient soils mean that good food is not as healthy as it used to be, so a daily multivitamin and mineral tablet will help your child get what he is not getting in his food. While  a supplement is even more important if your child is still eating junk food, it will work best when given with a balanced diet. You will also want to make sure that your child gets a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids which is essential for brain and heart health and will repair damage done by years of improper eating.

In addition to feeding to a good diet and a supplement, issues related to ADHD can be quickly minimized by teaching your child the coping strategies that will help him make good choices in the moment, especially when he is under stress or not feeling well. The best way to do this is with an at-home behavioral program that has been designed specifically to deal with ADHD behavior problems and other issues relating to aggressive, disrespectful or even defiant kids.

One program in particular was designed by a therapist who was once a troubled teen and understands how to deal with these issues from the inside out as well as from the perspective of a therapist. Teaching your child coping skills will give him a set of tools that he can use throughout his life. An added bonus is that you will learn how to better cope with stress.

So there you have it: three healthy, safe ways to short-circuit ADHD emotional problems and get your child back on track, so he can start to experience what it’s like to have a normal, happy  childhood.

About the Author

Laura Ramirez is a dedicated researcher and avid supporter of nutrition and behavioral solutions for kids with ADHD. She also reviews programs like the Total Transformation that show parents how to teach their children to control impulses, treat others respectfully and make good choices.

Ms. Ramirez is also the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which teaches parents how to raise kids to act from strength and integrity.

My son is being kicked out of a program with a local Tech College because of ADHD & OCD behavior.?

They said he was behind on some assignments, wandering in shop class and not focusing…all ADHD related symptoms. We never thought he would be able to go to college because of his problem, but found this wonderful program that only has one or two core subjects per semester and then the rest is hands on learning. He actually internships for 8 weeks and then goes to class for 8 weeks. We think what happened was a young man he had words with started talking and feel this is what our son is being dismissed for. We have checked out a claim about dangerous behavior at his apartment…no claims filed. The company that sponsors this program knew about both of his conditions because he failed the drug test and we had to get a statement from the doctor as to what medications he was on. Is there anything we can do. I feel this is his last chance to get an education like this and what is so sad…he loves it. I thought we would never get him out of high school, but finally he graduate.


Therapy Advice : How to Manage ADHD Behavior

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Adhd Evaluation Forms

Friday, May 29th, 2009

adhd evaluation forms

Considering for the Best ADHD Treatment of Your Child

Even though as parents we are less disposed to the notion of entrusting the welfare of our child with ADHD over to somebody else, yet there are those times when the household, or worse, the family itself is no panacea to the child’s immediate or prospective recovery. ADHD boarding schools exist for that reason: to provide foster love and care, when the family isn’t just enough.

Most ADHD boarding schools cater to younger children, usually from ages 3 to 12 years, where the child’s formation and development is the most critical. Take note, ADHD boarding schools differ largely from traditional boarding schools, since the latter usually don’t have the specialized training and resources to deal with the learning challenges of children with ADHD.

In the United States, there are several ADHD boarding schools strewn all over the continent. A good hour or a half of diligent searching can net you several choice leads. Most states by now have two or more selections that cater to this kind of problem, and most of them have online information pages where you can not only check programs and pricing, you can also learn more of the disorder. Some ADHD boarding schools even have pre-admission evaluation forms that can help you decide the right course of your child. One example is the Cedars Academy Boarding School.

Can your child with ADHD seamlessly enter the public education system without the benefit of special education services?

Popular prognoses say that regardless of treatment, children diagnosed with ADHD may experience difficulties in adolescence. However, the percentage of children meeting the diagnostic criteria dropped by 50% over three years since 1995, due to the improving efficiency of the treatments and better understanding of the disorder. Untreated children with ADHD also have lesser chances in adapting to difficulties in adolescence.

The AACAP recommends a multimodal treatment plan for ADHD children sufferers. Because ADHD has several problem surfaces and each needs to be attended; only the multimodal path is the most reasonable course of action. For instance, while pharmacotherapy can improve attention span while decreasing excessive physical activity, these treatments doesn’t address nor enhance the child’s function particularly in the social domain. (See: Evaluation and Treatment of ADHD, American Academy of Family Physicians, Sept 1, 2001)

Says Samuel Moore, Admissions Director of Stone Mountain School in North Carolina: “We can keep them safe, and that’s often not possible at home once they reach this age”.

For parents that needs advice and information on how to help their children with ADD-ADHD contact us. Or fill out this Teen Questionnaire to know whether your teen needs help or not.

About the Author

Jenna Brooklyn is an editor and web manager for a few Family Related content websites.

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Adhd Behavior

Monday, May 11th, 2009

adhd behavior

In addition, diet and behavior modification are other things to do for children. ADHD? ?

I have a child aged five years, diagnosis ADHD and I did not dare to yet.Do drugs they have paid if not on drugs? Most people are naughty and he does not seem to understand.

myobf Hi – It is too bad most people. ADHD, but do not seem to understand the way it is sad. Keep your head and know what you're doing something good by looking at additional ways to help your child. That 's! The key to answer the question you have a lot of things you can do to help children. Here are some suggestions. And I will be more than happy to help expand on this. Ideas or additional guidance. . A working Memory Training (see more below). 2 3 4 study skills, social skills. Practice Support Family 7 6 5 strategy guide Tutor 8 9 fun activities 10.Neurofeedback. This list may seem a little basic. But here is one of the most misunderstood facts about Children with ADHD: Most people will tell you. ADHD is "not interested", but truth about their interests or interests of the variables selected. . People with ADHD (particularly children) will have to do what they are passionate about – Activities that engage them really. Like your son will have time during the day to get them what they do I will not. As to the behavior modification "as well. – For me, it seems that we will harm children. I'm not saying that's what you're doing. – ADHD, but in many cases have to do. With the appropriate skills and strategies to navigate the challenges of life than it is not about following rules. . As a coach I help my clients focus on the following. (And in this order): 1 Understanding ADHD 2 ADHD self-understanding. 3 4 5 strength for setting goals. Development strengths to take advantage of six others. 7 strength development tools and strategies I am not sure that you want a necessity. But I think you're on the right path. . For your last question. – Yes, a good number of ADHD children do eventually "pay" if not on medication. It may not happen until the adult child – But as usual we see the possible decrease in "Hyperactive – impulsive" behavior as a child and receive Old matures, but the ADHD is not recommended to go away … But adults often find successful tool And strategies to help them . More about working memory. 50 + minute audio interview at work training my memory. blog: Please contact me if I get more support! Rory Rory F. Stern, PsyD ADHD Coach and the "former" Therapist Oh yes -. I come back and say that activities such as karate and other That encourage mindfulness. (Mind body connection). Can be effective too.

