Symptoms Of Add Kids

symptoms of add kids

symptoms of add kids

Can mild depression be a symptom of ADD?

I’m trying to get a clearer picture of what may be going on with me before I see an expert. I have many symptoms of ADD which I have realized both through online tests and my own contemplating. I also experience symptoms of depression, not severe enough to the point where I can’t function but enough to notice that something isn’t right and that I used to be different and happier. Thanks for your help!

Yes. My son has ADD and one thing we’re told we have to look for is depression. Kids get so overwhelmed because of their ADD that they feel like failures sometimes or they get depressed because they can’t control themselves- life often feels like it’s out of their control entirely. They also get incredibly bored with things which in itself makes people depressed if they’ve stopped being able to enjoy the little things because it just can’t keep them interested. Also, certain ADD medications CAUSE depression, you just have to check in with your doctor and say, “hey, i’ve been feeling differently, can we try something else?”

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