Symptoms Of Add In Kids

symptoms of add in kids

Do you think that medications are overprescribed these days?

It seems today that everyone has ADD, or is BiPolar, or has unbearable headaches that all require medication. Even if it is payed for by insurance, I think that clinics are way to giving when it comes to things that will make life more bearable if less individual. I think people need to get mental help or something else to unroot the problem, rather than simply covering it up so that people don’t have to actually deal with it.

I agree.

About 7 years ago, I was on tons of different medicines for a variety of ailments. Finally, after going to the doctor once again and getting ANOTHER prescription I heard this statement.

“Just because you have a headache doesn’t mean your body is having a Tylenol shortage!”

All of a sudden, the light turned on for me.

I was taking some depression medication and I stopped. I decided to figure out what was making me sad and do something about it… so I did and I haven’t taken another depression medication again.

I was taking a high cholesterol drug, I stopped eating fried food, started exercising and eating healthy and my cholesterol went down… I don’t take it anymore.

I was taking Celebrex for arthritis and I started drinking more water, eating better, exercising and taking some vitamins and I didn’t ache so much anymore.

Instead of using a pill to cover/mask the symptoms, I decided to fix the problem. I am very very anti-medication now. If I get a headache, I drink water, rub my neck, get a good nights sleep. I realize that some conditions require med’s but I am not living my life tied to a doctor and a prescription.

PS. I am diabetic too… I do not take medicine for it either. I try to control my sugar with my diet and 95% of the time I can do it. If my sugar isn’t stable its because I chose to eat wrong… If I don’t eat right, no pill will “fix” it, only mask it.

I am sick of kids being prescribed meds for ADD… kids are active, they are supposed to be! Try some old fashioned patience and disipline and I bet we’d cure 50% of the ADHD cases out there!

Bi-polar and depression… again, I think people don’t want to take the effort to address the REAL reasons they are depressed or anxious… they’ve let something in their life go out of control – money, finances, health, jobs, etc… and they can’t get it off their minds.

Try some good old fashioned advice and get off your butt, do something good, think something good and stop thinking about yourself 24/7… Go work with children, the homeless the less fortunate. Suddenly, your “problems” won’t seem as big. I didn’t need a life coach to tell me that my marriage and my health and my money was out of control…

I agree with you.

Get off the meds and solve the real problem… pills aren’t the answer.

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