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Adhd Behavioral Therapy

Monday, May 11th, 2009

adhd behavioral therapy

Hyper Hands: How do you stop them?

I turned five my son, but he was very hyperactive for as long as I can remember. He does not write his name because As soon as he makes his hand into a pencil, he would fast. Shake, singing line that can not be controlled. – The paper on every wall! Experience what they have been destroyed. He shook everything. To bits almost uncontrollably . They go to school to develop treatment with this teacher behavior. He said he sped down the quiet earth to get squeezed. Do you have other ideas on how I can calm him down so he can focus on writing and color? Molding clay is the only way? Yes, his line diagnosis ADHD. He is being treated with speaking.

Of course they focus on food – this treatment additives. You want to be shocked that these chemicals affect some children. Ensure that they receive many Protein and other health. Little artificial sweetener and soda /. Caffeine does not give it months and see if you see the difference. . I would recommend to sleep to make them My son is over and he shifted from teenage leg symptoms caused by disturbance of the genetic iron deficiency. Since in natural meds. (Etc Steel) twitchyness the very least, he did not believe. And no one thinks he is. ADHD anymore … it all from lack of sleep. Figures pegged to the doctor immediately put children because he is still sitting. couldnt …. he couldnt body! Finally, I would sign him up for karate It is an exciting way for children such as your son to learn and concentration abillity to control his body. It is a competition of their own self esteem too. . Best of luck you!

my behavior therapy

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Adhd Behavioral Problems

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

adhd behavioral problems

adhd behavioral problems

ADHD overcome behavioral problems: Solution that.

If you deal with behavior problems. ADHD, then you can out of intelligence. I will not be destroyed. To help children and may also affect the level of happiness in your home. In this article you will learn about how to help you help your child.

To start thinking. New life for yourself. Imagine your child is happy at home and doing well in school and learn to listen and control their impulses. What it means to you. How to improve your Home life?

Although it will take work to make this vision a reality. ADHD behavior problems can be solved. All it will take to you to be open to learning new skills that you can teach your child. They also need to change some of the food helps children feel Well and good character.

Researchers have known for decades that brown color and preservatives in food processing affects the ability of children to work. When the child was hopped up on sugar, or worse yet, sugar and caffeine, he does not think straight. High can be generated to Hyperactivity. Loss of control over impulses and impatience and anxiety have. When the child Drop in blood sugar is tired, he can not focus and strike out nervously Color in processed foods and chemicals can also trigger allergic reactions that cause. ADHD worse.

For this reason it is essential to good food, baby food. Think that fresh vegetables and fruits in season, and lean meat and fish. This command grains, beans, nuts, seeds and spices. It's easy. Use these materials to make healthy food taste and satisfaction.

While eating fresh foods may not stop the behavior. ADHD is a brain problem completely. Nutrients needed to start treating, and certainly does not worsen symptoms such as sugar, processed foods. The following simple food plan to help children regardless of treatment type. He has spent.

For children with behavioral problems like aggression, not polite. Vulgar and provocative, the program at home can do wonders. These behavior modification programs. Designed to teach management skills for parents can teach their children. By putting these skills in action, you'll see immediate improvement in the behavior of children and in some cases marked. Other updates. Best of all program management skills that your child will use throughout life. Make sure you find a program designed to change. ADHD. behavioral problems in children. These programs usually come with a workbook and a CD or DVD, some people have access to toll-free hotline for questions you may have.

Although you can use to children the benefits of treatment do it yourself is that you can create a deep bond with the child. Your child will begin to realize that you can give him the tools to lead Good and happy life, respect for your growth. And who knows? By going through the program, you may learn important management skills that you can use in your work and relationships. With others because we all will benefit from learning simple techniques that can help us decide better focus on appropriate behavior and reduce wobble page impulses disease

To use at home to help children with behavioral problems. ADHD can make a big difference in the lives of children and parents. Children who do not know how to interact positively with others. Must be taught skills so they can learn how to have a good relationship. The focus on the momentum back on track and make a healthy normal life.

About the Author

Laura Ramirez is an advocate for parents whose kids have ADHD behavior issues that can be helped with an at-home program. For more information, visit her web site at

She is also the award-winning author of the parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting which teaches parents how to raise kids to develop their strengths and lead fulfilling, productive lives.

How can I get my husband to understand how to treat. 13 years our son has ADHD?

13 years my son has ADHD and behavioral problems that may be forced to. times my husband thinks he is a brat and not involved in his parents. Had never taken the time to find out what the. ADHD and children who have to deal with this problem. He is just thinking. Ignore him, while it will disappear. I am at my end I have the intelligence to deal with my own children. He has been tested and diagnosed, not only to me. But believes that he may have ADHD, please. Help

Maybe you should take him to your office Dr pediatrician and say something. ADHD is and how best to treat it. If work doesn't, may be the counseling will help them know that this is not lost and they must step up and help you.

“childhood obesity” asthma, diabetes, allergies, “food allergies”, adhd, behavior problems

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Adhd Case Study

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

adhd case study

adhd case study

Disease absent (ADD) and attention deficit disorder. (ADHD).

Lack of interest in the disease. Hyperactivity (ADHD). Disease behavior and base neurobiological. And high genetic component and a very common disease among the estimated results. 5 and 10% of children – young people about Three times more in male ADHD did not demonstrate differences between different geographical, cultural, and economic and social level.

Neurological disease behavioral characteristics moderate Behavior of distractibility. Severe attention deficit hyperactivity restless. Emotional instability and impulsive But it is very high treatment But with high prices Psychiatry. Patients with symptoms typically worsen in situations that require sustained attention or mental or appeal within or without strange (Eg, listening to teachers in the classroom homework. Listen or read or work in the long boring or repeat).

This abnormal neurobiological. Known first as a child. But as you understand better. Accept a chronic nature, it still appears over and teenagers. Tracking long-term study found that between 60 and 75% of children with ADHD symptoms continue. Mature

In the past, this disease has been property, and many different sects of the difficulty in finding literature

This is a genetic disorder. neurobehavioral. Primary source. Have demonstrated genetic factors. (Eg, genes do not come in the course of your life). With 80% of cases showed that A disorder of families that do not arise from the relationship adopted. In contrast, it is essential that participation assess all cases of non-heritage. ADHD is only 20% to a minority of cases described has been proposed intervention if several factors. Genetic factors involved. But also with environmental factors. Effect of the congenital anomalies. Made during pregnancy does not inherit the involvement of genetic or environmental factors in different proportions. To be established in terms of rate of women smoking. ADHD many times higher than in the general population. And for this reason these women are more likely to smoke during pregnancy is a corollary; Status of ADHD in children are not born again. Refers to genetic factors.

ADHD in daily life.
Child ADHD started to walk faster. But what they do is run "like they have motors inside," some parents concerned. Students begin to have problems with literacy and math skills required the efforts of other concentrations.

Some activities related to the effects of inattention ADHD, impulsivity Hyperactivity and: Unable to maintain attention to detail, or guilty of negligence in running the nerve to move hand or foot or squirming in his seat with sustained attention problems. In fun activities, a situation where they expected to sit still not listening when spoken to directly, or feel uncomfortable and restless do not follow instructions and failure. Successfully complete difficult work-related activities in peace time for events and activities or feelings of being "up" or "motor driven". Desire to avoid jobs that require sustained mental effort say too much loss of what is required for activity and answer before the end immediately ask you what easy distractibility not turn your patience neglect of duty daily interruption or other characteristics that do qualify.

When adults reach, can support. Individuals with ADHD, while real-life nature of ADHD is associated with a minor reference in the often stated that no adequate studies in adults. But some of these Features in the adult.
* Decreased academic performance and career
* Problems in social and emotional development. : Friends unstable relationships short
* Behavioral conflict.
* Contact with toxic substances. : Adults experiencing cocaine addiction to marijuana and other substances. That have ADHD.
* Depression: Because emotions. Discrimination, labor and education above and the failure or vocational school

About the Author

Read more on remedies for attention deficit disorder and deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment. And also get more info about treatment for adhd in children.

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Adhd Hitting

Friday, December 12th, 2008

adhd hitting

Can the MMR vaccination cause or contribute to ADD, ADHD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Augsburg’s?

I wonder because we hit the jackpot in my family. Multiple kids with ADHD and one with more severe issues that emerged right after and “Allergic Reaction” to the MMR. If you have ANY insight, information or contacts I might speak to, please respond. Kid 4 is due for MMR in 2 months.

Causation is sometimes difficult to determine. Kids playing sand lot ball and breaking a window with a lucky home run hit is pretty clear causation, but almost nothing in biology or medicine is anything like as clear. So the answer to your question might be, sure. Or maybe not. Answers are easy, it’s finding which one (or ones) actually corresponds to reality is less so.

Vaccines causing this or that effect

ADHD is presumably the result of the working out of many different causes. In any case we don’t know that there is a simple cause, so this is a reasonable model for analysis. So, let’s assume that something in the MMR affects one of these threads in such a way as to increase the chance of developing ADHD.

So, here’s the situation. In a group of 50 kids all given MMR, 2% (or 1% or whatever) get ADHD. Even if MMR increases the likelihood of ADHD, the action of other circumstances on the other threads wil lhave counteracting or reinforcing effects toward or against ADHD independent of the MMR. Whatever the cause, it is not a simple MMR –> ADHD effect, or there wouldn’t be so much controversy. And so ADHD is certainly the consequence of many things, most of which, at our present state of ignorance, we can only speculate about. We actually know very little.

So in the case of this example, was it the MMR which pushed those few kids to develope ADHD or was it something else? Or some combination of several things? Perhaps something different in these kids as opposed to those. We have no idea at present. Merely a lot of speculation — which may or may not, at some future time when we understand more about a great many things including brain development, turn our to be correct. And perhaps some statistical hints; keep in mind that statistics is a very slippery thing in these matters and that sampling errors, analysis errors, interpretation errors, study design errors, etc etc can produce entirely bogus results. And nothing in the statistics provides any reliable clue that any of those errors have occurred. Bogus statistical answers look very much like reliable statistical answers. Remember the political polling serveys which predicated assorted wrong results in US politis in the ’30s. Even statistical predictions based on actual votes counted can be spectacularly wrong. Remember Truman holding up the headline announcing Dewey wining? Or the problems the TV networks had with their statistical contractor in the 2000 election. Or …

Other aspects of vaccination

But there is another side to the MMR arguement. Childhood diseases are hardly benign. Before, say, 1900 any childhood sickness was a serious problem and might lead to death. for instance, President Coolidge’s son nicked his foot while playing badminton on the White House lawn. The infection progressed and he died a few days later. This was in the mid-20s and before antibiotics of course. But my point is that, without the vaccines which sort of teach immune systems how to respond to particular germs, thus giving them a head start, all our children would be in something of the same position as Coolidge’s son, confronting some infections without any effective support.

For instance, it’s thought that measles was one of the primary plagues afflicting the Roman Empire in the period after Agustus consolidated it. That is, between, say, 0 BCE and 250 or 300 BCE. Partial, and intermittent, records have survived documenting these plagues. They seem to have come by in waves, one disease this decade and another the next, and then repeat the whole cycle a few decades later, as the vulnerable population varied in its susceptibility. Something like rolling waves of the Black Death, sloshing slowly around the Mediterranean for hundreds of years until commerce and travel decreased enough to prevent transmission from one region to another.

The reason for childhood vaccinations is clear; there are dangerous diseases our there and our kids are vulnerable. The vaccination program has been so successful that the dangers from them have been forgotten. To concentrate on a speculative effect of this or that vaccination to the exclusion of the dangers of the diseases the vaccination is counteracts does our children ill. Pehaps literally and fatally.

Vaccination problems

But vaccines, especially as they are administered by rote in a bureaucratically supervised system, are hardly perfect.
Childhood immune systems are not fully operational when born. Breast feeding provides a substitute for a fully working immune system for several months, during which the child’s immune system gets itself organized and working properly. In normal kids at least. Those with congenital problems won’t necessarily develop just htis way.

There is therefore some reason to think that vaccination of quite young children may be somewhat off the mark. A kid whose immune system isn’t mature enough to ‘learn’ from the vaccination to kill the intended germ when it eventually appears won’t benefit from the vaccination (or not fully anyway, which is one — only one — of the reasons for booster shots). Just when a particular kid’s immune system is mature enough is one question, and must be balanced against another. How serious a threat is to a child of that age in those circumstances? For instance, a child living in isolated rural circumstances (no siblings in school and so on) could likely sensibly delay vaccination for longer than a child living in close contact with large numbers of people and with siblings in school and so on. And whether or not the kid is still breast feeding makes a considerable difference, certainly in the first year or so.

Vaccination production methods and formulations are pretty much frozen when it’s shown that the vaccination (produced this way and formulated just so) works and is officially approved. And, since pharmaceutical companies have been dropping out of the vaccination market for years (not so spectacular profits as for yet another cholesterol drug is the main reason), there has been little research into new methods and formulations. So it is probably true that improved formulations could have fewer allergic effects, and such. Unfortunately, without a government committment to the public health benefits of vaccinations and perhaps new formulations of existing ones, this situation is unlikely to change. We will have to accept, for there are no other options, the vaccine formulations we have. One thing that might be sensibly done, but rarely is, is to check for possible allergic reactions. For instance, in vaccines developed in chicken eggs, some chicken proteins will inevitably be left in the produced vaccine. Thus far, we can’t do any better than that. A kid who’s allergic to chicken proteins is likely to react to that part of the vaccine. Checking for such an allergy before the vaccination is rarely done (few are actually seriously allergic to chicken proteins) might be a good idea. One of your kids seems to have had such a reaction from what you say.

Many of these considerations have been lumped together under standard vaccination schedules, and school vaccination certificate requirements. Bureaucracies, understanding nothing about the medical circumstances, insist on the rules they have and are often unreasonably inflexible. Not, for good or ill, any connection ot medical reality in any respect. Nonetheless, despite any bureaucracy’s position, getting your children vaccinated by the time they are exposed to this or that disease germ is a Good Thing, wihtout any doubt. That it may also have a down side merely illustrates the imperfections of the modern world.


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Adhd In Kids Symptoms

Monday, September 29th, 2008

adhd in kids symptoms

adhd in kids symptoms

Symptoms of ADHD: Hyperactivity/Impulsivity

“Hyperactive” has almost become a buzzword in our culture, but when we talk about ADHD, hyperactivity and impulsivity, we’re talking about some very specific behaviors.

These include feeling restless, fidgeting, and squirming. ADHD kids (and adults, for that matter) can hardly stand to be still. ADHD makes it almost impossible not to move in some way.

ADHD kids don’t sit when they can run, climb or otherwise leave their seats, even if everyone else is sitting quietly.

When my ADHD son was six he was in a Quiz Bowl competition at school, and kept blurting out the answers before he even heard the question. Needless to say, this is an ADHD trait, and needless to say, his team didn’t win the competition.

Another ADHD hyperactivity/impulsivity symptom is having trouble waiting in line or taking turns. I admit I still have trouble with this today, and I’m 37 but still ADHD.

Not every child who has trouble sitting still and waiting in line has ADHD, of course. ADHD is diagnosed when a group of symptoms are present and cause a significant problem in a child’s functioning.

But be aware, if your child has ADHD or you think he might, that some of these “impulsive” and “hyper” behaviors are things he can’t control without help. It is possible for ADHD kids to learn coping skills to help with some of these problems, and ADHD medications are generally very effective once the right medication is found.

Just remember that ADHD can be the cause of these symptoms, and try to be as patient as you can.

About the Author

Angie Dixon is a writer and ADHD mom of an ADHD son, Jack. For a free report on helping your ADHD son, see Angie’s site
“That’s My Son!”

Does ADHD or autism has on and off stages?

i think may be my 2.5 year old son has ADHD.but the point is that he does not have ADHD symptom(some of them) all the times.he is ok (like a normal terrible 2)for a while maybe a few weeks and then he becomes super active ,doesn’t follow directions and listen to me,he cries ,screams and don’t want to remain sited .he hits me,throw things at me,push and pull other kids.i am so worry for him because it seems that he realizes it and tries to listen but can’t control his behavior.what about autism,does it have on and off stages?i just want to figure out if these symptom are normal for his age or something is wrong?
could it be because he is a bilingual kid and can’t understand or speak in english,which makes him angry and frustrated?

I’d follow-up with a pediatrician on this, there could be numerous things coming into play. Does he have food allergies? Could he have strep throat? There could be a lot of stuff going on not necessarily related to autism that could influence his behavior.

Keep a simple journal, document his diet, his daily activities, when the behavior occurs and how you respond, it may help you better identify the cause. Don’t try to analyze the information right away, keep it for 2 or 3 weeks and then look at what you captured.

Keep in mind all behavior is communication, what is his behavior communicating?

A bilingual household could be creating a lot of frustration.

Also it’s very important that with a young child your responses to behavior are consistent, if you tell a child you are going to do “A” if he does “B” one more time, then you’ve got to follow through and you need to be consistent, if you are going to give one warning, always give one warning, not being consistent also creates a great deal of frustration for a young child.

Good luck

ADHD Symptoms & Treatments : Financial Assistance for Children With ADHD

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Adhd Tantrums

Monday, May 5th, 2008

adhd tantrums

adhd tantrums

The real solution is to treat ADHD children. ADHD?

When we talk about treatment. ADHD, we usually mean the type of psychological intervention or behavior change. This will affect the behavior of children. We should not let their parents out, because while learning techniques, these parents will be changing behavior and If ADHD treatment is successful. less and less aggressive clashes all around. To raise resources, most people believe the drugs enough But no!

ADHD drug that is considered to be suspicious and some researchers found that after 14 months of treatment benefits will disappear as possible. In the long term will depend on the drug. psychostimulants. (Usually drugs amphetamine), anti – depressants. Or high blood pressure drugs all have serious side effects and risks for Some children's health. In fact, experts now say that no treatment ADHD any benefit some edges will disappear and the child can not learn proper behavior and may be at risk of Dropping out of school driving accidents and drug abuse. Parenting Resources for ADHD There are instructions on how to modify behavior and how to get help.

Parents see changes homeopathic now for ADHD is the only side effect does not exist and there is no health risk to both! Homeopathic medicines in children two months to appear in the distance.
Less ADHD behavior symptoms, such as classic mood swings. distractability Do not mix the most effective. Tuberculinum reducing irritability and Verta ALB children keep a lot calmer when people say you can not do meditation therapy with children is a great off the wall and will not listen to you! Arsen IOD well in reducing the number And the intensity of Hyoscamus emotional tantrums were better working with hyperactive children.

It is difficult to believe that only 25 years ago, many parents believe. The child will outgrow ADHD. By age 12! Many adults do not know all that may have ADHD and found that when their children were diagnosed. The best treatment of ADHD in the third millennium is to follow the behavioral treatment ADHD study programs and try to edit. homeopathic while doing that.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover how ADHD behavioral therapy can change your life.

Years, and ADHD / extreme tantrums 2 …?

Both of my sons are big suit almost every day. He started with them when he was about 5 months, but only to return them to us through the closing night of horror, which is what my sister has. But this will happen any time during the day and nothing will help him. If you catch him trying to make it worse if you put him down. It makes it worse, toys, snacks, beverages Film nothing to help him until he is best. snaps off after about 30-45 minutes, it is very difficult to get them focused and listen to you. For you during this time and when they do not have a problem, they focus on good things. I never heard anything about Bi polar, or ADHD children, but im not sure what these may be selected. im really not sure what happened or if I should take him to see a doctor about it. Please help!

If your child has. ADHD ADHD is described not only the people. Emphasis on hard times they get excited. Angry, and throw a fit and both poles. ADHD and children with ADHD may arise mainly children. (Even in two years) is two years too early. Although considered bipolar (children diagnosed with terminal now that the most controversial in psychiatry). And many people have ADHD and bipolar. In all honesty, I think you need. Go see a doctor and determine treatment. ADHD and more opportunities that you may need to see a specialist. Sometimes situations like that you can keep the nerve and doctors. Often atypical antipsychotics (with a bad others have. Other), but the atypicals are regular drug killed and more than most at risk and we still do not know long-term Impact and will not work well in children. If any abnormal medical instructions, make sure you see psychiatrist I believe that psychiatrists provide such drugs. Stimulation, such as Ritalin and Adderall, but very much the experiment and Ritalin over 50 years, Adderall (amphetamine, which is). Is like 120 years so we really are. A good understanding of them.

ADHD Help: Why Celebrate ADHD Embraces Tantrums

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Adhd Odd Medication

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

adhd odd medication


ลูกสาวของฉัน ADHD, ODD และอาจ bipolor, ยาเดียวที่ฉันมีเธอในตอนนี้คือ Ritalin ว่าเธอเริ่มต้น ณ วันนี้เธอ ใน Adderall และเป็นสาเหตุของปัญหา GI และเธอนอนหลับมาก ดีเธอเอาเข็มแรกของเธอในวันนี้และเมื่อเธอมาจากโรงเรียนบ้านท้องของเธอเจ็บและเธอวางและเอาหลับเป็น ฉันรู้อะไรเกี่ยวกับ ritalin ยกเว้นบางเรื่องสยองขวัญที่มีเรื่องราวความสำเร็จและอื่น ๆ ได้ ดังนั้นผม dont ไม่รู้จะทำอย่างไร แต่ครูของเธอเป็นสุดปัญญาเธอกับพฤติกรรมของเธอเป็น am I. เธอ ปฏิเสธที่จะกลืน capsuls และจะกลืนยา

อดทนมีคุณธรรม ฉันมีเด็ก Foster และลูกบุญธรรมด้วยโรค ADHD แอลกอฮอล์และทารก ฉันหวังว่านี้ ลิงก์ช่วยให้คุณ ถ้าเธอจะไม่กลืนแคปซูลที่เปิดพวกเขาและเทในแก้วนมหรือโรยบนขนมปังและแยมเธอหรือสิ่งที่ต้องการที่ . http://www publicat / adhd.cfm /

How to Live With Adult ADHD : Adult ADHD: Medication

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Adhd Parent Support Groups

Friday, February 29th, 2008

adhd parent support groups

adhd parent support groups

The Two Sides Of Adhd Child Treatment

The help a child suffering from the ADHD condition needs, comes on two sides. One of them is represented by medication that helps controlling the physical impulses, skills, behavioral problems that could create problems in certain occasions. The second part of the treatment is counseling. Psychological help, therapy with a specialist is required. It will help the child overcome the emotional and mental issues that he finds hard to understand, helps the child to improve the self esteem and to see himself with different eyes, and, establish new relations and new methods of communicating and understanding with the parents. Parents, on the other hand, may need counseling too, in order to better understand the special needs of the child affected with the disorder and to establish new and proper ways of dealing and controlling the young one’s behavior. In very young children, most of the therapy is focused on the parents.

There are various types of therapies that need to be taken to make things easier for both the children and their families: psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, social skills training, support groups, parenting skills training. Each of these branches will help improve in different ways the life of a child and his family.

The support given by behavioral therapy is meant to help dealing with immediate issues and finding more effective ways on making changes. Sometimes it is better and easier to change things and feelings than to make them comprehensible. Practical assistance, helping organizing in daily tasks, schoolwork, homework, events that involve physical or emotional charges.

A better connection and communication can be established between child and parents with the help of support groups. A larger number of people sharing the same difficulties get together on a regular basis for discussions on the disorder topic. Everyone’s experience is gathered and conclusions may be drawn. In these groups one can find which method worked or helped improve another’s behavior, which failed, latest research in the matter, specialists are called for lectures and counseling. Sharing the successes and the frustrations has a good effect on people. Some national organizations will be reminded later in the document.

Help through psychotherapy leads not to eliminating the symptoms or causes of the disorder but tries to reach the patient’s mind and make him understand the situation, accept it, dealing with difficult situations, thoughts, emotional control and understating. Understanding what one has to deal with will make his or her life easier.

Offered by therapists in groups or individuals, parenting skills training refers to find new ways of approaching their children. Means and techniques for a good management on their children’s behavior. Some activities are required for observing patterns in a child’s behavior. Praising and criticism are also required for establishing a deeper relation with the child. Techniques like the use of token or point systems for immediately rewarding good behavior or work, “time-out” or isolation to a chair or bedroom when the child gets out of control, this method will help the child to calm down and avoid stressing situations, “quality time”, enjoyable and pleasant time spent together when the parent must observe and praise the child’s qualities and skills.

Social skills training will also help children learn new behaviors. This kind of training will help a child fit in a group of other children when playing, in school and other environments and interact with them. The purpose is to make them understand the signals that people around him are sending in order give an adequate response. It is based on theory, teaching a child to wait for his turn in a game, to share toys, to ask for help or to help others and practice.

The behavioral pattern of a child will change if the system of rewards and penalties is properly used, showing improvement. A parent or teacher should encourage good or desired behavior in a child suffering from the ADHD condition. Stimulation plays a very important part in the development of good patterns of behavior. Used often, tokens or rewards will stimulate the child in following the rules that are imposed to him. Importance must also be given to what those rewards represent because they must be things the child likes and desires, otherwise he may loose interest. Over time, the child will learn to control themselves and to choose the appropriate behavior for every situation he has to deal with.

A difficult situation for a child with ADHD is not an impossible task. The management and structure of every kind of problem must be given a great attention from the parents. Dividing tasks into smaller steps for example, could lead to its solving. A parent’s attitude towards his child will have a great effect so it is important for parents to get help too: Stress management, relaxation, exercise. These will help the parent dealing with the child’s problems and behavior more calmly.

About the Author

adhd symptoms
and learn
what is adhd
adult adhd

Searching for a Parents ADHD Support Group?

I live in Washington in Kitsap County which is over on the Peninsula. I’ve tried desperately for this past year to find a Parent Support Group Meeting for parents of children with ADHD. We moved to this area 1 year ago this month and our daughter suffers from one of the worst forms of ADHD. This is very challenging for us as Parents because she is not an easy child to parent. I myself have already raise 3 other children who are all in their mid to late 20’s, but this is a first for my husband and he at times has trouble understanding why our daughter doesn’t act like we did at her age. The doctor’s have told us that with the type of ADHD she suffers from even though she is extremely smart acidemically she is much slower than the other children her age as far as behavior and her social skills are concerned. One of my sons also had ADHD but not as sever. We really could use some friends who are Parents in our situation. Were pretty much loners and a support grp. could help alot.

C.H.A.D.D. ADD/ADHD Support Group: Meets second Tuesday of each month at Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Silverdale from 7 – 8:30 pm. For more information call Lynn (360) 779-5362 or Kerry (360) 697-3922 or email

Every Day With ADHD

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Adhd Pbs

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

adhd pbs

Where can I find the PBS special ADD & Loving It?!?

A while ago, PBS had an excellent special that they showed on television that was called ADD & Loving It?! it is an Documentary on Adult ADHD Global and Adult ADD.

I have searched and cannot find it anywhere online where I can watch the entire show. I believe it is about 2 hours long or so. If you can find the entire show online to watch, you will be awarded 10 points and a thumps up!

Thanks! Search Add & Loving it you may be able to download it somewhere. Also try this the video is broken down into clips

PBS ADHD and Meditation

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Adhd Pupils

Monday, January 14th, 2008

adhd pupils

adhd pupils

ADHD Vitamins – Advice For Parents

Has your child got a vitamin deficiency? If she or he has, this could explain some of the ADHD symptoms but it is not quite so simple! For example children with ADHD were found to be lacking in zinc and magnesium which would explain some of this behaviour disorder. That is why parents often ask about what natural vitamins are needed to help ADHD. Of course a well balanced diet with less emphasis on processed foods would provide any child or adult with the correct amount of vitamins.

ADHD vitamins usually refer to those ones like the B group which have a beneficial effect on the brain’s functioning. There are movements in various countries like the UK to improve school meals and the famous TV chef Jamie Oliver has succeeded in getting considerable funds to achieve this objective.

We now know that ADHD seems to be caused by some chemical imbalance in the brain and that certain foods, vitamins and minerals will have a beneficial or negative effect on how it works.

Take Vitamin C for example which is contained in fruit and vegetables. This vitamin has a definite beneficial impact on our mood. Other experiments have shown that children and teenagers brought up on junk food were much more aggressive than those who were on more balanced diets. The European Parliament has already legislated on the food dyes and other additives in foods which they say may impact on behaviour disorders negatively. These colourings have been called various names such as ‘the Dirty Six’ and the Southampton colours.

Let us have a look at the Vitamin B group in greater detail. It has been found that adults or children who have a Vitamin B6 deficiency are likely to suffer from depression and B6 is often recommended as a natural anti-depressant. If a person lacks the Vitamin B12 , then this can lead to confusion, mood swings, irritability and even hallucinations. No surprise to learn that the Vitamin B complex is the most popular choice for ADHD vitamins. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) which are contained in fish and olive oil together with correct dosages of zinc and magnesium can help an ADHD child with the symptoms but they will never cure the disorder.

Usually some sort of medication together with some behavioral modification is now the best treatment recommended for ADHD. Psychostimulants seem to be used to keep teachers rather than their pupils happy and there is no long term evidence to show that they actually improve academic performance although they certainly keep hyperactive children quieter. ADHD vitamins can also help but their role seems mainly marginal and would be used in any case for good overall general health. The use of a homeopathic remedy is gaining enormous popularity as there are no side effects or long term health risks either.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what Natural ADHD treatment is available

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Adhd Rating Scale

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

adhd rating scale

adhd rating scale

Clinical Adhd Trials With Homeopathy

ADHD is the abbreviated term for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. This neurological disorder happens in children. Boys are more than twice as liking to have ADHD than girls. ADHD may continue on into child hood. In this disorder, kids can not concentrate for any given period of time. Children may also be impulsive and extremely hyper as well. Hyperactivity may not be present in all children with ADHD.

In this article, we will look at a few small trials with homeopathy in treating ADHD. This first trial was published in the 07/25/05 online edition of the European Journal of Pediatrics. This study was had 62 kids diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). . The study involved three phases. In the first phase, children were treated with an individualized homeopathic remedy for their condition. Only the children with 50% improvement on the ADHD rating scale were included in the second phase of the study, a crossover trial with a placebo group. Upon completion of the cross over phase, the children were then treated again with their homeopathic medicine in an open label phase.

The homeopathic remedies used during treatment were Calc carb , Sulphur , Chamomilla , Lycopodium, Silicea , Hepar sulph , Nux vomica, China , Ignatia , and Mercurius. Each of the following were used in one case only: Capsicum, Causticum, Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus, Phosphoric acid, Sepia, and Staphysagria. Progress was accessed monthly with parents.

The results after one year of the study showed that the children taking the homeopathic remedies showed improvement in the second phase while children given the placebo showed no improvement. Children on the homeopathic treatment continued to show improvement in the cross over phase. After the children given the placebo were allowed to return back to homeopathic medicine, they continue to show improvement. Researchers concluded homeopathy may help with ADHD but larger trials are needed.

The second trial was a bit larger. There were 4 trials that totaled 162 participants. The homeopathic medicine was individualized for each child with ADHD. Control groups were set up. Children were either assigned into a homeopathic group or a control group. After all the data was gathered, the researchers conclude that homeopathy does not seem to treat ADHD effectively. Researchers noted that further research should be rigorous and optimal.

The following trials showed that children with ADHD may be helped with homeopathy but the evidence is far from conclusive. One small trial of 67 children showed evidence of homeopathy working. A larger trial with 167 participants showed no evidence of homeopathic medicines working on ADHD.

Homeopathy-Proven-Successful-for-ADHD -HPAKids
Cochrane Collaborative

About the Author

Sanjib Sarkar is a content writer for is an online store offering a vast selection of homeopathic remedies including Lycopodium and Nux Vomica.

Conners’ Parent Rating Scale?

Here is my stress.
Has anyone every heard of the Conners’ Parent Rating Scale? My son has been having problems reading. So he has been getting pulled out of class to see a reading specialist. And also going to tutoring every Tues and Thurs. After my monthly meeting this last time they asked me for permission to test him for Dyslexia. Even though he has been improving it has not been quick enough for them so I agreed. They just sent me the forms today and I did some research the Conners Parent Rating Scale is used for problems with sleep, eating, temper, keeping friends, problems in school and symptoms of ADHD. I do not really want to give them this form back because I know none of these are an issue. Besides all that this test has never been certified or validated by any federal state or local agencies.
I should mention that he was held back in Kindergarten because of reading issues. He is 7 and in first grade. He is also diagnosed with small stature. He bones are the age of 5.

This is just a general screening packet. The person testing your son has no personal knowledge of him on a daily basis. To help substantiate his or her claims, the psychologist will note that the Conner’s revealed no finding.

Part of the Federal definition of learning disabilities is to rule out other potential causes of his reading problems. Homelessness (disruption of education), physical trauma/other medical issues and abuse (emotional interference) are common questions that they psychologist may contact you for. Once it is noted formally in your son’s reports, then it will part of his record and the future evaluations will be much easier. Don’t be offended.

I’m sorry they didn’t explain all of this to you in the beginning.

He can fly!

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Adhd Behavior Modification

Friday, December 7th, 2007

adhd behavior modification

Special Education?

If children receive special education in primary classes in Texas with the diagnosis of ADHD and depression should not punish him. In "Materials and forget not treat teachers and friends with respect to a class does not rule? I feel it sa manifestation of his disability. But they still let him. demerits "and sent him to the suspension. scool after number one demerits, all students are in sin and he will be considered no different. Should not be made for editing them? Schools do not cooperate! They emphasize misbehaqvior round and reenforcement. Bad behavior.

Mainstreamed response to the needs of his? He does not in touch with all special education teachers that focus on behavior? People who can work with teachers to help them understand and work better with his behavior. You do not tell your child that age. But he was older, less patience regular education teachers. (And other adults) be for the record. IDEA 504 supercedes section will cover you and your child. Where it may not work for you, because that child can not be classified because of his disability, which means that he should be disciplined as well as others.

Interventions For Your ADHD Teen

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Adhd Cultural Differences

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

adhd cultural differences

Can ADHD co-occur along with PDD-NOS?

I’m 23 and I have ADHD and was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS a few days ago. I was diagnosed with ADHD and a comprehension learning disability back in 1992 or 1993 when i was 8 or 9. I had and still have poor gross and fine motor skills. I was also diagnosed with depression and GAD when I was 18 or 19. For a while now, I’ve been researching alot about AS and other neurological problems that can co-morbid with AS. I was for sure that I had AS, but a few days ago, i was diagnosed with PDD-NOS and not AS. How come it takes so long to diagnose PDD-NOS and Asperger’s Syndrome in girls? And can ADHD co-occur along with PDD-NOS, just like it can co-occur along with AS?

The diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorders have a lot of overlap. The distinctions between AS, PDD-NOS, and atypical autism aren’t distinct at all, and in fact the ICD-9 codes for AS and PDD-NOS are the same.

ASDs are reported far more frequently in males than females. This could reflect a genuine difference in frequency, or it could indicate a cultural bias (more males than females are thought to have ASDs, so doctors look more closely for ASDs in males than females).

Since the distinction between AS and PDD-NOS is so slight that the ICD-9 disregards it completely, it stands to reason that the correlation with ADD/ADHD is the same for both.

Depression and anxiety are very common secondary effects of ASDs for the simple reason that if you are having a hard time figuring out what comes so easily to most everyone else, self-doubt comes easily.

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Adhd Evaluation Forms For Teachers

Wednesday, July 11th, 2007

adhd evaluation forms for teachers

Evaluation form for ADHD?

Does anyone know the web site to print off a copy of the ‘Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Teacher Rating Scale’ questionaire? Thanks

Try this and Hope it helps.

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Adhd Food Dye

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

adhd food dye

adhd food dye

Alternate Therapies & Supplements useful for ADHD

I would advise every ADHD person go on a Caveman Diet for a minimum of 5 days. If any symptoms have appeared during that time, but at the end of five days, the person feels better than for a long time, this shows definite food problems. The most common are wheat and corn and milk products. This is why the so called gluten free milk free GFMF diets often work. The Feingold diet can also be a good one if certain foods cause problems. I used a made up solution containing all three food dyes and some aspirin, diluted down about , and did a sublingual test under tongue with  drops, and pulse measuring after 5 and 10 minutes. If this is positive, the Feingold diet may help considerably.

SUGAR HANDLING This is somewhat similar to allergy sensitivity in that it can cause some brain problems. In boys and men primarily, it can cause undifferentiated anger sudden rages that are not really justified. If these occur about 3 to 4 hours after eating a high carb meal, this is often due to a hypoglycemic episode. The above website has more detail on all this.

Sugar and high carb intakes are always bad for all we humans who have not evolved enough to handle this amount of glucose. Cutting out, or at least, cutting way down on these bad foods often brings about surprisingly good effects on ADHD children and adults. Of course, these are the very people that crave them the most. The Caveman diet will often show marvelous results just from cutting out high carb foods. It will also lose excess weight for many. Check your scales daily.


These are several supplements that have worked for some others. It must be emphasized that each person is different, and what works for one may or may not work for another.

OMEGA OILS  There seems to be a definite link between lack of these essential oils and ADHD. Over the past few decades they have become prominent in research as very essential to health, yet lacking in our modern diet. One theory has it that this is at least one major reason why so many ADD ADHD kids are now showing up.

A study in the UK showed dramatic improvement in school age children that were a year behind in school because of ADHD and other problems. Speech, behavior, and reading were all improved greatly.

Omega oil can be obtained from fish, and also flax oil and other vegetable products. Fish obtained oils can pose another problem, as much fish today is contaminated with mercury. Be sure that any supplements you feed your family are free of this.

About the Author

Did you find this article useful? For more useful tips and hints, points to ponder and keep in mind, techniques, and insights pertaining to Internet Business, do please browse for more information at our websites.

Twin girls Two years old ADHD any diet suggestions?

I was put on numerous medications while i was pregnant and theyre father is also an identical twin who also has severe ADHD. I am looking for a non medicinal way to help this problem. I am not looking to cure it just make it tolerable for them to live. I have cut out the redy dyes and the caffeine and most processed sugar excluding the occasional treat. Some times They have good days and other times they have bad days. Please tell me someone has a suggestion to keep them occupied or any foods im over looking.

All two year olds have ADHD. I don’t know one single two year old that will sit still for any given amount of time unless they are glued to a television. There is no accurate way to diagnose ADHD until a child reaches school age. It is the MOST overly misdiagnosed disorder. Only 10% of children diagnosed at age 3 actually have the disorder. You need to read this article.

The Wholesale Drugging of Children

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Adhd Behavior Charts

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

adhd behavior charts

my 3 yr old son is very hyperactive & aggressive he gets very upset when he has hit out & states its a mistake?

his behaviour is very strange 1 minute hes so loving but then in next breath he switches to aggressive mod im concerned he has adhd he been like this since 1 yr old all health visitors are saying its his age has anyone got any advice on what to do as i really am struggling, ive tried all behaviour tactics, naughty step, ignoring, time out 1-1 time praising good, reward charts, also cant play with my 2 yr old son he just is to rough… open to all advice

I have a question, you say you have tried all the tactics but have you used one consistently for a long period of time. Because the only way a discipline technique will work is if you are very consistent and don’t change your tactic regularly.

As for the aggressive behaviour, a certain amount is normal for 3 year olds.

Check out the attached links about preschooler (3-5 year olds) development, that might help

Good luck!

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